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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8: Seats, curses and Truth or Dare (part one).
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 A/N: Thanks for the reviews! Maybe next chapter I'll shoutout to everyone who has reviewed my story so far....


"Lily? Can you do one of those charm thingys to get rid of my blotchy red eyes?" I asked her as I stared into the mirror. After talking to Sirius - yes we're back to first names - I went straight to bed and fell asleep surprisingly quickly considering the day I'd had. (Broken bones, arguments, the letter and telling Sirius the truth.) So this morning my eyes were red, blotchy and had massive bags underneath.


"Sure." I turned towards Lily who waved her wand muttering a charm under her breath. After she did that I turned back to the mirror, the redness and blotchiness had gone but the bags were still there. Although they seem worse compared to my pale skin.


"Thanks. Breakfast?" I asked her. She nodded and together we walked down to the Great Hall. Once we entered I dragged Lily to where the Marauders where sat and to James, Remus and Peters surprise, sat down next to Sirius. "Hey."


"Have we missed something?" Remus asked while James and Peter gaped at us. Although Lily didn't know we were friends, she appeared to accept it straight away.


Sirius let out a bark-like laugh. "Hey Willow, hey Lily." He greeted. I laughed aloud at the expressions on their faces.


After hearing both me and Sirius laugh in the same area, everyones heads twisted our way. All the faces were shocked, including the teachers.


"So, everyone's staring at us and it's only breakfast time. Things are back to normal." Lily said aloud, causing people nearby to laugh.


"You missed it." Sirius told her, grinning.


"As long as you're not killing each other." She sighed and started eating.


"Um, guys? Quit staring at us, it's putting me off my food." I told James, Remus and Peter.


Remus and Peter flushed slightly and went back to their food. James was still staring. "Care to explain?" James asked us.


I glanced and Sirius, slightly surprised he didn't already tell them. "Not really." Sirius grinned. He returned the glance and looked concerned, I understood then that he didn't tell them because he was still worried about me. Well, that's new….


"This isn't a prank on us is it?" James refused to belief that we were suddenly friends again.


"No James, it isn't." I told him, then started eating.


"Fine. What do we have first?"


"Potions, Slughorn's doing a new seating plan." Lily replied.


"What? How do you know this?" I exclaimed. Now Lily can't prevent me exploding my potions….


"He told me at the Slug Club yesterday. The one were invited to."


"Oh yeah…." I muttered. At the time of the Slug Club I was busy sobbing in Sirius' arms…. Maybe I won't tell them that.


"Don't worry, I told him you were ill."


"Thanks, I'll tell you what happened later."


"I already know." I stared at her in shock. This can't have gone round the school, unless someone followed me or Sirius said so. 


"What? How?"


"I saw you leave the common room, and worked out the rest." I relaxed. So no-one else knew, thank Merlin.


"What happened?" Remus asked. Damn, I'd forgotten they were there.


"Um, it's a long story."


"Yeah it is, let's go to Potions and hope we have a good seating plan." Sirius added and stood up, picking up his bag as well.


We all stood up as well and left the Great Hall. Once we'd reached the classroom Slughorn appeared (obviously not out of thin air) and beamed at us all.


"Good morning class!" He said brightly, way too brightly for a school morning.


"What's good about it?" I muttered to Sirius who sniggered quietly.


"Well we haven't jinxed each other yet." He whispered back, I sniggered this time.


"So as some of you know, I've created a new seating plan for the rest of this term! You will stay in these seats until Christmas, so no complaining! Right, we have: Miss Bones and Master Wright. Miss Evans and Master Potter…" I giggled as Lily groaned and entered the classroom with James grinning as he entered. "…Miss Lestrange and Master Malfoy." Clearly he had enough sense not to pair either of them with a Gryffindor. "Miss Jane and Master Black…" Sirius winked at me as he entered the classroom behind a blonde girl with too long legs. "… Miss Rosen and Master Snape." I froze when my partners name was called. Dammit. Surely he wouldn't pair me with him?


"Professor!" I exclaimed loudly. He looked over at me, his permanent grin slipping slightly.


"I said no complaining Miss Rosen, go on."


I huffed and entered the classroom. Sirius, Lily and James turned around to see who I was with and they too froze when I walked over to Snape. As I sat down, I heard a light snap. Glancing up, I saw Sirius had a quill in his hand snapped in half, his knuckles were white from clenching the quill so hard.


"This is going to be interesting." Snape drawled


"I have to sit next to you. Not talk to you." I growled, his smirk grew.


"Am I supposed to be hurt?" He mocked. I realised how much more harsh his words were to Sirius' even though they sometimes meant the same thing.


