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Twist and Turns by drummajorswagg
Chapter 4 : Secret Passageway and Confession
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Author's Note: I apologize for the delay on updates. Between school, internet service, extra-curricular activities, and family, I just have not had the extremely long writing time that I would like to have. Add in the fact that this is the holiday season, and I have a mess in my hands and no time to write. I am hoping to write several chapters at once and then post them as quickly as I can. One chapter at a time postings. I promise they should be somewhat lengthy since I can only post one at a time. Although I don't have every detail planned out, I do have the basic idea of what will happen to our main characters. This story is proving to be complicated. Harry, Draco, and Hermione are the main characters that I would like to keep, but I will most likely add some original characters to the mix (as some extra twists...). I would love reviews and suggestions (Especially since this is my first story.!.!.!.!) Thank you. Much love. -J


Two weeks. Two boring weeks. Two utterly, psychotically, boring weeks. That is how long I have been in this safe house. I have only caught a few glimpses of Harry, because I know he is always at his aunt and uncle's house. Draco, I have only seen at meals. Snape, I have seen more of him in the last two weeks than my first four years at Hogwarts.


I would love to speak with Draco. I really would like to get to know him. Not just because we are in this house together, but because we agreed to be friends and make this work. I haven't really spoken to him since we moved in here.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


Owls for me are always coming from the ministry, or Harry (who lives down the street). He is always acting as if he knows something that I do not know. I think that the few times I have know Harry and Draco to be in Draco's room, they were discussing something without me. Definitely not something to do with friends. Especially if that friend happens to be called the brightest witch of the age.


It is an unusual owl who is delivering today. Strangely he drops the letter into my hands and flies off. I guess not waiting for a reply. I open it, not recognizing the handwriting.



I know I don't usually communicate to you by owl, but Severus and Harry would kill me if they found out that I am going to tell you. I need to speak with you immediately. Meet me in my room in 20 minutes. If you move the third red book on the left side of second shelf, it will reveal a hidden door.

This door leads directly to my room. Please use this passageway so that no one sees you.


P.S. I need you to bring your wand and some of those ear thingies from the Weasleys...


Okay? This is strange. I am supposed to do what? I am so nervous. I decide to wait 15 minutes before I go to the bookshelf. I remove the book I am supposed to, and it reveals the door. I put the book back, and walk through the door. I hear it move back behind me. After a few steps I see a door to Draco's room. I knock just to be on the safe side. I hear him coming and decide I should move out of the way since I don't know which way the door swings.


“Okay we can talk in here.”


“Why do you need to be so secretive? I thought we were just going to talk?”


“Yes. I am about to tell you why we are in so much danger though.”

“Okay. I am listening. Wait! Why do you have a pensieve?”


“Hold on. That is part of the story. Here we go. As you know, I am Draco Malfoy. I am assumed to be the next generation of Death Eater. Aside from one weakness, I am supposedly made to be a Death Eater. I am the perfect candidate if I should choose to join the ranks of the Death Eaters. Only a willing soul can be branded as a Death Eater. Which I am not. Neither is my mother. The only way to get us to come willingly would be to jeopardize my family's reputation. My mother has no known weakness. I, however, have the ultimate weakness. I am in love with a muggleborn. Only my parents, Snape, and Harry knew of this. Now you will too. Hermione, do not reply to this in any way without rationally thinking it over, but I am in love with you. I needed you to know. The real reason that you are here this summer is because you are my weakness, if they wanted to get to me, they would come after you.”


“So you are telling me that you love me. After two weeks of practically ignoring me. Why? I am flattered, but why now? I thought we agreed on no secrets.”


“Yes. We agreed on no secrets, which is why I am telling you against Harry and Severus' judgment. Mother thought you should know also. I only ignored you to make them think that I wouldn't tell you. I really wanted you to know. I know we hardly know each other besides the basic information, and if you don't want to rush this, then I am more than willing to let this go slowly and just remain friends while getting to know as much as possible about one another while we can...”


I did the first think that popped into my head. I stood up on my toes and pressed my lips to his just so he would shut up. I had thought about nothing but him for the last two weeks and this was my chance. He seemed a bit shocked at first, but finally got control of himself before I ended the kiss.


“Whoa. I said we could take it slow.”


“I know. I couldn't find any other way to shut you up. I am sorry for getting angry at you. You told me to think about it rationally, but I just jumped to conclusions. Again I am sorry. If we are going to swap secrets, I have thought about nothing but you since we came. I can't say that I am in love with you, yet. I really do care for you more than a friend though. I know we are going to take it slow, but no promises on how slow.”


“Hermione, I am only taking this slow for your sake. I want to get to know you better, before we become more than friends. Maybe not all your deepest darkest secrets, but at least enough that you conis a great i trust me with your heart...”


But I already do. I thought. I AM in love with you, but for both our sakes, I just can't tell you yet.


“Alright, I will take it slow. Just so you know though. If we could keep our talks privet... Maybe in here. I can bring in some furniture...”


“That is a great idea, but there is a secret room already in this hallway. It is over by your room. I has furniture and everything to live in there for weeks. We can meet there. I will see you later. When do you want to meet?”


“We can meet in there after dinner. I will see you soon.”


I was turning to walk away when I felt his hand grab my arm. Turning around my dark brown eyes met his steely gray ones. His lips met mine and in an instant I felt myself kissing him back more passionately than just friends.


Author's Note: Sorry about the cliff hangers with the relationship. As a little background information, Pansy and Draco were dating in fifth year, but after a brutal fight, he left her to pursue a better girl... Hermione. Draco didn't know this at the time though. Just in case someone was wondering about their relationship. I am really not going totally with the book. Sorry for those fans who are totally Ron/Hermione for life.Also, the next chapter reveals why the pensieve and "Ear thingies" (Extendable Ears) com into the story. Please R/R Much Love -J

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Twist and Turns: Secret Passageway and Confession


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