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Harry Potter and the Supreme Animagus by Blazing Golden Pheonix
Chapter 9 : Letters to 'Mione
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Authors Note
1. I am very very sorry for the late. I've accepted two story challenges from the hpff forums, and worked on them. So I'll be working on our story from now. Enjoy yourself.

Chapter 9
Letters to 'Mione

"Since when did you have secrets fro....." Ron stopped dead seeing in the room. "Professor Dumbledore, professor McGonagall ......."

Ron did not expect Professor Dumbledore or professor McGonagall at this time, at Harry's house. It must be important news.

"What are you doing here Mr. Weasley?" McGonagall asked him.

"I ... I ... I came to see Harry." He replied.

"In that case, you can go to your home now. He has some work to do, and will contact you if needed." Dumbledore said.

"Yes sir." Ron said and went away. Ron doesnít want to go at all. Because, the thought, that, Harry and Hermione, are keeping secrets from him, is making his mind go crazy. The situation he just saw was only intensifying the thought. Or else why Dumbledore and McGonagall would, will be at his house this time. What the thing may be, it is certainly very important. With these thoughts, he went back to the Burrow.

"Two letters are for me, and two letters are for you." Harry said, handing the letters to Hermione. Everybody, who was still in the Ron thought, came back into senses by this.

"Ahhhhh...." Hermione gasped, and dropped her letters in her lap.
Everybody in the looked at her.

"What happened Hermione?" Harry asked curiously.

"Nothing! Itís just.... they wrote my name Mrs. Hermione Potter, on the two letters. I was shocked."

Harry kissed her cheek, and whispered in his ear, "Is that bad?"

"No! I mean ... it is very good." Hermione replied. "You open the letters." saying this Hermione handed the letters to Harry.

"We both will open it." Harry said opening the first letter.

Mrs. Potter (Granger)

We were happy to inform you that your marriage is registered, in our records. We were glad to inform that, both of you became matured people, by 6:00 am. On 3rd, august, 1996. You can come to the ministry, any time, to collect your marriage certificate.
Ministry of Magic.

"So! From now onwards, you must be called as Mrs. Potter" Remus said in a mischievous way.

"Professor! I am fearing ......" Harry cannot complete his sentence.

"That Voldemort may attack Hermione, to torture you." Dumbledore said calmly.

By the mention of his name, the room went silent for few minutes.

"Professor! I need to tell you one thing." Harry said slowly, breaking the silence.

"What it is?" Dumbledore asked.

"Recently, I had the same kind of dream again." Harry said slowly.

Silence filled the room again.

"Explain it!" Remus breaked the silence his time.

"Voldemort conducted a meeting, somewhere, in a place, I don't know. He, kidnapped Mr.Ollivander, and tortured him. He knew about our phoenix cores. The other thing is..... is..... He ..... He ordered Draco Malfoy ..... To ..... Kill you! He gave time until next summer."

"I knew it." Albus said.

"What are you going to do Professor?"

"I have my strategies" Dumbledore said.

"Professor! I want keep our relation, a secret. I don't want to cause any risks to Hermione" Harry said.

"You are never a risk to me Harry! I love you so much."

"But, I cannot keep you in risk 'Mione. We'll have to keep it a secret, until this is finished." Harry spoke with a small rise in his tone.

"You can keep your relation, to be a secret, if you wish Harry. I can take care of Ministry, and Hogwarts, to recognize her as Mrs. Granger. But the real hard thing, is, can you keep it from others. It is not easy to fool others, in the case of a relation."

"Yes professor! But I'll want it that way. I donít know, how much time, we can keep it from others, but I think, a try is better than none. Maybe it can hold for some amount of time at least."

"True! I'll manage both Ministry and Hogwarts."

"Thanks professor" Harry and Hermione said in Unison.

"But you have to take care of some things, if you want it to be a secret. If you make conversations, without moving your lips in front of everybody, they'll definitely know." Remus said.

"We'll try hard to be normal around others." Harry answered.

"I think it is time to open your next letter" Remus said.

Harry took the next letter, which was from Gringotts. He took it and opened it.

Mrs. Potter (Granger)

We congratulate you, on the eve of your wedding, done on 3rd august, 1996. We were glad to inform you, that, you have achieved your maturity, and as the wife of Mr. Potter, you can get access to all of his properties. This provision can be cancelled, if he wishes. You are always welcome, anytime, to check into your vaults.
(Director of Gringotts)

"Harry! You can cancel that provision" Hermione said, "I don't want your money."

"I won't 'Mione" Harry said, "I trust you with my life, and also want to share everything I had, with you."

"But Harry ......."

"No buts. I am not going to change it. Because there is no reason to do it." Harry took over her words.

"Harry! Is there anything to discuss here?" Dumbledore asked.

"NO! Professor."

"Then I might be going then. I'll meet you later."

"I might be leaving too. Meet you later" McGonagall said.

Both professors Left the room, leaving Harry, Hermione, and Remus behind. Harry and Hermione engaged themselves, in one of their happiest thing, looking into each otherís eyes. Remus silently observed the sparkle in the eyes of both of them. They were unaware of Remus looking at them, as they were engaging themselves in observing each other. Remus slowly left the room, not wanting to disturb the privacy of both of them.

"Did you ever expect we would end up like this?" Harry asked?

"Not in a life time." Answered Hermione. "We never went on a real date actually."

"That is a minor problem. We can go now. I have an idea. We will go today itself. The place is a secret. Please don't search my mind for that. I want it to be a surprise." Harry said.

