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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

“Argh! For the hundredth time, I’m a Ravenclaw. My tie is freaking blue.” Dom greets the Gryffindor common room this morning.  As I head towards Dom I notice her flaring eyes scrutinizing the first years.


Rushing to her side, I whispered to the frightened people. “Forgive my friends outburst. She’s sick.” Their expressions soften and their eyes shine with sympathy.


“I swear your house hates me.” Dom mutters before breaking out into a smile. “I heard from Nott who heard from Brown, who heard from Clark, who heard from...” 


“Oh my god! Get to the news already.” I interrupt, knowing that Dom would have kept going forever.  


 “There’s double chocolate frosting cake for breakfast. AND IT’S COVERED WITH SMARTIES!” 


“No way!” I sarcastically squeal.



“We have to get there before the others get to it.” Dom being unfamiliar with sarcasm exclaims.


“Morning girls.” Cam and Dan greets simultaneously as we rushed to their sides.


“Saved you guys a plate Dom.” Cam slides a plate at her and watches her devour it.  I smile goofily at the site and take a seat next to Cameron.


“You never save me anything.” Daniel complains while pieces of toast hang from the corner of his mouth. Dribbles of juice also run aimlessly down his chin while he attempts to pout.


“You’re the one we hide it from.” I tossed him several tissues. “From the amount of food you eat, we could end world starvation.”


Cameron spectates Dan and I.  “You guys have very similar features,” he comments.


I face Dan who grins sheepily, showing his chocolate covered teeth to us.


 “We look nothing alike!” I argue.


“Right!” Dom, Dan and Cam mutter in-sync.


I sigh and lean against Cameron’s shoulder noticing that Dom was reading Hogwarts A History again, for the millionth time.


Meanwhile, Dan and Cam get engaged in another boring conversation. No one notices James Potter positions himself in the seat opposite from me. “Greetings everyone.” 


I glance up, mouth full of cereal and stare right into his enchanting eyes.


“Nice look.” he smugly comments, pointing at the milk dripping from my mouth.


I watch Potter stack his plate with food in disbelief.  He glances up at me raising his eyebrows in confusion, “What?” he innocently questions. 


“Why on Earth are you sitting here?” I try to be polite but fail miserably as my tone sound harsh and hard.


He clears his throat and smiles warmly to the rest of us. “Some would call this eating breakfast.” 


“I know that, but why with us?” I finger to the four of us.


“I come here to uncover the mystery of your name.” he smirks and pops a grape into his mouth. Chewing delicately he mutters. “I won’t leave without a name”


“And here I thought you came because I was sitting here.” James gives him an amused.


I am beyond furious. “Look Potter!” 


“James. Call me James.” His eyes were laughing at me. I felt sick.


Others are now engrossed with our commotion. They were staring openly not even having the decency to hide it. Seriously, at least try to cover it!


“Potter.” I emphasize harder. “You can’t just show up here whenever you like.” James stares at me intently.


Shaking his head he confesses, “Daniel is sitting here. It only makes sense that I sit here too.”


Before I can even put together a snappy respond, “Morning everyone,” Fred joins us. Shoving himself between Cam and I, he steals my plate and fills it up with chicken wings. 


“Excuse me!” I complain, trying to reclaim my plate. 


“Hey April!” Do you know what I did last night?” I quizzically stare at him and wait for him to continue. “I looked up at the stars, and matched each one with a reason why I love you.” Dang, I should have seen that coming. 


“Look Fred.” I squeal, pointing to the enchanted ceiling above us. “I’m matching each star with the number of brain cells you have.” 


He narrows his eyes. “There are no sta...” I watch as my insult slowly sinks into his empty brain. “Hey!” Everyone breaks into laughter.


Feeling too pressed against Fred, I move away from him only to collide with Louis. “Good morning beautiful.” he greets, draping an arm around me while. “Not that I mind, but why are we sitting here?” he furrows his brows and stares at James.


“That’s exactly what I’ve been asking?” I yell, throwing my hands up with frustration. “I blame it all on Daniel!” Everyone looks at Daniel who simply shrugs and continues eating.


James chuckles, and then points his fork at me. “I’m sitting here till she decides to tell me her name.” 


“Both Louis and Fred said it. What are you, deaf?” I retort, grabbing a strawberry from Louis’s plate. 


“I zoned out, Can’t you just tell me.” Get use to it Potter boy, you can’t get your way all the time.


