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Harry Potter and the life after the war. by scottieclark
Chapter 7 : Reopening and trials
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Ginny Weasley - Friday July 31st, 1998

“Mum, we have to get the cake in the oven before 2pm, or it wont be ready in time” yelled Ginny from the kitchen.

“I have made thousands of birthday cakes Gin, I know what time the cake has to go in by” replied Molly from the living room. The two witches were trying to get everything ready for Harry’s 18th birthday, Both Ron and Harry were banned from the Burrow for the duration of the afternoon, and were over at George’s helping him with some surprise he had for everyone. Hermione was over at her parents new home. They had just purchased their new home only two weeks ago, and finally had gotten everything moved in to the place only last week, she had been over their more and more frequently trying to help settle her parents.

Once the Grangers found their new home, they insisted on taking Mr and Mrs Weasley out to dinner in London, much to Mrs Weasley’s insistence it was not necessary. All four of them had a wonderful time in Muggle London with only a few mistakes of using magic in close proximity to Muggles.

“Alright I’m here, lets get this cake in the oven, we still have to get Bill and Fleur over here to help set up the gazebo outside. How many people do we think are coming?”

“Well I only invited our friends, and a few teachers at Hogwarts, and some of the Order… fifty maybe?”

“Ok, well we have enough food for at least a hundred, and Percy said he would bring over Butterbeer and Firewhiskey around seven. So I think all we can do it wait for Bill and Fleur to arrive. Why don’t we relax and have some tea” suggested Molly, who was hoping to have to very valuable Mother-Daughter time.

It had been awhile since the two had a few hours to just talk to each other, with Harry, Ron and Hermione being back, the two young couples spent as much time as possible with each other. Harry, and Ron’s letter had already arrived from the Auror Department asking for both teenagers to arrive at Level Two of the Ministry of Magic on September 1st at 12pm. Only two hours after Hermione, Ginny, and Molly would be leaving for Hogwarts. Under the explicit instructions of Molly, Hermione had not told Ginny that Molly would be teaching at Hogwarts this year, After the hellish year she had last time she was at Hogwarts, Molly was excited to surprise her, and secretly be able to watch over her. She would not let anyone harm her daughter like they did last year. She had felt like such a terrible mother after she found out what had happened to Ginny when she came back for Easter Break. It was only luck that Bill told them to go into hiding first before Molly would have tried to convince Arthur to leave his post at the Ministry. She remembered that terrible day like it was yesterday.

“MUM!” Bill screamed so loudly as he aparated on the grounds of the Burrow “DAD!” Never had Molly heard her Eldest and second most reserved child scream in such a state of panic “Fleur take the back entrance I’ll go into the front” Moll was now scared, as Bill and Fleur were both here clearly terrified. The Weasley’s must have been found out. Something must have happened to Ron… If anything happened to him, no Death Eater would be protected from her wrath. She had already grabbed her wand as Arthur tore down the stairs as three more ‘pops’ could be heard.

“Mum! Thank Merlin. Get everyone together. Where is Ginny? The Wards of fallen, Ron, Harry and Hermione were captured last night. Hurry. Death Eaters” Bill rambled faster then she had ever heard him talk.

“Molly ze Death Zeaters are ‘ere. We mus’ hurry, The three youngins turned up at zee cottage last night, ‘Ermione had been tortured, zee Malfoy’s know Ron was weeth zem” Fleur spurted out equally as fast as Bill. Ginny, and Arthur were already down stairs as the three Death Eaters burst down the door of the Burrow.

“Sectemsempra!” Screamed the Death Eater who pointed his wand at Molly before she could even react, but Fleur’s shield came up in time to protect her from the dark curse, as both Bill, Fleur and Arthur began duelling the three intruders.

“Molly floo to zee Aunt Muriel’s immediately, protect Ginny!” Fleur screamed, as she blocked two more curses aimed for her family, while Molly grabbed Ginny and ran to the fireplace and screamed ‘Muriel’s Estate!”.

It had felt like several days had passed as Molly had to restrain Ginny from running back into the fireplace to go help her family. It pained Molly to no end to sit their and watch that fireplace hoping her family would come tumbling out of it. If anything happened to them she would forever feel guilty. Aunt Muriel had been their the whole time. Never in Molly’s entire life had she ever seen Muriel look so worried, and be so quiet for such a long period of time. Just as Molly was about to go back through the fireplace, two of her middle children cam tumbling out of it.

