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Disaster Waiting To Happen by GabiiWeasley
Chapter 2 : Pizza and Phoenix Quills!
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Sorry about the long wait! Here chapter 2! :)

I woke up at five the next morning feeling slightly more rested than most days. I turned over to see Scorpius sleeping peacefully beside me. I poked his cheek and he didn't stir. Time for fun. I grinned as I grabbed my wand and drew a heart on his cheek. Much better. I charmed the heart so he wouldn't be able to take it off without asking me.

I got up and got into my work clothes. My cousin Albus ( Yes Albus Potter ) was probably wondering where I was yesterday seeing as he worked as a healer with me as well. I quickly made some coffee ( The only thing I can make other than toast ) I need to be wide AWAKE for work. Hehehe yes I am slightly crazy. I drank my coffee while looking through to Daily Prophet for today. I only would look at what Scorpius wrote most of the time because I'm so dedicated to being his girlfriend.

I left a note for Scorpius telling him there was coffee on the counter. I'm such a lovely girl friend. I grabbed the book Scorpius bought for me yesterday and flooed to St. Mungos.

My arrival was... Less the graceful. Okay I fell face first when I got to the hospital.

"Nice one Rose" I turned around to find Albus smirking at me. Twat.

"Shut it Potter my Weasley background doesn't exactly make me graceful" I stuck my tongue out at him. I know, real mature.

He grinned, "So how was yesterday?"

"Oh it was good we, I mean Scorpius made pancakes, we went shopping and than he took me out for dinner at that new place Sparks. Isn't that nice?" I smiled.

Albus laughed, "He is so whipped. Rose you weren't supposed to do that to my best friend"

"Whatever Al, now let's get going we have duty in the emergency ward for the rest of the day"

"Please don't tell me we have Madam Sprouse as our supervisor?" Al begged looking worried.

I looked on the rooster board to find who was monitoring us. Seeing as we only finished training last year when we were in the emergency ward we still need a supervisor incase something extreme happens. I found our names and groaned. Why me?

"To your delight Al you would find that we do indeed have Madam Sprouse as our supervisor" I said preparing myself for a long day of being yelled at.

Albus smacked him head against the wall. He had good reason to do so as well. Madam Sprouse was one of the oldest healers at St. Mungo and she was downright terrible. When I came in on the first day and accidentally knocked over a sleeping potion she had a fit. Since then she has never liked me or Albus and is always waiting to catch us for doing something incorrectly.

I patted his back. "I hope we survive this"

When quickly walked to the emergency ward where Madam Sprouse was waiting with a grumpy look on her face.

"Hmmm it's about time you two got here we have a student from Hogwarts that had a rather nasty potion explode on him, go and tend to him" she snapped pointing towards one of the closer beds.

Albus and I quickly walked over to the bed where the boy was lying and began to treat his wounds

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful in the ward with only another 5 patients coming in and none of them would leave with permanent damage.

I quickly took a fifteen minute break at around eleven. I sighed as I went into the cafe to get some coffee. Being a healer was rewarding but boy it was tiring. I was starting to feel a little sorry for always leaving Scorpius alone at home for long periods of time. I worked out seeing as he was much more domestic than me but it still wasn't fair towards him. I started thinking about everything that happened yesterday. Scorpius had been extremely nice even more so than usual. I frowned, there was a itching feeling in the back off my mind telling me that I had forgotten something but I couldn't remember what it was. God dammit brain work!!

I slammed my head against the wall in frustration.

"You right there Weasel Bee" drawled a snide voice from behind me.

I turned around to find my ex boyfriend Matt smirking at me. Let's get one thing straight about Matt here he is a complete arse. And yes he is that bad he cheated on me with Poppy Brown. For some reason my mum said that Poppy took after her mother, Lavender.

"I'm fine Matthew I was just remembering all the times I had with you, see why I was hitting my head against the wall?" Ha take that! Point one to Rose.

He pushed me up against the wall, I gasped. "I will get you back trust me Rose" he smirked.

Suddenly his grip slacked and he crumpled to the floor. I looked up to see Albus with his wand still pointing at Matt.

"What a twat" he spat. "I thought you were taking to long so came to find you, good thing too"

"Thanks Al I owe you one" I smiled weakly at him.

"You right Rose?" Al scrunched his face up with worry.

"Yeah I just a bit shaken I guess" I shook my head and laughed. "This is ridiculous"

Albus grabbed his coffee off me and smiled. "Let's get back to work before Madam Completely Crazy loses it"

I grinned at him "Let's go"


Uhhhhhhg! Madam Sprouse is the reincarnated version of Voldermort I swear! Cause me and Al took longer than 15 minutes during that break cause of my dickhead of an ex-boyfriend she made us skip our lunch!!! I haven't even eaten anything today except for breakfast and it's four in the afternoon! She's so bloody terrible.

At four we usually switch partners and wards so I get to have my next shift with my close friend and cousin Dominque Weasley. We are on duty in the children's ward. It always the most emotional ward I swear.

"Hey Rose get you butt over hear" I looked up to see Dom ( Dominque ) waving and grinning at me.

"Hey Dom what's up?" I smiled brightly at her.

