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The Coming of Time by Viikidaviking
Chapter 2 : II
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Hours later the four individuals were around a circular control panel in the middle of the Tardis. The blue box was hidden down a dark alley way and every time Merlin opened the doors and walked in he still couldn’t believe that there was massive room waiting behind the blue doors. The Doctor had explained that it was Time Lord technology and he was in possession of the last ever Tardis.

The Doctor moved around the circular control panel clicking occasional buttons and twiddling random dials on the dash and the other three watched in silence. Harry was rubbing the back of his neck in confusion as he watched The Doctor doing his thing, Sherlock was sitting in a chair with his arms folded and Merlin was the only one left standing watching in confusion. “Doctor, what exactly are you doing?” The Warlock asked bluntly.

“I’m trying to confuse the bubble by thinking that someone’s escaping,” the Doctor replied excitedly as he twiddled another dial on the dash. “Perhaps that will make it lowers it’s defences and we’ll be able to break through and finally find out what’s causing this. I got the idea from Sherlock when he mentioned that people may have escaped the bubble. Genius idea really, though I'm only betting that the bubble will notice and do something. For all we know it might just be a big no-so-dangerous and clever bubble. I hope it’s not because then I’m completely out of ideas.”

“So we’re running on a hunch?” Sherlock cut dryly. “Great, and here I was hoping we had some kind of logical plan.”

“My plan is completely logical,” the Doctor replied defiantly as he turned away from his flashing dash. “Might not be the best plan but it’s logical nonetheless.” Smiling proudly like a small child the Doctor spun around and then continued into some deep muttering about the space time continuum and something to do with bananas.

Merlin continued to stare at the Doctor as he twiddle his dials and flicked his switches before he finally averted his gaze to Harry. The man was standing motionless watching the Time Lord work, but instead of an expression of interest he wore a blank mask. Stepping closer, Merlin slipped his hands into his hoodie pockets before his bray-blue eyes looked over towards the wizard. “So what do you think of this plan?” The warlock questioned with mild interest. “Do you really think the Doctor knows what he’s doing?”

Harry flashed Merlin a smile before shrugging his shoulders. “I do hope he knows what he’s doing, he’s our only hope at the moment. Without him we would be nowhere still wondering about what the problem was and why no one can leave London.”

The warlock considered the younger man’s word when suddenly the Doctor exclaimed something, but his words were drowned out as the Tardis gave a loud groan and started to shake. “No, no, no, no, no, what are you doing?” The Doctor said in a rush as he pumped something on the circular control panel. “I didn’t ask you to do that.”

“Doctor, what’s going on?” Sherlock called over the loud noises of the Tardis.

“I don’t know!” The Time Lord exclaimed in response, though he sounded rather excited about it. “I’ve lost control, I’m not actually in control anymore! Someone else is controlling the Tardis. This is great.”

“How is this great?” Harry asked with blatant confusion as Sherlock muttered something about using the word ‘control’ too much in the previous sentence.

“I don’t know!” The Doctor repeated with a grin as the Tardis gave one last moan before everything was still. Clapping his hands together with glee, the Doctor grinned at the other three occupants of the Tardis before moving towards the wooden doors. “Lets see where you’ve brought us then.”

Cautiously Merlin sent Harry a worried look before falling into step behind the rather excited Doctor followed by Harry then finally Sherlock. With a grin at the other people the Doctor flung open the Tardis doors before stepping into the world beyond. Gulping slightly Merlin followed suit and the sight before him almost took his breath away. “But this is London,” the warlock pointed out as he stared around. “We are in exactly the same place, but a completely different place.”

The four people were now stood outside the Tardis doors down the dark alley the Doctor had parked in previously, but this time there were dustbins surrounding them and people walking past the end of the alley. There was the sound of roaring engines and the hubbub of people as they walked around. Sherlock was the first to react accordingly and strolled from the alley before standing in the bright light and looking around. “This is Oxford Street,” he stated as he looked around.

Quickly the other three ran over to join Sherlock on the street and they all saw for themselves that there were in fact standing on Oxford Street. The crowds didn’t even send the four people standing in the middle of the street a sideways glance as they continued with their busy lives to try and get to work or whatever they were doing. “This is impossible,” the Doctor murmured as he looked around him as if he was still trying to comprehend that they were standing in Oxford Street.

