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Running Away is Easy, it's finding your way back that's hard by HpGirl1
Chapter 8 : Feelings
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Hey guys! Thanks for reading and please take the time to review to let me know how you like this chapter! Thanks and enjoy chapter 8!

Chapter 8


            “Hello Rose.”

            Rose spun around and saw Mr. Malfoy behind her; she sighed with relief but stopped halfway. Should she be relieved? “Hi, Mr. Malfoy. How are you doing today?”

            “Fine, thank you and you?”

            “Fine.” Rose paused. “How’s Scorpius?”

            “Good. He just woke up.” Draco was surprised at how much the little redhead looked like a mix of her mother and father. The red hair and eyes were obviously from her father and the hair type was her mothers. But that was it really. The girl’s personality was just like Hermione’s, it was amazing.

            “You know, Mrs. Malfoy was just at our place.”

            “Yeah, I know.”         

            Silence fell between the two. Rose finished up taking out the laundry that was soaking wet. Draco dried them for her and said goodbye. Just as Rose was about to walk out Hermione ran in exclaiming, “What’s taking so long?” Then she saw Draco in there and paused. She nudged Rose to leave and said, “Wait. You dried them that fast?”

            Rose shook her head and gestured to Draco. “No, Mr. Malfoy did it for me.”

            Hermione’s mouth formed an o with surprise. “Guilty,” Draco raised his hands in surrender.

            “Well, thank you then. That was kind of you.” She watched Draco nod and turn back to his work. He heard the footsteps go away and he sighed. Hermione was beautiful. He remembered her when she showed up at the Yule Ball in their fourth year with Krum. She was absolutely stunning. Her hair in an elegant knot…those pink robes…. Stop Draco. You’re married now. He sighed….this was going to be a very long life ahead of him.


            All the way up the stairs, Hermione was bothering Rose about what Draco had said to her and if he was nice to her.

            “Yes, Mum! He was very nice! VERY NICE. Should I say it again?!” Rose dropped the basket of dry clothes on the floor and stomped to her room with the things she wanted in her hand.

            Hermione sighed. Draco Malfoy nice to her daughter? She had to see this to believe it and that’s exactly what she did. She grabbed a shirt from her room and threw a staining spell on it and flew down the stairs. She reached the basement and saw the light in the laundry room still on. She tiptoed toward the room and peered inside. Draco was still doing his laundry, he noticed eyes on his back and turned around, and there was the girl he wanted to stay away from. He silently wondered if he had a sign on his head that said ‘HERE I AM.’

            Draco curtsied his head and said coolly, “Hermione.

            “Draco, how are you?”          

            Still turned around, Draco said, “You mean since you last saw? Fine. Maybe you overheard me talking to your daughter.”

            “Actually, I’m not much of an eavesdropper, I’m more of a…..let’s say……..know it all maybe?” Draco didn’t answer her so Hermione continued talking. “Why were you so nice to Rose?”

            Draco chuckled, but refused to turn around and face her. “Just because I pick on you doesn’t mean I have to pick on your daughter, who just so happens to be a child. Now, explain to me, how would it look if a grown man was picking on a 10 year old girl? Huh?”

            “Well, I just wanted to thank you…for being kind to her.”

            Draco turned his head halfway around, so she only saw the half of his face, and smirked. “No problem.” Hermione smirked back at him and caught Draco off guard. “Looks like someone learned a bit from their master.”

            Hermione snorted, but she had to admit, it was hard not to crack a smile. “Master? I think you’ve got the wrong girl.”

            Draco’s face suddenly became very serious. “What’s that supposed to inquire?”

            Hermione shrugged, she really didn’t feel like starting a fight with him, she was still worn out from the night before. “Nothing, I’m not your wife so you aren’t my master. That’s all.”

            Draco cocked an eyebrow even though Hermione wouldn’t be able to see it. “Are you sure that’s what you meant?”

            Hermione smiled her happy smile and said brightly, “Positive.”

            Draco smiled, knowing Hermione wouldn’t notice and continued to fumble with the buttons on the washing machine, or whatever it’s called. Hermione stepped closer and closer to him to see what he was doing.

            “Need a little help over there?” Hermione asked, peering over his shoulder. Draco nudged her farther away from him and she seemed hurt.

            “No….” Draco said as he continued to press random buttons and pour random bottles in the circle where his clothes lay.

            Hermione reluctantly back away from him and into one of the walls, she leaned against it and said, “I see you still don’t like when people try and help you.”

            Draco stopped what he was doing and put his head against the machine of doom. “Bloody hell, why even have a whatcha-ma-call-it in this house if this is a wizarding community!”

            Hermione closed her eyes and explained why the machine was in a wizard’s home. “Draco, you do know that people aren’t fully wizards right? Some are like….me. They’re Muggleborns and Half Bloods, they know how to use a washing machine, unlike Purebloods. Some of us don’t want to lose that Muggle blood in side of us. So that’s why this is here, for those who don’t want to lose their Muggleness.”         

            Draco barely heard anything she said, he was mesmerized by her voice. He was in a trance until the angel’s voice stopped. “Oh,” Draco made out in the end.

            Hermione sighed and began to get frustrated, she knew he didn’t listen to her speech so she pushed him aside, pressed some buttons and watched the clothes get cleaned. “You’re welcome,” Hermione said bitterly.

            Draco stared at Hermione and realized how pretty she looked when she was mad. Her eyes would get darker and her face would become flushed. Draco looked away. ‘Thank you…I guess.”

            “You guess?” Hermione said.

            Draco didn’t know what to do so he became entranced at how the washing machine worked. It was amazing how these Muggle devices actually worked better than magic. With magic, there was always a catch if you used it. Something would always go wrong.

            Again, Hermione sighed and said, “I guess things will never be normal with you and me. I just wish they were.” She began to walk away, but was stopped by a hard metallic voice.

            “Petrificus totalus.” The spell Draco used stopped Hermione on the spot and made her still. She started to tip over, but Draco caught the frozen figure propped it up against the wall. “Geesh, Granger you need to learn Look Granger. I don’t think at any given time that things will ever be the same. You said so yourself last night, I did horrible things to you that you’ll never get over. End of story.” He watched Hermione struggle for words. He quickly unfroze her and held out his hand to help her get up. She eyed the hand, but then grabbed it in the end. He yanked her up hard and she flew up against his chest. “Gosh, you’re freezing.” Hermione looked at him, but he still made no attempt to let go of her.

            “Um……” Hermione said, throwing her eyes to Draco’s chest and then back to his face.

            The surprise on his face caught Hermione off guard and he flicked her roughly backwards into the washing machine. He watched as she groaned when her back hit the machine and felt suddenly bad for her. But she caught him to it, “It’s fine, really.” Draco nodded and put his hands in his jeans pockets; he stared awkwardly down at the floor.

            Hermione said, “Well, um… bye then.” She walked past him, but paused and said, “Have a nice night. Say hello to Astoria and Scorpius for me. Oh and you stop the washing machine by pressing ‘stop’.”

            “Good to know.”

            She then scurried out of the room and left Draco alone. The only sound to be made was from the washing machine and his own beating heart. But then he suddenly realized something. She hadn’t washed the shirt she came down with.


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