"OK! But don't take me to make me happy. I can wait a little longer."

"No 'Mione! I'm not taking you because you asked it. I too want it. You don't know how much I am willing to take you on a date."

"Then when will we start Harry?"

"Probably, Ten! We can have a whole day."

"It's only three hours more Harry! How do I get ready?"

"The person who has to get ready is me 'Mione! You were already on your best dress and make up. You just have to adjust a little, which was disturbed now."

"No Harry! I just came with a slight make up, because I'm coming to your house. If I am going to a date, I have to get ready. At the minimum I need two hours." Hermione said in a worrying tone, "So I'll go now and ......"

"Hermione! I cannot leave you. It'll be a danger to you." Harry interrupted her. Hermione's face became the saddest one. Observing this, Harry spoke again, "Ok! Just give me half an hour. We can both get ready there. We will have two and half hours. Is that sufficient?"

"More than enough! Why do you need that half an hour? You can get ready there."

"'Mione! If I come to your house in this position, all the persons living there will be petrified. My face was the worst thing now, and not to say, I'm not properly dressed too."

"Of course you are beautiful Harry! Do you know one thing? You are the sexiest wizard on the earth. And you look very very sexy in the outfit you are wearing right now." Hermione said with a mischievous smile.

Harry made a wide grin, which he was famous for. 'I will surely fall for that grin.' Hermione thought. Harry slowly stood up, and went to the bathroom. Hermione busied herself in making her hair in the mean time. About after ten minutes, Harry came outside, with a clean face, and a good looking dress. He also had a bag in his hands. He kept the bag on the bed, and shrinked it. He kept the shrinked bag in his pocket, and walked towards Hermione. He tried to give a kiss on her cheek, but Hermione turned in a right time, making it a peck. This brought a laugh in each other's features.

"Are you ready?" Harry asked her.

"Yes! But how will we go?" Hermione asked.

"Let us go to Remus first! We can think of it later." Harry said taking Hermione to the door.

When they both reached the hall, they saw Remus reading the muggle newspaper, on the couch. They both went to him and explained the plan.

"Isn't it too early for both of you to go on a date?" Remus asked.

"I think itís too late." Harry answered. "We loved each other for a long time, and never expressed it.Ē

"Not too late Harry! You have plenty of time to enjoy yourselves." Remus said.

"Let us take this conversation afterwards. I only had small time to get ready, and you both are making it smaller."

"Ok! How are we going then?" Remus asked.

"After you." Harry said and directed to Remus.

Remus slowly went outside the door, walked a few paces into the backyards of the houses, and disapparated. Harry took Hermione outside, locked the door, and walked to the same spot where Remus disapparated. "Close your eyes 'Mione. You will get a shiver if you see it for the first time." Harry said to Hermione. After Hermione closed her eyes, he took both Hermione and him, in his usual way. He concentrated on the familiar spot, in the hall of Grimmauld place. With an eruption of Green flames, they went away.

Nymphadora was reading a book, sitting on the couch. She completed preparing the break-fast. She knew that Remus and Hermione went to Harry's house. Hermione's parents just ate the food, and went inside, to discuss their plans about their professional future. Obviously, they cannot return to their practice, for some time. Suddenly there was a burst of green flames. When Nym turned to see what it is, Harry and Hermione were standing in front of her, holding hands. Harry had a grin on his face, and Hermione had a beautiful smile on her face.

"Harry! Hermione! How did you come directly into the house? How did you come by fire?"

"It is a surprise Nym! I don't know how, but Harry can travel through fire now." Remus said coming into the house.

"Good to see you Remus. But this is essential. Prove yourself?" Nym raised her wand.

"I'm Remus Lupin, a werewolf, and married to you. My secret name was MRW" Remus said straight.

"Now you both."

"I can vouch for them. We started at the same time, and I know perfect that Harry can travel in this way." Remus assured Nym.

"Very good! But how did you come here, straight into the living room?"

"Not now Nymphadora! Later." Harry said and went upstairs, followed by Hermione.

"When does he stop giving me heart-aches?" Nym said in amusement.

"Probably never!" Remus said watching in the direction which Harry took.

Up in the rooms, Harry and Hermione took side by side rooms. Hermione took her room, and Harry took the guest room next to it. The time was just 7:45. There was still plenty of time for him to get ready. He just wandered around the room a bit, and jumped on the bed. He took a book from the night stand, and started reading it. It was a story book. As Harry never read story books in his childhood, naturally he was attracted to it. He read the book for an hour, before getting ready. He took one of the best dresses; he bought at the Madame Malkins to wear. His muscles were clearly visible in this dress. He looked as the best looking guy in the world. It took about half an hour for him to get ready. He called Dobby, and by his help, had the necessary things done for the date. He finally got up, and came down stairs, to have a little chat with Remus and Nym.

The things done in Hermione's room are totally opposite to that of Harry's. She engaged herself in getting ready, from the time she got into the room. It took half an hour for her to have her bath done. She spent another half an hour, in dressing. She took the rest of the time in having her make-up. It took about fifteen minutes, to make her hair look like an angel. Finally when she was ready, she was glowing with beauty. Anyone who saw her now will not forget her posture from their mind, for the rest of their life. Finally she went down to meet the person of her life.

Harry almost froze seeing her posture. 'Today will be one of the best days of my life' Harry thought. He was now very excited, to have such a beautiful girl, for a date. Of course, the date he will be having, was waiting for him. be continued.

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