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The One That Almost Got Away by eLiseo24
Chapter 2 : What Had Happened
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She woke up with the sun shining through the sheer curtains of the window. She opened her eyes, she saw the room she was in and the memories immediately came rushing through her mind. She was still in the Malfoy Manor. She's still alive and it was all because of Draco. She then remembered that she hasn't had the chance to thank him last night. Then, she noticed a house elf at the foot of the bed.

"Hello." She greeted the elf.

"Master said to Dinky to put this on miss's. Bed. Dinky didn't wants to wakes miss's up. Dinky is sorry miss's if have waked yous miss's." The house elf said to her.

"No, no. You didn't wake me. No need to apologize. And please, call me Hermione" She said shaking her head.

"Here you go miss's. Master said that he'll pick yous up. Dinky thinks that Miss Hermione, should get ready for Master.

"Thank you, Dinky. You may go now." She said. The elf bowed down with a slight blush on her cheeks. Then she disappeared into thin air.

She then went to prepare. She washed her face, brushed her hair and went on to put on the dress that was given to her by the house elf. The dress was a simple sundress. It was of the color white. The dress ended just above her knee and loose on her legs but hugged her torso. The dress was of a square neckline and a two inch strap. On the waist, there was a yellow ribbon.

She then heard a light knock on her door. "Come in" she said and the same man who saved her last night entered.

"Hi." He said. "Had a good night sleep, I hope."

"Yes, thank you." She said. "And thank you for last night."

"No need to thank me. Any decent man would do the same." He said lamely. "You look beautiful on that dress." He added while gesturing at the dress.

"Thank you." She blushed.

"Are you ready? You know, for breakfast?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Ok then, come one." He offered his arms for her to grab and so she did. They walked through the halls in silence. Then she decided to break it.

"Are you not a bit curious about last night? I think I owe you the explanation." She said

"You can explain later after we had breakfast." He said to her and they fell silent again.

They then reached the stairs and went down. They went to the dining room and were greeted by Draco's mother.

"Good morning, my dears." She said while opening her arms.

“Good morning mother.” Draco said the same time as Hermione said “Good morning Mrs. Malfoy.”

“Non-sense, dear. Call me Cissa.” She said to the girl.

“Of course, Cissa.” Hermione then blushed. Narcissa was being nice to her.

“Well come on then. Let us have some breakfast. Sit, sit.” She ordered them and they did as they were told. Draco sat on the chair to his mother’s right and Hermione sat on the chair to Narcissa’s left. “Go on. Help yourselves.” She stated as she gestured to the food that was prepared in front of them. They ate in silent. Though Hermione can tell that there was a light aura swimming around them and the only two who knew was Narcissa and Draco. Draco was happy. The one that he has been missing for seven years was now in front of him, eating the same food as him, breathing the same air as him and sharing the same roof as him. Narcissa, though not the same reason why she’s happy, but she also has Hermione to thank with. She was happy to see her son, Draco, happy and alive again. She hasn’t seen him in a light mood after he learned that Hermione was missing and there was a possibility that she was dead.

After a while, not too long, they have finished their breakfast and decided that they were to sit at the drawing room as they wait for Draco’s time to leave. It was only 7:15am and he has another thirty minutes or so to kill. They sat down at the chairs that rounded a coffee table. Draco sat at the armchair across the two women and Narcissa and Hermione sat down at a love seat, slightly slanted as to face each other partially.

“Well, I suppose I have to explain to you both what happened last night.” Hermione said.

“Yes, dear. But you don’t have to tell us yet. Not until you are sure that you are ready to talk about it.” Said Narcissa with a motherly voice.

“I think I can handle talking about it. And it’s the least I can do is to explain to you both what had happened. I owe you two that.” She said contradicting Narcissa’s suggestion.

“Very well then. Let us hear it.” She said while waiting patiently for Hermione to begin.

