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Initial Interaction by Dramionie_Child
Chapter 1 : Initial Interaction
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 Okay, so I’ve been gone a while, so I thought I’d ease myself slowly back into the fanfiction world. (Yup – by doing NaNo and signing up to countless challenges :D Yay!)

Guess who isn't JK Rowling. Sigh.



“Ah, excuse me, s’anyone else sitting here?”




It was a small voice, but it was laced with a strong Scottish accent. Smiling, I turned from looking out the window and instead focus my attention on her face, hopefully looking less nervous than I felt.




“No, no, come on in. I’m Lily Evans, this is Severus Snape.”




Sev and I had been sat since the start of the train journey – heck, we’d got here almost 30 minutes early so we’d be able to have our own compartment. But we couldn’t just turn this girl away, could we?




“Mary MacDonald.” She said, warmly, taking a seat next to me, reaching out to shake my hand, and then Sev’s, seeming relieved. “Are you guys muggles or from a wizarding family?”




She had sparkly green eyes and a short black bob that framed her face perfectly, accompanied by a block fringe which only gave her an elfish sense of mischief. Also, she was short, but not small, so her robes fitted her well, not looking like many did that day; swamped in a black tent that had a few stitches and a badge on it.




“Muggle.” I say, happily sitting back, looking out to the window, watching the London buildings change to beautiful green countryside, littered with sheep and cows. “You?”




“Half and half.” She smiled back at me, before turning to Sev, her eyes still bright, “What ‘bout you?”




“I’d prefer it if you didn’t poke around in my personal business, MacDonald.” Sev drawled, but I gave him a glare, after which he reluctantly answered her question. However, Mary didn’t look particularly disheartened, although a little un-impressed. I didn’t want Sev to turn her away – she seemed nice.




“Half-blood. But I don’t really interest myself in that sort of thing, personally.”




There was a slightly awkward silence. I bit my lip. Was making friends supposed to be this hard?




Finally, I managed to coax Sev into conversation, but it took a while. I think the silent agreement on his co-operation was two mars bars. Wondering slightly about how I was actually going to get those, I tried to focus on becoming friends with Mary.


By the time we’d all found common ground, we were on the topic of the school Houses.




“Apparently the Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, was a Gryffindor himself,” Mary pondered aloud; “I guess it would be okay to be a Gryffindor.”




“It wouldn’t be ‘okay’ to be a Gryffindor!” Sev protested almost as soon as the words left her mouth, “Imagine, being all chivalrous and attention seeking like that. Filthy Gryffindors.”




“Hey,” There was a look of annoyance on Mary’s elfish little face, and a frown settled, “My father was a Gryffindor.”




“Sorry,” Sev casually said, looking out the window as if uninterested, and not sorry at all. But I knew he felt bad; he never meant to hurt anyone. Things just got out of his control. He didn’t think before he opened his mouth.




“So, have either of you guys-” Mary started, but before she could finish, there was an extremely loud, but somehow muffled, bang from just along the corridor.




Huffing in exasperation, I stood, opened the compartment door, and stuck my head out. There were a few students doing the same, all looking as curious as I was.




As the seconds ticking by, there was suddenly a shout from the source of the bang and a barked laugh.




“Hey, it worked!”




Before anyone else could, I slid out from between the compartment doors, leaving them slightly ajar, and headed towards the voice.




When I got there, I found four boys surrounding an exploded pack of cards, grins on their faces. As they spotted me, their faces gained looks of confusion, but still looked mighty pleased with themselves.




What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, sounding bossier than I felt. It was just an honest question, but it came out like an accusation. “You’ve disrupted people’s mornings!”




“And you are-?” One boy asked, his taunting eyes silver and fierce, his hair hanging in his eyes. He had an air of arrogance around him, but I could tell he was nervous for today. The emotion was clear in his eyes.




“Lily Evans. And you trouble-makers are-?” I imitated his question, asking it accusingly. To be honest, I only did it to annoy him – I didn’t actually care.




“Black, Sirius Black-” The dark-haired boy started to introduce, whilst the other’s just looked shell-shocked by the fact there was an actual girl in their compartment. Please, grow up.




“James Potter, pleasure to meet you, m’lady.”




The boy who was opposite ‘Black, Sirius Black’ stood, holding out a hand for me to shake. Frostily, I shook it, before turning to the others. I didn’t like that boy. He oozed arrogance, and was probably a member of a rich family. He had that confident look about him. Personally, I didn’t like him, but I didn’t know him, so I couldn’t judge him.


“And you?”




