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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 1 : New Beginning
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  5th JULY 1999

“I’m home Ron” Hermione’s voice echoed around the house as she walked through the front door and into the entrance hall. She shivered at the temperature in the house and walked into the Living Room. “Ron, why haven’t you got...” but Ron wasn’t in there and the fire wasn’t on. She scowled before sitting down on the sofa to wait for his return. Then she heard creaking upstairs.

“Ron” she shouted and the creaking got louder, what was he doing upstairs in their bedroom, was he ill. He hadn’t been sick this morning, Hermione was suddenly very worried and got up before running up the stairs. “Ron, are you...” she burst into their room to see Ron frozen to the spot, his shirt unbuttoned and his trousers around his ankles. Beside him stood a tall, skinny girl; with big brown eyes and fake blonde hair, she was wearing her bra and knickers, standing with her arms around his neck. Hermione’s face paled as she stormed out of the room.

“Hermione” Ron’s voice cracked as she sped down the stairs and into the kitchen “Hermione” he cried again and ran into the room, trousers and shirt now done up. Hermione spun around so fast that her hair smacked him right in his face.

“What Ronald?” she spat

“Hermione, I’m sorry”

She scoffed “What? Sorry that you had sex with another girl in our room, in our house, in our bed, whilst you were engaged to me!”
“Yes” he mumbled and she smirked rudely before pushing him aside and holding out her wand.

“Accio clothing and special things” she said and flicked her wand upwards

“Hermione” Ron begged as her fully loaded trunk trudged down the staircase. The blonde girl, now fully dressed, walking behind it with a small smile on her face.

“Goodbye Ronald” Hermione bellowed before closing the door behind her, but not before she had cast a spell to turn both his and the mysterious girl’s skin blue for a month.


 1st DECEMEBER 2017


“Astrum put your coat on, we need to go now or I’m going to be late for work”

“But you and daddy run the company” she complained as she walked down the grand staircase, careful to go as slowly as possible. Hermione sighed at her daughter as she trudged down the stairs.

“Astrum, please hurry up” she said sharply and her daughter glared at her before picking up her Burberry trench coat and pulling her arms through it. Then she let her mother buckle her Mary Jane’s for her before holding her hand and following her out of the door. Hermione locked up the giant mansion that she and her family lived in, before walking down the driveway to her Audi tt and getting into the driver’s seat, Astrum got in the back and fastened her seatbelt before the pair was off.

“Be a good girl Astrum, don’t cause too much trouble” Hermione said to her daughter before kissing her sweetly on the cheek, careful not to smudge her cherry lipstick onto her daughter’s pale skin.

“Don’t worry mummy, I promise not to throw sand again” she said quietly and Hermione raised an eyebrow before saying goodbye to the nursery worker and walking out of the door so she could get to work.


“Hey everyone” she said cheerfully as she walked into her department with a smile on her face. Her employees smiled at her as she entered, Victoire Weasley stood up and handed her a steaming cup; it was a takeaway costa caramel latte, her favourite.

“Your coffee ma’am”

“Thank you Victoire” she praised before walking through the glass door and into her office. She sat down at her desk and took a sip of her drink, letting the sweet caramel goodness soak into her mouth, she smiled.

“Caffeine again Mi” a familiar voice said from the door and she looked up to see the platinum blonde hair of her husband Draco standing in front of her, she rolled her eyes as he walked over and perched on the edge of her desk.

“I think you will find that this is my first one today, I had tea this morning” she said clearly and he smirked before holding out his hand, she passed him the drink and he took a huge gulp before sticking his tongue out in disgust.

“Ew, why do you drink this stuff? It’s disgusting” he spluttered and Hermione laughed

“We don’t all like black, de-cafe coffee Draco” she teased as he handed her the steaming cup back. He scowled at her before bending down and kissing her gently. She grinned as their lips touched and pulled apart. “I’ll see you later ok” she whispered and he nodded before checking his watch.

“Yeah, I better get back and actually do some work before I have to pick Astrum and Quinn up” he joked and Hermione smiled before flicking on her computer as he left the room; smiling at her secretaries as he went.

Her smile faltered as she saw the amount of emails that had clogged up her inbox. She sighed and began checking through them boredly, not really looking at them. Then the phone rang next door, it startled her so much that she clicked delete without even reading it.

