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Different by Jungle
Chapter 2 : Crazyclaw
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“I’m really looking forward to classes this year!” Kayla said to me as she joined me at the Gryffindor table the next morning. She was eagerly scanning her new timetable that she had just gotten from Professor Sprout at the Hufflepuff table.

Kayla has been my best (… and only) friend since first year. People always seem to find it weird that we are friends. She has long, dark hair that always sits perfectly. She always wears the latest clothes and make up. She knows what to say and do to get a boys attention. In summary, she is beautiful.


My hair is constantly in a ponytail. I don’t know the difference between mascara and eye shadow. I wear faded old t-shirts with muggle bands on them that no one has heard of. I always say the wrong thing and no boy has looked at me twice when I’m next to Kayla.

But somehow, despite all of our differences, we work.

“I don’t know why you are so excited,” I said through a mouthful of toast. I was frowning down at my time table that McGonagall had just given me. “We only have Potions together!”

“What?!” Kayla said loudly, getting the attention of half of the Gryffindor table. She paid no attention to them and continued to ramble on about how unfair life was.

I wasn’t listening though. Kayla’s outburst had caught the attention of the Marauders and they were looking over at us and smirking.

My face instantly went red and I sunk lower in my seat at the sight of Sirius. I may or may not have spent all night obsessing over the conversation we had had on the train yesterday.

He had said he liked my shirt.


No big deal.

Okay! So it is a big deal to me. I am pathetic, I know.

“Hello! Earth to Delaney! Why are you practically under the table?” Kayla asked with a laugh as she looked down at me.

I quickly sat up straight and in my haste, managed to knock over a jug full of pumpkin juice. The students in the splash zone jumped up quickly, giving me dirty looks. If I thought my face was as red as it could get, I was wrong.

“What is up with you today?” Kayla asked as she used her wand to clean up my mess. I quickly glanced at the Marauders and saw Sirius looking at me with his stupid smirk on his stupid face. He shook his head in a ‘Merlin is that girl useless’ sort of way.

With my face practically on fire, I muttered, “Let’s just go,” and I grabbed Kayla’s arm and pulled her out of the hall.

                                                                         * * *

Merlin, why do you hate me? Seriously.

Wait, why am I blaming Merlin? Obviously this is all Sirius Black’s fault. I mean, he was the one who turned me into a bumbling idiot by telling me he liked my shirt.

Why am I even making a big deal about this?! I don’t even like Sirius Black! He is arrogant and full of himself.

I was pulled out of my inner musing of what a prat Sirius Black is by Kayla grabbing my arm to stop me from barging through a group of first years.


“Okay, what is up with you?!” Kayla asked after dragging me off to the side, out of the flow of students on their way to classes.

I tried to look innocent and surprised at her question. She just raised her eyebrows at me. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to tell Kayla about Sirius liking my shirt. Actually I do know. She will think I am pathetic and sad, obsessing this much about a boy saying something so casual.

“I’m, uh… nervous about trying out for the quidditch team!” I blurted out. Kayla looked surprised at my answer. She is not the only one.

Quidditch? I don’t even know how to fly! Then I remembered the dream I had yesterday. This is all the dreams fault!

“Quidditch?” Kayla questioned. “You don’t even know how to fly!”

“Hmm, yes that is why I am nervous,” I said distractedly, my attention being drawn to the end of the corridor. The Marauders were sauntering down the corridor, laughing at something Sirius had just said. I narrowed my eyes as I noticed the same Ravenclaw girl from yesterday hanging off of Sirius’ arm.

If I see her smirking one more time…

“Well I guess if you really want to try out, I will come and support you,” Kayla said, not having noticed that my attention had wandered.

What? What?!

I don’t really want to try out for the team!

Quick! Think of something to say that will make her forget all about quidditch!

“I need to go to the bathroom!” Why did I think that was a good idea? Why brain? Kayla didn’t even blink though. I guess she is used to my stupid outbursts.

“Okay Crazy, see you at lunch!” she said happily and walked off towards her Charms class.

I didn’t know I had to go to the bathroom until I said it, so I quickly ducked into the closest bathroom. I jumped as I came out of the stall and nearly bumped into Sirius’ Ravenclaw girl.

“Hello…” I said uncertainly. Was she out here the whole time?

Can you say creepy? I bet you can.

“Stay away from Sirius!” she said bluntly with a glare. I looked at her like she had just transfigured into a hippogriff.

“What?!” I asked with an incredulous laugh. I went to step around her to wash my hands.

“I saw you two talking yesterday and you staring at him this morning,” she hissed, dodging into my path so I couldn’t get around her.

“Congratulations on your 20/20 vision,” I said sarcastically, side stepping around her. What is this girl’s problem?

“This is your first and only warning. Stay. Away. From. Him,” she said, poking me in the shoulder as she said the last four words. I swatted her hand away.

“Well that’s going to bruise,” I said, frowning. She just rolled her eyes and huffed her way out of the door. My crazy inner warrior voice was telling me to attack her while her back was turned but I let her go. My crazy inner warrior voice sighed in disappointment.

                                                                       * * *

As I sat staring blankly out of the window in History of Magic, my chin resting in my hand, I thought about what the girl had said. I had taken to referring to her as Crazyclaw.

Crazyclaw wants me to stay away from Sirius Black? Easily done considering I had never talked to him before yesterday and that was clearly an accident. She has nothing to worry about. I don’t know if I am a little disappointed that she doesn’t have anything to worry about…

The bell rang suddenly and I jumped, knocking my books off of the desk. I sighed in frustration. Why did Merlin give me the gift of clumsiness? A pretty crap gift if you ask me.

I went to pick up my books but someone had beaten me to it. I looked up into the smiling face of James Potter. He handed me my books and said, “Boy, you sure are having bad luck with knocking things over today!” he laughed but not in a mean way.

Well, I think it wasn’t mean.

I gave a half smile and shrugged, “What can I say, I have a talent,” I smirked and taunted, “Jealous?”

Potter looked a little surprised at my response. Of course he is. I’m sure most girls didn’t respond with smirks and taunts when they talked to him. Good going Laney, way to say the wrong thing again.

Potter didn’t look surprised for long though. He rolled his eyes and grinned at me. “Extremely,” and we both laughed. Maybe I’m not as bad at talking to, erm, everyone as I thought! Wait a minute. What is going on? Why is James Potter talking to me? Is this a prank?

Oh god! It is a prank!

“See you around,” Potter said as he handed me my last book. And then he left.

Well… that wasn’t a very good prank.

What a confusing day.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading! I know these first few chapters are sort of slow but I promise that the chapters will get longer and better. :)

Please leave me a review letting me know what you thought! I would love to hear from you guys!


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