“FRED! GEORGE! What?!” Molly was confused as these two were not at the Burrow with them, and Muriel’s Floo Network was not set up to take visitors from anywhere except the Burrow.

“We got Fleur’s Patronus saying that an attack was expected on the Burrow and get to Aunt Muriel’s immediately. But we couldn’t let Bill and Fleur have all the fun, so we went to the Burrow and helped them and dad finish off the Death Eaters before coming here. The three are just grabbing a few things before they join us”

“OH THANK MERLIN” Molly had never been so relieved in her entire life”


“Oh sorry honey, just thinking of last Easter…”

“We all got out OK, and nobody was injured, so stop thinking about it.” stressed Ginny

“Well enough of that, why don’t we talk about some more, interesting things”

And with that statement the two women went into a lengthy discussion in all things related to family and friends. They talked about how Ron and Hermione were doing wonderfully together, Molly was so happy to be able to add another daughter in-law to her children, they discussed Percy, and Charlie and their new jobs in the Ministry and ICW, both witches were very proud of Charlie on an amazing accomplishment. Talked about Bill and Fleur and how much Molly wanted them to start having a family, how they both deserved so much happiness after so much sorrow. George and how he was doing came up for a bit of time. Both were concerned since their was still no set date on when the WWW would reopen its doors to the wizarding world, and how worried they were about him as he tended to keep to himself more and more over the past few weeks. And lastly of course about her and Harry. Molly was absolutely relieved when both promised not to rush into anything, they had both bought a house, and as of yet Ginny kept her promise and didn’t try to move out of the Burrow. Both Harry and Ginny were still staying at the Burrow as the two were still decorating their house.

Their conversation was interrupted by the sounds of three ‘pop’ “Bill and Fleur shouldn’t be here this early” Whispered Ginny

“Ginny get to the fireplace and be ready to floo out of here. No arguments.” Molly urgently whispered as she grabbed her wand as slowly went into a position of attack. When Bill opened the door and walked in cautiously as he didn’t want to scare his mother. “What was my nickname for you when you were younger!?” Molly said with her wand pointed at Bills neck as he walked through the door.

“Billywilly…” Bill said quietly

“MY GOD CHILD YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH! Why did you not use the floo network like we discussed! Who else is out--”

“Hi Mum” Charlie announced as he stepped out from behind Fleur.

“CHARLIE!” Molly screamed as she ran to hug him

“He gets a hug while I get a wand pointed at me?” Bill whispered to Fleur, but Molly heard

“He gets a hug cause he didn’t scare me half to death! You know I hate the sounds of apparition on this property. I heard enough of it during the war” Molly exclaimed teary eyed. She new it was unreasonable but it still made her go into ‘Fight or Flight mode’. After the war both Bill, and Minerva put up the strongest wards available on the Burrow, everything short of the Fidelous Charm. If anyone unwanted came to the Burrow and tried to attack all the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione included, and the Ministry would be alerted. “Charlie, what brings you back”

“Well I hear that my baby sister’s boyfriends birthday party is tonight. Had to make sure he didn’t try any funny business” Charlie said as he and Bill laughed

“I SWEAR IF YOU TRY TO DO ANY SUCH THING ILL HIT YOU WITH THE WORST BAT BOGEY HEX EVER” Ginny who had come back from the fireplace said screamed brandishing her wand and pointing it at Charlie screamed.

“Bill, Charlie before you zannoy your youngest sibling anzymore, I suggest you two go zet up zee gazzeebo” Fleur stated looking like she was indeed taking Ginny’s side.

“Uh.. Good idea, lets get out of here Char” Bill said quickly

After quickly catching up with Fleur, the three Weasley women made their way to begin last minute preparations before Harry, Ron, and Hermione made their way back from where they were.

The fireplace erupted in green flames, as Hermione Granger stepped out of it and wiped herself off, and made her way into the kitchen to be greeted by Molly, Ginny, and Fleur. Hermione’s parents house had been set up to travel to the Burrow only. Once Hermione was finished school and her and Ron bought a house the floo would be reconnected to Hermione’s place. “Hello” Hermione called out to the house as she walked into the kitchen where she was greeted by thee Weasley Women.

“Ermione! How are you?” Fleur asked as she hugged her young friend.