"I'm not exactly trying to compliment you."


"I doubt Black would be pleased if you did. Speaking of which, you appear to be friends again."


"Don't pretend you have his best interests at heart."


"I don't, I'm just trying to figure out who will get more hurt in the end." I stared at him, trying to work out any hidden meaning in his words.


"How would we be hurt?"


"Because Black has a bad habit of breaking peoples hearts and you don't trust anyone." He replied coldly.


Both of us were completely ignoring Slughorn, as everyone else were now preparing their potions and we were sat glaring at each other. "Don't pretend you know me."


"I don't need to know you to know how little you trust people."


"Why do you even care about us?" I asked, realising his point was true. I struggle to trust people.


"I don't. I'm just curious."


"Don't bull."


"I'm not."


"Liar." I snapped. Before he could respond a silhouette of someone loomed over us. We both looked up and saw Slughorn frowning at us.


"I'm sure it's quite hard to create the Drought of Living Death without any ingredients. Hop to it." He told us sternly. With mumbles of 'Yes professor' I stood to get ingredients and Snape lit the fire under the cauldron. As I passed Sirius' table I glanced over and saw him watching me worriedly, I shot him a reassuring smile and carried on to the cupboard. I returned to my table and dumped the ingredients on the desk and then glanced up to read the first instruction on the board.


"I can assure you I wasn't lying, I was actually curious."


I twisted to face him. "Why should I believe you? You're a Death Eater, you hurt innocent people for fun. You disgust me."


A flicker of emotion flashed across his face before his expression returned to a cold indifference. "Mudbloods aren't people." He replied.


"Furnunculus!" I yelled at him angrily, immediately boils erupted over his face.


He yelped angrily and pulled out his wand. Without saying anything, he flicked his wrist and I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek. I raised my hand to my cheek and when I pulled away, my hand was coated in blood.


"Densaugeo!" I shot back at him. As well as the boils on his face, his teeth were growing out of his mouth. They were massive.


"Stupefy!" I flew backwards and crashed into the wall. Another sharp pain ran through my head before everything going black.




I blinked groggily as a room swam into view. Immediately I recognised the room as the Hospital Wing, I'd been here enough. I closed my eyes again, the lights were too bright and hurt my eyes. I tried to sit up and groaned as the room span and made my head ache.


"Woah, stay lying for a bit." A voice said, gently pushing me back down.


"I don't wanna." I muttered childishly, and tried again to sit up. The hands were still resting on my shoulders, not allowing me to sit up.


"Even though it hurts you?" The voice chuckled. "You're a weird one."


"Shut up." I said, yet again childishly.


The voice continued to chuckle, which made me giggle slightly. Another voice joined us, a girls this time. "She's awake?"


The boys voice replied. "Yeah, but she's completely out of it."


"I am here." I tired to tell them, but my words slurred slightly.


"We know Willow." The girl said.


"My head hurts." I told them. It was like when I hit my head repeatedly against a wall for five minutes in fifth year when I complemented Sirius. I laughed at that memory, it was a funny day. The laughter made my head hurt even more. "My head hurts!"


"I'll get Madame Pomfrey." The girl said, I then heard footsteps leave and come back with someone else.


"Willow, you're awake?" A new voice said, also a girls but she sounded older. She must be Madame Pomfrey.


"Yeah." I mumbled.


"Can you open your eyes for me?"


I slowly opened them again, and flinched back when I saw three people surrounding me. Madame Pomfrey looked calm and relaxed - she stopped worrying about my time in the Hospital Wing years ago - Lily looked slightly concerned and Sirius look amused.


"Take this." Madame Pomfrey handed me a small vial of this purple potion. I took it apprehensively, most potions I take from her taste disgusting. "It won't kill you, it'll stop your head hurting. You hit it pretty hard."


"Merlin Willow, I didn't know someone so pale contained that much blood." Sirius told me, his smile looking forced now.


"I'm full of surprises." I told him smiling. I then closed my eyes and downed the potion, before then gagging over the side of the bed. It tasted like wet dog and smelly feet, it was disgusting. "Blergh! What do you put in this?"


"Does your head hurt?" She replied.


"Not at the moment, I would see if it did if I sat up but I'm being pinned down at the moment." Sirius leant back, freeing me. I sat up without pain and grinned. "Excellent, can I go now?"


Madame Pomfrey sighed, knowing I'd leave anyway. "I'd like to keep you overnight to make sure you haven't got any internal damage."


"Too late." Sirius sniggered.