“Peter Pettigrew.” The boy squeaked, looking at my hand as if it was contagious. Raising an eyebrow, I turned to the final boy, who looked studious, even though he had the ash from the cards still blasted across his face. He was carefully trying to wipe it off with the sleeve of his robes, pulling a face when he realised it would stain.




“My name’s Remus Lupin.” He looked up, smiling at me. I decided I liked him. “I would shake your hand, but-”




He showed me the mess his hands were in. I let him off, smiling back.




At least he seemed normal.




“So are you going to clear up this mess?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at ‘Black, Sirius Black.’




All four of them just gave me a blank look.




“I guess I’ll do it then. You lot have already caused enough trouble.”




Reaching for my wand, I pulled it out, saying in a clear, calm voice, 




Scorgify maximus.




And, by magic, the compartment slowly started to clean up. Smiling brightly at them all, I turned to leave, before running straight into a tall boy – his chest being the thing my head ran into. Gasping, I noted the Head Boy badge pinned on his blazer, and started apologising profusely.




“I’m terribly sorry! I didn’t mean to. I was only-”




“How dare you try and play a prank on me?” The boy screeched, and Lily noticed how manically he gripped his wand, and how he held himself as if he was going to explode with pride. He was Head Boy – he didn’t need to handle with this measly stuff.




“I come running, thinking someone’s been attacked, when in fact, it’s just a bunch of firsties messing around.” He snarled, and I’m sorry to say I step back very quickly, standing beside Remus, who’d joined the two confident boys when the Head Boy had arrived. Nervously, Peter Pettigrew stood also, not wanting to be left out.




“Detention for all of you!” He said, his fists shaking. “How dare you? How dare you?!”


I had to hold in a sob. I hadn’t been any part of this, why was I being punished?




“Actually, sir, Lily wasn’t any-”




“I don’t care!” His voice was crazy, anyone could see that. What boffin made him Head Boy? “Don’t try and pull anything on me! I’m Head Boy. You can’t do anything against me. I’m going to go to Professor Dumbledore if this continues!”




His voice was carrying, and I was positive this was deliberately so people in the other compartment could hear us. On the brink of hysteria, I stood tall and looked him straight in the eyes. My aunt had always told me that this was the best thing to do when someone was annoyed with you. If they were looking for a fight, then it annoyed them that you weren’t trying to argue back, but if they wanted you to see reason it often made them think you were more responsible.




He looked at me, expectantly. Normally, I wouldn’t cheek anyone, but this guy had just walked into the compartment and accused me of something I would never do.




Raising an eyebrow, he waited. But I just raised mine back.




“Uh, okay?” I poised it as a question, as if it was common knowledge, and that I was now dismissing him. I knew it would annoy him. A small twitch of an eyelid was all it took for a satisfied smile to spread across my face.




“Don’t you try and cheek me, young lady, or-” He said, spittle on his lips, but I stopped him before he could respond.




“Or what?” I said, disgusted at this guy’s authority. “You’ll run off to Dumbledore? Well, I’ve got news for you buddy. Being a girl has its advantages. I could accuse you of all sorts of things and you’d be in Askaban like a shot.”




Letting a small smirk settle on my face, I startled myself, knowing that I’d just blackmailed someone. That was when I knew I’d been hanging around Sev a bit too much.




Stuttering, the boy eventually gave an angry snort, and a crazed glare, before storming out of the compartment.




There was silence for a few minutes, before I turned to look at the other four boys, who looked stunned, if not slightly impressed.




Then, ‘Black, Sirius Black’ said, quietly,




“That was bloody excellent.”




I tried to glare, but ended up in fits of laughter at the sight of the boy’s face. Next time, I wouldn’t fight their battles for them, but this time, oh wow, it was worth it.




“I like you.” The arrogant boy said, the one opposite 'Black, Sirius Black', cocking his head on one side and smirking as if this was a great honour. “Will you be my girlfriend?”




Quickly, I stopped laughing, and stared at the boy as if he was insane. So were the other three, although ‘Black, Sirius Black’ looked more than a little amused.




“Uh, no, thank you.” I refused, in what I hoped was a polite way, and started to edge out of the compartment. “I’ll, um, see you at Hogwarts though. Don’t blow anything-”




“Why won’t you be my girlfriend?” The boy asked, as if confused about who woulddare deny this offer.




“Well, we’re first years, for starters,” I tried to point out the flaws that wouldn’t offend him too much, but he was being an utter pig, and refused to listen.




“So? What does that matter?” He said, nose wrinkled in a way that suggested he was thinking very, very hard.




“No-one has girlfriends in first year.” I said, as if to spell it out to him, and rolled my eyes. “Not to mention, your hair looks like it’s just been dragged through a hedge backwards.”




