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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 17 : What happened after that?
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  17 What happens after that?


It was a bit busy after Rose’s birth, first Hermione’s parents came to visit, then all the Weasley’s  came by. They all found Rose a perfect name for the little girl. Harry presented them his baby present. The mobile they had seen in Diagon Alley, the one with the roses. It was perfect.
After peace and quiet began to return to the household, Ron and Hermione could begin to as the happy little family they now were.

It was nearly 2 o’clock when Hermione woke up, the loud crying from the bedroom next to theirs told her that her daughter was awake. Hermione let out a deep sigh. She did not want to get out from under the covers. It was so warm and perfect in here. Instead she turned over to wake her sleeping husband. She found that he was already awake, his eyes searching for hers.

“Shall I go?” He whispered.

“Please.” Was Hermione’s answer. He got up on his elbows and placed a kiss on Hermione’s lips before stepping out of the bed. Hermione could hear him pick up the baby. Rose stopped crying for a bit while she was carried to their bedroom. Hermione sat up a little before she took the baby from him and placed her on the breast. Rose drank as if she had not been fed for days.

Rose’s eyes had grown darker over the last week. She would surely have brown eyes in a month time. Her hair had grown a bit as well. It was a miracle to see how much she had grown in only one week’s time. Her small hand was placed on the hem of Hermione’s pyjama’s, her eyes closed while she was drinking. After a while Rose stopped drinking all together. Hermione placed her in Ron’s arms and lay down again. She watched while Ron sat there, holding his baby daughter in his arms a look of wonder still on his face. With a soft movement he cradled her against his chest. He smiled as her eyes opened again and found his.

“Hey sleeping beauty,” He said in a soft voice. “You look just like your mum.” Rose gurgled a little then fell silent again. “You know Rosie, in all my life I have never heard someone say something as true as that.” He grinned and kissed her little cheek. Her little eyes closed again and she yawned.
“Yeah, me too. It is tiresome to wake up three times a night. You must be exhausted.” He joked

Hermione giggled. She was used to this be now. He complained to everybody how tired he was. But he did not seem to care.

“You know Rose, I’ve been thinking, ” Ron continued his talk with his daughter “I was thinking about what will happen now. You know I’m a little worried, now that you’re not safe in your mothers belly anymore we have to make sure you’re still kept safe. But we are going to do everything we can to protect you of course! You will not have to be afraid. Never in your entire live will you have to be afraid, because your mum and I will protect you. And you know your mom, she’s the best witch of the century. She can do everything, that why I chose her. She’s very smart, so you are going to be just as smart as her.” Ron smiled at the idea. He looked down at his little girl. She was fast asleep again.

Slowly he got up and placed her in her crib. When he got back to his bed Hermione was watching him. A smile was playing across her face.

“Hey sleeping beauty!” Ron said, his grin barely hidden. Hermione giggled and pulled him close under the covers. Her head rested on his shoulder and her hand on his chest, his arm was curled around her back and his lips pressed a kiss against her hair. She breathed in the warm scent of her husband and sighed.

“Life can be perfect after all, can’t it?” She asked. She felt Ron’s chest vibrate when he chuckled.

“Yes, it can!” He answered.

And it was.



A/N: That was my version of how little Rose came in our lives. I hope you liked it. I do not own the characters, they are the proud property of JK Rowling. 

I want to take this little bit of space to thank my amazing Beta reader Charlie (better known arond here as Mystique) for her great help and suggestions. The story wouldn't be what it is without her (honestly you would stumble over so many spelling errors you would dismiss the entire thing within a few chapter, I'm sure of that!)

Thank you for reading an please let me know what you thought of it!!

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