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Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 2 : You owe me
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"I'll make the sacrifice for the greater good."

―Ezio Auditore da Firenze- Assassin’s Creed II*


J.K. and Harry Potter Ubisoft and AC Chronicles *Quote from AC Wiki


“Hermione?” I snapped out of my thoughts and turned to see Ron.

He was covered in dust, and blood and Merlin knows what. But I could still see is uneasy shy glances he shot every couple seconds.

“Is there something you’d like to speak to me about Ron?”

He seemed embarrassed before he said “Yes… about …us?”

“I leaned away from the wall and walked out, as he followed behind.

We walked for about 10 minutes until we reached the forbidden forest which wasn’t so forbidden in the midday.

I found an area with rocks, and sat on one patting the one next to me for Ron to sit.

I sensed him slowed sitting down as if he was about to get punished. I waited for his responds.

None were uttered so I spoke.

“Ron if it’s about our kiss at the chamber, I understand.”

Ron clearly wasn’t expecting my answer and spun to face me with utter surprise.

“Wait… what you’re actually ….?”

“Ron, I closed my eyes and took the time to let everything I’ve ever wanted to say my whole life. “ I should have realized that you weren’t the one for me not matter how much I loved you. Since our first year were always bickered and fought yet I thought it was because you liked me and couldn’t express it property. Then came our 6th year, you meet Lavender and at the moment I knew you and her were meant to be. It’s always be Lavender, not me. My fairytale ending hasn't come, but in time it shall. I don’t want your sorrow, pity or guilt. I’m a big girl now; I can take care of myself."  But again,I have more important things to focus on now than a future for myself… I thought at the end.

Ron gets off the rock and takes my hand in his. I look up and he seems to relax, all traces of his worries gone.

“Hermione I loved you too at one point but as the years flew I saw you more of a sister. All I care is for your happiness and mine. That’s why I’m so glad you don’t have a problem with who I’ve choose to spend the rest of my life with.”

I gave him a quizzed look, then suddenly it hit me and I looked back at him with wide eyes.

Ron just nodded and pulled out a small navy blue box and opened it for me to see.

In it was the simplest beautiful ring I ever saw. It had a silver band with the words “My love forever”, and on the top were three diamonds next to each other; the center bigger than the ones on the side.

“Ron!” I gasped with my hands covering my agape mouth. “She’s going to love it!”

“You really think so?”

“Yes, and am I ever wrong?” I said with my hands on my hips.

Ron just rolled his eyes, and placed the box inside his pocket.

I got of the rock and looked up to the remains of the castle. “Let’s get back before anyone notice we’re missing.”

Both of us head back but while Ron talks,

I tend to drown away his words. I keep thinking about how my task is going to be set. After I hopefully located mum and dad, I own them an apology for my actions for triggering their memories blank. Then I have to pack and set off to America to go to the Assassin’s Order hideout; word as I last heard is where Desmond had been hiding at after escaping from a Templar run-lavatory.

We reached inside and went our separate ways; Ron with his family, and I preparing to get my family.

*Third point of view*

Unknown to her, a shadow with weary grey-blue eyes looked after her, and followed when she was out of his sight.

Hermione after years of learning the basics of an Assassin from her mother, she knew very well someone was following.  They would have done a really good job, if Hermione was never reminded of her 1st rule:

“Listen, don’t move. Even a slight, turn makes your opponent award that you’re aware of their presence. You want them to seem to take their advantage on you, but at that moment strike!”

She made herself up the tower arriving at the fat ladies portrait. She wasn’t in attendance leaving the portrait accessible.

Hermione made her way up quickly and as quietly as she could.

“Merlin I must be crazy, why do I feel the urge to follow Granger?” Draco said to himself as he paced in front of the portrait.

He was considering to either go in or not. “Ah hell why not?” and he quickly made his way inside.

Everything was collected with some dust, gloomy and cold. No fire was lite, reminding him of the dungeons downstairs or worst his cellar in Malfoy Manor. 

