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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen: The Unknown
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Ron continued to shake at Harry's shoulder, trying to wake him up. He could hear his mum making her way up the stairs, rushing slightly. Ron finally stopped shaking his shoulder and put his hands on either side of Harry's cheeks and slapped them slightly.


"What is it?" Mrs. Weasley started, but saw the look on Ron's face, "What's wrong?"


Molly rushed over and looked down towards Harry. Her brown eyes widened as she saw the blood coming out of his mouth. A gasp came out of her mouth, then she fumbled for her wand in her pocket.


"What happened?" Mrs. Weasley asked her son.


"I don't know. I set him on the bed and turned the lights off, and found him like this." Ron answered.


Molly waved her wand across Harry's body, and found the answer she needed.


"It's a internal injury." Mrs. Weasley whispered.


Molly waved her wand once more around his body, trying to locate where he was bleeding from in his body.


"Mum, what's going on?" A voice asked from outside the room.


Ron whipped his head over towards the door, and found Hermione and Ginny standing there. He quickly looked down at his hands, which had some of Harry's blood on them. Hermione followed his gaze, and with wide eyes she hurried inside the room. Ron went to wipe the blood on his pants, but Ginny saw it at the last moment.


"Ron, what happened to you?" Ginny asked, hurrying towards him.




Ron looked up and went to answer, but the look that was on her face told him she just spotted Harry. Ginny walked towards her mother, her face paling. 




"Ron, I need you to go downstairs and get me a bowl, a Blood Replenishing Potion, and a Strengthening Solution." Mrs. Weasley said hurriedly, her wand still on Harry's chest.


Ron nodded and ran out the room, in search of what his mother needed.


"Mum, what happened to him?" Ginny asked, sitting next to Harry on the bed.






"His rib has punctured his lung, and it's full of blood. I need to get the blood out and heal the lung and rib." Mrs. Weasley said in a rush.


Hermione paled and sat down at the end of the bed, next to Ginny. Ginny closed her eyes and tried to calm her heartbeat. Why did everything happen to him? She thought. 




"Is there anything we can do?" Hermione asked Molly.


"I need you to repair the lung while I move his rib back into place. It's easier to do at the same time." Mrs. Weasley explained.


Hermione jumped to her feet and walked over towards Molly, and pulled her wand out of her pocket, a look of determination set onto her face.


"What spell do I use?" Hermione asked.


Molly gave the spell just as Ron walked in with Arthur hot on his heels, concern on his face.


"Molly, what's going on?" Arthur asked his wife.


Molly briefly explained to him while set the bowl and two potions on the nightstand next to her. As Molly finished telling him, she grabbed the bowl next to her and set it next to Harry's head on the pillow. The next thing she did was something Ginny, Hermione, or Ron had ever seen; she put her wand inside of Harry's chest. Ron looked away in disgust, Ginny looked confused and surprised, Arthur just stood there, and Hermione had a look of interest on her face.




When Molly pulled the wand out of him, a string of crimson was attached to her wand. Ron turned around and looked at it curiously with Ginny and Hermione. Ron covered his eyes and quickly looked away when Molly dropped the string into the bowl, turning back into blood.


"Hermione, I need your help now." Mrs. Weasley told Hermione, making room next to her.






Hermione rushed over and muttered the same spell Molly did; and put her wand through Harry. Ginny thought it was the most weirdest thing she had ever seen in her life. She held on to Harry's hand for comfort, and prayed that her mother knew exactly what she was dealing with right now.


Ginny snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Hermione and Molly mutter different spells at the same time, a crack!, and Harry grunt. She looked up at his face, but found he was still unconscious.  Hermione removed her wand from Harry's chest and sat back down next to Ginny.


"Thank you." Ginny whispered to her friend.


"You don't have to thank me, Ginny. I would of done the same thing for you or Ron." Hermione told her.


Ginny nodded and felt Hermione pat the back of her hand.




"Is it done?" Ron asked, looking towards the wall.


"Yes, Ronald. You can look." Hermione said in a annoyed voice.


Ron sighed and turned around, just as Molly pulled her wand out Harry's chest, but luckily for Ron he wasn't looking in that direction. He went over and sat by Hermione, and held onto her hand.


"Is he gonna be okay now?" Ron asked.


"Not quite, dear. He'll probably be more sore than before, and it'll take him more time to heal. Why he didn't tell us in the first place his chest hurt, I will never know..." Mrs. Weasley muttered the last part angrily under her breath.


Ginny and Ron chuckled in union, knowing their mum was going to shout herself hoarse at Harry for doing this to her, even though it wasn't really his fault. Ginny snapped out of her thoughts as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and saw George and Charlie enter the room.


"Is he okay?" They both asked.


Isn't that the question of the day? Ginny thought to herself sarcastically.


"He's fine for now. He'll just need to stay on bed rest for a day or two." Arthur told them.


Molly nodded as she poured some Blood-Replenishing potion into Harry's mouth, who automatically swallowed. George and Charlie went to ask more questions, but Arthur walked them both out of the room, and promised to tell them whatever they wanted to know as soon as they made it into the living room. Ginny found it strange, but shrugged it off. 


Ron and Hermione left shortly afterwards, claiming they both needed some sleep. She couldn't agree with them more, they both looked like the living dead. She supposed she did as well, but didn't care at the moment. Molly stayed in the room with her, checking over Harry and putting a few drops of Strengthening Solution in his mouth every once in a while. Ginny sat up in the bed next to him, in her pajama's and reading a book Hermione had given her.


Her mother had left a few minutes ago to get herself a cup of tea, and to get the potion's for Harry that he would need when he awoke. Ginny turned the page in her book and went to continue to read, but a groan on her side caught her attention. Harry started to move, and slowly started opening his eyes. When his eyes were fully opened, he looked around the room in confusion, then at her.


