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Draco or Harry? by Draco_or_Harry_102597
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7: Night Terrors
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Chapter 7: Night terrors

A/N now the first part of this chapter is Zandra dreaming and then after the line is her awake... R&R


It was dark. I couldn't see anything at first but then a faint light turned on and I became aware of my surroundings. I was in a dark chamber that smelt of rats. I was so repulsed by the smell I was nearly sick but then someone caught my eye. It was my mother. I tried to get up so I could hit her or hurt her like she did to me but I was chained to the wall.

"Ah I see you have woken. Well it is time for you to finally get what you deserve." My mom spoke in her normal upbeat voice which was very eerie in this moment

"What? My p-punishment for w-what?" I was stuttering because I was scared. But not only that, I couldn't help but feel upset. Like everything had gone down hill. Like life just wasn't worth living anymore. I tried to shake the feeling but couldn't.

"Why darling dear you are bearing the child of enemy #1 why else would this be necessary?" She gave her characteristic upbeat giggle before turning on the rest of the lights. The sight I saw drained the rest of the blood from my face.

This was the point I realized I was dreaming but I may as well been alive.

"What do you mean bearing child? I can't be pregnant! And even if I am it is mine and you stay the hell away from it." I was hoping the look on my face was pure rage but I think it was more fear. I knew that dementors were very bad for unborn babies as that's how I lost my baby sister. It was the worst day of my life.

"Well see people must be punished when they do the wrong things and you my dear need to be punished." And with that she released the dementors. As they came for me I yelled out a plea.

"No mom please stop them ill do anything no~" and with that I was cut off. Everything had gone numb and all I could remember were my worst memories. Then I felt something moving in my stomach and I started to panic. I couldn't let an innocent child be killed. I knew dementors only take you soul but when you are unborn that's all you are.

Then the scene changed. I was now in a very bright room that was basically made out of glass. I looked around and the view was amazing. I could see the ocean from one window and the city from another. I had no idea where I was but I didn't care. Until I saw my mother again. This time she was very straight forward. I saw her raise her wand before i fell to the ground reething in pain.

I screamed and screamed but she wouldn't stop. I could see a clock and she continued to hold the curse for ten minutes before letting up. I was crying and I could taste blood in my mouth and I assumed it was from my screams. I looked up expecting to see my mother but it wasn't. It was Draco.

I couldn't help but jump back but when I did the pain started again. I felt like I was burning and being ripped open. I let out one more scream before everything faded away...

"Zandra! Zandra please wake up I am very concerned." I knew I was awake when I heard Luna's voice. To some people I guess they would prefer someone else but one your third day you aren't that picky. Plus she was nice.

Then I realized I was still screaming. I quickly closed my mouth and stopped. It was so weird because it was like I could still feel the pain.

"Sorry Luna just a really bad dream. How did I get into my bed? The last thing I remember was seeing your face."

"I carried you up into your bed. You seemed extremely tired. Would you like to talk about anything?" Her eyes were so soft and confiding I couldn't help but to tell her.

"Well the dream isn't worth repeating but last night is. First Draco came into the library and we talked forever. We both opened up and really got to know each other. The whole being an ass thing is a mere cover story so that his father doesn't hurt him and neither does the dark lord and then the best part was he kissed me!! Oh it was amazing!! I could have done that all night but I knew Harry had to come. So I waited till he got there and when he did I told him Cho liked him and that whatever I do is meaningless so when I saw my mom walk in I kissed him and she was so mad she..." Then I remembered. The one blank of the night was filled. It explained the bad dreams and the worry I had in my stomach. I almost threw up remembering it all.

"And she what?" Luna asked curiously. She almost reminded me of a child. I really didn't want to tell her so I kept my mouth shut and just shook my head before getting up and heading to the restroom.

I didn't want to think about anything at this moment so I hopped into the shower to try and wash my thinking away. It worked for a bit but then I realized I should probably get out. Once I did I automatically became upset again thinking about the previous night. I knew it was breakfast time but I wouldn't be able to eat no matter how much I wanted to. So I made my way down to the common room. It was empty as par usual. I grabbed a book off of a shelf and sat by the window to read. I didn't know why but ever since I was told I was switching schools I have been reading a lot. It lets me escaped to my own world.

