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Southern Comfort by Muse2488
Chapter 21 : Graduation, Weddings, and Goodbyes
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"Paislee, stop fidgeting!" Starlene scolded me for the 1223558th time. I couldn't help it. When I'm nervous, I fidget!

We were sitting in the front row of the Great Hall, getting ready to graduate. That's right. Graduate. Graduate! I had been waiting for this day for years and it was finally here! Starlene was sitting directly behind me while the rest of the gang were a few rows further down. If I turned my head all the way and Starlene ducked I could see James. We snuck glances at one another as much as possible while Professor McGonagall chatted on about how proud she was and all the endless possibilities that were now before us.

He looked so handsome. His normally messy hair was slicked back a bit, making his hazel eyes more noticeable. We were all wearing black robes with graduation hats, except these hats didn't look like the ones American schools use, these were witches and wizards hats; pointy tips with Hogwarts crest emblazoned on them. Even with the ridiculous looking hats, James was the most gorgeous boy in the whole place.

Our families were here too. My Dad and the Weasley/Potter clan all snagged seats up front. When we walked in my Dad cheered and got me to turn and smile so he could sneak a picture. I waved to the rest of the clan and they cheered as well; the cheering getting louder when James, Freddie, Starlene, Dom and Roxanne all passed by as well. Everyone was super excited.

We would have to wait a few weeks to get the detailed results of our exams, but we got our letter grades and I passed with all Outstanding's! I was shocked to see that on Potions, I was sure I was going to get an Exceed Expectations! This ensured my scholarship at Atlanta's Healing School for the Magically Gifted. I had Owled Dad immediately and he was so proud. He told me he was going to get me a new broom for doing so well. We were going to go shopping for it right after graduation. Speaking of which, Professor McGonagall was starting to call out names.

There were a lot of students graduating and I felt my heart continuously beating faster the closer she got to my name. I started fidgeting even more and Starlene smacked the back of my head. I barely concealed the yelp as I turned and scowled at her. She of course just scowled right back and then--

"Ms. Paislee Hayes!" Professor McGonagall called.

I looked up and heard my Dad and the Weasley's and the Potter's immediately start cheering. I got to my feet and made my way to the makeshift stage they had created. I kept chanting 'don't fall, don't fall, don't fall' in my head. I was terrified to that I was going to make a complete fool of myself. I heard my friends cheering as well. I looked back towards the crowd and saw James standing as he applauded loudly. I grinned at him and he threw me wink, making my heart flutter.

"Congratulations Ms. Hayes." McGonagall said to me. I beamed at her and grabbed my diploma from her. "I expect great things to come from you." 

"Thank you professor." I replied. I shook her hand and then made my way back to my seat. My Dad had me stop once and smile for him again, taking a picture, and then I sat down.

Soon Starlene's name was called and we cheered, following James to which I whistled and stood for him as he did me, and then Dom, Freddie, and finally Roxanne. Professor McGonagall instructed us all to stand.

"And now I would like to present to you the Graduates of 2021!" She announced. We all started shouting and threw our hats into the air. I turned to look at Starlene and she enveloped me in a hug. We fought our way through the crowd and found James. He beamed at me and I ran to him, throwing my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around me.

"We did it!" I whispered in his ear.

"We sure did." He replied. He grabbed my shoulders, easing me back so he could kiss me. I stood on my tip toes and leaned into the kiss. It was short, unfortunately, but it was sweet and caring. Soon though, we were being dragged into a huge group hug with Roxanne, Freddie, Dom, and Starlene.

"I can't believe we're done!" Dom said, tears swimming in her eyes.

"It all happened so fast didn't it?" Roxanne asked, swiping at a fear tears of her own.

"Dunno know why you birds are so upset, I'm bloody ecstatic about finally being done! Now the fun can really start!" Freddie said.

"Aren't you going to miss Hogwarts though?" Starlene asked.

Freddie looked thoughtful for a moment. "I guess...this place has been a right laugh these last few years." 

James threw an arm over Freddie's shoulder and sighed. "Gotta admit it mate, this place kinda grew on us." 

Freddie sighed dramatically. "How shall they ever survive without us?" 

"Dunno. I'm sure we'll be receiving owls shortly about how much the miss us. Maybe McGonagall will offer us jobs as professors of hilarity." James answered.

I snorted. "Yeah, she'll offer y'all jobs and I'll be the next Queen of England." 

Dom, Starlene and Roxanne laughed while Freddie and James gasped in mock offense. They didn't have time for their normally witty retort though because our families had finally made their way to us and we were all enveloped in hugs and pats. My Dad grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed him back.

