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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen: Healing Outside
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 Ron felt his feet hit the ground of the Burrow, and felt Harry collapse. He tightened his grip on his waist and pulled Harry's arm over his shoulder. Ginny and Hermione let go of him, and hurried to open the door. Ron walked as fast as he could into the house and into the living room. He laid Harry down on the couch closest to him and sat on the end. Ron heard several small pop!'s, and knew that his family had returned.

Mrs. Weasley was the first to rush in and hurry over to Harry, Ron could see the panic in her eyes. Ginny walked over to Harry too, and kneeled beside him while Mrs. Weasley did as well. Ron sat up and moved out of their way, and saw the rest of his family rush into the living room to check on Harry. From what Ron could see, no one but the Death Eater's were hurt in the fight.


Molly reached for her wand in her pocket and cleared all the glass out of Harry's skin, and had Ginny go into the kitchen to grab some Dittany. When Ginny gave her the vial, Molly quickly uncorked it and dropped some of the potion on the glass cuts, but mostly the ones that had started to bleed. Next she poured some more Dittany on the cut on his cheek and neck, which sizzled slightly and Harry moaned softly, but did not wake. 


She then cleaned away the blood from the healed wounds, and moved down to his chest. Molly thought of removing his shirt herself, but asked Ginny instead too. Ginny obeyed her mother and quickly took off his blood-stained shirt. Molly knew that Harry was hit again with the Killing Curse for a second time before by Voldemort, but found herself surprised when she first saw the new lightening bolt shaped scar, right across his heart. 


She only saw two other cuts on his chest and arm, and knew he had one on his leg, but would wait until he was awake to heal that one. Molly quickly poured more Dittany on the two cuts and watched as it healed his skin instantly, she knew Harry was in pain from being held under the Cruciatus Curse several times, and decided to push that aside too until he awoke.


"He is going to be okay?" Hermione asked, her voice quivering.


"Yes, dear. He'll just have to take it easy for a couple of weeks, his body was held under the Cruciatus Curse for too long." Mrs. Weasley answered. "I think I got everything." She added.


"Did you get his leg?" Ron asked.


"I was going to wait to heal that that cut after he woke." She told her son.


"No, he told me that they broke his leg." Ron told her.


Molly nodded and went back to look over his legs. Sure enough, his one leg was in a unnatural position.


"Episky!" Mrs. Weasley muttered, her wand pointed at his broken leg.






Harry gasped at the sudden movement of his bone, and opened his eyes. Harry blinked several times as his eyes were shone to bright light, but finally subsided. He sat himself up on his elbows and got himself into the sitting position, feeling his arm muscles protest. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were two closest faces to Harry, and the most worried. He looked around the room some more and found the rest of the Weasley family. I'm free. Harry thought, in spite of himself. 


"How do you feel, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked him.


"Better. My leg doesn't hurt as much anymore, and the stinging is gone. But my muscles hurt like hell." Harry told her.


"How many times did they have you under the Cruciatus Curse, Harry?" Charlie asked curiously.


Harry flinched.


"I don't know. A lot." Harry answered him, a upset look coming across his face.


"Okay, dear. I need you to take it easy right now, can you do that for me?" Said Mrs. Weasley.


Harry nodded and slumped back onto the couch, feeling a slight pain in his chest. After affect. He thought.


"What time is it?" Harry asked, trying to look closer at the clock.


"A little after noon." George responded.


"How do you feel?" Hermione asked.


"I've been better." Harry answered, echoing his words from yesterday. 


Yesterday, he was taken only yesterday, and received the pain he had been in a mere few hours. Death Eater's will stop at nothing to get what they want. Harry thought inside his head. He saw out of the corner of his eyes Mrs. Weasley walk into the kitchen, and that Ginny moved closer to him, reaching out for his hand. Harry smiled and reached for her hand as well, feeling a calming sensation run throughout his body when their hands connected.


Harry looked back towards the kitchen, and hid a groan. Mrs. Weasley was walking towards him, with a goblet full of Soreness Relief potion. Chuckles ran throughout the room, seeing the look on Harry's face as he was handed the cup. Harry opened his mouth and poured the potion in, and quickly gave Mrs. Weasley the goblet back, then swallowed. The taste in his mouth was revolting. To Harry's confusion, Mrs. Weasley grabbed another potion out of her cloak pocket. 


"What is that?' Harry asked as she uncorked it.


"A Strengthening Solution, it'll help you get better." Mrs. Weasley replied.


Harry nodded and quickly drained the vial of potion. It wasn't bad, it tasted like Muggle cough syrup. To his utter surprise, he could feel the potion working instantly, and sat himself up more on the couch. His muscles still hurt, but they weren't as bad as before.


"Does anything else hurt that I didn't get to, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked him kindly.


"Just the cut on my leg." Harry answered, looking down at the wound.




