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Love Potion by childofdecember
Chapter 3 : love
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. 

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{Mick & Jane}


"You know what I think? I think you should just shag him and get him out of your system."

Valeria's mouth dropped in shock and she glared murderously at the reflection in the mirror. "Very funny." She said in clipped tones. "I'm just rolling around with laughter."

Her cousin raised a single eyebrow and ran his hands through her hair to make sure there weren't any more tangles. "I wasn't kidding, darling. James's fit, so I don't see what the problem is. I doubt he'd speak much during anyway, so you won't feel like decking him in the face. See, a win-win."

"Okay, first of all, he's not even in my system, so I don't have to get him out anyway. Second of all, just seeing his face these days makes me want to deck him in the gob, so, the only way I would ever sleep with him is if he swapped heads with someone."

Mick's gum balloon popped loudly and he rolled his eyes, grabbing one of the potion vials. "Look, sweetheart, I'm only saying this for your own good. Bang him and the problem will be solved. Trust me, I doubt he'd feel very vengeful after that." He smirked, his eyes alight with amusement. His amusement grew when Valeria threw him a revolted look. "All right, do whatever you want. I just think that there's a lot of sexual pent-up frustration in there and it's disturbing your chi. That's why you've been so irritable lately."

"Disturbing my chi?" Valeria asked incredulously, turning her head to stare at her cousin.

"Don't move!" He ordered firmly and turned her head around sharply. She scowled but stayed put.

"Are you still reading those rubbish muggle magazines?" She asked as she watched Mick take a strand of her hair and slap a bit of the sparkling curling potion on it. He wrapped the strand around the heated stick that came with the potion and finally looked at her.

"They aren't rubbish! I'll have you know that ever since I started them, I've been much calmer and in peace with myself." He popped another bubble and uncurled her hair from the stick. It fell down in beautiful spiral curl down her side. "I've learned some startling things about myself and my Ego."

"Like that fact that you're a raving lunatic?" Valeria asked, her tone amused.

Mick huffed. "You can scoff at it all you want but in the end I'll be the one to outlive you all because I'm constantly cleansing my soul."

Valeria couldn't help but snort at the ridiculousness of his statement. "I'm sorry, did I disturb your chi?" She asked, snickering when Mick glared at her. "Ouch!" She yelped when something hot touched her scalp. Mick raised the heated stick triumphantly, his eyebrow raised in challenge. "That hurt, you moron!" She said as she touched the spot on her head.

"I know." Mick said as he curled a strand of her hair around her finger. "That was the point. Now, are you going to continue to make fun of me? Because I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart, and nothing else. I can always leave you to your own devices. Merlin knows we'll all have a good laugh at the result."

It was Valeria's turned to scowl. "I can always ask Patricia do this, you know."

Mick chortled. "Really? Do you want to look like that muggle train wreck, Sookie or whatever she's called?"

"Snooki, I think." Valeria said and made a face at the thought. "No. Definitely not."

"Then you don't want Patricia to do this." Mick said as he continued to do his magic. "Do you know whose kid she's having now?"

Valeria shook her head. "Do we care?"

"Not really. I've got to trim you're hair soon. It's getting split ends." Valeria grabbed a strand of her hair and eyed it critically, narrowing her eyes. She sighed when she saw that he was right and nodded.

"But be careful how much you cut. The last time you hacked off half my hair."

"Honey, I did you a favour." Mick replied. "But I'm starting to like you with longer hair so I won't cut much. You know, I've always thought you'd look good with a fringe." As he said this, he put some of her hair in front of her face as a make shift fringe. "But not the straight one, I've always hated it. Side fringe is coming back to fashion anyway."

"No, thanks." Valeria replied as she batted his hands away. She had a fringe when she was twelve and she hadn't looked good at all. Plus, it always got in her eyes and annoyed her.

Mick sighed dramatically. "You're always making it so hard to work with you."

"Good to know my efforts are paying off." Valeria responded with a sweet smile.