“I would say this is still the 21st century,” Sherlock concluded. “As I have now seen five people with evidence that they have been to Costa coffee on them and at least one hundred who have just been to McDonalds.”

“Impossible,” the Doctor repeated. Then without a warning the man with a bowtie set off and began to cross the busy road without even looking for traffic as if he was hoping the traffic was going to stop for him. Hasily Merlin hurried after him, apologising to multiple people he had pushed out of the way to try and cross the road.

When the warlock finally managed to get through the crowds and cross the road the Doctor already had his sonic screwdriver thing out of his tweed jacket pocket and was pointing it at a rather confused looking lady with a handbag. “But you're human,” The Doctor stated as he continued to wave the sonic in front of the young woman’s face. “You completely 100% human, how is that even possible? The Tardis shouldn't have been able to bring me here at all, it was like someone wanted to show me this. I thought all the holes were closed and they were closed for a fact, but somehow someone’s dragged us through. But why?”

In the time when the Doctor was talking to himself both Harry and Sherlock had made their way across the road to stand beside Merlin. “I know you,” the lady stated suddenly. waving a finger at Sherlock. “I’ve seen you in the papers.”

Sherlock sent a quick glance at the old woman before pulling the collar of his long coat up a little. “Why don’t you go back to your husband before he wonders where you’ve gone? I bet he wouldn’t like to know you’re cheating on him.”

The woman stared at Sherlock for a moment before glaring at the Doctor who was now fumbling around with his sonic screwdriver still muttering about how the whole situation they were in was impossible before she quickly continued on her way without looking back.

“How on earth did you know she was cheating on her husband?” Harry asked Sherlock with a raised brow.

“She was dressed in a rush, but she had already eaten and had a drink at Starbucks, so obviously she hadn’t noticed. The ring on her finger is dirty and uncared for meaning she is having a troubled marriage. Also there were scratch marks around her neck  and her hair had been brushed with fingers. Its wasn't hard to work out that she was cheating and had just been to see her other partner for some fun to get rid of the stress on a early Saturday morning.”

Merlin and Harry stared at the calm looking consulting detective for a moment before they noticed the Doctor was walking back across the road to the Tardis again. Quickly the three hurried back across the road, not wanting to be left behind if the Tardis decided to fly off without being asked again. Opening the Tardis doors the Doctor was already running around the circular dash flicking more switches.

Doing a quick jog up the small ramp, Harry wandered over to the Doctor as he pulled thrust his sonic screwdriver into a small hole on the dash. “Doctor, what’s the problem?” The wizard asked. “What’s impossible?”

“We shouldn’t be here,” the Time Lord replied hurriedly as he pulled the screen towards him, watching the circles spin around saying something in the language of his people.

“How?” Sherlock questioned flatly, eyeing up the weird symbols on the screen as if he was trying to read them himself.

Turning away from the screen to look at the three confused people in front of him, the Doctor took one more look at the screen behind him before going into his long explanation. “That world outside shouldn’t be here and we shouldn’t have been able to get here. This is an alternate universe, one I have been too before in fact a long time ago and back then there were actually large blimps in the sky, but thats beside the point. The only way to access this alternate universe is through a crack in time, but I closed all the cracks when I sent the daleks and the cyberman back to where they came from in the nothingness of space. There should be no way to get to the alternate universe and normally I can’t get through the cracks into this separate reality even with the help of the Tardis. But somehow someone had brought us here and I don’t know how and why. There is something every wrong here.”

“Daleks and what?” Harry asked with confusion as the Doctor finished his speech.

“Cybermen,” the Doctor replied, waving his hand to dismiss the fact. “But they’re not important right now unless they are a cause of this, but thats highly impossible as they’re just too stupid.”

There was a moment of silence as Merlin, Harry and Sherlock were trying to wrap their minds around the fact that outside the door was an alternate universe and in that moment the Doctor went back to staring at the screen and clicked on his typewriter. “So how do we get back?” Merlin finally asked, looking away from the floor to stare at the man in the tweed jacket.

A smile found it’s way onto the Doctor’s face as he looked at the Warlock before he walked forwards and clapped him on the shoulder. “That’s the best bit young Merlin, I don’t know.”


AN: I OWN NOTHING IN THIS STORY!! Merlin and Dr Who belong to the BBC, Sherlock belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry belongs to JK Rowling. I have just used my mind to put these fandoms together

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