He shuttered. “Ok, so maybe I feel I own Granger an apology for that night…”

He turned a 360 to see where she could have gone. “Perhaps over here….” as his hand inched to the girl’s common room. (OOOOOOO Malfoys a perv!!! Jk jk)

Suddenly someone grabbed his other hand and twisted it behind his back and covered his mouth before he could utter a help. Draco felt his cheek slam into the cold wooden floor the figure on top of him.

“What the Merlin’s name are you doing here Malfoy!?”

Oh Merlin did-did Granger just really tackle me down!”  Draco’s wild thought running in his head.

“Are you going answer me or not?” Hermione said.

“Iw woufld if youf gfet off mef.”

Slowly, Draco felt Hermione’s weight get off him, which he kind of wished didn’t since she felt good on him.

“Already getting ideas, typical me.” Draco said metally rolling his eyes.

He quickly got up and brushed off any dirt he could have come a crossed.

“Obviously how could I forget? The great Draco Malfoy can’t stand a mudblood touching him even after his Dark Lord has fallen.” Hermione sneered in defense mode. Ready to attack just in case.

Draco was ticked and surprised by Hermione’s comment never in his 7 years of knowing her would he think she’d ever have the guts to say that to him.

“Granger I wasn’t here to argue with you.”

“Wait what? No remarks? No mudblood terms?”Hermione spoke finally pushing his buttons.


That did it for Hermione as she saw Draco hold his finger up to her, with a guilty sadden look on his face.

 “I-I came to apologies.” Hermione began to retort, until Draco held his hand up to stop her.

“I know you don’t believe or want to hear me but please do. It’s be bugging me since that night at my house. What Bella did to you I just- damn it!” Draco angrily kicked the bookshelf with his hands in a fist.


 “No Hermione let me finish.” Hermione startled by his use of her first name, sat in a corner to listen to what he had to say.

Draco stated pacing back and forth as he continued. “You Potter, Weasely you all knew even with the drastic deaths, fall of the Ministry, and being the prize of capture…you somehow held hope that you’d win in the end, even if it was a bazar method, and you did. Something I lack from the moment Dumbledore died or even before....”

He turned to see her listening patiently.

“That night… I wanted to- to punish myself for being such a coward. I should have helped you. Merlin knows I never wanted to be a Death Eater and wanted this war to end just as much as everyone else did. I don’t expect an apology because I don’t deserve one; I just needed to tell you because….because  you would be the only one to give me a chance to be listened to. At least that what I suspect your logical side would say to you.” He ended turning to her displaying a slight smile, waiting for a response.

Hermione looked back with her thoughts running in her head of what he just said. Should she forgive him? 

She got up and approached him slowly while saying her response, “Draco I can’t forgive you, not just yet. In time I shall when it comes, but as a start you own me.”

“What shall it be?” Draco said trying t okeep calm about what offer she would place on him.

Hermione grabbed his hand slowly holding in in her hand. Oddly enough his pale cold-like hand appeared warm in hers.

 “What if I told you I lived another life, a life where I was chosen to prevent chaos in my world?” An organization similar to the Order and their enemies, similar to Death Eaters?" Hermione said while still observing their enclosed hands.

“I wouldn’t be surprised you fit the category. You’re smart, quick, skillfully… and beautiful.”  Draco mentally slapped himself “Now isn’t the right time.”

Wait what order are you in in the muggle world? They actually have one?" Draco asked with curiousity. Hermione looked up, from their entwined hands," This is one of many things you nor anyone knows. Come with me.”

“What sorry?” Draco said snapping out of his daze.

 “Come with me to retrieve my parents from Australia, and from there you will find out the many things of my life you nor anyone has known.” Hermione ended with a small squeeze of his hand and glanced up with a small smile.


Thank you all for reading this and commenting if you find this good so far next chap they head to Aussie but find some shocking news on the arrival!!!!  Do you like it? Cons and Pros help!!! R and R!!! Good or Bad?!?!?!

Xoxo Emma_Felton4Ever

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