“Just got back from helping my parents unpack the rest of their things. For some reason they didn’t want me using magic to do the job faster… Weird. Right?” Hermione asked, Since Hermione essentially left the Muggle world when she was eleven, she had never truly grown up not depending some sort on magic.

“That is weird. So they did everything the hard way?”

“Yea it was rather annoying to be honest, but they would like to ask you to come to their house on Sunday for dinner”

“They don’t need to do that” Stressed Molly

“But the want to, they said that if you were available this Sunday, and if so to floo over to their place” Hermione told Molly

“Well you can tell your parents, that we will meet them at their home around 6pm” Molly said.

The two made plans, then proceeded towards the kitchen to wait for Ron and Harry to make it back from George’s shop with George and Angelina. The party was now waiting for the four to arrive, they were to floo from the WWW. The entire Weasley family, as well as the professors, DA members, and other friends were all waiting outside for the arrival of the four.

Harry Potter - July 31st

“Harry we have to get going, Mum wants us at the Burrow for you party”

“I told her not to throw me a party, we are just having a family get together, that’s all”

“Then lets go, Angelina has already left so we should catch up”

“Ron. George. Seriously there better not be a party when we get their” Harry exclaimed

“We know. Now lets go” Said George as he grabbed a handful of floo powder and vanished to the burrow with Harry and Ron right behind him.

As the came out of the other end of the fireplace Ron told Harry “Everyone is outside, come on” as he left the Burrow to the outside, with Harry right behind him.

“Where is everyo--”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” Screamed everyone who had disillusionment charms on them as they were lifted.

Harry was utterly speechless he opened and closed his mouth a couple times trying to form words. For the past week he had insisted that he truly did not want a Birthday Party, but all of his friends, his adoptive family, were here. He saw Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, members of the DA, members of the OotP, and all the Weasleys were all here, and of course his two best friends and the love of his life. “Thank….Thank you so much everyone…” Harry started but couldn’t finish what he had to say, he was overwhelmed. He was having flashbacks of the Battle of Hogwarts, and all the dead friends that he would never see again, he couldn’t understand why everyone was celebrating his birthday since he was responsible for their deaths.

“Hermione what is going on?!” Ginny screamed as she watched Harry collapse, as Ron ran over to grab him before he hit the ground. Hermione was standing over at a table when the surprised them ran over to where Harry was now laying on the floor and ran her wand over him.

“It looks like he is unconscious…” Hermione stated “ Rennervate” she said while she pointer her wand at him, Ginny was on the ground opposite to Hermione with Ron by his head, all the family and friends were gathered around worried for their fallen hero/friend.

Harry began to stir, and everyone took a huge sigh of relief “Alright everyone give him space, give him space” Molly stated as she conjured a chair for him to sit on as he regained his awareness.

“M..Mrs..Weasley?” Harry said as he slowly regained consciousness. “What happened”

“Oh honey, we think that you became overwhelmed with everything…” Molly started to say. She had a rough idea what was going through Harry’s mind, and promised herself that she would be having a long conversation with the boy.

“Sorry everyone, I uh must have gotten a little dizzy for a minute.” Harry said to all his friends. “But I see food sitting here and very little people eating it. Come on!” He said as he got up and made his way over to the cutest baby and picked up his godson and made his way to the food. As Teddy screeched in excitement and his brown hair turned into unruly black hair that matched Harrys.

Once Harry grabbed the first plate of food everyone began to stop worrying so much and began eating, and partying, both Molly and Ginny gave each other a knowing look before joining the party themselves. Everyone started eating at close to 5pm and kept eating and partying for close to two hours before someone mentioned that Harry still needed to open the presents. So Harry sat at the head table with Ginny, Teddy, Ron, Hermione and Molly, and Arthur. The Weasley brothers minus Ron gave Harry a huge supply of WWW items, and the best broom servicing kit available to the public, all of which Harry was incredibly thankful for. Ron and Hermione gave Harry a bunch of books involving DADA and Auror training. Teddy and Andromeda gave Harry some new robes and Muggle clothing so he can travel more then less noticeable in public. Arthur and Molly gave Harry a very touching gift, now on the Weasley clock was an additional arm. Harry’s arm. It showed Harry’s home at being the Burrow. He had almost never been more touched in his entire life. He was once again speechless today . The rest of his friends gave him an assortment of either Honeydukes items, books, or other gifts. The party lasted well into the late evening until Charlie brought out the several of the crates of Firewhiskey. The elder Weasleys, Andromeda, Teddy and the Hogwarts staff had already left after bidding Harry a Happy Birthday.