"Ok then!" I told her cheerfully before getting up and walking out of the Hospital Wing. "I'm sure I'll see you soon!" I told you I'd leave anyway, I hate hospitals.


"She wanted to keep you overnight." Lily told me disapprovingly. I swear, sometimes it's like having the angel on one side and the devil on the other. Work out who's who.


"And? She knows the only time I do is when I'm unconscious." I replied grinning.


"Don't worry Lily, she'll be in the hospital wing more often now." Sirius said, looking crossed between amused and worried.


"How come?" I asked him, it's nice to know why you'll be injured often.


"Two reasons. One, we're both back on the team." I fist pumped the air in celebration. "And two, which is less cheerful, you jinxed Snape twice. The rest of the Slytherins will want revenge."


Ah, that explained his cross of emotions. "Oh well, I'll be fine. I'm back on the Quidditch team! It's the only thing that keeps me sane!"


"Your sane?" Sirius replied grinning. I hit him on the head. "Ow!"


"Shut up, I'm unique. And that was for the internal damage comment."


"That's definitely true." Lily muttered smiling.


When we entered the Common room James and Remus (Peter wasn't there again) both stood up and congratulated me on jinxing Snape. I laughed but then glared angrily at Sirius. He was sat in my seat. He isn't allowed to sit in my seat.


"Off." I told him bluntly. He grinned at me and didn't move. "I said. Off." I placed my hands on my hips and glared at him.


"No thanks."


"My seat. Move."


"I'd rather not."


"It's not an option."


"Make me."


I paused, torn between jinxing off the seat or not. "Too lazy." I replied and then sat on him, ignoring his protest.


"Was that necessary?" Remus asked me while James and Lily were laughing loudly.


"He's in my seat. So I would've either jinxing him or sat on him." I said brightly, shifting myself to get more comfy.


"You chose not to jinx him?" James asked sarcastically.


"I'm already going to get a detention from Slughorn for jinxing Snape, I'd rather not extend the detentions for jinxing Sirius." I twisted to look at Sirius. "You're comfy."


"Why thank you." Sirius replied smirking.


"You're very welcome."


"Willow, did Padfoot tell you about the Quidditch team?" James asked. Don't ask me about the Padfoot thing, I have no idea.


"Yep! When's next practice?"


"Tomorrow night, any detentions?" James smirked.


"Nope, Slughorn hasn't found me yet so I'll avoid him until then." I grinned.


"Speaking of potions. What happened?" Remus asked. "You were just told off for not doing anything and then you were cursing each other."


"What curse did he use to cut my cheek by the way?" I raised my hand up to my cheek, tracing the thin cut than ran along it.


"Dunno, but he used it on my in fifth year." James replied frowning slightly.


"It looks like dark magic." Sirius scowled.


"Probably is."


"So, what happened? Slytherins usually struggle to provoke you." Remus asked again.


"He insulted people." I muttered vaguely.




"Like Lily…" Their eyes widened in realisation.


James stood up angrily "That little son of a…"


"James!" Lily cried, also standing up. "He's not worth it!"


"He insulted you! He can't just get away with it!" He ranted angrily. Lily watched him, her eyes glistening slightly.


"James, please don't." She tried to pull him back down but he shook her off and stormed out of the common room, Lily hesitated slightly before running after him. I stared at Remus, then twisted round to stare in the same surprised expression at Sirius.


"Well… It's a good thing he didn't hear his actual words then…" I stated bluntly. 


"What did he say?"


"I'm gonna use a quote here, the choice of language isn't mine." I cleared up first. "He said: 'Mudbloods aren't people.'" I repeated, scowling.


"It's a good thing James didn't hear that then…" Remus muttered.


"I'd jinx Snape myself, but I have someones fat arse on me." Sirius said, I could hear the smirk in his voice. "Ow!" He cried yet again, as I (yet again) hit him around the head.


"You deserved it." I told him, then twisted my body so I was curled up in his lap like a cat. "The only reason I am not hexing you is because I am very comfy."


"Thanks a lot." He replied sarcastically.


I just grinned didn't reply, exhausted from…. being unconscious… I don't know either. Not long later, I managed to fall asleep.


Sirius P.O.V

I gazed at Willow, who was curled up in my lap breathing softly. Until today, I'd tried to ignore my feelings and just get on but… Merlin it's harder than I'd hoped. 


"Padfoot? I said I was going to bed, are you alright here?" Moony said to me, looking at me curiously.


"What? Yeah I'll be fine." I said distractedly, my thoughts still on Willow.