“Well, last night. It was already about 10:00 when I decided that it was time to close up my bookshop. I was locking up my store when I heard some strange noise but decided to ignore it. Then I decided to walk to the bus stop which is only a block away. I had this feeling that I was being followed but every time that I turn to look if there was something or someone, I saw nothing. I begin to feel paranoid and decided to get my wand out just in case. I wasn’t really looking at where I was looking when I have brought my wand out of my purse and accidentally bumped into a man. He was over a foot taller than me. His built was really muscular. He has a dark colored skin. His eyes were, well, different. The left one was of a piercing blue and the other a darker color, either black or brown. I cannot make it, it was dark at that time. He has this long scar stretched from his forehead, heading down to his eyebrows, down to his nose and passes through his lips and ended at his chin.” Hermione’s description made Draco scrunch his face. He sounded familiar but doesn’t know where. Hermione continued.

“I remember him say ‘And they all thought you were dead.’ When I pulled out my wand to cast a spell at him but he was faster than I am. He reached and grabbed my wrist then took my wand from me. He then broke it into two. I tried to squirm out of his grip.” Draco noticed that Hermione is rubbing her right hand wrist and he was sure that there was a purple coloring to it. He was sure that he couldn’t have done that for he didn’t had his grip that hard on her that it would bruise and he most certainly did not grip him on that part of her wrist.

“He then said ‘Why don’t I do the wizarding world a favor and kill you, mudblood.’ I was frightened then. I can’t think of anything to get away from him. He was going to kill me. All was left for me to do was use my instinct and immediately kicked him in the crotch. He loosens his grip upon my wrist and then he stumbled upon the ground. It was my chance to get away. I run away from him not knowing where to go. I looked back to see if he was following me. It was a mistake to look back. I saw him with another two men. He held his wand out and fired a spell. I was lucky that his aim wasn’t good and the spell barely hit me.” She then held her hand onto her cheeks where the spell had hit her.

“I ran as fast as I could. Noticing that there was an apparition point near, I decided that I would go there and apparate away from them. I turned at the alley where the apparition point was, not knowing that you were there. Then I ran into you.”

“Well, you are safe here my dear. You need not to worry about that awful man. You are to stay here until that man is caught. Understand?” she said to Hermione while scooching towards her to grab her hands.

“Yes, Cissa. Thank you. I don’t have anywhere else to go. They, whoever they are, probably are looking for me at my apartment. I don’t have anyone to turn to.” She said. Draco, who knew her all through their Hogwarts year, was confused.

“How about Potter? The Weasleys? Weasley in particular? Weaslette?”

“I suppose Harry. But not the Weasley, not even Ginny. It’s just… we just… grew apart.” She said

“Grew apart? You three were the Golden trio. With Weaslette, the Golden trio plus one.”

“When I told Ron that I have decided to leave the wizarding world for good ad settle down as a muggle, he accused me of cheating on him with a muggle. According to Harry, who has kept in touch and made sure that he sees me every once in a while, Ron told his family his senseless conclusion. Then Harry said that Ginny told him that she didn’t want anything to do with me and as her husband, she doesn’t want him near me or has to do anything with me. Thus, I have no one.” She said, tears forming in her eyes ready to spill.

“You have us now dear.” Narcissa said to her as she moved near her and reached her hands out to wipe the tears from Hermione’s face which has already fallen and streamed down her soft cheeks.

“Thank you, to the both of you. Thank you, Draco, for bringing me here. Thank you, Cissa, for accepting me in and letting me stay here at your home.”

“No need to thank us for that. Right, Draco?”

“Mum is right, Granger. Any decent guy would do the same. Help a damsel in distress. And you are most welcome to stay here as long as you want.”

And as of it was of timing, the clock stroke 7:45 and it was time for Draco to go to work. “Well then, I think it is time for me to go.” With that, they all rose up to accompany Draco at the main door. “I’ll see you later at lunch, Mum.” He then kissed his mother at the cheek. “Granger.” He nodded at her and then turned to leave. He walked to the front yard and when he reached the apparition point of the manor, he disapparated.

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