Mick raised the heated stick threateningly and Valeria shrunk slightly in her chair. Mick smirked to himself and continued to do his thing in silence. Valeria watched his reflection in the mirror and smiled a bit to herself. Mick was a year younger than her, also in Ravenclaw. She saw him as more of a brother than a cousin. He had moved in with them three years ago, after his parents found out that he was gay and his father kicked him out. Valeria still felt like punching him whenever she saw him in family reunions. Reunions Mick didn't attend because of him. It was stupid. Valeria thought that they lived in a time when prejudice against any sort of people was gone, but Uncle Greg was an old-fashioned man and he didn't make exception for anyone, if they didn't see things the way he saw them. He was stupid and narrow-minded and this was why there wasn't any reasoning with him. Aunt Bea wrote to Mick occasionally, but from the few letters Valeria had read, she was trying to persuade Mick to attend some sort of a treating center that would help him cure his 'sickness'. Valeria knew that hurt Mick even more than his father outright hostility. His own mother thinking that he was sick just because he was different.

She couldn't imagine how Mick felt but he stayed strong all the way. He never submitted to his parents wishes and he continued to be proud and open about who he was. Valeria had always envied his courage to be himself completely without worrying about the consequences.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Mick's voice jerked her out of her thoughts and she blinked a couple of times.

"Like what?" She asked.

"Like a proud mother or something." Mick replied, pushing another perfectly curled strand towards the curled portion of her hair.

"Change that to a proud sister." Valeria replied with a smile. Mick's features softened slightly at her words.

"You know, you can be disgustingly sweet when you want to." Mick said after he had gotten a hold of himself and plastered that sassy look on his face again.

"As long as it's only sometimes, I see nothing wrong with that." Valeria said, touching one of the curls.

"Don't touch!" Mick said as he slapped her hand away. "Leave the potion dry completely. I'll be ready in a bit and then you can proceed to destroy my hard work."

Valeria did the mature thing and stuck her tongue out at him.

Mick raised the heated stick wordlessly and Valeria whipped the cheeky look off her face.

Mick smirked.


"When you're done eye-shagging yourself, kindly remove yourself from in front of the mirror."

"One thing I've always like about you, Mick — you're always so very nice." Valeria replied in a drawl that, disturbingly enough, reminded her of Potter. She shut her mouth abruptly and moved away from the mirror, wiggling over to one of the beds in her tight, mermaid-style dress.

"Well, I do my best for the family." Mick replied cheekily as he stood in front of the mirror, smoothing down his perfect navy dress robes and dusting off non-existent dirt off his shoulders and sleeves. "If I was a girl, I'd totally get all the guys tonight."

"If you say so." Valeria said, her voice amused. Mick flipped her the bird and sprayed more of the muggle hair spray on his hair.

"Do you think the Potter - Weasley clan would reunite this year too?" He asked, finally turning away from the mirror to look at Valeria.

"Of course." Valeria replied as she picked up her shiny clutch purse and pushed the stray strand of curly hair back to where it belonged on the right side of her head. "They wouldn't miss the chance."

"Well, Victoire Weasley didn't come last year." He said as he walked up to her and carefully arranged her hair to stay only on her right side again. "I know you want to talk to her, too."

"Well, she was nine months pregnant last year." Valeria said, remembering how disappointed she'd been when the oldest of the Potter - Weasley clan hadn't come to the benefit. She was the only one of the lot she wanted to talk to, so of course she wouldn't come. Of course, she had a legit reason not to come, but that hadn't lessened Valeria's disappointment. Victoire was a Curse-Breaker and a damn good one at that. Valeria also wanted to become a Curse-Breaker, so she wanted to talk to someone who was as influential and experienced as Victoire was. She would have talked to her father, Bill, but for the past year he only took jobs here in the UK and mainly worked in Gringotts and Valeria was interested in other countries.

Mick made a disgusted face. "Right. Babies. I can't understand why people need them."

"I imagine it's just a silly whim." Valeria replied and ducked out of the way of the brush Mick threw in her direction.

"You have terrible aim." Valeria said idly, eyeing the shiny brush that had landed on the other side of the room. "No wonder you didn't make the Quidditch team."

