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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 21 : Chapter Twenty-One
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Two days later I still hadn’t figured out what the hell James had slipped into my damn drink. The bastard. Just kidding, I love him. But I’m still bloody angry for whatever it is he did without my permission. I had about two or three days to live, if I’m lucky.

Someone knocked on my door. I ignored it. “Miss Powells, I’m here to take you to your wand scan.” A random nurse stood in the doorway. They had been running a wand scan every day now. I didn’t see the point, they were going to see the same thing everyone time, why was bloody money?

“Okay.” I sighed, and got into a wheelchair that the nurse had rolled in.

Eventually, we reached the scan room and I lay still as the wands swirled around me, making a whizzing noise. “How are you doing in there Aspen?” The wand scan operator asked me.

I sighed, “Fine. Just like when you asked me two minutes ago.”

“Sorry.” The man said in an Irish accent. I didn’t say anything.

It had been about twenty minutes since he had spoken to me and it was starting to get rather boring. I shouldn’t have to live some of the last minutes of my life in a tube. I choose to come back to be able to live, and this wasn’t living. And if it was, I don’t know why I came back.

“Holy bleeding shit.” He said, the damn bloke had bloody forgotten to turn off the microphone.

“I know, one hell of a disease. Sad thing is a hell of a lot
of muggles suffer from it.” A woman’s voice said.

“No.” He said, “It’s gone. The disease, it’s gone. I can’t see it in her blood at all. See, it’s usually red, the cancer cells in the blood. But there’s not bloody bleeding red!”

“WHAT?!” I screamed from within the tube. “SOMEONE GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS FREAKING THING!” A few seconds late, the man and woman had rushed into the room I was in and pushed a button that took me out of the tube.

“What is going on?” I questioned. They both were grinning so much, it was creepy. But what they said, it couldn’t be true. There wasn’t a cure that could work that fast. Plus, I had only been given five days to live. I was supposed to die in three days for Merlin’s sake! What the fuck was going on?

“Aspen,” The woman said, “It seems as if you’re cancer is...gone.”

“GONE?!” I exclaimed, “ARE YOU BLOODY INSANE?!”

“We know, it does sound mental. Why don’t we get you back upstairs with your family, and we can get the head healers on your case.” I didn’t say anything as they brought upstairs.

This was all happening so fast, I didn’t even know what to think. It had to be a mistake...right? Things like this, miracles and shit, only happened in stories, we only believed in stuff like this when we were kids. Then reality wakes us up.

Cancer didn’t just disappear. I wasn’t an idiot, I did my research on the thing that was going to kill me. I had never ever heard of something like this before. Because it didn’t happen. It had never happened before. People who are so sick don’t just wake up and have their cancer gone.

Yet, it had happened to me. Why me? Out of all the people to get miracles to happen to them, to get a second chance, to be able to live the rest of my life, why was I given this chance?

I’m not saying I’m a terrible person.

Honestly, I’m not.

It’s just, I don’t think I deserve this. Why couldn’t Merlin, or God or Buddha or whoever is up there save someone else? I was eighteen years old, I had lived a god part of my life. Sure, maybe I didn’t get to finish school or things like that. But the parts of life I got to live were good after all.

There are little girls and boys who may die but haven’t even had their first kiss. They deserve this second chance, so much more than I do. For Godric’s sake I tied my best friend to a statue of a pig with wings and left her up there for nearly five freaking hours!

Other people, as I said before, have their whole lives ahead of them. So why me?

Because of James, I finally realized. That damn thing he slipped into my drink, it had to be the reason that my cancer was gone. Honestly, there was no other explanation.

When I was in the hospital wing, I could remember James talking to Victorie. Asking if there was anything she knew of that could save me. He didn’t care if it was illegal, he would get it. And it seems that he did.

The healers called in my parents and Dylan and Cole, and paged James up from the cafeteria. They all stood around my bed, holding my hand or attempting to smile at me.

“Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Powells, so lovely to see you again.” Healer Vinson shook their hands. “Oh, and Dylan and Cole, haven’t seen you boys for quite a while.”

