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The Boy in the Shadows by LTDan
Chapter 5 : The Green Mile
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A/N: Dedicated to all the people that often get detention, and all the guys at my school who have a knack for it: Brandon, Chris, Bradlee, Coedy, and Adam. You’re not my favorite people in the world, but you guys deserve this!

Disclaimer: What do I own? Nothing! Nothing!

*~LT. Dan~*

Friday rolled around all too soon for Clisk. He sat in the Slytherin common room, listening to the Parkinson girl go on and on about nonsense. He listened absently, having had inherited his mother, Blaise’s patience.

She frowned after a particularly boring story about her grandmother’s hair. “Are you listening to me, Clisk?”

He blinked out of his trance. “No, sorry,” she looked hurt. “I have detention in fifteen minutes,” he muttered, glad, for once, that he did. He grabbed his bag, and headed to Black’s office.

When he arrived there, he saw him sitting at a large black desk grading that day’s class’s assignment. He looked up with a neutral expression.

“You’re on time for once, Malfoy,” Black said. “You won’t need that,” he stood and pointed at his bag.

“I keep my bag with me,” Clisk said, grabbing the left strap defensively.

Black raised his eyebrows suspiciously. “What’s in there?” he asked, holding out a hand to take the bag.

Clisk knew he would be expelled if he revealed the contents. “Something my father left me. I don’t like to reveal it, really, sir,” he tightened his grip.

Black put his arm down reluctantly. “Very well. Whatever suites you best, then,” he said.

Clisk hadn’t lied to him. His father had left him what was in the canvas bag. He followed Black out of the room, and, to his surprise, out of the castle. “Where are we going?” he said at long last.

“Your detention. You’ll be serving with Weasley, Potter, Black, and Lupin. It appears one of Hagrid’s creatures is running amok in the Forbidden Forest. You five are going after it. I advise you to keep your wand out, Malfoy,” he didn’t turn to see the look on Clisk’s face.

As he reached Hagrid’s hut, he stopped short, staring at the cozy inside. He realized then that he had never, in the whole of five years, been on the inside of his cabin. He was now averse to go inside. He probably wouldn’t have, had it not have been for Black standing beside him, waiting for him to enter, and the door swinging open.

Hagrid appeared at the door. He overlooked the blonde standing before him somehow, but saw Black immediately. “’Ello, Sirius! I see yeh’ve brung Malfoy,” he glanced down at him with great dislike. “You ready fer yer detention, boy?”

Clisk nodded, but did not say anything. He was not the only ostracized one. Hagrid was not, to say the least, his favorite teacher.

Black looked at him and squinted, trying to read him. “What’ll he be doing, then?”

He grinned through his thick beard. “Him and the others’ll be goin’ down ter the lake. There’s a Kelpie down there tha’ needs takin’ care of.”

“A Kelpie? Are you mad!” Clisk yelled, his face twisting in anger more than anything. “Those things are murderous !”

“Codswallop. Them things is all righ’!” Hagrid said matter-of-factly, waving Clisk’s ire aside.

“My father—” Clisk started.

“Yer father’ll what?” Hagrid looked at him with anger shining through his black eyes.

“My grandfather won’t be too happy about this Kelpie, I’ll tell you that! If my father were here…” he cut himself off this time. His father was not there, and all three of them knew that, but did not say anything.

“Git in here with the others,” Hagrid opened the door to his hut, and Clisk stepped inside.

A/N: I’ll hunt down everyone that didn’t review and remove their heads with a spoon! ☼ Have a nice day. J/K…but DO REVIEW!

*~LT. Dan~*

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The Boy in the Shadows: The Green Mile


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