"I am so proud of you kid." He told me.

"Thanks Dad." 

"Your Mother would be proud of you as well." 

I felt my heart clench. I wish so much that my Mom could be here and see me complete my magical training, to just be here with me and my Dad and share in this moment. Tears stung at the corners of my eyes and I quickly blinked them away.

"I know." I whispered to my Dad. He looked down at me, grinning so widely, his eyes sparkling with pride.

"Paislee!" I heard Ginny shout. Dad laughed and released me as I was passed around from one adult to the next. Dad shook James' hand and congratulated him and the younger of our group made their way towards us as well. Al, Scorpius, and Rose would be the next ones to graduate; Hugo and Lily following the year after that.

"I am so proud of you lot!" Grandma Weasley said, mopping her eyes. "I just can't believe you are all adults now. About to leave and do things on your own."

James laughed. "We're not quite gone yet Gram! We've still got Teddy and Vic's wedding and then a month of a break before Auror training and other schooling starts!" 

Grandma Weasley nodded clumsily, still mopping at her eyes. "You're right, you're right. I just still see my tiny grand babies whenever I look at you. Oh, I'm going to make a mess of myself if I keep this up. Come on you lot, I've got a grand dinner prepared back at the Burrow. Take one last tour and then meet us outside." 

The adults hugged us once more and left us to say our goodbye's to everyone else. Freddie and James met with a few other Gryffindor's, Starlene and Dom and Roxanne doing the same. I hadn't ever really hung out with anyone except for them, but I did want to congratulate Braeden. I stood on my tip toes, trying to find him when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and there stood Braeden.

"Braeden! Congrats!" I told him, smiling widely.

Braeden smiled back at me and tipped his head. "Congrats to you as well Paislee." 

"What are your plans?" I asked.

"Well, I start that internship at the Ministry in two weeks. Hopefully that'll lead to a full time position." 

"I'm sure it will. You're a great wizard and a great person. They'll be stupid not to pick you." I told him.

Braeden chuckled. "You have a lot of faith in me." 

"Of course I do. You've more than proved it." 

"Well thank you." Braeden said. "Do you think your boyfriend would get terribly upset with me if I asked for a goodbye hug?"

"I dunno Braeden, he's not much of a hugger you might have better luck with Freddie." I replied in mock wonder.

Braeden laughed. "Oh you prat, I meant a hug from you!" 

"Ohhhh, well why didn't you say so?" I asked with a 'cheeky' grin. He rolled his eyes and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back and pulled away after a moment.

"Take care of yourself alright?" I told him.

He nodded. "You too. And write to me. I'd love to know how you're doing." 

"I will, and you too." 

"Goodbye Paislee." 

"Bye Braeden." 




We were now at the Burrow, our bellies full of a delicious pasta dinner made by Grandma Weasley. Teddy and Vic were here and the rehearsal dinner was next Friday and then the day after that was their wedding. They were planning on staying at the Burrow the entire time, wanting to be with family as much as possible before they started their own. I had finally picked out a song for the wedding, but I was keeping it a secret from everyone. I was currently practicing it upstairs, using Muffliato so that no one could hear. Normally I don't play piano very often, it was something that was special to me and my Mom. She would play and I would sing, then I would play and she would sing, and of course we would both play and sing together. She would be on the lower side, while I was on the higher note side; our fingers making their way across the keys as we grinned and sang at the top of our lungs.

I missed her. I missed her so terribly and playing the piano made me miss her even more.

My fingers made their way across the keys effortlessly, as easy as breathing. I lost myself in the music. I had my eyes closed as I allowed the music to fill me. The words were beautiful, promises of forever. Suddenly, I felt tears running down my face. The  ache of missing my mother, the changes that were about to happen in my life, and actually playing piano for the first time in years just overwhelmed me. My voice stayed clear though and my fingers continued their path up and down the piano. The crescendo in the song arrived and I found myself pounding away at the keys, pouring my emotion into the music until finally, the song grew softer and my hands lighter on the keys.

"That was beautiful." A voice said from the door. I looked up and saw James leaning against the door frame. I wiped my face and motioned for him to sit next to me. He obeyed. I looked at him once more and smiled softly as I once again lifted my hands and started playing.

I played my Mother's lullaby, the first song I had sung for the Potter's and Weasley's, truly feeling safe and sound like the song promised. James never took his eyes off me. I kept sneaking glances at him and he was constantly looking at me. I finished the song and looked at him once more.