“So, what’s going on with Aspen?” James asked.

“Well, Mr. Potter, as you know we run a wand scan on your fiancé every day now. Today, we found something odd.”

“What do you mean ‘odd’?” Cole questioned, looking absolutely murderous. Jeez, Cole, calm down. It’s honestly not like things can get a lot worse, I’m already dying after all.

“From the scans, and we ran them twice on two different machines, it seems as if Aspen’s cancer is gone.”

“B-but it can’t just be gone!” My mum stammered.

“We don’t know how this happened, or why. Honestly, we have no clue. Yet, it happened, so why don’t we enjoy it?” Healer Vinson said. He usually didn’t speak like this, I knew that there was a code or something for healers. They weren’t really allowed to say things like that.

But he was right, I had surived cancer, twice. Now, I should live my life and cherish every single moment of it. Because I knew how many people took life for granted, I used to be one of those people. Now though, I knew.

“We will leave you alone now. If you have any other questions, we’ll be around the floor, okay?”

“Great, thank you Healer Vinson.” Mum said, shaking his hand before the group left in a flurry of white lab coats and scrubs. She turned around and burst into to tears. “My baby,” She wrapped her arms tightly around me, “My baby, you’re okay.”

“Yeah,” I whispered, “I’m finally okay.”


Two hours later, my parents and brothers had gone down stairs for some food, leaving James alone with me. Bloody finally. “Don’t think I forgot.”

“Forgot what?” He asked, oh so innocently. Innocent my ass.

“Whatever you slipped into my drink caused the cancer to go away.”

He looked at the ground, “How did you figure it out?”

“I can put two and two together.” I smiled, “James, what was it?”

“I can’t tell you.” James sighed.

“Well, it’s currently coursing through my veins and my organs, so you better bloody tell me what the hell it is James Sirius Potter.”

“If anyone is listening, Aspen, I could go to Azkaban.”

“Then why the hell would you do it?”

He looked up and stared at me with disbelief. “I did it to save your life. You could, no would have died if I didn’t find something to stop it.”

“Why didn’t you ask me? Maybe I wasn’t okay with it!”

“So you were okay with dying?” James raised his voice.

“NO! That’s not what I meant, or what I said-” My voice increased in volume.

“Then what did you mean Aspen. I thought you would be pretty damn grateful for me saving your life. Most people would.”

“All I’m saying is you should have given me a choice!” I yelled.

“You’re acting like you actually had something to think about! Like you would have had to think about it!” He screamed.

“Well maybe I did!”

James stared at me. “What?” He said in a very small, very scared voice.

“I was getting so sick of it all. The tubes and the wires and being scared that I was going to die every second of my damn life.”

“But the whole point of the potion, was it would have saved your life. No wires, no tubes, no fear.”

“The fear doesn’t go away with the cancer James. And I’m not just talking about normal fear. Like fear everyone expirences. I’m talking about the fear that I was going to die. Normal people aren’t afraid to die all the time. They do things without thinking. I look at life, asking myself what the odds are it could hurt me or maybe even bring my cancer back. I was offically cancer free the February before seventh year. I had ten months, ten months of no cancer James. Ten months is nothing, it’s gone in the blink of an eye.”

“Aspen I’m sorry that you have to live in fear. But I did what I did for a reason. There is no way in hell I’m ever losing you. That is why I’m going to marry you in five weeks.”

I took his hand, “I can’t believe we are going to be married in five weeks. I really need to start talking to my mum about wedding preperations. She told me she didn’t cancel anything while we thought I was going to die. She was hoping for a miracle, a miracle she got.”

“Are you really mad I didn’t ask you?”

“A little bit. Not enough to make me not love you.”

“Please, you could never not love me.”

“You are so bloody cocky, even if you’re right.”

Author’s Note:

Hey guys, I hope you liked the chapter, I’m sick and tired so I don’t have the energy to write a normal author’s note. I just wanted to let you know that I should be posting another chapter very soon, but come January I might not as much, since I’ll be studying for finals. Thanks guys!


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