Mick's cheeks flushed pale pink at the reminder of his disastrous try out for the Quidditch team three years ago. It had been his last attempt at doing something that might softened the blow when he told his father he was gay but with his chicken arms and terrible aim, he wasn't much of a player at all. The only position that didn't require strength or good aim was the seeker position, but he lacked the passion and the skill to do it. He was quite good on a broom, but he seemed to lose all composure whenever he was forced to remove his hands from the handle. "We agreed to never talk about that again." He said with a huff, glaring at Valeria in displeasure.

"We agreed not to talk about this in front of other people." Valeria corrected him with a sly grin.

"I hate you." Mick declared and opened the door, marching out of the room.

Valeria rolled her eyes at his dramatic antics but followed him with a fond smile on her face. It was rather tedious to walk down the staircase in her dress, but she managed it without tripping or tearing anything, which was an accomplishment in her books. Valeria didn't completely abhor dressing up like Jane, but she found long, ball dresses like the one she was wearing too annoying to be worth the trouble, even if they made her feel extremely pretty.

Mick was waiting for her at the foot of the stairs and she grinned when he offered her his arm. She would probably look pathetic in people's eyes, going with her cousin as her date, but she didn't care. Often her dates to events like this expected something more afterwards and she, more of than not, wanted them only as a one night thing. And none of them was very impressed when she told them that.

"Don't you look dashing, darling." Mick said, profusely deepening his, rather higher than usual for males, voice.

"You don't look so bad yourself." Valeria replied, playing along. "So you don't hate me anymore?"

"I've calmed down for now." Mick replied as they headed for the exit. "But you should watch your back tonight."

"Oh, not you too." Valeria said with a groan, a look of mock-despair on her face. Mick shot her an amused glance and his arm around hers tightened.

"I told you what you should do." Mick said with a suggestive grin and a waggle of his eyebrows. Valeria pushed him slightly and decided that he wasn't worthy of an answer.

The entrance hall was almost too full with people, as it was every year on this date; students, teachers, guests and Valeria saw even a few reporters, in the midst of them Rita Skeeter with her nearly fluorescent blonde hair. Valeria made a face as she and Mick made their way down the grand staircase, her eyes scanning the area for any sign of Patricia and her friends.

She spotted Patricia almost too quickly, but she was hard to miss in her flamboyant red gown.

"C'mon, let's go there." Valeria said as she nodded her head towards Patricia and her friends. Mick eyes fell on them and he frowned a bit, but he let Valeria drag him along nonetheless.

"Hey, guys!" Patricia greeted when she saw them coming. She had a white lily in her hands that matched the one in everyone else's hands. Valeria and Mick decided to just conjure them, and if that didn't succeed, duplicate them. It was easier than carrying the flower all around the school with them.

"Hey." Valeria greeted with a smile. Her eyes traveled along all of them and stopped on Duncan. She raised an eyebrow in amusement. "You realise that the funerals were years ago, right? This is just the ceremony." He had opted for a more muggle look with a touch of wizardry. He was wearing black trousers, black shoes and black button up shirt, and he had thrown a black cloak over all of that, so not to look completely out of place.

"You're just jealous." Duncan replied, pretending to flip his nonexistent long hair over his shoulder.

"Of what?" Valeria asked, trying to hold back a chuckle.

Duncan shrugged. "I don't know, I never bothered to stay around and listen to what girls say after that." He seemed sheepish for a moment but then his cheerful grin appeared again. "So, where are your flowers? You know Harry Potter's here, right? You have to put the lily in there."

"He's not going to kill us if we don't have the bloody flowers, Duncan." Mick said with a roll of his eyes. "And we're conjuring them. Valeria taught me how to do that."

"He might not kill you but he'll be disappointed in you." Charlie Crowe cut in. "Imagine having Harry Potter disappointed in you." He winced, shaking his head. "No one will be able to handle that."

"He's not Merlin, Charlie, so stop acting like he is." Duncan said as he shot his friend a look that said 'man, get a grip.'

"But he saved the wizarding world!" Charlie exclaimed, as if that made his obsession more acceptable. He was met with deadpan looks, so he shrunk a little bit and kept silent.

"Charlie's questionable obsession and sexuality aside —"

"Oi!" Charlie protested indignantly, glaring at his best friend. Duncan continued as if he hadn't heard a thing.

"This thing should start really soon." He glanced at his fancy wrist watch. "Yup, a minute before we all move out."

