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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06
Chapter 7 : Time For School
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Hi everyone! I am so so sorry its been so long! I guess I was just really busy! But it will not happen again! Pretty pretty please, if you could post a review I would be really grateful! Thank you! And you will not have to wait so long for a chapter again! :)








Alexandra awoke the next morning smiling brightly. Tomorrow she would return to Hogwarts, for her final year. And as Head Girl! She let out a squeal of excitement as she jumped out of bed and immediately called for Bubbly for some breakfast.  The day passed in a blur, with Alex doing her usual going back to school routine, her life may have completly changed but there were still some habits that couldn’t be broken. Soon her mother was knocking on her door reminding her that it was time to get ready for her meeting with the Dark Lord and her brother.



She leapt up from her sofa throwing the book she was reading aside. How could she forget?! Honestly sometimes she just got so lost in the books, time seemed to just stop, but of course it didn’t, also she was a Witch, so if she wanted too, she could probably make time stop.




She dressed in the fitting scarlet dress her mother had picked out along with some red killer heels and fixed her hair so that it flowed down her back in luscious curls. Her brother matched her in a tuxedo with a deep blood red tie. They looked the perfect pair.



They arrived at Riddle Manor at precisely 8o’clock. A house elf wordlessly led them to the dining hall where they waited in silence. Alexandra was excited, but also anxious to find out what the Dark Lord wanted from them.




Just as Draco was beginning to mutter to himself about being made to wait, the double doors at the end of the room swung open. Lord Voldemort was ready to see them. Instantly they both stood up and bowed (Draco) and curtsied (Alex) to him.




“Sit sit. I have no use for you standing.” Both dropped to their seats instantly.




“Now my plan is for you two to continue as normal when you go back to school, Alex you are not to let anyone know you are a member of my dark daughters, I want that kept a secret which we can reveal later on. However I know you want to tell Potter who you were, that I have no issues with. But what I want you to do is play on your new looks, if I know Potter, and I do, he will not be able to resist you. Also go for the twins, they are a weaker target. Find out their secrets, weaken them, have fun with it.



Now Draco I want you to support your sister in her new role, make sure that she is not harmed or suspected. I also have a job for you. Although I detest saying it, the ridiculous Dumbledore’s Army that Potter and your sister had started in their fifth year was an interesting idea; of course their reasoning behind it was horrendous. Therefore I want you, Draco, to start up your own army, full of the worthiest purebloods, and train them in the finest of dark arts. Draco this is a hard challenge but I believe that together you and your sister are the keys to my success. Do you accept my tasks?”




Draco and Alex had listened very carefully. Both thinking it over in their heads, Alex could already picture the wonderful opportunities to wind up the Wesley’s especially Ginny, her ex-best friend. Draco already knew what spells he would teach first; finally this was a chance to prove himself!



They looked at each other, Draco nodded;



“Yes Sir, we accept your tasks. Thank you.” Alex told him.



“Excellent excellent. Well I believe that is all unless you have anything you wish to tell me?”




Now was Alex’s time to tell him and Draco what she heard when she was with the Weasel’s yesterday.



 “Actually my Lord. I do have something to tell you.” Alex hesitated; Draco stared at his sister, wondering what he didn’t know.



“Go on.”



“Well yesterday I was in Diagon Alley working at my mother’s shop when Potter and Weasley came in. I didn’t tell them who I was but when they left I met up with my brother and we decided to have some fun. I changed into back into Hermione and tricked Potter into taking me back to his house. Basically the Weaselette walked in on us, thought something was going on, and stormed out. I convinced Harry to take me back to the Burrow where I spoke to the order members and Kingsley. And, you are not going to like this...but” Alexandra took a deep breath. “They know a Horcrux is in Bella’s vault at Gringotts.”



“What?” Abruptly Voldemort was on his feet.



“I don’t know how! They just told me there had found out that one was in her vault and were looking into ways to get in a destroy it. And if I had any ideas that could help them, then they would be grateful. They weren’t sure what it actually was though, just said something small and belong to Huffelpuff.”