They younger generation started drinking and retelling stories from their Hogwarts days, or funny stories of Quidditch matches, the drinks kept on getting consumed as their stories kept getting louder and more and more funnier as the night kept getting later and later. It was well past midnight when Bill, and Fleur left to go home to Shell Cottage with Percy, as most of the DA members left as well to go to their respective homes, Only Charlie, George, Angelina Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, and Seamus were left. All of who were really drunk. Neville and Luna seemed to be getting ‘very close’ with each other. The others were discussing the upcoming trials that were to occur shortly on August 7th of which many of the Weasleys, DA or the OotP members were scheduled to speak on the trials. George and Angelina were telling everyone of the fact that WWW were having their Grand Reopening tomorrow afternoon at exactly 3pm, and the only other staff member George had other then Angelina was a girl named Verity.

“GEORGEEE! We are like, like already like brother and sister” stated a very drunk Hermione “Me will be…We will be, me and Ron will be… like more then happy to help you… you in your hour of need. Consider it DONE!” Hermione yelled the last part of the sentence before she collapsed on the chair laughing to herself.

“Well thanks Hermione! Ron!” Said George as he was laughing at Hermione

“Well then I can’t let Hermione have all the fun, me and Harry will also be their, we will, we will. At what time? Like you said 3pm right?” Ginny said drunk as well “Uh Hermione I do think its time for us to get to get to go to bed” She said as she kissed Harry goodnight and grabbed onto Hermione and left to go to her room giggling with Hermione.

“Well then I think your to females just volunteered you two to one hell of a busy day” George told the two

“It should be fun, don’t worry, it will be quite a busy day. Hopefully” added Angelina

The rest of the group stayed up for a few more hours, until they were to drunk to aparated home, or coherent enough to floo home. Everyone eventually stumbled into the burrow and either went to their appropriated rooms, or fell asleep on the couches in the living room.

Hermione Granger - Saturday August 1st 1998

“Ugh, why is it so bright in here” groaned Hermione

“I think… I think I am going to be sick…” Ginny said as she ran to the bathroom

“Hermione! Ginny! Are you awake?” Yelled Molly from the stairs “ I think you to drank far to much alcohol last night. Here drink this” Molly said as she gave Hermione a potion that was probably an anti hangover remedy. “Give this one to Ginny when she gets back, it is already well past 12:30pm, and George told me that you promised to help him today” Molly said as she left the room to go find Harry and Ron.

“Ugh…wait…I promised to what?!” Hermione said out loud to herself

“Oh god…” Ginny said as she made her way back into her room

“Here drink this, it’ll make you feel better” Hermione stated “Why would I promise to help out in a joke shop today? This potion may make me feel less sick, but I will still have a pounding headache all day”

Ginny drank her potion and her sickness disappeared rather quickly, but like Hermione her headache remained. “I think we all volunteered… Come on lets go get something to eat, before we floo over to George’s shop”

The two girls made their way downstairs to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking. Ron and Harry were already at the table eating the late lunch Molly was serving. Most of the other members of the DA had already left that slept over at the Burrow, and the four were now eating and getting ready to one busy day at WWW.

After finishing breakfast and flooing over to George’s shop they met Angelina who was in the flat making a quick snack before the officially reopened the doors to the beloved joke shop.

“Hey you guys. You all look terrible, Headache from the hangover?” Questioned Angelina

“Huge, I swear I don’t even remember making this promise. We better on get it over with” Hermione begrudgingly said as she made her way to the stairs that led down to the shop

“Angelina. Are you and George officially dating? Ginny asked. The entire Weasley family had been delicately trying to avoid this subject for some time, they of course all wanted the two to get together, but they didn’t want it to seem like they were meddling

At this point Hermione stopped from walking down the stairs and in simple terms told the boys to get lost.
“I think he may just want to be friends for the time being…”Angelina started “I do really care for him, a lot. After F-Fr-Fred died we just were their for each other…”Angelina said as she began to trail off.

“Well I think George likes you!” Ginny who was now excited said

“Ginny is right Angelina! George is clearly so much happier whenever you are around” Hermione added, who like Ginny was now much more excited at the aspect of ‘girl talk’ then selling pranks to oversized children. The three girls talked for at least twenty minutes before the fireplace erupted and Molly and Arthur came out of the fireplace.