Molly wavered her wand at the wound, making a hole in his pants where the wound was. Harry looked at it and was surprised to see how deep this one was. None of the other ones looked like it.


"Why is this one much deeper, Harry? Did he use a different spell?" Hermione asked, glancing at his leg.


"No, same curse. I think he was just getting frustration." Harry answered her.


"Why would he?" Ron asked.


"I wouldn't tell him anything." Harry told him, a smug look on his face.


To be honest, Harry was proud that he didn't crack. There were times he felt at any moment he would, but he never did.  Harry closed his eyes as Molly applied the Dittany, feeling a stinging sensation run in his leg.


"All done, dear." Mrs. Weasley told him.


"Thank you." Harry told her.


"Not a problem." She responded.


Molly walked back into the kitchen with Arthur, who just arrived back from the Ministry, talking quietly to each other.  Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all settled into a seat in the living room, starting up a random conversation. Harry had moved himself fully into the sitting position, making room for Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, who was sitting next to him. He kept her hand tightly in his, drawing comfort in it.


As the hour went by, Mrs. Weasley made everyone sandwiches' to eat in the living room. Ron had helped Harry into a fresh shirt and a new pair of Muggle jeans, and threw the old ones away. As Harry finished his bacon sandwich, he found himself trying to keep his open and listen to the conversation ringing throughout the room.


"Harry," Ginny finally said, "Just sleep."


Harry looked back at her and smiled, then leaned his head against the couch and fell asleep in seconds.


"He must of been dead tired." Ginny noted, looking at Harry's face.


"Yeah, I reckon he didn't get much sleep there." Ron added, grabbing another sandwich and taking a large bite out of it.


Hermione rolled her eyes at him with a disgusted look on her face, but Ginny was already used to Ron's gross eating habits.


"I didn't know how weak he was until he collapsed after Apperating." Hermione said, looking towards Harry.




"Do you think there might be anything else wrong with him? I mean, do you think the Death Eaters could of used different spells?" Ginny asked.


"I don't think so. Just the Cutting Curses, and The Cruciatus Curse. Harry would of mentioned anything else." Hermione responded.




Ginny nodded and looked backed towards Harry. He looked relaxed, something she hardly ever saw. Harry was usually tense and alert, even after the war. He had every reason to be, with everything he went through. Ginny pushed these thoughts out her mind, gave Harry's hand a squeeze, and started to talk to Ron and Hermione about Quidditch. Hermione got bored after five minutes, and started up a conversation with Molly about house-hold spells.




Harry slowly opened his eyes as he felt someone pulling at him. He looked up and saw Ron and George were trying to pick him up.


"What are you two doing?" He asked drowsily.


"Getting you into your room. It's already eight, mate." George told him.




Harry yawned and nodded. With help from Ron and George, he got up from the couch and looked around. Arthur, Charlie, and Percy were still in the living room, he could hear Molly in the kitchen, Bill must of left to Shell Cottage, and he could see Ginny and Hermione walking outside. 


"I got it here, George." Ron told his brother, with his hand on Harry's arm.


George nodded and muttered a goodnight to Harry, then went back on the couch he was sitting on moments ago.


"You don't have to help me, Ron." Harry told his friend.


"I know. But mum said your still weak, and might need some help. Those stairs will be pretty hard to get up." Ron told him.


"You make feel like a old person." Harry muttered as Ron helped him up the stairs.


"You could pass for one." Ron joked.


"Git." Harry muttered under his breath.


Harry quickly found Ron was right, it was harder getting up the stairs than he thought it would be. His legs felt weak by the time they made it to the landing of his and Ginny's room, and the pain in his chest he felt earlier returned. Ron opened the door and led Harry to the bed, and let go as Harry laid himself in the bed. Harry took his glasses off and set them on the nightstand next to him.


Ron went over and started to shut the curtains and shut off one of the lamps as the pain Harry had felt in his chest flare uncomfortably. It blinded him with it's intensity, and Harry was alarmed when he thought he tasted blood in his mouth. But his world become suddenly dark, and knew no more.


Ron came over and shut the lamp off by Harry, and saw he was already asleep. Bugger sleep's like the dead. Ron thought. He grabbed a small blanket off the end of the bed and threw it over Harry.


"Night, mate." Ron muttered and went to turn his head.


Ron did a double take and looked back towards Harry. He thought he could see something dark on the side of his mouth.






"Harry?" Ron asked.


No response. Ron quickly walked over towards Harry and pulled his face upward. His eyes widened as he saw blood dripping out of his mouth.


"Merlin. MUM! Ron shouted as loud as he could.


He started shaking Harry's shoulder's vigorously and desperately.


"Wake up, mate!" Ron told him, panic clear in his voice.


Harry wouldn't wake.






Another Cliff-hanger! I've noticed I have been doing that a lot lately. I know this chapter isn't very long, but it got to the point I wanted it to be at. R&R!



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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Fifteen: Healing Outside


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