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The TRUE Story of Harry Potter by Storytellergirl
Chapter 1 : Diagon Alley
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 I could easily see my godfather up ahead. You could always spot him a mile away, the giant that he was. He was talking to a dark haired boy just ahead. Harry Potter. People all around were staring at him, and he looked a bit uncomfortable. I would too. Harry disappeared into Madame Malkins Robes, and Rubius went into Eeylops Owl Emporium. I already had my own owl. He was at home, feasting on the dead mice he had brought back the night before.


Robes were the next thing on my list, so I followed Harry in. But as I approached the door, two people came out, both blonde and not very pleasant looking.


"But mother," the boy said, pulling on his mothers sleeve, "I want a broom. I don't care if it's against the rules, I've got to have one!"


"Shush Draco, the broom you have now is lovely."


"But mother, it's a Comet 260. I want a Nimbus!"


"Excuse me." I said quietly. The boy, Draco, looked directly at me, as if realizing for the first time in his life that there were other people around. "You're blocking the door."


"Right then. Come Draco, We can stop by the Owl Emporium to get you a nice owl, and then off to get your wand." The woman lead Draco off into the crowd. I rolled my eyes. Spoiled brat. Comet 260's are one of the best brooms, and he isn't satisfied with that. Of course, I have a Phoenix Tail, and you can't get much better than that. In fact, it's speed rivals the Nimbus 2000, but the steering is a little off. Well, it's just a prototype. I'm technically not allowed to fly it without the supervision of a trained expert in Broom Mechanics. My great-great-great-grandfather developed the broom himself.


In the robe shop, Madame Malkin was just finishing up with Harry. I tried my best not to stare at him, but I couldn't help but glance at him every now and then. He was the Boy Who Lived... he had the scar and everything. He never looked at me once. It was like he couldn't see me. Well, it's like that for me all the time. No one would look twice at small, little, insignificant Ivy Snapdragon.


Harry left and Madame Malkin started fitting me. She got out the smallest size of Hogwarts robes, and they were still to big for me. Honestly, I'm about the size of an eight-year-old. She started placing various pins in, trying to get it to become the right size.


"Dear, could you take your necklace off for me? I need to work up here and it would be helpful if you would remove it."


"No!" I half shouted, and my hand automatically reached up to grab the silver chain around my neck. "I'm sorry... I can't take it off. It was my mothers... I promised myself I would never take it off." Madame Malkin sighed.


"Fine then." She said. What I told her was a lie... well, it was my mothers, but that's not the reason I keep it on. I gave an involuntary shudder. Just don't think about it. I told myself.


A few minutes later I exited the shop with proper sized robes. The last thing was a wand... the thing I had been most anticipating. I headed to Ollivanders.


The place was an absolute wreck. It looks like he had turned up half the store in searching for the perfect wand for his customer. He looked up from the pile of wand boxed as I stepped up to the counter.


"You need a wand then?" He asked. I nodded. He came around the counter and started measuring my arms and such. "What is your name dear?" He asked.


"Ivy Snapdragon." I said. He nearly dropped the measuring tape.


"Yes... Dumbledor did say you would be starting Hogwarts... right then, about your wand..." he went and retrieved a wand from the messy pile. "Try this one. Cherry and unicorn tail hair. 11 inches." I grabbed the wand, and Mr. Olivander's hair caught fire. he quickly extinguished the flames and took the wand from me. "Unless you want to blow up the school... than no, that isn't for you.


I giggled. I always liked Mr. Ollivander. We went through eight more wands, and I succeeded in killing the flowers on the counter, exploding a chair, and turning my skin blue. He finally ran to the back of the shop. I was beginning to thing we would never find the perfect wand.


"Maybe this one... willow... in fact, the same tree as your mother's wand... the core, is phoenix tail feather... 14 inches, pleasantly springy." I took the wand, and I instantly knew this was the one for me. "Yes... that fits nicely... well, you should be going now, I'm a busy man, busy things to do, ta-ta now, off you go..."


He practically pushed me out the door. He didn't even remember to let me pay him. How odd.


I hurried down the street to the Leaky Cauldron.

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