“Those buffoons! Damn you Albus Dumbledore! I thank you for telling me this Alexandra, keep an ear out for anything more you understand? Now it is time for you to leave, I have things to do.” He swept from the room, leaving the Malfoy’s sitting in silence before a house elf showed them out.







The last day of the holidays had arrived. As Alexandra re-checked her room for roughly the hundredth time, she couldn’t help thinking how much her life had changed in the course of a few short months. Finding out she was adopted, going from muggle born to pureblood and a pureblood daughter of the Malfoy’s no less. However, as she picked up her trunk and shut her bedroom door, she knew she wouldn’t change it for anything.




“Draco! Hurry up I want to leave now!” She yelled up the stairs to her brother.



A pop beside her nearly made her drop her trunk.






“Oh stop your moaning, I’m here! Well what are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to leave?” He smirked, before following their parents into the carriage.






Kings Cross Station hadn’t changed at all, getting through the barrier was easy enough and soon their trunks were loaded and it was time to say goodbye to their parents.



“Well, goodbye son, have a good term and take care of your sister now.” Lucius said, shaking his sons hand before hugging him briefly.



“Take care now baby, write often and we’ll see you at Christmas.” Narcissa said taking her son into her arms. Draco nodded, said goodbye and went on the train, allowing his sister time to say her goodbyes.



“Well princess, this is it. How are you feeling?” Lucius asked.



“Excited of course! Finally I get to be myself at Hogwarts.” She replied.



“Well have a good term darling and if anyone at all gives you hassle you just let me know alright?” He hugged her again.



“Yes daddy. And don’t worry mother, I’ll write, even if Draco forgets.” She said.



“Oh sweetheart, I’ll miss you. Have fun now.” Narcissa hugged her daughter and Alex followed her brother onto the train into their compartment.






“So, Draco, ready for quidditch to begin?” Blaise asked his best friend.



“Yeah mate the team this year should be really good, Alex is going to try out aren’t you sis?” He questioned Alexandra who was sitting gossiping with Pansy and Millicent.



“What? Oh yeah, thought I’d give it a shot. You know, just another thing for me to beat Potter at.” She responded with a laugh.



“Hey I wonder where that lot are, we normally get a visit from them every train ride” Pansy said.



“Oh yeah, well I’m not complaining. I don’t want to be put off my dinner by seeing their faces.” Blaise said stretching back in his seat, while the others laughed.






Hogwarts soon came into sight as the carriages rounded the corner, and for the final time, Alexandra got her first sight of the castle after the summer again. It always had and always would take her breath away every time she saw it.




“Hey Draco, what do you think will happen once I get inside? Do you think they will sort me like some first year?” She asked.




“Probably. I imagine that they will sort the first years then call you up.”




“I better be in Slytherin. I’ve had enough of being a common Gryffindor. Ugh, red and gold, what a horrible match of colours.” She shuddered.




“Don’t worry sis, after this summer, you are most definitely a Slytherin.” He assured her.




“Guys time to get out.” Millicent said, opening the carriage door.






Alexandra could hear the chatter from the hall from behind the golden doors. Professor McGonagall had just called out the final name to be sorted so Alex knew she was next. The double doors swung open, and she began to walk.



She could feel the eyes on her straight away. Jealous glaring eyes from the girls, staring at her luscious curls flowing down around her back. And the lusting eyes from the boys. She knew she looked good, she liked making an entrance. Two pairs of eyes felt particularly strong: Potters and Weasel’s.




“Oi mate, that’s the girl who sold us the flowers.” Ron whispered to Harry.


“Yeah. She’s pretty hot too.” He replied.




Alex ignored the mutters and continued to walk to the front of the hall before sitting down on the stool beside McGonagall.



“Everyone, we have a new student this year, starting her seventh and final year at Hogwarts this year. May I introduce you all, to Alexandra Malfoy.”



Glancing up to look at the hall in front of her, catching Ron and Harry’s horror struck faces in the stunned silence. It was all Alex could do not to laugh.



Well that’s the end of this chapter everyone! Once again I am so sorry for leaving it this long to update! Please review?! J So next chapter we will find out which house Alex goes into. Which one do you all want it to be? And why? We will also see them adjust to Hogwarts life again, and Alex will have her first taste at talking to the Weasley twins. Thanks! :)

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