"What happened?" He asked, sitting up.


Ginny noted how his eyebrows pulled together in pain and he managed to hide a groan.




"What hurts?" Ginny asked quickly.






"My chest. Right here," Harry pointed to the exact spot her mother had stuck her wand through him a while ago.


"Now tell me, What happened?" Harry asked her again.






"Your rib punctured your lung, Harry,  you could of died. Why didn't you tell us before?" Ginny could feel her anger rising inside.


"I didn't know that was why. I just thought it was a after affect to being tortured." Harry answered, cowering under her stare.


Ginny softened her glare at him after that, seeing his side to it. She couldn't really blame him.


"Just tell someone next time your hurt." Ginny told him, taking his hand.






Harry sighed in relief, glad she wasn't about to yell at him. Ginny set her book next to her and leaned over next to Harry, and laid her head on his shoulder. Harry reached over and grabbed his glasses and put them on, and looked down at her. Ginny returned his gaze, and felt his hand lay on her cheek.


"I'm sorry for scaring you." Harry whispered.


Ginny was unaware of the faint look of fear in her eyes, and moved closer to Harry.


"Just don't do it again," Ginny told him "I'll - I'll - I don't know what I'll do, but you'll regret it." 


Harry chuckled, but stopped as he felt a slight pain. Ginny lifted her head and pressed her lips softly to his, and kissed him gently. Harry kissed her back, a small grin playing on his lips.


"I love you." Harry whispered as they broke the kiss.


Ginny looked up into his eyes, surprised to hear the three little words, even though she always wanted to hear from him. His eyes told her everything she needed; he meant it.


"I love you too." Ginny whispered back, meaning them as well.






Harry smiled at her, and pulled her onto his lap, cradling her in his arms. Ginny snuggled into him, closing her eyes and sighing.


"That's the first time I've ever heard anyone tell me that." Harry told her.


"Really?" Ginny asked, surprised.


"Well, I suppose my mum and dad told me when I was little. I don't remember it though, this is the first time I remember hearing it." Harry explained.


Ginny felt anger flare in her as she thought of Harry's aunt and uncle, and cursed them out inside her head for taking away the childhood Harry could of had. Ginny leaned her head up more and kissed the side of his neck, then put her face in the nap of his neck.


Ginny looked up when she heard the door open, and saw her mother had returned.


Ginny blushed and picked herself off of Harry and sat back in her spot on the bed. Molly just gave them a warm smile, and walked over towards Harry's side of the bed.


"Harry, dear. I know earlier you told Arthur and I that you didn't want to go to St. Mungo's, but I feel the need to ask you again. Do you want us to take you?" Molly asked hesitantly.


"No, Mrs. Weasley. I'm much more comfortable here, and I trust you. I don't want people invading my privacy and reporters everywhere trying to knock down my door." Harry answered.


Molly nodded and smiled down at him, then reached into her pocket. She picked out a Blood Replenishing potion, a Strengthening Solution, and a Dreamless Sleep potion.


"I need you to take these. I think we can wait for the Soreness Relief tomorrow." Mrs. Weasley told him.


Harry nodded and took the potions away from her, and quickly gulped each down. Molly took the empty vials away from him, and leaned down and kissed his forehead, and pulled him into a gentle hug. Harry hugged her back, and let her go as she did too. Ginny got up and hugged her mother, and planted a kiss on her cheek.


"Goodnight." Mrs. Weasley muttered.


"'Night." Harry and Ginny said at the same time.


Molly was about to walk away, but noticed the bowl on the side next to Harry. She grabbed her wand out and vanished the contents of the bowl, and took it with her. Harry had seen what was in the bowl, and felt disgusted. Molly closed the door behind her, leaving Harry and Ginny alone, again. Ginny sat back down in her side of the bed, and snuggled close to Harry. 


"Today's been exhausting." Ginny sighed.


"Tell me about it." Harry said.


"Dad want's to talk to you tomorrow about what to do about Lucius. They have him being held in Azkaban, but the Ministry wants to know if you're going to charge him." Ginny told him.


Harry thought about it.


"I won't charge him. I think Narcissa and Draco will need that money." Harry told her.


"Speaking of Narcissa and Draco..." Ginny bit her lip.


"What about them?" Harry asked.


"They're being held in Azkaban too." Ginny answered him.


"What?!?" Harry exclaimed.




"Calm down, Harry. Dad told us that you could testify for them for helping saving you. We all can." Ginny told him.


Harry sighed, and started to feel some of the potions kick in. He felt extremely tired too, so his anger evaporated as quickly as it came.


"Yeah, we should do that. Even though they were Death Eater's, they saved me more than once, I owe them." Harry said.


"Okay." Ginny nodded.


Harry yawned and laid back on his pillows, and took off his glasses. Ginny grabbed her wand and turned the lights off with it, and put it away. Harry sighed and closed his eyes, feeing Ginny relax into him, and kiss his cheek. Harry turned his head and kissed her promptly. Ginny smiled and pulled away from him.


"We'll talk about it tomorrow." Ginny told him.


"Okay." Harry replied.


Ginny used Harry's shoulder as a pillow, and laid her head on it. Harry could feel her breath on his neck, and shivered slightly.


"Night, Gin. I love you." Harry told her.


"I love you too."


And with that, both of them fell into a deep sleep, undisturbed by nightmares for the first time in a while.




A/N: Thank you for following the story so far!  I already have some stuff planned for the rest of the story, but if you have any ideas of your own, tell me about them! I would love you here them. Don't forget to R&R!




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