“Is it opening time?” Molly asked

“Oh Merlin, we got to get downstairs! We open in thirty minutes!” Angelina exclaimed as she rushed everyone down the stairs so everyone could help.

Hermione walked downstairs into a shop full of products, the shelves were completely packed, she saw the products that they have always sold, plus brand new items that they must have developed prior to the start of the war. At the counter George was telling everyone what he needed from them. Harry, Ron, Arthur and Ginny were to work the floor with him and Angelina and help as many customers as they could. Bill and Fleur were to arrive with Percy shortly. Fleur with Hermione, Verity and Molly were to work the counter and handle the gold that was to come in.

The line up outside the shop was getting larger and larger, people were getting anxious to get inside and to shop at their once favourite store. Today was truly going to be one busy day for the Weasley family.

“Alright team! Now that everyone is here, I would like to thank all of you for your help today. Good Luck!” George said he as laughed. Harry as the business investor for this great company, will you do the honour and reopen the doors of WWW.” George said as he was shaking with excitement, he wanted today to go well so bad. He needed one of his lasts links with Fred to live on in his name. If today was successful he hoped to open up a shop in Hogsmeade for the Hogwarts students.

The moment Harry opened the shop is where organized chaos went to utter and complete chaos. Hermione tried her hardest to organize the mass of people. She saw the Weasley men working the shop and being swamped by no less then five people at any given time. George and Angelina seemed to be in their element.

Harry and Fleur seemed completely confused, and didn’t quite know what to do with themselves. Each were surrounded by customers but looked more scared then anything. Ginny seemed to be trying her hardest not to tell everyone to ‘get out of the way’ and ‘shut up’. Molly was standing off in the corner watching everything with a tear in her eye. She looked so proud of her son and her family.

‘Ron’ finally she had found who she was looking for. Ron also looked like he was in his element, he was directing customers to where they wanted to go. Getting them to get in line to pay at the front cash. She looked at Ron with another new found passion. He was truly getting more confident in himself. He was acting more and more like a leader that she new he truly was. Him and Harry as well as most of the Weasleys were natural born leaders.

She was trying to serve as many customer as she could. As the day went on her and Fleur were getting into a clear rhythm on how to get these people in out, the only problem she had was with Verity. All she did was chat up the customers pointlessly, and flirt with them. She was getting in the way.


“George!” Molly screamed “That was absolutely crazy, I didn’t think their were that many people in London, never mind Diagan Alley” It was now well past closing time, and the family was eating upstairs, the food was provided by Kreacher, whom after the war had helped Hogwarts be rebuilt to its glory, and every now and then would stop by to help his master. George had already started to count all the Galleons that were brought in today, and told his family that they had never brought in more gold ever then today. Total count was over thirty-five thousand Galleons. Enough for a rather large down payment on the new shop he had plans for.

The family ate their dinner, and discussed many things. Despite everything Hermione had to admit she didn’t have a terrible time. Her and Fleur bonded during their combined hatred for Verity. After dinner Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione decided that they were going to go back to the burrow to discuss the upcoming trial for a bit. They were excited to put the past in the past, and wanted nothing more then to complete these trails once and for all.

Harry Potter August 7th 1998

Harry was surrounded by people he knew and trusted. The upcoming trials were going to long, and taxing on everyone today. It was the hope of the Minister of Magic and the Wizagmont to have all the major trails of all the major captured Death Eaters to be finished in one day. This time the Ministry of Magic would not be making the same mistakes it had in the past. The trials which would be presided over by the Head of the Wizagmont Chief Warlock Augusta Longbottom. Augusta Longbottom was elected as the head of the Wizagmont shortly after Kingsley was given the official title of Minister of Magic. In the past influential ‘Purebloods’ were able to literally buy their way out of the crimes they committed. They did this because the Ministry desperately needed their tax money, or donations. After the war the Minister and Wizagmont decided that every convicted Death Eater would be taxed ¾ of their total value of their Gringotts vault, to help repay damages caused by them.

Harry looked up to the front of the court room to see the room in where he was only three years ago, he was defending himself from use of underage magic, for when he used his Patronus to ward off the dementors that had attacked him and his cousin. Thoughts of his cousin made him think of his blood family. After the war he talked to Hestia Jones to ensure that they made it through the war and were now once again safe in their home. He had yet to go and see any of them, to many hard feelings.

