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Forever or Never!! by Mim_Owl
Chapter 1 : Diagon Alley
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“Are you ready to go yet Soph?” My mum shouted down the hall.

“Nearly” I answered.

It was the week before I was going to commence my first year at Hogwarts and mum and I we’re about to head to Diagon Alley to get all my school supplies.

“Can I come too, mum?” asked my brother Xavier, “No, you’re to stay at home and help Dad get the gnomes out of the garden.”

Ever since my brother and I first went to Diagon Alley we loved the place and begged to go there every weekend.

When my letter of acceptance came I was so excited. Of course I knew I wasn’t a squib because I’d been doing magic since the age of four, but I was still so excited because I was beginning to worry that it wouldn’t come.

I ran down the hall to where my mum stood, she lit the fire and stepped into the bright green flames and said nice and clearly “Diagon Alley” and a split second later she was gone.

Now it was my turn I stepped forward and looked down to see the flames licking at my feet and said “Diagon Alley” The room vanished from around me and it felt like I was getting around and around until I stopped and hit the cold, hard floor.

I still hadn’t got used to travelling via floo powder network.

I looked up and saw my mum smiling at me, of course she had been travelling via the floo powder network for many years and could successfully land on her feet, but that is a skill that I have not yet mastered.

We stepped into the crowded street and yet again I was amazed at the range of shops here. 

There were many people just like us that were shopping for school supplies for the new year.

I looked into one shop window and saw the newest firebolt model, the firebolt 3000, but of course at Hogwarts they still had the rule that first years couldn’t bring a broomstick to Hogwarts.

“Come on we will go get your robes fitted first” Mum said interrupting my train of thought.

I trailed along behind Mum as she entered the shop, when I looked up I was amazed to see the range of robes that come in all different sizes and colours.

Mum turned towards the old lady at the counter and she looked at me and said “ah yet another first year” She gave me a kind smile and signalled for me to follow her.

In the backroom I saw a few other kids getting fitted out to go to Hogwarts.

The old lady told me to stand on the stool next to a girl with light brown hair, as I went to stand on the stool the girl said “Hi.”

“Hi, I’m Sophia lovegood” I replied, she smiled and said “I’m Willow Evergreen, are you starting your first year at Hogwarts too.”

“yep” I grinned back.

The old lady came back with a box that contained black robes, she pulled it out and handed it to me to pull over my shoulders and began pinning up the hem, after about five minutes the robes were the perfect size. “Bye Willow” I called over my shoulder.

 “See you at Hogwarts Sophia” she replied.

Mum paid and we left “Mum can I please get an owl?” I begged.

 “But you already have your cat, Sox” Mum said.

“Yes but I don’t have an owl how would I send you letters without one” I begged yet again.

“Fine” Mum agreed as I ran to the shop and rushed in.

All the animals were so cute!!!

But one owl caught my eye, he had bright orange eyes and a soft coat that was white with light brown spots. “Mum, what about this one?” I asked pointing to the owl.

“Ok” she said and I pulled the cage off the shelf and brought it to the counter.

“Nice choice, this is Buddy” the man behind the counter told me.

Once again we walked down the streets of Diagon Alley but now we had bags full of spell books, quills, ink, a cauldron and potion ingredients, our last stop was Ollivanders.

The bell rang as I stepped into the store, the many shelves around the room were stacked with boxes of wands, behind the counter Ollivander stood “ahh, the lovegoods, good to see you. Now to find the perfect wand” he said.

I watched as he looked through the shelves and pulled out a number of boxes and sat them on the counter, I opened one box labelled ‘Hawthorn with phoenix feather core 9 inches’, I pulled the wand out and waved it but it only gave a feeble spark. I took the next box labelled ‘Maple with unicorn hair 11 inches as I gripped the wand I felt the magic, this time I waved the wand and bright red sparks shot out the end. “Perfect, This wand produces good protective spells and is often good for doing healing charms, an interesting combination maple and unicorn hair, I hope it serves you well” Ollivander said to me.

Mum paid and thanked him and we headed out onto the streets, the crowd had thinned out by now, by the time we took the floo powder network home.

It was late afternoon when we got home and I flew around on my firebolt outside with Xavier until dinner after our big day out I was so tired and went to bed soon after dinner.


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Forever or Never!!: Diagon Alley


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