"I didn't know you could play." He told me.

"I haven't for a very long time." I responded.

"Why not? You're brilliant!" 

I smiled. "Well thank you." 

"Are you going to play that first song for Teddy and Vic?" He asked.

I nodded. "My Mother and I used to play together. It was something special that was just for the two of us." 

James frowned. "It must be hard for you to play without her." 

"It is." I said. "It's why I don't play anymore. This is the first time in years I've even touched a piano." 

"Well I'm honored you played for me." 

I smiled and then nudged his shoulder with mine. "You weren't supposed to be listening ya big sneak." 

James grinned at me. "I couldn't help myself. I saw you leave after dinner and I checked every single room until I found you in this one. There wasn't any noise so I almost skipped it." 

"Muffliato spell." I told him.

"Ah, that would explain the no noise thing." 

I laughed.

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and I leaned my head against him. He pressed a kiss to the top of my head and we stayed like that for a while. Neither of us saying a word; just enjoying one another's company.

"I love you." James finally said.

"I love you too." I told him.




The following week was filled with fun and laughter. We played Quidditch game after Quidditch game, lit off countless fireworks, went to Diagon Alley and shopped a bit, and stole as many moments as I possibly could with James. It was hard to get alone time with so many people in the house, but there were times where we went outside at night and looked at the stars. He'd steal a kiss now and then when no one was looking and I would blush as he would laugh. The day after Vic's and Teddy's wedding was when I was leaving. James absolutely refused to talk about, convinced that if he didn't mention it then it wouldn't happen. I didn't bring it up either though; I couldn't bear to hurt him anymore than I already was.

It was the morning of the wedding now. The rehearsal dinner had gone splendidly and Starlene and Scorpius had arrived a few hours before hand. We were all up super early, it was barely 6am but Dom was wide awake.

"I can't believe my sister is getting married." Dom told me.

"I'm sure it'll be different  without her home." I replied.

"It will. I'm gonna miss her." Dom said.

The door opened, and soon we were joined by Lily, Rose, Roxanne, and Starlene.

"We figured you two would be awake." Starlene said with a grin as she jumped on my bed.

"Great minds must think alike." I told her.

"So, anyone nervous about standing in front of a bunch of wizards and witches we've never met?" Lily asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Well now I am!" 

The girls laughed.

"Don't worry Paislee you'll do just fine. Just follow us!" Roxanne said.

"I'm gonna fall flat on my face!" I cried, lying back and covering my face with a pillow.

"Oh hush you prat." Rose said. "You're going to be gorgeous, you're going to sing gorgeously, and everything will be just fine." 

"Aw man! I forgot I also had to sing!" I cried, tossing the pillow across the room. "I'm gonna be a nervous wreck!" 

"Alright, enough of this nervous talk! Today is Teddy's and Vic's day and we're going to make sure it goes perfectly for them." Starlene said standing up. "Now, let's get ready. I know it's early but some of the bouquets still need to be put together and the wedding starts at 1pm, which only leaves us about 7 hours to get everything ready." 

"Starlene's right. We should get started." Dom added. We all got up and to our surprise we weren't the only ones awake. The boys and all the adults were making their way downstairs as well. Grandma Weasley was already serving breakfast. We all sat down and James sat next to me, dropping a kiss to my cheek as I smiled at him.

"I'M GETTING MARRIED!" Vic shrieked. Dom stood to her feet and screamed girlishly as well, jumping up and down. Louis just smiled wryly at his sisters and shook his head.

"Where's Teddy?" I asked.

"He's staying at his grandmother's house. Bad luck to see the bride before the wedding right?" James said with a grin. I laughed and kissed him.

Soon the whole house was abuzz with activity. We went from setting up bouquets, to tying bows and ribbons, to painting all of our nails, to showering, to doing hair, to getting dressed, and then finally; we were lining up and getting ready to walk down the aisle in front of Vic.

Vic looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing an ivory mermaid style gown. It was satin with a layer of gorgeous flowery lace on the outside. It had a dipping back that showed off Vic's creamy skin; lace bordering her bare back. The trane was at least 5 feet long and trailed beautifully behind her. Her hair was pulled into a French twist with curly tendrils framing her face, as a small and diamond studded tiara graced the top of her head. She wore very little makeup; light black eyeliner with a light golden eye shadow, just enough blush to make her cheeks look flush, and a light pink lipstick that brightened her smile. She held a bouquet of wine red roses that showed off her flawless pale skin. She was beautiful.

