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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 9 : The Hospital Wing
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Hello my wonderful readers :D

Here is another chapter for you guys, enjoy and review to let me know what you think. Any requests for future chapters? Do you guys like the twins? I'd love to hear from you! Oh, and look out for my Christmas drabbles coming up soon!

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Harry Potter. *pouts*

Okay, now here's the next chapter!


I woke up with my right arm feeling stiff and painful. At first my mind was blank, and I panicked. Where was I? What happened?

Then the last few moments of the Quidditch match replayed in my mind.

My arm. Draco unwillingly catching the snitch, but doing it for my safety. Brianna and Maddie flying to my aid and rushing me to the hospital wing, me
drifting in and out of consciousness as they did. Collapsing on the first empty bed and watching the twins run to Madam Pomfrey's office before I completely blacked out. Being fed medicine while I slept.

I wiggled my right hand's fingers as I felt the cast on my arm. The warmness of the sun was on my skin. It must be daytime. I tried to open my eyes, only to get a headache and a sight of blinding lights. I groaned in pain.


I don't know how many people said my name- at least two. I tried to slowly open my eyes and found it to be less painful.

I took in my surroundings. There was the Hospital Wing's curtains and beds. I was tucked into one, wearing a nightgown. There was a few sweets on my nightstand with notes like "Get better Luna!" or "Hope you feel well soon!" on little tags.

The first two people I saw were the twins (I liked my nickname for them). I was actually feeling like I was warming up to them, even if I did only know them for an hour or so. Besides being great entertainment they seemed to be great people too. They were examining my candy, debating in whispers whether or not the candy is poisonous and if I liked or didn't like the licorice wands. They seemed to be unaware that I had made a sign of consciousness only moments before.

I looked around and saw Terry, Audrey, Cho and Draco watching me, sitting in chairs or standing by my bed.

"I don't like the licorice wands, you can have them," I told the twins, my voice dry and cracked. I realized how thirsty I was, and I tried to reach my left hand to the night stand on my right to grab the cup of water. My fingers were just inches from it. Before Brianna could grab the cup and hand it to me, Draco appeared and snatched it away before giving it to me (I caught Brianna making a face at him with his back to her, making Maddie laugh out loud).

I smiled my thanks to Draco and he made sure I was able to hold the cup right. Then he moved to stand next to Terry at the end of my bed.

"What time is it? What happened after the match? How long was I out?" I asked them.

"It's Sunday morning," Brianna and Maddie said together, causing them to glare at each other. I chuckled softly.

"You've been out the whole time, almost 24 hours," Draco said. I looked up at him and frowned slightly. He looked like he didn't get any sleep last night and there was worry etched in his voice and visible in his eyes. I could feel myself warming up inside. He was worried for me.

"Draco and I had a meeting with Madam Hooch. Before Draco caught the snitch, we scored another goal, getting us 160 points. Slytherin already had ten points, so when they got the snitch, they totaled to 160 points. A tie. The three of us talked about it and decided to have another match, a tie breaker. That will be in two weeks."

I nodded. "What about my arm?"

"Your elbow bone shattered, almost all of your fingers were broken, but they're fixed now, your shoulder was fractured and dislocated, and your wrist bone snapped bad, with a little bit of shattering there too." Cho said.

I winced. "That bad?"

"You hit a wooden post at an extreme speed. The wood was dragon-proof, so it was pretty tough. Oh and your forearm is broken too." Audrey said.

"It was wicked! We were flying towards Audrey-"

"Because she looked worried about something-"

"And we asked her what was wrong-"

"And she just pointed to you and said 'Luna!'"

"So we flew towards you-"

"And saw your hand, and your arm and stuff-"

"We were like 'whoa that's sick!'"

"But then we realized you were about to fall-"

"So we had to help you to the Hospital Wing." Maddie finished. Her sister nodded.

"Luna, it was horrible, I was so worried, I tried to fly to you, but I couldn't think and ended up going backwards over and over! I'm really sorry!" Audrey said.

"It's okay, no need to be sorry," I assured her.

I looked over at Draco, expecting him to say something, but he was looking silently at the ground.

I glanced at the others long enough to see them darting their eyes between Draco and I.

Cho stood up. "I really should get going, I'll visit later Luna, feel better!"

"Yeah, I have stuff to do, see you Luna," Terry said.

Audrey's eyes followed him out, and she looked back to me pleadingly. I winked and nodded. She mouthed 'thank you' before rushing out after him. I laughed internally, I knew she had a crush on Terry.

Audrey glared pointedly at the twins as she left, they were still eating the licorice wands. They got the message, got up, and waved to me as they were leaving.

I turned to Draco. I had expected that he would be more comfortable with everyone gone, but he was still looking at the ground in silence.

"Draco," I said softly. It worked- he immediately looked up and met my eyes, showing pain in his own.

I frowned. "Draco why are you so..." I didn't know what to say. Worried? Sad?

He sighed. "I'm so sorry Luna."

"For what?" I asked, tilting my head ever so slightly.

"I could've helped you. I just left you and the twins had to come rescue you. You're my friend, and I let you down when you needed me."

I was so touched, he was a great friend. "Oh Draco, don't feel bad. I don't blame you for it, and it's not your fault that your team carried you away. I
know you would've helped me if you could, and that matters. You caught the snitch to stop the game so I could get to safety. That means a lot."

He huffed. "I still don't think it was fair for me to. I should've let you."

I reached out my left hand and touched his arm. "It's okay. We have a rematch. You're the best friend anyone can ask for."

I saw it in his eyes as I moved my hand away- he lit up and swelled with pride.

I motioned him to come closer and he did, allowing me to give him a one-arm hug. He seemed surprised and tense before relaxing into it, just like he had done in Hogsmeade, and he wrapped his arms around me.

It felt so perfect, his strong arms around my petite frame. He was warm and smelled wonderful- like cologne and grass and a hint of sweat.

He pulled back and I instantly felt the absence of the hug. He was a great hugger. I wish he would hug me more often. I just wanted to snuggle into his hold and-

Whoa! What was that? Wake up and smell the Dirigible Plums Luna, you are not a romantic person!

But still...

"I'll go tell Madam Pomfrey you're awake," Draco said, interrupting my thoughts. I smiled and nodded, watching him go.

I continued my conversation with myself.

You're going crazy!


Okay, you were crazy and now you are more crazy!

How come?

I mean, that was Draco! He's just your friend!

Is he?

I sure hoped this was just a side effect of any medication I was given.

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