"Clearly." He replied looking amused. He then got up and left the room, leaving just me and Willow left. I returned my gaze to Willow, thinking about how much I used to hate and how much it's changed…


"Earth to Sirius?" A voice called softly, startling me out of my thoughts. I blinked a few times and saw Willow was staring up at me, her sapphire eyes sparkling in amusement. "Nice thoughts?" She asked laughing slightly.


I grinned back at her. "Very."


"I'll leave you to your thoughts then. Sorry I fell asleep on you." She flushed, giving her usually white cheeks a pink tinge.


"It's fine, you actually look peaceful and calm."


"My thoughts weren't" She smirked to try and cover up a flicker of pain that crossed her eyes.


"Oh?" I asked, attempting to be casual but inside I was worried.


"Don't worry about it." She dismissed it, noticing my worry. "My thoughts are rarely peaceful and calm."


Before I could respond, the portrait hole opened. Willow scrambled into an upright position but relaxed when Prongs and Lily entered. Lily's eyes were slightly red but she seemed ok, Prongs still looked angry but like Lily he seemed ok. I guess Willow was right in not telling him what it was word for word. Both Willow and I scowled, seeing her annoyed at their interruption gave me the thought that maybe she felt similarly to me.


"I was comfy…" Willow grumbled, shifting back into a similar position to earlier. I tried to mask the sinking feeling. Of course she didn't feel that way…


"Sorry." Prongs smirked.


"You should be." She replied, also smirking. "I'm bored!"


"Why don't you go to bed? You were asleep earlier."


"And now I'm awake. And bored." 


I grinned evilly, a sudden idea coming to my head. "Uh oh." Lily commented. "The Marauder evil smirk, something interesting is going to happen."


Willows face lit up excitedly. "Ooh! What is it?" She twisted around and stared at me, waiting for a reply.


"Truth or Dare." My smirk widened. "Marauder style." Prongs laughed evilly and Lily looked confused. Willow looked slightly disappointed.


"What's so different?" Lily asked suspiciously.


"Veretisium for truths, and magical binding for dares. If you don't complete the dare you'll be declaring a prank war against all those taking part, those against you." Willow then smirked, as evilly as I did.


"Where though?" Lily asked, the only person unsure of it.


"It's obvious isn't it?" Willow question, when none of us replied her smirk grew. "The Room of Requirement!"


"Of course." Prongs said grinning, he darted upstairs and returned with the cloak in his hand and Moony behind him. "Let's go!"


We'd managed to reach the room in one piece and stood outside it waiting for the doors to form. When they did, the room was the same as when we'd first seen it. Willow laughed triumphantly and jumped into one of the armchairs grinning slightly crazily, I laughed at her and sat down in one of the other armchairs.


"Who starts?" Willow asked, bouncing, literally, in her seat.


"Doesn't matter, are you on a sugar rush or something?" Prongs replied, watching Willow and looked amused.


"Probably not." Lily replied for her. "She has hyperactive moments, I have no idea what triggers them." Willow beamed happily.


"I'll go first." I offered, when everyone else nodded I turned to Lily. "Lily, Truth or Dare?"


"Dare?" She replied, phrasing it like a question. Immediately an idea formed in my mind, at the same time Willow ran across the room and whispered the same idea I had in my ear.


"I was gonna say that anyway." I told Willow, who smirked and returned to her seat. I then turned to Lily. "I dare you to kiss James on the lips." Willow started laughing evilly and Lily stared at me in horror. "Go on." I smirked.


Lily glared at me, although it wasn't as strong as her glares usually are, and turned towards Prongs who was bright red. She took a deep breath and pecked him on the lips, before leaning back and blushed. "Happy?"


"Very." I grinned in response. Willows evil laugh turned into her normal laugh, probably at both Prongs and Lily's redness.


"Remus, Truth or Dare." Lily asked.


"Um, Truth." He replied. Lily and Willow exchanged looks and turned back to Moony.


"Ok. When did you become a werewolf?" Lily asked, shocking us into silence. We all - except Willow - stared at her in pure shock. Did Snape tell her? They were best friends…. But Willow doesn't seem surprised…


Moony lowered his head and took a sip of the diluted veritasium on the little table in front of us. "When I was a kid. How did you know?"


"We worked it out. We noticed you were constantly disappearing at full moon, and then there was your nickname being 'Moony'. We've known since sixth year." Lily told him, smiling.


"And we don't care Remus, it doesn't change your personality." Willow added in. I breathed a sigh of relief, at least they'd accepted it well.




"Really." Willow and Lily chorused.


"Thanks." Moony smiled. "James, Truth or Dare?"


Prongs smirked, my answer being obvious. "Dare."


"I dare you to send a Howler to Slughorn." Moony told me smirking.