All of us bridesmaids were wearing knee length wine red dresses, to match the roses. They were one-shouldered with flowers crawling up the shoulder strap. We were carrying ivory roses and had ivory sashes tied in bows around our waists. Our hair was curled and left down. My hair practically reached the middle of my back now. I never usually allow it to get this long, I prefer short hair, but James loves it long so...I kept it long.

The boys were just as dashing. Each in black pant suits with wine red vests over crisp white shirts. They had black jackets and an ivory rose pinned to their chests. Harry was Teddy's best man and Dom of course was the maid of honor. Dom was wearing a smaller tiara to mark her as the maid of honor, and Harry had an ivory rose to mark him the best man. James looked devastatingly handsome. His hair was slicked to the side again, revealing his gorgeous hazel eyes. Red looked really good on him, it made his hair stand out which of course made his eyes stand out. I could get lost in his eyes. He came to stand next to me and offered me his arm, grinning down at me.

"You look so beautiful." He told me.

"You look so handsome." I told him.

He scoffed. "No one's going to look at me with you standing right next to me." 

I laughed. "Please, spare my life. You're gonna have every girl's eye stuck on you." 

"I'm gonna have to beat the blokes away with a stick. I can only imagine what they're all thinking right now. Can't wait till I learn Occlumency. I'll be able to read the wanker's minds and then hex them." 

I laughed at that. "You are crazy, ya know that?" 

"Crazy about you." 

I blushed. It amazed me how he could still make me blush with such a simple statement. But even though it was simple, he said with complete genuineness. Starlene was first accompanied by Freddie, Rose was next accompanied by Scorpius, then James and I, Lily and Al, Roxanne and Hugo, Dom and Harry, and then finally Vic and Bill.

"Hold on tight, I won't let you fall." James whispered as it was our turn to move. I smiled at him.

"I know you won't." 

We walked down the aisle together and I knew that he would ensure that nothing bad would happen. We made it down perfectly as we stepped to opposite sides of the tent. Teddy was grinning like a fool as soon as Vic made her way down. His eyes never left hers and hers never left his. Bill gave Vic's hand into Ted's and soon the ceremony began. I had never been to any kind of a wedding before and so I wasn't sure what to expect. The wizard officiating said a few kind words about love and about what marriage means before he asked Teddy if he would cherish, protect, and love Vic for as long as he lived and then if he accepted her as his wife.

"I do." He replied.

Vic was asked the same questions. Would she cherish, protect, and love Teddy for as long as she lived and did she accept him as her husband.

"I do." She answered, grinning.

"I know pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss your bride." He said to Teddy. Teddy whooped loudly as he grabbed Vic, spun her into a dip and then leaned down to kiss her. Everyone erupted into laughter and cheers. Teddy drew back and grinned at Vic before grabbing her hand in his and holding them up in the air as if they had just won a Quidditch championship. Harry, Ron, Bill, and my Dad waved their wands and soon the tent widened, a dance floor appeared in the middle of the tent and the chairs were being arranged around tables. A table of wine and champagne  and finger foods appeared on one side of the tent while on the other side a long table full of presents appeared. Music filled the area and soon everyone was making their way to congratulate the newlyweds. James found me and took my hand, pulling me towards Teddy and Vic.

"Well done mate." James said with a grin. Teddy turned and hugged James, both of them slapping each other's back.

"Thanks. I'm one lucky bloke." Teddy replied beaming.

"Congrats you two." I said as I hugged Vic and Teddy.

"Just be sure to wait a few years before you start popping out kids. I'm too young to be an uncle." James said.

Teddy laughed. "Blimey James, give me a few minutes of marital bliss before I start thinking about children!" 

Vic and I laughed.

"Oh Paislee, I almost forgot to tell you. You're going to be the ending act. In about two hours we'll have you sing. Is that alright?" Vic asked.

I gulped. "Uh...yeah...sure that'd be g-great." 

Vic smiled kindly at me. "Don't worry Paislee, I'm sure you'll be brilliant." 

"I uh...I n-need a piano th-though." I said shakily; my nerves overtaking me. I felt James grip on my hand tighten reassuringly.

"No problem, we'll shrink the one upstairs and bring it down here. It'll be ready for you when it's time." Teddy said.

I opened my mouth to say something about this not being such a great idea, but the happy couple was bombarded by people and they turned their attention to them. I felt James leading me towards the dance floor as a slow song started and soon we were dancing.

"You're going to be brilliant." He told me.

"I've never sang in front of this many people before."

"Not even at your country fair?" He asked.

