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Finding a Potter by bluebec2
Chapter 6 : Rescue
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-will you t-two be staying the n-night?’ asked Wormtail.

‘Yes, I think we will, won’t we Lucius’ answered Narcissa she had obviously been annoyed with Lucius before Severus turned into him.

‘That’ll be fine, dear’ said Severus, Narcissa looked appalled at his reaction.

‘What about Draco? We can’t leave him with Dobby alone!’

‘He’ll be safe with the elf’

‘Fine’ grunted Narcissa.

‘W-what about you, G-Greyback?’  Asked Wormtail.

‘I’ll stay’ said Dumbledore.

Wormtail scurried off to get the rooms ready.

‘Where’s Bella!’ asked Narcissa worried.

‘She went to Nocturne Alley, No need to worry’ said Severus


‘I hope you’re right’ snapped Narcissa.


Wormtail was walking up stairs to the third floor and walked across the corridor and stopped in front of Remus and pointed his wand at the ceiling.



A ladder appeared out of nowhere leading up to darkness. Wormtail walked up the ladder and Remus followed. Wormtail just stopped and stood in front of the door like a security guard. Remus had no choice he had to take off the invisibility cloak and stun him.


‘Do you think he has found her it’s been an hour already?’ asked Severus

‘I’m not sure, it’s a large house and there are most likely to be hidden rooms and passages in this house’ answered Dumbledore.

‘Is there a chance that the girl could’ve escaped?’

‘No, she would’ve been too weak and she would’ve told Remus otherwise’


 Dumbledore was also concerned; he knew that the death eaters wouldn’t let her die... yet but the way things were looking there was no way the girl could survive.


‘You’re nothing but a traitor, Wormtail’ Anger filled Remus’ voice as he spoke.

‘R-Remus, I-I didn’t m-mean too’ Wormtail’s voice was filled with fear.

‘They – we trusted you’

‘Y-you don’t know w-what h-he c-could’ve done t-to me’

‘I perfectly know what he could’ve done to you because he done it to James and Lily!’

‘W-well, what would’ve you done, Remus’

‘I would’ve died rather than betrayed my friends!’ Remus shouted ‘And now thanks to you Sirius is in Azkaban, The Marauders are over!’

‘W-well, w-what do you want me t-to do?’

‘Give me the girl, Wormtail’

Wormtail’s eyes were wide with fear. What would Voldemort do when he found out that he gave Emily to an Order member? He transformed into a rat but Remus was quick and grabbed him by the tail.

‘So, it’s going to be the hard way’ said Remus quietly.

He got out his wand and turned Wormtail back into a man


He had stunned Wormtail; Wormtail was defenceless so he just laid there on the timber floorboards. Not wanting to fight back.

Petrificus Totalus!’

Wormtail froze solid on the ground he could still see Remus but Remus stunned him once more and flipped his body so his face was on the ground.

He unlocked the door behind his ex-best friend and walked in.

The room had no source of light, the moon was covered by clouds and the candle had burned out

‘Emily, are you in here?’  Said Remus worry filled voice.

Lumos’ A ball of light appeared from the tip of his wand.


He found her. She was unconscious near the window. He picked her up and checked for a pulse, she was still breathing. Remus sighed with relief he got the invisibility cloak and covered both Emily and himself he walked outside the door careful not to trip over Wormtail and made his way downstairs and back to the front yard and sent up red sparks to tell Severus and Dumbledore when he had got her.


The men were tired of waiting, Narcissa was already asleep and the potion was wearing off. They quickly ran into the sitting room and waited. They looked quite funny, Severus’ nose was starting to grow and his hair darken to black while Dumbledore’s beard was starting to grow and whiten and wrinkles started to form over his brow.

‘Come on, Lupin’ mumbled Severus.

Then red sparks formed in the sky like fireworks the two men ran outside

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Finding a Potter : Rescue


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