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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 20 : Jacqueline
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I do not own Harry Potter, similarly anything you recognise from any other movie franchise, book series or basically anything does not belong to me.  :)  I know it's been a while so sorry to anyone who has been waiting.  Honestly, I am so, so sorry.  I hope this was worth the wait!  XD 





I increased my pace, head bowed down and clinging tightly to my book bag so not to lose anything on my way. My hair was in a state of disarray, my clothes crumpled and I was occasionally tripping over my own feet in my determination to escape quickly. My chest was heaving with strain and effort and I couldn’t help feeling as if I wasn’t in complete control of my body, randomly knocking over, tripping over or ‘accidentally’ shoving things out of the way. First years ran quickly from under my feet, while seventh year tossers held their hands up in mock surrender as they backed away, smirks alight on their faces. My scowl deepened as my intense super natural ninja hearing picked up the sonic waves of hurried steps behind me. Why couldn’t she just leave me alone?   



“Ivy! Wait up!”                                                 



I sighed in defeat swivelling around to face her as her grasping hands caught on my wrist, tightly. She smiled brightly at me and I backed away slightly. Does she have to get so bloody close when she talks to people? 
“Gosh. I’ve been running after you for ages, didn’t you hear me call out?”
“Nope,” I replied popping the ‘p’, “Sorry, but I don’t really have time for a chat right now, catch up with you later.” 
I waved unenthusiastically and made to turn around, slipping slightly on my untied shoelace. 
“Wait!” she almost screamed, latching onto my wrist once more and spinning me around to face her.
She attempted a smile again and I grimaced back unhappy with my position in life at that moment. Sonia or Debbie or whatever the hell her name was had me trapped in her surprisingly iron grip and I could not deal with her inane happiness right then. I couldn’t deal with her inane happiness any time really. And not just because her happiness was mostly due to Potter, it was irritating god damn it! Irritating. She was looking flustered, maybe even more so then me, her breath was coming out in heavy pants her face turned a blotchy red. She was blowing hair out of her sweat slicked face and the hand that encircled my arm was slightly damp as well. Ew.
“Listen, I was thinking we could walk down to breakfast together. Catch up.” 
She gestured for me to move forward with her and then tugged on my arm just to make sure I did. The small crowd that had gathered around us expecting confrontation had slowly begun to disperse and so we were left mostly alone to walk towards the great hall. 
“So…” she began cheerfully waiting for me to continue for her.
I scanned the area for potential escape routes. 
“I know this is kind of awkward for you but I just wanted to let you know that I know about your crush on James.” 



The world stood still.



Nah, just kidding. I wrenched my arm away from her grasp and stood still my eyes focusing and unfocusing as I stared at her. Truthfully I wasn’t that shocked, I just figured it looked way more dramatic and I wanted to freak Amber (?) out a bit. I proceeded to flick my hair over my shoulder, whipping myself in the eye during the process and continued walking nonchalantly beside her.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
She raised an eyebrow and giggled girlishly at me. I rolled my eyes. I knew she didn’t believe me, no one did. Over the past few weeks it had become apparent to pretty much everyone in the grade that I had a teeny weeny itty bitty crush on Potter. Well it had become apparent to everyone except the idiot himself. Potter preferred instead to spend all of his time with his new toy, Cassie or Louise or whatever her name was. 



He had said I was refreshing. Refreshing. I hadn’t been able to stop smiling every time I thought about it for the rest of the day but then morning followed and that smile was quickly replaced by a scowl. A scowl that just happened, coincidently, to be aimed in the direction of… Penny? 
“I’ve seen the way you look at him Ivy and I understand because I feel the same way about him as you do. That’s why I think we need to talk about this.”
She attempted an encouraging smile that I promptly ignored in favour of staring at my shoes. 
“Listen. I feel so embarrassed about even having to have this conversation and I don’t want to seem offensive or insulting or just plain mean because honestly that’s the last thing I am, it’s just well I really like James and I think he might like me too.”
A pretty blush spread across her cheeks at this and she struggled to hide her smile. 
“I’m sorry but why are you telling me this?”
“I want us to be friends. I know it must be hard for you but I really like you and I’d like to count you as one of my friends.”
“You really like me?” 
She beamed. 
“Well yeah. James is always going on and on about you. You’re one of his best friends so I thought I’d try being your friend too. If you’d let me.” She glanced down to the floor, suddenly shy.
“Of course. I’d be happy to.” 
I hope you drown in a pool of your own blood.



She hugged me before we parted ways to reach our prospective tables. The entire school (or at least everyone who had seen) was silent with awe-induced shock. As it happens my temper is quite infamous around the place so the entire population of Hogwarts had been waiting for a showdown. Maybe I had grown up a bit. I smirked smugly at the staring students as I passed by. I sat down next to Michelle and gingerly wiped my hand on her arm, a disgusted expression on my face.
“What’s-her-face germs.”
Fred laughed while Michelle rolled her eyes derisively. 
“You’re an idiot.”
I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly and swiped the slice of toast from her plate.