I laughed. "That county fair James. And no, not even then." 

"You're going to do great. Don't worry so much." He said as he bent his head and kissed my softly on the lips. I melted into it, into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sighed softly. The moment ended though when a fast song came on and we were soon surrounded by the rest of the gang.

We danced and laughed and I even danced a slow song with my Dad. We talked about what time we were going to leave in the morning and  what stops were going to have to make before hand. I felt tears sting my eyes as I thought about leaving.

"You sure you wanna leave kid?" My Dad asked.

I looked up at him and felt a tear escape. "It's gonna be so different. I'm gonna miss you so much, I'm gonna miss my new friends...but I also miss my home, my old friends. Plus, I got a full ride Dad, I can graduate Healer school early by starting next week. We already found me an apartment and made the down much as this is gonna hurt, it's what I need to do."

"If you're sure..." He trailed off as he looked at me uncertainly.

"I'm sure." I replied. The song ended and he kissed my forehead as Teddy and Vic walked to the front of the tent.

"We'd like to thank all of you for coming and making this the happiest day of both of our lives." Teddy said, looking at Vic and grinning. She beamed back at him. "We're about to close the night, but before we'd like to ask Paislee Hayes to come to the front. Paislee is going to sing a song to end the night perfectly." 

I gulped and looked at my Dad, he smiled encouragingly. I looked at James next and he winked at me, giving me a thumbs up. I stood up on shaky legs and made my way to the front. Teddy and Vic walked around and sat at the first table up front as I sat at the piano bench. I took a deep breath. I pulled my wand out and cast a sound enhancer spell around the me and the piano, that way the sound traveled throughout the tent.

" name is Paislee. Paislee Hayes. Vic and Teddy...uh...they asked me to sing a song for y'all...well, for them in front of y'all, and I...I'm really nervous so I'm sorry if I mess up. This song is really close to my heart and I...uh...I think it fits Teddy and Vic perfectly. It's called Faithfully. So's to you Teddy and Vic. May your lives be filled with a happiness and joy that can never be taken away." 

I took another deep breath and allowed my fingers to slide across the keys and I started to sing. The song wasn't very long, but it was beautiful. I sang with everything that was in me, pouring my soul into the song. I was singing for Teddy and Vic of course, but for some reason my eyes never left James'. He held my gaze the entire song. It was as if he was singing the song back to me even though his lips never moved. I could read everything he was feeling through his eyes. His grin grew as the song started to end. And as I sung the last line and played the last few keys, he mouthed 'I love you.'

The song ended. Applause ran through the tent. And as soon as I stood from the bench we said goodbye to Teddy and Vic. Fireworks erupted outside as they walked out of the tent, still clad in their wedding attire, and waved before smiling at one another and disapparating.

The wedding was over.

And I only had a few hours before I said goodbye to my new family.




The wedding was cleaned up quickly and we all changed into normal clothes and we started talking about all the details and how beautiful Vic was and how dashing Ted was. The girls gushed about my song and how much they loved it. And then the dreaded conversation came.

"You're really leaving tomorrow aren't you?" Starlene asked quietly.

My heart started racing and fear rushed through my veins. I swallowed thickly and nodded.

"So tonight's goodbye?" She asked.

I nodded again.

"I'm gonna miss you." Dom replied.

"Me too." Lily said.

"Me three." Roxanne added.

"Me times a bloody thousand, this is absolutely horrid!" Lily exclaimed as tears poured down her face. Starlene and Rose had tears in their eyes as well.

"Y'all better write." I told them as I opened my arms. All five girls came to me and we had a group hug. Sniffles and quiet sobs could be heard.

"You better love that school of yours and if I hear you get anything less than perfect marks I will apparate to America and kick your blonde arse." Starlene threatened.

We all laughed. Leave it to Starlene to ease the tension.

"I promise to never make anything less than a hundred." I told her.

"We'll have to visit during the holiday's, and long breaks if we get them." Dom said.

"I agree. This isn't goodbye, it's just see you later!" Roxanne said brightly.

"It's gonna be hard though." Rose added softly.

"I know it is, and I'm gonna miss y'all so much." I said, wrapping my arms around the group tighter.

"When are you and your Dad going to leave?" Lily asked.

"Probably really early. We have to be at the admissions office at  10am and we also have to visit my grandparents and drop off my stuff at my apartment. That's a lot to do before 10am. So Dad was thinking around 5am. We're leaving tonight though." 

"Tonight?!" They shrieked.