"Nothing much yesterday Nate came in to visit and that led to an argument which ended in us breaking up but whatever" She smiled.

Of course Dom would say that so casually. She may be lovely but the amount of boyfriends she goes through is insane, I kinda feel sorry for them because it's never gonna end well but if course they just keep lining up. Curse Dom and her bloody Veela genes making her gorgeous.

I coughed, "Well that's a shame"

"Not really, he wasn't that dedicated"

"Oh well that's over with" I said patting her shoulder. "Come on let's go cheer up the kids"

We walked into the children's ward together and surveyed if any new patients had come in. Thankfully only one new patient, a young girl with curly brown hair, had come in and the rest of the regular patients were still here.

I smiled at the new girl and walked over. "Hi sweetie what's your name?"

She looked up at me with wide eyes. "I'm A-Amy"

I grinned "And how old are you Miss Amy?"

"I'm 9 years old so I can go to Hogwarts soon!" she held up her fingers excitedly.

"I can tell you a few things about Hogwarts if you want?" I smiled at her.

"Yes please!"

The rest of the afternoon Dom and I lingered around the Children's Ward helping out when needed and talking to the children. At around 8 in the afternoon our shift ended and we both walked into then foyer together.

"So Rosie there's going to be a family gathering at my parents place on the weekend and you have to come!" she grinned.

Oh god all the Weasleys in one place sounds like fun..... If hell was fun.

"I'll be there and I'll bring Scorpius too" I smiled at her. If I had to deal with my family he would too.

"Sounds great Rose, now why weren't you here yesterday?" she poked me.

I poked her back. "If you really must know I had the day of to go one a date with Scorpius"

"Tell me what happened?" she giggled.

"Well..." I went into a full description of all the events that occurred yesterday. When I told her about the pancakes she laughed, just cause she can cook. I went on to tell her about how was being super sweet and nice the whole day and buying me gifts.

"That's so nice!" she squealed.

I smiled at her "It was lovely but it was a little random and I can't stop this feeling I'm getting that I've forgotten something I just don't know what"

"Just check your diary Rose I'm sure it'll be in there!" Dom hugged me. "I've got to go now see you on Sunday!"

"See ya Dommy" I said pinching her cheek.

She pushed away my hand and then disapparated to her apartment.

I looked through my bag to find my diary and pulled it out. Okay Thursday what was on Thursday. Than I saw it highlighted and circled. "Shit"

It read 'Scorpius and I's 1 year anniversary'. God dammit no wonder he was being so nice and sweet yesterday. Oh I feel like crap now I blew him off like it was just any other day when it actually was our anniversary. Good job Rose so much for being a dedicated girlfriend. And yesterday I also heard him saying something about not remembering, this must of been it! I've been so caught up in all my work that I completely lost track of the days and forgot. I personally blame my dad, I mean he even forgot mums birthday AND their 20 year wedding anniversary. Thanks Daddy for giving me terrible memory.

I looked at the time, it was half past eight. I could go into Diagon Alley and buy him a present? Yes, I'll do that. I grabbed my bag and apparated to Diagon Alley. When I arrived I stinker a little and almost feel but caught myself before I hit the ground. I huffed and regained my composure. I walked through the crowed street until I reached a writing equipment shop. That would be perfect for Scorpius seeing as he is a writer. I ran into the shop and started looking at all the different quills they had, none of them caught my eye until I saw it. It was a quil with the feather from a Phoenix tail it was just right. It may be expensive but I had to make it up to him. I ran up to the counter and bought it. The shop owner gave me a strange look, whatever. He wrapped it up for me and I payed and left the shop.

Jeez that was stressful, now facing Scorpius. I apparated home to find Scorpius sitting on the table with his hands over his head. When he heard me he stood up and turned around to face me.

"Where have you been Rose? You were supposed to be back forty five minutes ago" his eye narrowed and he looked straight at me. He was mad, Scorpius never gets mad.

I gulped. "Um I'm sorry Scorpius I was buying this for you because I forgot yesterday" I bit my lip trying not to let those first few tears roll down my cheek.

When he heard my explanation his face softened. "Come here you idiot"

He pulled me into a hug. "I'm so sorry Scorpius, I was so caught up in work I forgot about it"

"Shh it's okay we still had a heap of fun yesterday right?"


"Then let's put an end to that and go to bed"

"Wait I bought you something" I handed him the parcel with the Phoenix Quill.

He opened it up and smiled. "You know me so well Rose, thank you"

"No problem Scorpius and happy anniversary"

He grinned, "So what do you want for dinner?"

"Um... Pizza!"

"Pizza it is"

Scorpius set about the kitchen gathering everything he needed. God I love the man....... Wait did I just say I loved him? What have a gotten myself into. He plonked a plate of pizza down in front of me. "Here you go" he grinned.

I kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks Scorpius, you're the best"

He grinned "Well I'm going to be in bed, night"

I kissed his lips gently "Night Scorpius"

Well that's it for the second chapter! Hope you like it! And on another note I got heaps of reads on the last chapter but no reviews :P it be great if you could leave some constrictive criticism or just something you'd like to see in later chapters! Thanks :) - Gabii

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