Moony nodded while Willow, Lily and I were laughing. "Alright."


"Padfoot, Truth or Dare?" He asked me.


"Dare." I replied, smirking.


"I dare you to go to the kitchens, mix together as many sauces the House Elves can find and eat the result."


"Ew." Willow commented, wrinkling her nose.


"I'll be back in five minutes." I grinned, picked up the cloak and left the room.


"You're eating it up here!" Prongs called as the door shut behind me. Chuckling slightly, I made my way down to the kitchens


When I entered and took off the cloak Sparky, a house elf, ran up to me beaming. "What would Master Black like today?" She squeaked.


"Every sauce you can find please Sparky." I replied.


A great thing about house elves, they don't question your food choices. She bowed and ran back to the main part of the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a handful of sauces. "Here you go sir!"


"Thanks Sparky!" I said grinning. I then took the sauces and left the room.


"I'm back!" I called as I pulled off the cloak, they all laughed at the sight of the amount of sauces I'd brought.


"We need a bowl." Willow said, as soon as the words left her mouth a white bowl appeared on our table. "Yes!"


I smirked and started to pour the contents of the bottles into the bowl, trying not to gag when some curdled. When all the bottles were empty, we all peered into the bowl to see the result. Lily immediately leant back, gagging, and Willow also leant back but was smirking.


"Have fun."


I frowned at the mixture, it was a mix of colours and didn't look at all appetising. "How much do I have to eat?"


"A spoonfull."


"Thanks a lot."


"Here's a spoon." Willow said cheerfully as a tablespoon appeared on the table. I picked in up and scooped the mixture, if it can even be called that, onto the spoon. I sighed, then shoved the mixture in my mouth. I started gagging straight away, it was disgusting. I can't even describe it. No. Ew.


I'd finally managed to swallow the stuff - it cannot be called anything else - and glared at Prongs who had fallen off his seat in laughter. Before I could say it, a bottle of water appeared in froth of me. I grabbed it and downed the whole bottle, yet the taste was still in my mouth. "Merlin that was disgusting."


No one replied, they were all too busy laughing. Eventually, Lily sobered up. "Sorry Sirius, but that was hilarious!"


"Does he have to eat the rest?" Willow asked curiously once she'd stopped laughing, her eyes sparkling in amusement.


"No!" I exclaimed before Prongs could reply.


Moony grinned almost sympathetically. "Best not, I'd rather not have this room stunk out by that flavoured vomit."


"Excellent!" I cheered. "Willow, Truth or Dare?" I asked hurriedly before Prongs could speak.


"Hang on." Lily said quickly, then vanished the stuff in the bowl.


"Thanks Lily, Willow? Truth or Dare?"


"Dare!" She replied cheerfully.


"Hm… I dare you to prank the transfiguration classroom."


"Easy. You'll see it tomorrow, it's a surprise until then." She then bowed to us and tipped an imaginary hat before leaving.



Willow P.O.V


I skipped happily back to the ROR, very pleased with my artwork. I was looking forward to everyones reaction once they see it tomorrow in Transfiguration. Who knows, maybe McGonagall will be impressed with it? Actually, that's unlikely… I don't think it's her favourite colours and designs… Ah well!


"Miss me?" I asked as I re-entered the ROR (Room of Requirement, if you didn't work it out). They all just laughed at me, flattering. I wasn't that funny was I? Oh wait… my clothes. I'm not exactly the cleanest person ever, which includes painting. I glanced down at my clothes and giggled slightly as well, luckily it doesn't give away how I painted it. The majority of my clothing, and skin, was coated in different coloured paints. Neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink, blue, purple, red, every bright colour I could think of.


"Paint?" Sirius asked, grinning.


"Yep! I thought the classroom was too dull, so I livened it up a bit!" I replied, also grinning.


"We can tell." James pointed out.


"So, onwards?" I asked, a smirk crossing my face. When they all nodded I twisted to face James to continue Truth or Dare. "James, truth or dare?"




A/N: I'm so sorry!!! I know it's been AGES since I updated! Here's my very feeble excuse: I can't get on the internet during the week, I've been Christmas shopping for the past three Saturdays and on Sunday's I've just been forgetting....

That's a really bad excuse isn't it?

Anyway, one of my friends gave me the idea of the sauce dare as I didn't have any ideas (and now I've run out again). So, although she doesn't actually read Harry Potter, silly muggle, I said I'd give her a shoutout so...


Another thing (this is a long A/N), I've kind of been updating quicker than I've been writing... Meaning I haven't finished Chapter 9 yet..... So updating might slow down, hopefully not as long as this one took though.



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