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I'm Nott in Love With Potter by MaryOlivia
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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 Credit to LOUD@TDA for the brilly CI!!

(Frncisco Lachowski as James PotterII)



Got a good chance with you-know-who. You know the drill. I broke up with you.


I know me and Scorpius weren’t in what most would call a conventional relationship but that letter still stung and on top of the whole ordeal at his house with him not saying ‘I miss you too’ thing, I was pretty down in the downtrodden. Admitting I did actually like him… in that way to myself was hard but when I found myself bursting into tears at his heartless letter I knew it couldn’t be anything else. Also the fact he didn’t even regard us as friends is a little depressing, an emotion that doesn't bode well with me.

Oh and yeah he refers to her in code in letters because if anyone else read them they’d know he was crazy. (You-know-who is Rose.)

Due to my whole I-hate-Scorpius-Malfoy attitude I had going on I obviously told Ash I broke up with him. He was overjoyed, along with Ryan who actually hugged me before he realised who he was hugging and ran away, probably to shower.

Then I preceded to owl the girls and tell them the deal, who all then assured me that, after they got the letter, they left his house in a dramatic way, telling his mother he took advantage of me, again. She wasn't too happy, and when I say 'not too happy' I mean she probably shouted at him which I was sad I missed. And that was that, we were over for the third time we had been together.


“Come on Annie darling, I know you’re heartbroken but we need to get going or we’ll miss the Portkey!” My mother called back in a sing-song voice as we trudged up the steep hill to meet the Potters.

“We could’ve Apparated!” I called back from the back of the group as I trudged moodily behind them.

“Hurry up you lazy bitch!” came from Ryan who had obviously gotten over his joy and was back to being… well, a bitch.

My other brother, the kind, noble one, slowed his steps so he was next to me.

“Come on Annie!” He cheered in his quiet voice. He put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me along with him, pulling at my lips with his free hand to try and make me smile. I hate to admit it, but it worked as a begrudging smile made its way onto my moody face. “I’ll beat him up for you if you want?”

“Scorpius? Nah, I wouldn’t want you to loose your fist virginity.”

“What makes you think I haven’t lost it?”

“Oh, so who did you punch?”



“Like an hour ago.”


“He made you sad; I don’t like you being sad.”

“Ash!” I breathed, feeling oddly touched. “You didn’t have to do that!”

“What are twins for? Come on, we’re gonna be late. The Potters are already there!” He exclaimed, grabbing my hand and pulling me the last few meters up where the Portkey lay.


It was a sock. A long one at that. Really long. Like giant long. Probably so we could all hold it… but Jesus was it long!

“Right so there’s still five minutes left…” I shot a well angled glare at my mother who dutifully ignored me and walked over to have a very dramatic hug with Mrs Potter. I glanced around the hilltop surrounded by trees, looking at all the Potters.

Albus Potter was sporting a very nice bruise on his face, more specifically his eye to which he was gingerly touching, wincing in pain. When he caught me looking he sent me a glare/sarcastic smile, probably hating me for the punch and laughing at me for the harsh breakup. He then tore his gaze away from mine as his little sister Lily came charging at him with what looked like lipstick. I couldn’t help the smile that slipped on my downcast face as she poked it on his bruise. He, of course, started shouting at her.

“Adorable aren’t they?” a voice asked. I looked up, not recognizing it as I’ve only spoken to this idiot once.

“Ah, James, I wondered when id bump into you again.”

“Your brother tells me you didn’t know we were going on holiday together.”

“I’m glad I’m hot topic when your together but if you could refrain bitching about me, it would be greatly appreciated.”

“Then I shall bitch all day long.” I rolled my eyes at his slightly nonsensical response, choosing not to reply. “You know what I think of you-.”

“I do but I don’t know why. It’s not me who killed muggles. And anyway, if you knew anything about me you'd know I hate my family as much as you do.”

“But I don’t want that to get in the way of a good holiday and as my mum told me to be nice to you; I’d rather not get into this.” He explained in a very monotonous voice, not daring to look at me, ignoring everything I said.

I just had to laugh at the pain in his voice, having to get on with me, a Slytherin and to top it all off, the descendant to some real twats.


There's really only one word to describe the hotel when you first step into it.


The second we landed, I pulled my mother to one side and she told me we were in Jamaica. I had been to this hotel many times before as it was one of the few specifically for wizards and witches, so it was pretty dumb of me to not guess we were coming here, but it had been a year or so since the last time, due to circumstances I rarely share. It was exactly as I remembered it and I couldn’t wait to see if my holiday friends were here. It was boiling and with the rarity of wind I thought I was going to drown in a puddle of my own sweat.

Yeah, I know, attractive.

And then there was the hotel. Absolutely massive, brightly coloured building looking more like it deserves a place in Balamory, a muggle kids show.  It was on the sea front, a private beach just for the guests with the beautiful sand glistening in the sun. And then there were the pools. Two other pools and a Jacuzzi were also in the hotel with bar, performance place, and a bunch of other things, like the game room to where Ash scuttled off to once we were checked in.

James and Al seemed completely unfazed by it all and as I knew they had never been there they must’ve been drugged or drunk because something this beautiful can not be ignored.

Lily was wading into the sea until the water rose to her stomach and back out again, throwing sand into James and Albus’ hair. I couldn’t help but compare to what my brothers would've done if I had done that. Ryan probably would’ve punched me.

We wandered up to our rooms, Ash appearing quietly beside us, all choosing where we wanted to sleep. Also, strangely and very conveniently (with the slip of a couple of galleons from James) the Notter children are on literally the other side of the hotel.

The rooms have massive, not very comfortable double beds that I can lie on comfortably even when my whole body is stretched apart. There’s plenty of wardrobe space and a massive mirror above a small sofa on the left of the room. There’s an en-suite bathroom in each room as well which is badly lit, annoyingly enough.