I nodded. "We're gonna stay at the Leak Cauldron. We don't wanna wake y'all up early when you don't have can't....I just can't say good..." I cut myself off, biting my lip and trying to will the tears away. "It's just easier this way." 

There was a knock on the door.

"Paislee?" I heard my Dad say. "It's time to go kid." 

The girls hugged me tighter and I stood up. They stood with me and kept their arms around me and around each other. My Dad smiled sadly at me as we made our way downstairs. Everyone was down there and we were passed from adult to adult starting with the grandparents, then Bill and Fluer, Angelina and George and finally to Ginny.

"I'm going to miss you Paislee." Ginny said as she hugged me tightly.

"Me too Ginny." I whispered against her.

Ginny choked out a laugh. "You cheeky little devil, of course you'd call me Ginny the night you leave!" 

I couldn't help but grin at her. I hugged Harry next, and then Hermione and Ron before finally landing at Scorpius, Al, Hugo, and Freddie.

Scorpius hugged me, while Al ruffled my hair before hugging me. Hugo hugged me as well, a bit awkwardly but it was the thought that counted. Freddie grinned wickedly at me before grabbed my arm and pulling me into a hug.

"It's been quite a year American." He whispered against my hair.

I laughed. "There hasn't been not one boring moment." 

Freddie pulled back and had that same grin on his face. "You better write.  You'll have to visit mine and James' stag pad." 

"Stag pad?" Starlene asked with a raised brow.

Freddie winked at her and then hugged me once more. "Take care of yourself. And before you ask, he's outside, waiting for you." 

I nodded and stepped back, tears swimming in my eyes.

"Goodbye everybody. Thank much...for everything. I love all of you and I'm gonna miss y'all so much. Please, write and visit as much as possible." I said, my voice thick with emotion. 

All the girls and adult women had tears pouring down their faces. 

"Thank you, all of y'all. This has been a great year." My Dad said. He turned to look at Harry. "See ya in two weeks Boss." 

"Bye guys." Ginny whispered. 

We waved and walked out. My legs were shaking and my Dad had a firm hand around my shoulders, helping me walk. We were a few feet from the house when I heard James. 


I turned and saw him. He had on a dark grey v-neck t-shirt with dark jeans, his hair back to its usual messy look. 

"I'll meet you the Leaky Cauldron." I told my Dad. 

"You sure?" He asked. 

I nodded. "This is something I need to do alone." 

"Alright, see you there kid." 

My Dad walked a few more feet and then there was a crack as he disapparated. I turned and walked towards James. He was walking towards me as well and we met in the middle. 

"You're leaving." He stated. 

I nodded, biting my lip and trying to keep the tears at bay. 

"I didn't actually think you would leave." He said. 

"I'm sorry." I whispered. 

He reached for me, grabbing my waist and pulling me close to him. My head was against his chest and I could hear his heart beating. It was beating quickly, as if he were afraid. I'm sure mine was beating just as quickly. 

"Please don't go." He whispered against my hair. 

"I have to." I told him. 

He pulled back and grabbed my fast, pulling it towards his and kissing me over and over again, each one a bit more frantic, a bit more harsh. 

"Stay. Stay with me." He said between each kiss. 

I let the tears fall then. "James, I can't." 

"Yes you can. We could get you another scholarship, you could get a flat with Dom and Starlene and Roxanne. Your Dad is here too so you wouldn't be so far away from far away from me." He said, his eyes wide, begging. 

"James, I have to go. I have a life there." 

"You can have a life here, with me." 

I let out a choked sob and stepped back. "James..."

"Paislee, please. Please don't leave. Stay here, make a new life here. Just...don't leave...please...don't leave me." He begged, his voice barely above a whisper. 

"I h-have to James...I'm so s-sorry." I told him. I pressed a kiss to his forehead and started walking backwards. He grabbed my hand and let slip through until only our fingers were touching.

"I love you James Sirius Potter." I told him.

"I love you Paislee Jeanette Hayes. I'll never love anyone else. I'll love you forever and the life after this, if there is one, I'll love you then as well." 

I turned my back and walked away, disapparating shortly after, leaving the only boy I'd ever love behind.


A/N: First off, apologies for waiting so long to post. This chapter took me AGES to write because I didn't want to write it because of how friggin' sad it is! Not gonna lie I cried a bit while writing this chapter. But what do y'all think?! What was Paislee thinking?! Why didn't James stop her?! How are they gonna survive without each other?! AHHH! So many questions! Please leave me some reviews and let me know what y'all think! I'd love to get some feedback! =]]

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