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The Kissing Game! by MusicLover17
Chapter 6 : Sixth Year!
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After everything that had happened last year, people are now beliefing Harry that Voldemort is back. Now that the ministry had saw him for themselves. Bet they are sorry that they didn't listen to us.

This year has to be better than the last, now that Dumbledore is back but I know that this is only the beginning and things will most likely get worse for all of us. I can't stop thinking about Malfoy i'm so angry at him he basically turned us into Umbrigde then had the nerve to kiss me. But that's not all I keep thinking about all our kisses and I sometimes can't help but smiling. I know it's wrong.

Harry is starting to get really suspicious of Malfoy he has this idea of him being a Deatheater but that can't be right even Malfoy wouldn't go that far..would he? I don't know I don't want to think he would. Harry is convinced though, since that day we followed him and saw him going into Borgin and Burkes he has been keeping an eye on him. He was even watching him on the train but he got caught and Malfoy hit him.

All I ever hear nowadays from Harry is Malfoy this and Malfoy that it doesn't help me any, Malfoy hasn't came near me all year which i'm not complaining about because I told him to stay away but there does seem to be something different about him. He's more quiet than he usually is.

"Hermione, please you of all people know what Malfoy is like. Why will no one believe me when I say that he is a Deatheater." Harry said looking frustrated.

"Yes Harry I know what he's like but he hasn't exactly done anything for me to think he is a Deatheater and besides don't have an proof. I'm not taking his side but it's the truth."

"I'll find some proof then. I know what he is I will bring it out in him."

"Just don't do anything stupid Harry. He's already hit you once for spying on him."

"What's this Harry still obsessed with Malfoy?" Ron asked coming from nowhere.

"Yeah something like that." I said with a smile.

"Just you too wait and see." Harry said as he walked away from us.

"I think Harry's losing it a bit." I looked over at Ron and nodded in agreement he is determind.



I'm a little worried for Ron right now that Lavender girl seems to be becoming obsessed with him. She won't leave him alone it's kinda sad really. I feel sorry for her in away because Ron is completely oblivious every time she's around.

Harry now seems to think that Malfoy is doing something in the room of requirement, he says that Malfoy seems to be spending alot of time there then says he's not stalking him. I don't know what to think these days everything that is going on it's hard to keep up.

"Oi! Granger." I lifted my head up to see Malfoy making his way over to me.

"This is a library you do know that right?" I asked sarcastically.

He stood and glared at me for a few seconds then smirked. "I'm well aware of that, Granger."

"Well what it is or are you just going to stand and stare at me?" He walked over and leaned on the table his two hands placed right infront of me.

"Just tell Potter that he better stop following me and he'll get more than a punch next time."

"And why can't you tell him yourself?" He smirked at me then leaned closer to whisper in my ear. "If I go near him I might punch him and not be able to stop, so this way is better...for him at least."

He looked down into my eyes and just stared at me. "Why does Harry keep following you Malfoy? What are you hiding?"

He smirked again and laughed a little. "I'm not hiding anything Granger, just keep Potter away from me okay."

"Whatever Malfoy i'll tell him but that doesn't mean he's going to listen to me."

"Oh i'm sure he will your his girlfriend aren't you?"

"WHAT?" He smirked down at me. "Your so easy to wide up Granger." He said as he started laughing.

"Go away you stupid ferret. I'm sick of you breathing down my neck." I said as i stuffled my chair away from him.

He watched as I did this then came closer to me bending down so he was eye level. "Whatever you do Granger be careful." I looked at him and saw worry in his eyes, I stared at him in disbelief. Why would he care if everything happened to me.

"Wha..." Before I could finish he pressed his lips lightly on mine cupping my cheek with his hand. I started to kiss him back, I couldn't help myself his lips were so soft and warm. He moved closer and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He made his way to stand up and pulled me with him wrapping his arms around my waist deepening the kiss.

After a few minutes I pulled away and looked up at him. He raised his hand and ran it through my hair then rested his forehead against mine. I continued to watch him as he closed his eyes and breathed in. "Please try and stay safe. Whatever happens."

"Malfoy, what are you talkin..." He placed his finger against my lips and whispered "'ll know soon enough." With that he kissed my lips one last time and walked out of the library leaving me confused and a little scared after what he had just said.

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