Nervously, he tried to smooth it down. Then, he looked at me, hopefully, “Better?”




“Nope.” I said, sighing, before waving goodbye to the others.




“Please, go out with me?” He says, desperately, before I manage to leave. Rolling my eyes again, I ask him,




“What was my name again?”




Leaving the compartment 3 seconds later to the sound of silence, I huffed back to the compartment where Sev and Mary were. When I got there, they were both discussing magical sweets, getting quite into the topic.




They stopped when I shut the compartment door and threw myself down on the comfortable seats, looking angry to the back of beyond.




“What’s up, Lil?” Sev asked, a frown upon his delicate face. “What happened?”




“I got a bloody detention, thanks to some complete idiots.” I muttered, only just loud enough for them to hear. “Oh, and some dolt called James Potter tried to ask me out.”




“James Potter?” Mary’s big eyes bulged.  “He’s my cousin!”




“Oh!” I was mortified, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean-”




But to my relief, Mary burst out laughing.




“Thank Merlin someone else sees the annoying side of him!” She grinned, “He annoys me to the back of beyond!”




“But he’s your cousin?”




“Well, obviously I love him like a cousin,” She said, rolling her eyes, “But the pranks he pulls makes you wanna pull each of his toenails out one by one!”




I pulled a face. Thank God I’d said no. He sounds awful.




“Sounds like a dick.” Sev said, and I looked at him, curious, but mainly shocked. Sev rarely swore. Mary, however, didn’t look surprised at all. Maybe she’d grown up around swearing.




“So, to move the subject on from my idiotic cousin, what part of England do you two come from?”




“Spinners End.” We chorused at the same time, grinning at each other. It may have been a dump, but there was where we had each other.




“Oh!” Mary looked surprised, “You guys knew each other before Hogwarts?”




“Yep.” I smiled happily, “Sev was the one who told me I was magic.”




“Oh.” She looked slightly uncomfortable. “That’s nice.”




I raised an eyebrow at her, but before I had a chance to ask her what was wrong, the compartment door slid open, and a guy and girl both stood there, slightly pink. Seeing that they were both first years, I smiled at them.




“Do you mind if we sit here?” The girl asked, shyly, “There doesn’t seem to be anywhere else.”




“Of course.” There was plenty of room, as the compartment was originally made for 8 people, it seemed. And there were only three occupants.




Grinning at us, gratefully, they both took a seat on Sev’s side.




“Alice Prewitt.” The blonde girl smiled, cute little dimples appearing. “And this is Frank Longbottom.”




Frank rose a hand in greeting, and soon we all begun chatting about Hogwarts, dorms, houses, teachers, anything that we might have in common.




After eventually reaching the topic of the beautiful place itself, we all started getting a little dreamy. It had been almost 4 hours, and it was most definitely lunchtime.




“Sev?” I asked, after the others went on a search for a trolley. Some older kid had told Alice that there was one if she was hungry, but they weren’t quite sure if they were joking or not. “What’s wrong?”




“These people,” He said, quietly, a look of annoyance on his face, “Are absolute idiots.”




“Sev,” I said, warningly, but that didn’t stop him.




“No, Lily.” He said, a hint of frustration seeping in, “You don’t get it. They think they’re better than everyone else. They’re not.”




“How do you know that?” I replied, anger filling me up, but the sight of Sev’s face caught me from saying something I’d regret. “They could be you your friends, Sev.”




I paused, leaning my head against the cool window and gazed outside at the beautiful countryside.




“They could be our friends.”




“Sorry Lily.” I heard him mutter, “I knew you liked them, it’s just… You’re my friend.”




The jealousy had seeped through, and I had to stop myself from smiling at him. We’d been all each other had for years, and nothing was going to change that.




“No-one’s going to take me away from you, Sev.” Letting the smile finally cross my face, I looked him dead in the eye; I tried to make him believe it. After a few seconds, he finally gave me a small nod and looked out the window. However, just as I was about to start up another conversation, the compartment door slid open, and that awful boy from before had entered.




“Lily Evans.” He said, a triumphant tone in his voice, a sound that made me shudder. "That's your name: Lily Evans."




Slowly, I clapped him, and he looked slightly confused. Huh. Maybe that was only funny in the muggle world.




“Only took you an hour and a half.” I said, sarcastically, brushing off his ignorance for the Pureblood life. “Congratulations.”




But James Potter wasn’t paying attention to me anymore. Instead, his eyes had zeroed in on Severus, and I had a horrible feeling that this wasn’t going to end well.




Within seconds, their wands were out and pointed at each other’s chests. Yelling at them to stop, I screamed a word that would be the theme tune to my life.








Woop woop. Thoughts?



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