“Damn” she cursed under her breath as she heard Victoire pick up the phone. She began to speak until...

“Mrs Malfoy, it’s Mrs Cassidy about Astrum, again”

Hermione sighed and pitched the bridge of her nose as she stood up and walked out of her office to take the phone. Victoire passed it to her obediently as she neared her.

“Hello, this is Hermione Malfoy, what has she done this time?” she drawled down the receiver.

“Mrs Malfoy, Astrum hasn’t done anything. She’s on the roof”

Hermione was speechless as Mrs Cassidy spoke those four words, the roof! What was Astrum doing on the roof?

“How did she get on the roof?” Hermione said, worried now about her child’s safety

“We don’t know Mrs Malfoy, one minute she was playing with Carrie and Jessica in the playground and then the next minute she was on the roof. They’re bawling their eyes out”

Hermione nodded even though she knew Mrs Cassidy couldn’t see, she had to get Draco and they had to save Astrum, now.

“I’ll be there as soon as possible” she rambled before throwing the phone down worriedly. Then she turned to Victoire. “Ring Draco’s office and tell him to get here now” she snapped and Victoire nodded in fright before dialling the number into the phone. She began speaking on the second ring.

“Hey Caroline, it’s Victoire. Mrs Malfoy asked me to get Mr Malfoy here now, can you tell him” there was silence for a few seconds as Caroline replied before Victoire nodded “Cool, thanks Carol, speak to you later” she turned to Hermione as she put the phone down “He’ll be here any...” but she was cut off as a rush of air flowed through the room to reveal Draco Malfoy. He ran and hugged Hermione tightly when he saw her.

“What’s up Mi?”

“It’s Astrum, she’s on the roof of the nursery”
“WHAT!” his face turned from worry to fear as he let go of Hermione’s shoulders before they both apparated away to the nursery.


“Mr Malfoy, Mrs Malfoy” Mrs Cassidy greeted them as they ran into the playground to see their daughter clutching onto her knees as she sat on the roof, tears falling down her porcelain face.

“ASTRUM” Draco shouted to his daughter and she looked up slowly, relief flooded her eyes as she saw her parents.

“Daddy, I’m scared” she yelled back, her voice cracking slightly

“Don’t worry petal, the firemen will be here soon”
“Will they save me?”
“Of course honey bee” Hermione yelled to her daughter and Astrum smiled at her mother. She could always make a scary situation less scary; even if it was only a bad dream or a cut finger.

The wail of a siren indicated the fire brigade was here and relief flushed through Hermione’s body as they parked in the playground. One of them walked up to Hermione and Draco, he smiled kindly.

“I assume you are the girl’s parents”
“yes” Draco muttered and the man nodded before sitting them down in the truck. He gave them a glass of water each as they waited for their daughters return. They waited, and waited, and waited until...

“MUMMY” a girl’s voice squealed and the next minute Astrum ran around the corner, her arms out and firewoman smiling behind her.

“She’s a right little trouper” the woman said as Astrum hugged us tightly, tears welling in her eyes “Still don’t know how she got up there though” she muttered to herself

“Thank you so much” Draco said, changing the subject abruptly. The woman nodded at him as Astrum threw her arms around his neck.

“I missed you daddy”

“I missed you too sweetheart; we’re going to go home right now though. You and mummy can bake special cookies for when Quinn gets home”

“I love special cookies” Astrum giggled as Draco picked her up, then he thanked the firewoman again before walking off out of the school, Hermione close on his heels.


Once they were home Astrum’s parents rounded on her.

“So Astrum, how did you get on that roof?” Hermione asked curiously, but to their surprise Astrum just shrugged her little shoulders before sitting on the sofa. She swung her legs as she looked up at her parents.

“I don’t know mummy, one minute I was playing fairies with Jessica and Carrie, and then the next minute I was on the roof, by myself”

Draco and Hermione looked at each other in shock; this could only mean one thing. They gazed down at their daughter in happiness.

“Astrum darling, I think you are a witch” Draco suggested and joy filled her gaunt eyes.

“Really daddy”
“Really really Astrum, now why don’t you and mummy make some cookies. I have to go get Quinn from school”

A/N: So what do you think? I hope you liked it and I'm just saying now that the next chapters will be a lot more eventful... please review and tell me what you think :) Thank you x

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