Clair sighed. "Ready to listen to the same speech for sixth year in a row?" She asked, not looking very enthusiastic.

"I'm sure Charlie's been looking forward to it all year." Duncan said with a jaunty grin, nudging his scowling best friend. "Imagine staring at Harry Potter for half an hour. Bet you have dreams about that, mate."

"Stop talking, for Merlin's sake." Patricia cried out, looking disgusted. "I don't want to know about Charlie's dreams at all. Ugh, Almighty Rowena, the images alone.." She gave a great shudder and wrapped her arms around herself.

Charlie rolled his eyes, seemingly unimpressed. "You guys suck."

"Yeah, you wanna suck—"

"Duncan, shut up." Valeria advised. She didn't want to hear the rest of the sentence at all, even though she had a pretty good idea of what the ending was. She shot him a disgusted look but he only grinned and shrugged.

"People are moving!" Clair said suddenly. Valeria craned her neck and true to Clair's words, she saw people slowly exiting through the double doors. "Let's wait for the crowd disperse, yeah?"

They all nodded and waited for most of the people to leave before they moved as well.

"Ow, we're going to be at the back." Charlie complained as they walked outside.

"I'm more concerned about how we're going to walk over there without breaking something or ruining our dresses." Patricia grumbled as she eyed the path in front of her in distaste. Indeed, the walk from the castle to the lake was rocky and uneven, and craftily hidden with streaks of grass.

"You'll cope somehow." Mick said unsympathetically. "C'mon, Val, move it."

They moved across the grounds without any accidents, much to the girls' collective relief. Valeria did clutch on Mick's arm rather tightly, but her cousin said he rather have her try to break his arm than falling about when in his presence and embarrassing him.

Really lovely, that boy.

They stood behind a group of fourth year Slytherins on the right side of the crowd. The marble memorial stone towered over all of them, it was that large and grand, and Valeria's eyes traced all the names, even though she couldn't read them clearly from her place at the back.

"There he is!" Mick said just as the crowd around them burst into whispers. Harry Potter stepped on the platform made specially for the occasion next to the memorial stone. His glasses were slightly askew on his nose, and his hair was just as messy as last time they had seen him standing there. He smiled warmly at them, almost welcoming, as if he was inviting them for a chat and tea in his home. Hermione and Ron Weasley stood closely by his side, their faces plastered in the same welcoming expression as him. They always had a thing or two to say, and most of the time whatever Ron Weasley said made them smile and break the tension that Harry Potter's solemn speech had created.

"Hello." Harry Potter spoke, his voice magically amplified. Valeria saw Potter standing at the front of the crowd, his chest puffed up as he gazed up at his father with admiration. She stifled a chuckle. Normally the sight of him looking so proud and pleased with himself would annoy her but the nearly worshipping look he was giving his father ruined the usual irritating effect. Harry Potter's little clone was standing just before Valeria, nearly as tall as her thanks to his wild hair. He was blinking owlishly at his father behind his hipster glasses, his arms crossed across his chest. He didn't seem nearly as impressed as his older brother, but then again, Al Potter rarely seemed impressed with anything. "Thank you all for coming today. My name is Harry Potter, but many of you already know that." He chuckled and rubbed his neck. He glanced at his friends, and Valeria saw Hermione Weasley giving him an encouraging nod.

"As you may know, today is a day of mourning. Mourning the people — the heroes — who sacrificed their lives so we can live in the safety and comfort we do today. I admit it's hard for me to stand here every year and talk about all the people who had lost their lives fighting against Voldemort. Amongst those people is my family and close friends — your family and close friends — and there aren't words that can help me express all the gratitude and sadness I feel every day, especially on this date." He swallowed and smiled, but his smile was empty of feeling, his brilliant eyes faraway from them. "For many of you it's hard to imagine the years of terror during Voldemorts reign, many of you don't understand the feeling of desperation and at times empty hope. I don't mean to patronize any of you — in fact, I am glad that you haven't and hopefully wouldn't, have to go through what I and the people during those dark times went through."