“You can’t always get what you want!” I send him a sly smile and watch his smirk deflate. Ha! “Let’s see how long it takes you to figure out my name! None of you guys can tell him!” 


“April Rose.” Professor McGonagall calls, handing me my timetable. 


“0.1 seconds.” Fred informs, checking his imaginary watch on his wrist. “James wins.” 


“Damn!” I curse under my breath and throw an apple at James’s head. He catches it without difficulties and takes a bite from it. Grinning brightly he boasts, “What were you saying... April?” 


“Whatever.” I mutter, grabbing my timetable from Professor McGonagall. “I’ve got to go. This was an interesting, yet torturous encounter.” I swing my bag over my shoulder and walk briskly away. 


“I’ll come with you Ape. I’m done here.” Cameron comes to my side and leads me away from the Great Hall. 


“I’ll see you later Dom” I call out to Dom who was back to reading her textbooks. Ravenclaws, such nerds! 


Taking a glance over my shoulder, I catch those emerald eyes staring at me curiously. Raising my eyebrows simply causes James to laugh softly and waves me goodbye, deliberately biting another chunk out of the apple. I glare back at him, which only makes him laugh harder. Charming.


I head to my first subject, potions where majority are already sitting.


 Cameron and I sit us in the middle row. “I can’t believe you made Daniel teach you Quidditch.”


“I know.” I’m proud of myself too. 


“Poor Dan.” I smack him lightly on his arm.


“Welcome back everyone.” the teacher addresses. “Most of you know I’m Mrs Driscoll. Today I’m going to start with a simple sleeping draught.” she flicks her wand that distributes our new textbooks.


“At page 240, the instructions are distinctly written” I pick up my potions book and flip to the page. “Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be finished in no time.”


I scribble the notes the teacher writes up on the board. After most of the students have copied the work, Mrs. Driscoll speaks to the class again. 


“Before you leave into your respective areas, I’d like to announce your partners for the year.” I drew in a breath. I was always with Cameron. It was our only class together. Our old teacher allowed us to choose our own partners.


I pretend to weep when Cameron gets partnered up with Ally Jones. He smiles disappointedly and heads towards his new partner. Stupid blondie! Stole my partner. I take that back, she could be good-natured, kind-hearted, polite, funny.... 


I finally come to a decision to relax and stop complimenting Cams new partner who catches me smiling at her creepily. The kind of smile Filch gives to McGonagall. She probably thinks I’m some stalker out to get her.


 I decide to keep think positively. Everyone here was capable of being a friendly, hard-working partner.


“April Rose and James Potter.”


“Liar!” I scolded myself.


Hearing that James Potter is my partner for the entire years feels like I was stunned with Avada Kedavra. That would be my preferable alternative.


I can literally sense him smiling behind me, gloating at this unfortunate turn of events.  “But Professor!” I object.


“No changing seats for the year.” she sternly interrupts me. 


Turning around slightly depress, I walk to our table and hesitantly place my books next to his. 


“Well well, we meet again April.” James teases.


I peek at Cameron who is happily following the instructions with his partner. There’s nothing you can do now! Be the sensible one Ape. 


“Look Potter, I want to pass Potions like I have for every other year.” I inform firmly. “If I fail because of you, I swear I will curse you until your own mother won’t be able to recognize you.”  


James snorts and jumps from his seat. “I guess we should get started then. Can’t get this pretty thing ruined,” he states, pointing to his face.


Now it’s my turn to snort and follow him to the fetch the ingredients.  




“Look Potter, it says to put two spoonful’s in!” I exclaim, shoving the book in front of his bloody face. He is such a stubborn brat. “You dumped the whole bottle in!”


“I’m telling you Ape...”


“Don’t call me that!” I sneer, threatening the knife to his chest. 


“April, we read the book incorrectly. We were supposed to put the plant in before the unicorn horn. We have to add them in now.” James grabs a bunch of herbs and starts throwing them into the cauldron. “It’s working,” he screeches with delight.


“No it’s not!” I grasp an unlabeled bottle and throw in a handful of contents. Our muddy gunk starts to change to a rosy pink colour. I beam with satisfaction; it is exactly the colour the book describes. 


“Are you crazy.” James bellows, gripping the frog’s eyeballs and dumping them with a splash into the cauldron. I gasp and push him aside. James, being stronger, pushes me with ease, adding more unnecessary crap into the caldron. 


