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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 2 : Ginevra Molly Potter
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 2nd DECEMBER 2017


“I need a new job Harry” Ginny moaned to her husband as she flipped the bacon over in the pan. She had played Quidditch for three years but now she was a correspondent for the prophet and she found it boring.

“Well, I hear MalfoyIndustries is always looking for new recruits” he suggested but she just wrinkled her nose.

“And where did you hear this?”
“Astoria said Narcissa Malfoy said that Draco Malfoy was looking for a new PA”

Ginny’s face relaxed at this and a thoughtful expression crossed her face, a PA, she could do that, and being at MalfoyIndustries the pay would probably be good, she had heard the Malfoy had a whole vault at Gringotts dedicated to money for his employees; this was probably just a rumour though.

“MalfoyIndustries you say, wouldn’t it be cool to go and meet the real Mrs Malfoy we have heard so much about...” she snorted, Draco Malfoy’s wife had been kept a secret ever since they had been married. The Malfoy family were so far up in society that even they could threaten the press with their jobs. Draco Malfoy had made it a rule that if anyone put anything about his wife in the papers or magazines, they would be out of a job before you could say Voldemort.

“Ginny don’t snort, it’s not ladylike” Harry warned his wife but she just rolled her eyes before dishing the bacon on three plates and handing them around to her husband, she put an extra one down on the table in the place between her and Harry before shouting up the stairs “Dora, breakfast is on the table”

“Coming mum” the voice of their youngest child Nymphadora called down the stairs. Ginny started working on the eggs just as a loud thump came from the bottom of the stairs, signalling that Dora had arrived at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey mum, dad” she said cheerfully as she sat down between them, she licked her lips before tucking into her bacon “Mm, this is the best bacon ever” she mumbled as she chewed her food in delight. Ginny rolled her eyes at her daughter before passing her a napkin.

“Honey, Saturday isn’t another word for slob” she said and Dora giggled before wiping her mouth.

Once the family had finished an owl flew through the window with the Daily Prophet attached to its leg. Harry put his galleon in the sack provided before taking the Prophet and opening it out. He laughed as he looked at the jobs page.

“Speak of the devil Ginny, here’s the job Astoria was talking about...” he read the article before punching the application out of its area and handing it to Ginny. “It says the quicker you hand in the application the quicker you will get an interview, so start filling in” he urged as Ginny took the paper and began filling it in.

Name: Ginevra Molly Potter

Address: 12 Grimmauld Place, London, LN5 6YR

DOB: 11th August 1981

Previous or current employment: Head Quidditch Correspondent at the Daily Prophet

Reason for application: A chance to turn over a new leaf and enter into something that isn’t Quidditch related, I would really like to share my knowledge with other companies and learn more skills for the future

When can you begin if successful? No limit on when I can begin

Are you available for an interview, if required? Yes

Contact number: 01548 376229

When she was finished she posted the application in the envelope provided before calling her owl to send it to MalfoyIndustries.


2nd DECEMBER 2017


Dear mother,

She really ended up on the roof of her nursery? Well, I guess that was a first at St Ray’s nursery.

I hope she is okay and I am really glad that she has finally discovered her magic so early in her life; Quinn didn’t find hers until she was six, right?

I miss you, and dad, I hope he finds a new PA soon. Tell him not to worry about me, I’ll be fine.

See you all in a few weeks for Christmas. I bought the perfect present for both Quinn and Astrum in Hogsmeade.

Your darling daughter

Evangeline xxx


Hermione smiled at her daughter’s letter and a tear pricked in her eye. She was the only one who ever wrote letters. The only letters they got about Hyperion were the ones from Professor McGonagall about his latest ‘adventure’ as he liked to call them.

“What’s wrong Mi?” Draco asked as he entered the living room, where Hermione was sitting on the large sofa with the letter in her hand. She smiled at his nervous tone of voice.

“Oh nothing, just a letter from Evangeline”

“Private?” he asked and she chuckled before nodding and standing up to put the letter in a safe place. She had a small box on the fireplace that she kept all her special letters in. Many of them were love letters from Draco that she had received over fourteen years ago but she didn’t mind, she liked the feeling of being loved.


Draco sat down at his desk and fished the pile of applications from his briefcase. He sighed as he finally spotted how many Caroline had already given him and began checking them immediately.

A few hours later, the door to his office opened and Hermione walked in. She put a tray down on Draco’s desk a passed him a cup of tea.