"But you still need to learn and know about the Wizarding Wars, the battle that took place on this very grounds and all those others battles that were left unmentioned in the press. You may think of this ceremony as something that you're required to do before the real fun begins, and I wouldn't blame you for that. But the Ministry and the Hogwarts' staff had granted me with the honour of enlightening you, and helping you to develop a sense of respect towards the people who had sacrificed everything for your safety."

And on it went. Valeria felt great respect, appreciation and all, but it was rather hard to concentrate when you were perched on four inch heels on an uneven ground with the hot afternoon sun shining brightly over you.

"Thank you all for your attention." Harry Potter finished with a rather bashful smile and stepped aside. Everyone burst into tremulous applause and Valeria joined them. Harry Potter continued to smile his bashful smile and Valeria was left to marvel on just how he could be so humble and have such a bigheaded prat for a son.

Ron Weasley took the stage and shot them all a cheerful grin, his red hair looking even brighter under the sunshine. "Hello, folks. Thank you all for coming here today. Harry has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel like they're about to go on the battlefield." Here he shot his best friend a mock stern look. The crowd laughed. "But I guess that comes with the whole Savior of the Wizarding World he has going on. He's been through a lot, you know." The crowd broke into chuckles again. "Anyway, I'm sorry to say that my speech today will be entirely selfish and focused on my family." He grinned, his eyes scanning the crowd. "There's my Rosie over there!" He called jovially, his voice raising slightly. All eyes zeroed on the red hair girl, whose wild hair was for once tamed into an elegant up do. Her freckled cheeks flushed deep red and she shot her father a mortified look.

"Do you know why I told my daughter just before she boarded on the Hogwarts Express  for the first time?" Valeria smiled a little when she saw Rose mouth 'ohmygod' to herself and bury her flushed face in her hands. "I told her to beat the Malfoy spawn in every subject she could. And do you know what my little girl did? She went and did it! Suck it, Malfoy. My kid's smarter than yours. Not that it's much of a surprise, given who her mother is. Hermione Weasley, gals and gents, the smartest witch of her generation." He gestured to his wife, who stood beside him, her expression a mixture of annoyance and amusement with a touch of exasperation. "The most beautiful too." He added, grinning when his wife's cheeks went a little pink. "But I'm getting off track here. I was talking about my brilliant daughter and ferret junior."

The blonde boy next to Al Potter shifted slightly, throwing his best friend a displeased look. Al shrugged, his face impassive.

"Ferret Senior should be around her somewhere, can't miss the chance of getting his ugly, albino mug photographed —"

"Ronald!" His wife snapped sternly, all amusement clearing off her face.

"What, Hermione? I was told to be as truthful as possible." His cheerful grin faded a little when his wife's fingers twitched towards the pocket of her robes. "But enough about Malfoy, now. Let's get serious." He cleared his throat and stood straight. "On this date, many people lost their lives, as Harry told you earlier. Some of them were my friends, one of them my brother. My speech wouldn't be nearly as moving as Harry's, I think, but what I'm about to say, comes straight from my heart. So here it comes. If you love someone, show it to them. Never let them feel inferior and neglected. Your family, your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/partner/whatever you have, they are everything that matters in the world. Losing one of them causes unimaginable pain. The relationships and friendships we have with people are what makes us human. Voldemort didn't have any of that, and maybe that's why he turned out to be such a nutter. So, remember kids, appreciate every moment you have with your loved ones, because you never know if that moment might be your last."

There was a moment of solemn silence as they all stared at Ron Weasley's unusually serious face. Then his face split into a grin again. "Oi, Hugo, congratulations on getting on the Quidditch Team! I knew you could do it, mate!"

With that being said, he stepped back and allowed his wife to step forward. She waited for the applause for her husband to subside and smiled at all of them. "I don't have much time to speak, I'm afraid. Once Harry and Ron go off, they can continue for hours. Thank Goodness we're not talking about Quidditch." The crowd chuckled, and Valeria saw Harry and Ron exchange fond looks. "There isn't much I can say. My boys have said it all. When he was alive, Professor Albus Dumbledore lived by single, simple motto; love is the greatest weapon anyone could have. It wins against all evil, it is what helped us win against Voldemort. So remember that, remember all the wise words spoken by this brilliant wizard, and remember not to take what you have for granted."

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