“Potter! The colour is nothing to what the book describes it to be.” I yell, pushing his shell-shock face aside. As I follow his horror-struck eyes, I notice that bubbles were erupting hastily from our potion. 


As Professor Driscoll comes to a halt in front of our table with a thrilling expression, James and I take slow steady steps away from the table. We watch as the teacher smiles brightly, peer into our cauldron and study our potion. 


“Maybe you should step away Mrs...” James begins to advise the teacher, but she cuts him off abruptly.


Oh no, this can’t end well!


“What are you guys up too?” Just as she finishes that sentence, the moldy green potion explodes and drenches Professor Driscoll from head to toe. 


“…from the caldron.” James finishes.


Could have warned her earlier wanker! 


Swiping the liquid from her eyes, she snatches the tissue I offer, roughly.


Sneering at James and I, Mrs. Driscoll spits menacingly, “Detention tonight, both of you.” 


She charms herself clean and heads for the next table.


“We’re going to pass April. For sure we are.” James assures wittily.



“This was all your fault Potter.” I scream, stabbing my finger into his chest.


“If you want to touch me just do it. No need to find excuses.,” he answers cockily, grinning crookedly back at me. 


I growl. “This is the first detention I’ve ever got before. It is all because of your stupidity that I’m going to fail potions!” I walk into the Gryffindor common room with Potter on my trail.  “You big headed two face creature,” I accuse, poking my finger at his direction. He leans back surrendering with his hands in the air. “You don’t even care! All you do is waste your time perfecting your face.” I fell on the couch at the Gryffindor common room, exhausted from yelling at him.


My head shot up as I hear the light sound of James’s laughter. “Your funny April.” he looks at me from under his eyelashes, smiling slyly. “I’m glad we met, this year is going to be so much fun with you around.” 


I pull myself up and snicker “Whatever Potter. As usual, I don’t know what you’re on about.” I watch him lean back into his chair. “I don’t think we’ll be hanging out at all.”


“Oh yes we will.” he replies grinning like a love struck boy. I don’t even have an answer for him; I just stand glowering at him.


 “You should try for Quidditch.,” he suddenly states.


“Huh?” I reply, clearly not understanding the language he spoke.


“Try-out-for Quidditch.” he brakes down very slowly.  “You know, the sport where you ride on brooms, throw the quaffle and...”


I throw a book to his face. Catching it on time his eyes widen. “See. You’d make a decent chaser! You always aim perfectly at my face.” 


“Anyone can throw Potter. Besides, Quidditch and I aren’t really best friends.” I lie, once again lying back on the couch. 


I actually grew to love Quidditch over the summer, but I’ve heard enough rumors to know that having James Potter as your captain was living hell. 


“I hear differently from your brother.” he smirks.


“Fine, I like to play.” I tell truthfully. “But I refuse to play because you’re the bloody Captain.” I blurt. 


“What’s wrong with me?” He gasps, slightly offended.


I raise my eyebrows and give him the ‘Isn’t it obvious’ look. Sighing, I lamely ramble. “I just don’t want to Potter.” 


Finding that this discussion is going nowhere, I pull out parchment from my bag and start with the two-foot essay assigned in class.


“I guess you don’t have to then, if you’re scared,” he mutters exceptionally aloud. 


My head cracks up to meet his face. “Scared?” I question, managing to lift an eyebrow.


“Yeah, I understand that you’re scared of the crowds, the pressure, teachers and me.” he shrugs and gets up from his chair.


“You think I’m scared of you?” I say darkly, placing my quill and parchment aside. 


“You just said that you won’t play Quidditch if I’m the Captain and besides, it’s either you’re scared, or you’re trying to resist my charms by keeping your distance.” My mouth hangs open at the lack of brain cells in this guy’s head. I feel sorry for him. 


James turns on his feet and walks towards the boy’s dorm. 


“What time are the bloody tryouts James!” I demand, halting him at the entrance of the common room. 


“Change your mind so quickly.” he teases.


“I’m going to help set your mind straight. You’re delusional to think that I’m afraid of you and your conceited to think that I’m attracted to your charms.” I glower at him. 


“We’ll just play along with your scenario for now. Quidditch tryouts are on Saturday after lunch. I’ll put you down for chaser.” He walks briskly out of the room, leaving me astonished. Kill him when you have the opportunity April!


Undergoing major edits. Next chapters are quite horrible. Give me a week. I'll edit them. Please leave a reveiw :) I'd love to know what you think. 




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