The only unfortunate thing in this whole situation is the balconies. I mean yeah, the view is beautiful with the sea, sand, and the bright, beautiful sun etcetera but just to the right of me is the thing that’s like the bird shit on a brand new car, like the periods to babies if you get what I mean. James Potter. You see, the balconies are very stupidly made so that the barriers between the rooms is only waist high meaning you can easily jump over and/or see the person next to you if your both out there.

I mean it’s not all bad I suppose. On my left I have Albus Potter.

Yeah that was sarcasm. Could it get any worse?

Lily’s on the right of James and on the right of her is Ash meaning on the left of Albus is Ryan.

“I’m going to the club Ash!” I screamed over all the heads of the Notters (I’m so clever). I don’t actually think he heard me but I still ran through the balcony doors, slamming them behind me. I grabbed my key card and slipped it into my pocket, slamming the door behind me to make sure it closed properly.


I had been walking for around two minutes when I realised I wasn’t alone.

“So, where are we going?”

“Stop pestering me. We’re not going anywhere; I’m going to my club.”

“Ooh, your club. This sounds interesting, what type is it?”

“Singing.” I replied shortly, rolling my eyes at his persistence. He looked slightly confused at my answer so I decided to clear it up for his simple mind. “Look ass-face, it’s not a club-club that you go to to smoke drugs and shag girls, it’s a club that clears my mind, helps with my... problems," I ventured, not sure how to phrase all the shit I deal with, "And it’s a club which is away from all my Hogwarts friends… and frenemies in your case.”

“Ooh we’re frenemies now are we? Since when did that happen?”

“Jesus Christ!” I growled, quickening my pace. I noticed he was still following me as all my surroundings swirled past me, the bright colours merging to one. We trotted down the staircase, the walls feeling like they would close around me any minute.

Wow. Can you imagine that though? Spending your last minutes with someone you can’t stand. I knew he kept looking at me, probably wondering why I was so upset, so sad, so angry all at once but I never said a word for a word would be an invitation to him and I am all out of those for trust is given to easily where I am concerned. Succumbed to trust and naivety I’ve fallen into many traps, with my family and mainly boys who think I’m a complete tramp.

You see, I kissed this one boy in Hufflepuff who I thought genuinely liked me but apparently he was just doing it to get back at Scorpius, low and behold someone genuinely like me. Of course, as I am obviously an adulterer I will shag any boy. I hope you caught the sarcasm in there as I am still a virgin, the only one left actually which seems slightly depressing seeing as even Garland, a social hermit, can get some action whereas I have no chance.

We passed many tourists, many of whom recognizing James but not me, no never me, not the evil girl. Papers do write about me but its mostly Witch Weekly commenting on how much weight I’ve put on (not helpful) and in about a week it’ll be the fact me and Twatasaurus broke up. I don’t understand how they find it interesting. Anyway. The people can’t seem to let go what the Nott’s did. I mean sure, it was pretty bad and stuff but its not like I go round calling people mudbloods and cursing every muggle I see. 

“Everyone hates you.” I huffed angrily as we passed the pool, the sun’s refection bouncing off the water. It was oddly calm, nobody in or around it, if Potter wasn’t with me it would’ve been nice.

“Quite the contrary actually.”

“I mean at the club smartarse.” I snapped rolling my eyes at his overblown ego.

“That is so fascinating. I really care what people I don’t know think about me.”

“Jesus Christ.” I grumbled again, staring at my refection in the pool as we walked past it rather than having to look at his ugly mop hair.

“Close, but no. I’m James Potter, you know, the handsome Gryffindor.” I didn’t think anyone could be snarkier than Ash's friends but apparently you can be if your last name is Potter.

“If I die now, just know that I really don’t like you.”

“Thanks.” He laughed sarcastically shoving his hand into his pocket. He used his other hand to reach up and pull a leaf from the tree above and started ripping it apart which really, really annoyed me.

I started making a pros and cons list in my head of James Potter coming to the club and to see if he really was as bad as I thought. It went something like this:



(Side Note: I don’t know how I know his middle name)


- He doesn’t know my middle name

- He has no blackmail on me (so far) and so can’t get on my nerves that much.

- I’ve known him for about an hour and he hasn’t insulted me

- I’ve heard he’s funny

- I’ve also heard that if he likes you he buys you things

- He knows next to nothing about last year



- He’s in Gryffindor

- He’s very annoying

- He’s walking next to me

- He’s alive

- In the hour I’ve known him he’s made me say ‘Jesus Christ’ about four times

- He hasn’t made any good jokes

- He hasn’t brought me anything

“Fine! I’ll take the bait. Why do they hate me?”

“Because you’re a pompous twat.”

“I said why do they hate me, not you.” That one actually made me laugh because it was slightly true. But I held it down, powering on with me monotonous expression, and seeing as he made me laugh, that’s one con crossed off.

“I thought we established I don’t hate you.” I replied as we reached the entrance of the club.

“Oh, yeah sorry, just intensely dislike.” He was smirking that famous Potter smirk that recently came about. It’s actually a trend. Garland said to me two days before we left that the Slytherins in the year about (the evil ones) had tripped her over and flashed an ‘evil Potter smirk’, Nora wasn’t happy about that classification and told her that if she used it again she'd feed her to the lions. You don’t want that happening because ‘the lions’ is just the Slytherin code for the Gryffindors.

“Well, we’re here. Feel free to follow me but don’t get mad when I say ‘I told you so’.” I muttered loud enough for him to hear, swinging the plain door open to complete silence.


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Edited - 26/04 - I just changed it slightly to make it better, I'll be doign the same with the other haters as well and then when I'm done witht that I'll start a new one, promiseeee! xx

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