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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 28 : James Potter
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 Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Oh Oliver I can’t believe how much you’ve grown” said Hermione Weasley as she hugged me tightly as Hugo, Rose, Jack & I finally reached their house “It was only July when I last saw you, your easily about an inch taller than I remember” Ron eventually got her to stop banging on about my height and greeted me in the usual Ron Weasley way; a quick handshake before he made himself scarce and sat in front of the television (because Wizards have those now). Hermione made a fuss of Jack as well who had turned a bit shy and kept near me at all times, Hermione & Ron always insisted Jack and I call them by their first names and had been like surrogate parents to Jack and I the past few years

“Now I was going to put Jack in the spare room” said Hermione as she, Hugo, Jack and I made our way up the staircases with our bags “But Hugo insisted that you could all go in his; so one of you will be in the top bunk bed and I’ve made up a small camp bed for whoever wants that”. Jack gave me his puppy dog eye look which told me I’d be sleeping on the small camp bed for the next two weeks; Hugo winked at me in amusement as Hermione told me, once again, that I was now far too tall for her liking

Hugo’s bedroom was what you’d typically expect from Hugo; it was a damn mess most of the time but as he’d been away for three months it was actually reasonably tidy when we arrived there. Whilst most of his cousins rooms were plastered in Quidditch posters and memorabilia Hugo’s was instead made up of his favourite bands both wizard and muggle, he also had a fish named Nemo after the fish from the film and a picture board of all of his friends. I went over to it and laughed at how bad my hair was in second year, it looked as if I’d used up the whole world’s supply of hair gel single handidly.

“I cannot believe you still have these bunk beds” I said as we began to unpack “I mean seriously Hugo, you’re gonna be 17 in a few weeks’ time is it not time for a change”

“No way” said Hugo sounding outraged “These things are cool aren’t they Jack?” he finished directing the question at my younger brother who nodded enthusiastically as he made himself at home. As Hugo and Jack began to play a game of Call of Duty once we had finished unpacking I decided I would begin my letter to Abi who had told me she wanted me to write to her at least every day; it was clear she was quite worried that Lily and I would be in contact pretty much every day for the next two weeks. Hugo, Ben and Ryan thought it was a bit much especially considering they were writing to their significant others every couple of days. Alice thought it was fair enough and again warned me not to trust Lily

Hey babe,

Just arrived at Hugo’s and fully unpacked now. Hope you’re having a good-time in Sweden or wherever you are with you parents; I bet its snowier there than it is here but Britain’s giving it a good old go this year it’s freezing. I’m sending your present with this letter as I’ll likely forget to if I don’t do it now. Hope you enjoy it

Lots of love,


P.S.: Please don’t worry too much about Lily, I’ll keep out of her way if it’s what you really want”

As I attached my letter to the Weasley’s owl (there is no way mine could get to the centre of Europe without dropping dead in the ocean) I sighed. Maybe the guys were right, maybe Abi was being too demanding of me. She didn’t know that I kissed Lily twice, both of which she initiated, so as far as I knew she had no real reason to be suspicious. I decided soon to stop agonising over it as Hermione came over

“You’re not your usual chatty self-love” she said placing a hand on my shoulder “You know you can tell Ron or I if you have any problems, is it your dad?” Thanks to Lily all the adult members of the Potter/Weasley clan, including James, Teddy and Victorie, were all aware of my dad’s illness which is why I suppose they are always more than happy to have Jack and I stayed for quite long periods of time. I was at first angry with Lily for telling them but I soon realized she did it for my own good, I was too focused on it and trying to cope with it all on my own and I really needed some help. In my eyes, the whole Potter/Weasley family are just as much my family as mum, Jack and dad are

“Oh it’s nothing to do with that” I assured Hermione who gave me a kind smile “Hermione, you can keep a secret for me can’t you?”

“Oh course I can sweetheart” she returned with a comforting smile “Now, what is it that’s on your mind?”

“I kissed Lily” I said surprising myself at how easily it all came out “My girlfriend, Abi, doesn’t know about it. Or at least I don’t thinks she does, but she’s been acting quite strangely since Lily and I started talking again”

Hermione looked angry initially but soon realized how worried about the whole thing I was and patted my arm “Look” she began “Everyone has thought you and Lily belonged together for years, but this isn’t the right way to go about it. If you want to be Lily you need to dump Abi, it’s not fair on anyone of you”

“That’s not my point” I sighed “I don’t know if I want to be with Lily anymore, I used to think of nothing else but now… I just don’t feel the same way about her”

“And Abi, what about her?” asked Hermione “It may surprise you to know but I was once a teenager and I can relate to this. In our sixth year Ron dated this absolute dumb bimbo called Lavender Brown, just as I realized I had feelings for him and it was hell, pure hell. But we got through it and look at us now”

“I want to be with Abi” I continued “I like being with her, she’s a little bit high maintenance at times but I really love her”

“Well it sounds as if you’ve made a decision yourself” said Hermione kindly

“What about Abi though?” I asked “Should I tell her what happened between Lily and I? Because it doesn’t seem right keeping secrets”

“That’s you call Oliver” she said getting up “If you think that Abi knowing is for the best then you should tell her, relationships can’t survive without honesty. I would tell her if I were you”. I smiled and thanked Hermione for the talk before sitting down next to Jack as he, Hugo and Ron played a video game. Rose sat in the corner flicking through a gossip magazine, which featured James on the front as per usual, looking quite unimpressed. Hermione came over and perched on Rose’s chair

“So what are we doing tonight dad” Hugo asked a few hours later as we sat down for dinner in the kitchen. Two big sacks of presents had arrived from mum for Jack and I clearly intended as some kind of ‘I can’t be there so enjoy these presents instead’. I’d have rather had mum to be honest but I wasn’t going to complain.

“There’s a charity Quidditch match on we’re going to” said Ron between mouthfuls. Almost “James’s team are playing, it’s raising money for St. Mungo’s so I told Harry we’d meet him and his lot down there for it”

I was excited to see James, Ginny and Harry again and I always liked seeing Al but I was suddenly aware that keeping away from Lily was going to be harder than I had intended

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