Just as I was zoning into my book I heard a tap on the window. It wasn't to loud but it was pound enough for me to fall off my perch. It was fairly annoying but when i looked up and saw the envelope I was immediately excited. It was from Draco! I opened up the window and let the owl in. It was a very handsome owl, must be matching its owner. I quickly opened up the letter and read

Dear Zandra,

I didn't see you at breakfast and I am worried. Please meet me down at the black lake in 10 minutes... You can miss a class or two right?

Sincerely yours, Draco

He signed it sincerely yours and he wants to see me again. I sighed at the joy it brought me but then quickly came back to reality. That ment I would have to talk to him. And after last nights terror I am not sure how it will go. But it was worth a shot. I could miss, I glanced at my timetable, Divination and Ancient Runes for the morning could I not?

I quickly hurried out of the dorm and started to power walk down to the black lake. It was surprisingly easy to find your way your way around the castle which made me very happy. As I started to walk down to the lake I saw him standing there. He looked absolutely perfect. I almost didn't want to move closer in fear of walking into a perfect painting.

But then he turned around and saw me. The moment I liked into his eyes I was gone. I was brought back to the bright room with all the pain and torture. I felt y legs give out and I fell to the ground. I felt tears starting to roll down my cheeks and I just was lost.

I saw him rushing towards me and I quickly felt his arms wrap themselves around me. I was so terrified of him but I felt so safe in his arms.

"Shush shush your okay, it's okay, I'm here just tell me what's wrong. I promise ill listen." His voice was a swift as butter and it sounded so confident.

"L-last night I h-had a d-dream that you and I w-were in a v-very bright r-room and you t-tortured me f-for so long. I w-was in so m-much pain." I spoke through my sobs and I felt him tense when I brought up the idea of him torturing me. I glanced up into his eyes and saw the disgust in them.

" I would never do that to you so don't worry. You cry all you want I won't leave. But is there something more to this? How did last night go?" I knew he would ask I just didn't want to answer. So instead I pulled my knees to my chest and looked down. The tears were still coming but they were coming under control.

"Please tell me I need to know. I promise I won't tell a single soul and no one besides me will ever here it if you want. " Draco smiled so sweetly and his voice was so soothing but desperate I knew he needed answers.

"It was my mom... She used the crucio curse on me for half an hour after seeing me kiss Harry. It was the most painful thing I have ever been through. And my moms at fault!!! A girls mom is supposed to protect her not hurt her!!" I went from calming down and quiet to yelling and crying once more. Then I realized I was now standing up. I felt so stupid.

But then I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me and pull me close. I didn't know how this could happen in only 3 days but I felt like I belonged in his arms. Of course I wasn't going to tell him that. After that we went inside so I could get to my afternoon classes. I didn't want to go but Draco made me


It had been about a month since the library and Draco and things have really calmed down. Me and Draco see each other once a day in the room of requirements because I refuse to go in the library. We found it when we were wandering around trying to find a place and it just appeared. It was pretty amazing.

Me and Luna hang out a lot which is nice because she is friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione. They are really nice but they strongly disapprove of Draco.

Halloween was coming up soon which meant the Halloween ball. I didn't know what I wanted to go as but Draco knew what he was going to be. He was going to put on a mask to hide his face so people didn't know who he was. That way he could be with me instead of pansy.

I was thinly I would go as a cat until Pansy showed everyone she knew her cat costume which could barely pass as lingerie never one a costume. So that went out the window. But I was so excited! That is until...

"Zandra we need to talk in private. You have disappointed me once again." And with that I knew I was in trouble. I remembered that I was supposed to go to DADA... 1 and a half hours ago. And with that I was whisked away to my mothers office to receive my punishment...

A/N So please write a Review and tell me, WHAT DO YOU THINK ZANDRA SHOULD BE FOR THE BALL??? I will pick my favorite one and if people don't review well then tough cookies its what I pick :)

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