“As Head of the Wizagmont I officially begin the trial of once before convicted Death Eaters Alecto and Amycus Carrow” Augusta Longbottom stated in her commanding voice. ‘No wonder Neville was afraid of her growing up’ Harry thought. “I would like to announce officially that these trial will be like no other. We all know what heinous crimes these people committed. We will have three witnesses for each Death Eater. If no witnesses can come forward then we will have no choice but to let them go. The court room has been magically expanded to allow everyone that wanted to attend, attend. The accused will be able to petition their case to the Wizagmont, and if they somehow manage to get these twelve fine members to believe their story, then they will be allowed to become free. If there is a tie then the Minister of Magic will be called upon to break the tie. Any questions? Good” She stated in a very firm voice, almost but not quite stating that she already knew full well that these murders were going to Azkaban.

Both of the Carrows were led in by Proudfoot and Williamson, and were magically chained to the chairs in the middle of the room. At that point Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Minerva McGonagall were called as witnesses. Ginny was the first to speak of the three.

“Ms Weasley, I wish I didn’t have to ask you these questions” Augusta said in a gentle tone to Ginny “Can you describe what happened during the period of September 1997 to May of 1998?”

Ginny started to describe some of the events that occurred to her and her friends during the last school year. She described the torture of the few Muggleborn children that initially lied about their heritage only to be found out. And tortured relentlessly by the brother sister pair. It was only the direct intervention of Ginny and the DA that stopped them from killing the poor kids, after stunning both of the Carrows and trying to flee only to be thwarted by Snape. It was now clear that Snape saved the boys life. Harry noticed that the entire time she was questioned she avoided any questions about what happened directly to her like a pro. Both Neville and Minerva reiterated what Ginny said as well as a few different scenarios. Augusta then asked if the Carrows had any defence in which they said “Mark my words, blood traitors and Mudbloods alike will all get what they are coming to them! Specifically Potter and his friends” Alecto screamed to the court room.

“SILENCE!” Augusta screamed “We will take a vote now. Please stand if you vote for guilty”

Of the twelve members that consisted all of the Wizagmont the following stood up; Augusta Longbottom, Jacob Blishwick, Audry Parkinson (Somehow convinced the Wizagmont that she had nothing to do with Voldemorts regime) Nicolas MacDougal, Ignatious Brown, Stephanie Abbott, Harold Macmillian, Sectcreate Greengrass (Who also convinced the Wizagmont) Adam Flint (Likewise) Horace Slughorn OMTC, Martin Rosier (Convinced Wizagmont), and finally Molly Weasley. A unanimous vote. It looked like the members of the ‘darker’ families seemed reluctant to stand but new they had to follow suit.

“The decision is unanimous. Guilty on all charges, they both will serve a life sentence in Azkaban. Next up is Antonin Dolohov” This went on for nineteen more Death Eaters: Antonin Dolohov, Augustus Rockwood, Avery Sr, Avery Jr, Crabbe Sr, Jugson, Lucius Malfoy, Nott Sr, Rudophus Lestrange, Rossier Sr, Selwyn, Thorfinn Rowle, Travers, Macnair, Fenir Greyback, and Scabior. They all received life sentences in Azkaban. Dolores Umbridge got ten years for her loyalties to Voldemort’s regime. Both Narcissa and Draco Malfoy were able to remain out of Azkaban because of the testimony that Harry, Ron, and Hermione gave.

Mulciber, Rabastian Lestrange, and Yaxley all still remained on the run. Other then those three all major players in Voldemort’s regime were accounted for.

Augusta Longbottom called an end to the day and thanked the public for their assistance in coming forward to testify, in total over four hundred people stepped forward to ensure these terrible people were sent away for good. Azkaban was now under the jurisdiction of the DMLE. Arthur Weasley was indirectly responsible for maintaining the guards and the warden within the prison since the dementors have been banished from the island and have all but disappeared.

Harry alone testified in more then ½ of the trials and was truly exhausted. The Weasley family was on their way back to the Burrow for a well deserved night of slumber, but first had to try to avoid the press that was waiting for everyone outside the courtroom.

A/N Sorry for the long chapter, I wanted to try to cover the trial. I know that part was a bit rushed and full of names, I just wanted to establish who was in prison and who has eluded capture.

Please review, always try to respond to them and they are greatly appreciated! It lets me know if the story is well like. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as well.



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