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The Sorcerer by Athena Ella Malfoy
Chapter 3 : Birthday
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A hushed silence waited for them at the bottom of the stairs. Everyone stared at the twin marks on both George's and Hermione's foreheads. Suddenly, women were crying with joy, men slapped George and each other on the back, a couple of people sent Patronuses to the Ministry; they had found the Wizarding world's savior at last. The children stared up, confused, looking at their parents' faces and wondering if they had gone crazy.


"Hi!" greeted Ginny.


Hermione just stuck out her left hand.


Every single person in the room, even the baby of Molly's friend, gasped, for a shining platinum band with a centered diamond graced Hermione's left ring finger.


"Courtesy of George, of course." she announced and George took a bow and kissed her openly.


The whooping and cheering and wolf whistling for this was relatively quieter than before, but it was still enough to make a person's ear explode.


Are your eardrums aching as much as mine? asked Hermione.


Obviously. he said. There's enough noise in here to rival a Quidditch World Cup final.


I swear. she said, It's giving me a headache.


Would you like some of the aspirin you brought here? I could go upstairs and get some.


Thanks love, that would be great.


George slipped away from the party and hurried up the stairs.



As soon as George got into the bathroom, a fist connected with his face. He knew who it was immediately. Only one Weasley in the entire house would do this.




"So you think you're some big shot now, huh?" asked Ron. He was very obviously drunk, or Imperiused, as he was swaying. Ron always had something to hold against him since George started dating Hermione in her third year. George strongly suspected a crush, but he never said anything. Since Ron turned sixteen, he had been  drinking heavily. One could see a fresh crate full of glass bottles by the back door every week.


"No, I don't Ron, and I will not either." George decided it was best to stay calm no matter how angry he was feeling, so this episode could smoothly blow over.


Ron stalked closer to George, firewhisky on his breath. "How come you get to touch my 'Mione when I don't? How come you get to kiss her when I can't feel her lips on mine?" Ron growled.


"Ron, number one, she's not a pet. She's not your 'Mione, she's my girlfriend. Number two, she loves me. You're like her brother."  There, plain and simple. Hermione, get to the upstairs bathroom as quick as possible and help me out!


I'm coming George! What's wrong?




And with that, Hermione burst through the door, just as Ron whipped out his wand, pointed it at George, and muttered "Crucio."


George felt it. He was so stupid, to leave his wand in his room. The pain was excruciating, even if it was for two seconds before Hermione stupefied Ron.


After binding Ron in tight ropes to the toilet, she hurried over to George, who was curled up on the ground in pain.


"George." she whispered, trembling. "How are you feeling?"


"I'll survive." he said groggily, and then passed out.



It took the entire Weasley clan and Harry a minute before they could reach the bathroom upon hearing the loud thump that was George. Once they reached the doorway, however, the most astonishing sight met their eyes. Ron, bound tightly to the toilet, and Hermione leaning over George, sobbing and trying to heal his bruises.


It took them all about five seconds to realize what had happened. Arthur, Fred, and Charlie helped George up and got him to a bed in one of the rooms. Molly, Ginny, Bill and Harry dealt with Ron.


"Rennervate." Harry said, pointing his wand at Ron's chest.


Ron slowly came around. "Huh?" he said confusedly. And then he started thrashing around like a madman. "Where's that slimeball? I'll get him! I'll kill him for laying his filthy hands all over my 'Mione! Where is he? I'll kill him! WHERE IS GEORGE?" He continued like this until Ginny slapped him round the face.


"Ron! Get it through your head! HER-MIONE DOESN'T LOVE YOU LIKE THAT!"


"BOLLOCKS! She loves me! I can see it in her eyes! Every time she kisses George she wishes it were me!" said Ron, smirking.


"Don't delude yourself Ron, of course I don't! And Ginny's wrong. I don't love you like a brother either. I'd rather sleep with Draco Malfoy for ten thousand nights than have an ounce of brotherly love for you, Ron! If I didn't love George, explain how I got these." Hermione hissed, having returned to the bathroom, pointing at her mark and sticking out her wedding ring at the same time.


Ron's eyes went bigger than Luna's. After a second, he resumed screaming obscenities directed towards George.


"Bloody fucking Merlin made a mistake in handing over the powers to MY BROTHER THE BASTARD INSTEAD OF ME!"


Everyone present gasped.


Harry spoke up. "You guys should all leave. I swear I won't untie Ron. I just need to talk to him privately."


Everyone else nodded and left.


Harry began softly. "Mate, you need to understand that she won't come running to you now. Especially not after what you did to George. Besides, someone else loves you."




Harry went red. "See, I can't tell you that. I promised that person I wouldn't tell until the time was right." I promised, thought Harry.


"Never mind." growled Ron, " My life is  going to be loveless because you'll never find the right time to ask me out."


"How- how did you-" spluttered Harry.


"Find out?" smirked Ron evilly, "I didn't. That was all you."


Harry looked down, embarrassed.



The first thing George could see after regaining consciousness was  his beautiful Sorceress curled up on a chair, sleeping, next to his bed. She looked like she had been crying. He couldn't fathom why. The other thing he saw was a tray full of food. It was next to Hermione and just out of his reach. When he tried reaching for it, the immense pain in his back reminded him why he was in the bed in the first place. Come on, suck it up. It's just a little pain. Bear it. You're a goddamn Sorcerer! he thought, trying to get the food.


Let me get that for you, and Hermione's gentle hands placed the tray on his lap. She then touched his cheek with the softest caress, being careful to avoid touching any bruises. "How are you feeling?" she asked.