“Any you like yet?”

“Not yet” he grumbled and she chuckled before picking a cookie up off the plate in front of her. He took a sip of his tea and smiled as the milky taste passed his lips. He loved the way his wife made his coffee; it was full off tender loving care, and sweet refreshing milk.

He carried on sorting through the papers as Hermione watched him from her seat. She smiled when his face creased in thought, or when he stuck out his tongue in concentration. She took another cookie. She didn’t realise how many she had eaten until...

She stuck a hand over her mouth as the sour taste of vomit passed up her throat. She ran out of the room and along the corridor to the bathroom, just in time to watch the vile fluid leave her mouth, and into the toilet.

“Hermione” Draco muttered from outside and she soon emerged. Her hair dripping wet and a towel wiping her face “Hermione, are you okay?”
“I’m fine Draco, I just ate too many cookies” she said in embarrassment just as the doorbell rang, she turned to get it but Draco just sat her down on the bathroom seat.

“No Hermione, I’ll get rid of them as soon as possible. You stay here”

“Okay” she said in a voice barely audible and he nodded before running out of the room to get the door. He arrived a few minutes later, his arms laden in papers.

“It was just Caroline, giving me some more applications” he moaned as he helped her out of the bathroom and upstairs to their room. She sat down on the bed and laughed.

“Good luck” she joked, looking down at the stack of applications that were still in Draco’s arms. He raised an eyebrow before nodding and walking out of the room. He closed the door and looked at the pile. Then he did a double take. There on the top application, in neat italic writing lay the name; Ginevra Molly Potter.


4rd DECEMBER 2017


Draco sat at his desk in thought as he tried to think of what to do with the application of Ginny Potter that still lay in his hands. He had told Hermione immediately and she had recommended that it would be a great way to get close to her old friends again. But Draco thought likewise. Ron had hurt her and being close to Ginny meant being close to Ron.

He gazed at the name upon the paper again before sighing; it wouldn’t hurt in just giving her an interview. She was one of the best applicants that he had received as well, and she was Harry Potter’s wife. Being close to famous people meant better business, and better business meant more money.

He pressed the button on his desk and spoke clearly down the speaker “Caroline, can you please give Mrs Ginevra Potter a ring. I would like to offer her an interview”
“Right away Mr Malfoy” Caroline responded before dialling the number.


4th DECEMBER 2017


Bring...bring...bring the Potter’s phone went. Ginny looked up from her cooking and huffed angrily.

“Harry can you get that please” she yelled through the house but Dora was already at the phone, she loved picking it up. Ginny just hoped that it wasn’t anything important.

“Hello, this is Nymphadora Potter speaking, who is it?”

“Hello sweetheart, this is Caroline Smith from MalfoyIndustries. Is Ginny Potter there?”

 “Hang on a minute” Dora said before turning to face her mother who was looking at her intently.

“Someone from Malfoy indust-indust...”

“Industries” Ginny corrected her daughter who nodded vigorously before passing the phone over to her mother.

“Hello, this is Ginny Potter speaking”

“Ah, Mrs Potter, it’s Caroline Smith calling from Mr Malfoy’s office. I want to congratulate you on receiving an interview tomorrow”
“Tomorrow” Ginny said in surprise

“The date can be changed if necessary but I don’t know when Mr Malfoy will next be free”

Ginny nodded, thinking this through, and then she smiled “Of course, tomorrow will be fine. What time shall I be there?”
“Is half eleven okay for you Mrs Potter?”
“That is fine, thank you” Ginny beamed before hanging up and running into the dining room, where Harry was sorting through Auror notes “Harry, I got an interview” she cried as she flung her arms around his neck. He grinned as looked up from his work.
“Gin, that’s great, when is it?”

“Tomorrow at half eleven, that’s okay isn’t it”

Harry mumbled the date and time under his breath before nodding “Yeah Ginny; that should be fine”
“Good, I better go finish dinner. It will be on the table in five” she warned before skipping off to dish up their dinner. She would ace this interview and then she would be in, working at MalfoyIndustries was a great opportunity, and she would get to meet the famous Mrs Malfoy.

 A/N: *sings* second chapter uppppp!!! Woo Hoo... I hope you enjoyed it and remember to review please xxxx love you all xxx :)  <3

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Secret Malfoy: Ginevra Molly Potter


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