"Better." he said, and placed his hand over hers, kissing her palm.


She leaned down and placed a light kiss on his lips. As she was about to lift her head, George's hand found its way to the nape of her neck and held her face in front of his. He kissed her with a little more force this time, and she responded in kind.


This was how they stood when Ron entered the room, scowling over his shoulder at Bill, and saying, "Bill made me come in here to apologi-" he cut off, looking at their position, eyes narrowing. In an instant, he whipped out his wand, pointing it at George as they jumped apart. In turn, Bill and Hermione took out their wands and pointed them at Ron. George was still on the bed, defenseless.


"Him, Hermione? HIM? Why? What's he got that I don't?"


"Hmmm. Let's think. EVERYTHING!" Ron could see bright orange and red light starting to swirl around her.


He stomped toward Hermione. "LOOK WHO'S TALKING!" and he slapped her.


In that instant, George got up, ignoring the pains in his back and lower chest, ran over to Ron and tackled him to the ground.


"HOW- DARE- YOU- SLAP- MY- FIANCEE!" he accentuated each word with a blow.


After Bill and Charlie were finally able to rip them apart, Ron had a black eye and bruises everywhere, while George got away with nothing but his previous injuries.


But what infuriated him the most was the soppy- sweet- slash- lustful expression Ron had on his face, obviously for Hermione. She turned away, disgusted. But George was angry, angrier than he had ever been before.


He summoned up his newfound inner strength.


He projected a giant ball of light toward Ron at full speed.


And Ron was knocked out.


"Good, he'll be there for a few days, couple of weeks at least." said George.


Although everyone was supposed to be mad at George, they just shrugged and seemed relieved. However, they seemed frightened at the same time. As though George would do something like that to them.


Hermione rushed into his arms, I was scared George, when you were fighting.


I'm hurt. Do you doubt my powers as a Sorcerer?


As a Sorcerer, no. As a wrestler, yes.


Very funny, I guess I'll have to use magic now every single time I want to, or have to fight.


How are you feeling? The pain from- from Ron's Crucio-


She burst into tears.


"No Hermione, don't cry, I'm fi-"


"George Weasley, don't you dare say you're okay!"


"Okay, I won't." she was definitely mad at him. I'm okay. Here, I didn't say it. I thought it. My mind is- whoops, sorry- was my own.


Hermione laughed.


"I'm completely alright. I guess the sudden release of magic released my pains as well."


He started for the door, but Molly stopped him.


"Get on that bed this instant."


"But mum I-"


"George Fabian Weasley-"


George scurried towards the bed. He already had an angry Hermione, he didn't want an angry mom too.


One by one, birthday guests trickled in to give George presents and blessings.


The most surprising one was from his Great-aunt Muriel. She was crying. Crying! George dearly wished he had Hermione's muggle camera with him.


"George-" she choked, "I- I always knew you had it in you-"


That, of course, was a complete lie, she had hated him from the start.


"So- so when you get some of that power," she stopped sobbing instantly, "Be sure to include your dear old Aunt Muriel in your will of inheritance!" she finished and ruffled his hair.


Geez, what a greedy old woman.


As much as I hate to criticize people, I agree.


I swear. Remember the wedding?


How could I forget? 'Skinny ankles'. Are they really, George?


Of course not, they're perfect.


Ah ha! I caught you! You were staring at my legs! A woman's legs! Tsk tsk, how indecent George.


I think I am authorized to stare at my future wife's legs, especially if they're-


You know what? I don't even want to hear the end of what would have been a very R-rated sentence Weasley. Save your dirty talk for the bed.




Which I might enter tonight...


That left George floored.



The last person to gift George was Fred. George always expected Fred to be the jealous one, but on the contrary, he seemed relieved.


"Thank Merlin's knickers that it was you and not me. I don't think I could have handled it." he said, and gave George a very simple ring.


"Oh, this could be a problem," George joked, "I'm already engaged."


"Shut up. Like anyone would want to- whoops! Sorry Hermione! Anyway, I'm supposed to give this to you. The Sorcerer's closest sibling has to gift the Sorcerer a protective ring on his eighteenth birthday. Apparently the sibling protectiveness is stronger than that of the parent's."


Just as Fred finished, the Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour walked in.


"Ah, Mr. Weasley, pleasure to meet you."




Rufus wasted no time. "I'd like to speak to you in private." he said, staring pointedly at Fred and Hermione.


George turned to look at Fred. "Fred?"


Fred left the room.


George turned back to the minister. "But I'd like Hermione to stay with me. She is the Sorceress, after all."


For a split second, Rufus' face seemed almost… angry. Then it turned impassive once again.


"Then, Mr. Weasley, we have a problem." he said coolly.


"What problem, sir?"


"You cannot be with Ms. Granger."


George's face was beginning to turn red. "Why not?"


"You are to be wedded to my daughter."




"That is final."


Now George's temper got the best of him. "You can't tell me what you can and can't do. You can't control my life. And even if I wanted to wed your daughter, I couldn't, because I'll always be bonded to Hermione."


"Now, now, Mr. Weasley," Rufus' voice turned greasy, "Think of where you will be if you were to marry into my family. You would be on top of newspapers, everyone would know your name."


"No." George's voice was hard.


"Mr. Weasley."








Rufus turned to leave the room. But at the threshold, he stopped.


"May your wands be ever…. in the favor of the Dark Lord." he smirked.


By the time everyone could comprehend that the new Minister of Magic was a traitor, Rufus dissapparated.

A/N: *hides behind metal shield when saying this* Sorry for the EXTREMELY long update guys! Please review! And please don't kill me… 

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