Potter didn’t join us for breakfast nor did I catch sight of him for most of the day. Probably off snogging Beatrice. He was always off with Beatrice, he said they were friends but that kiss I had seen on my birthday didn’t seem like ‘just friends’ to me. I wondered if that was how Potter started all of his friendships. It disappointed me a bit; I had been hoping that I was just a little bit more special than everyone else. I needed to find him to discuss some important things that needed discussing. Like for instance how friends were supposed to talk to each other sometimes. Occasionally. Every few weeks would be nice. I was pretty livid by that stage of the day and my succession of incomprehensible lessons had not helped to improve my mood. I had not been able to master a simple spell in charms, nor had I been able to complete my potion. I was walking back up to my dorm after a tiring Quidditch practice, mud was sloughed down my already ragged jeans, my hair was a mess, sticking to the sweat on my face and neck, my arms were laden with the heavy burden of my books and my mind was laden with the heavy burden of the potions essay I had been assigned earlier that day. Admittedly it had not been the best time, temperament wise to decide to hunt for Potter but upon reaching the Ravenclaw girl’s dormitory I promptly decided that if I didn’t pluck up the courage to find him and confront him then I wouldn’t ever be able to do it. Also the bathroom and dorm were conveniently free so no one would be able to witness my mad rush to get ready. I showered quickly, running a comb through my dark hair and leaving it to air dry then proceeded to the dorm where I spilled the entire contents of my wardrobe onto the floor and began to pick my way through it in an attempt to find a casual but attractive outfit.



After ten minutes of useless searching I got bored and chucked on anything before running out of the dorm, leaving my mess for Michelle to clean up. 



To be perfectly honest I wasn’t even sure if what I was wearing matched. And I forgot my shoes. So much for looking nice. 



Not that I had intended to look nice. The whole point of hunting down Potter was because I wanted to have a casual conversation (argument) about his lack of friendship skills. The key word in that being friendship. There would be no underlying hormones or sexual tension on my part. I was honestly just worried about our friendship and thus I was so determined to find him. Unfortunately my search was fruitless and only succeeded in irritating me further. I thought that I had reached my breaking point and turned to go back to the my dorm where I would either;
a. Throw things at the wall or,
b. Curl into the fetal position and cry
when I saw something that really drove me to my breaking point.



It was quite a shock to the system, considering the length of time in which I had managed to avoid Derek, seeing him with another girl against a wall. I had almost entirely forgotten about his existence and I was honestly very pleased that he had discontinued his stalker like ways and was finally moving on from me, however this made the sight no less disgusting and I couldn’t help the gasp of horror that slipped out of my mouth. Derek turned away from his unfortunate new beau. Poor girl. He stared at me searchingly for a moment and took a hesitant step forward, one arm outstretched towards me.
“Ivy, I swear I can explain,” his voice was thick with emotion, “”It’s not what it looks like, it’s just been so long since we last saw each other but I’m not cheating on you.”
I rolled my eyes, “No, you’re not because we aren’t dating!”
I stomped past him and down the length of the corridor but he continued to chase.
“Ivy, please stop! I know you’re angry but it’s that bloody James Potter who caused this. Every time I tried to get near you this year he was always there! He threatened me!”
I turned to face him, “Did he really?”
I couldn’t help the flush that erupted across my cheeks and the giddy happiness I was feeling at the thought that Potter had been trying to protect me from this stupid prick. But then I remembered that I could take care of myself and I was angrier than before. Stupid prat thinks he can treat me like a small child or a damsel in distress. I was ready to kill him. 



“How dare he!”
Derek took this the wrong way and proceeded to take my hand in his. His were slick with sweat and his nails dug into my skin in his desperation, “I know Ivy, I know. He tried to part us but not any longer! Now that I know for sure you love me I will never let him or anyone else part us.”
I promptly slapped him in the face and he loosened his hold on my arm, “Stay away from me, psycho!” 
I fled down the hallways but he wouldn’t leave me alone, he chased. He yelled my name and grabbed at me from behind but I was far too determined to find Potter and kill him for trying to protect me to even care in the slightest.



Of course that’s how he found me. Fleeing down the many corridors, twisting and turning down the labyrinth that was Hogwarts, Derek hot on my tail, waving his hands somewhat overdramatically and calling my name, his voice thick with false emotion. He stepped out of an empty classroom and stopped in his tracks at the sight of us. Derek and I skidded similarly to a halt, mouths agape. A heavy silence blanketed the area around us and I blew a sticky strand of hair from my face.
“Alright. What the hell is going on?”
Derek cowered upon the sight of Potter’s glare and I thought for a moment that he might have wet himself. I was about to smile gratefully up at him when I realised that I was angry. 
“What the hell is going on? I’ll tell you what the hell is going on! You’ve been threatening Derek, telling him to keep away from me! Explain yourself.”
Potter’s eyes widened and he took a step back, hands raised in surrender, “Well sorry, I didn’t know you still felt that way about the prick.”
He went to walk away, leaving me in his wake with a confused expression alight on my features. He had progressed halfway down the corridor when I finally worked out what he was trying to say.
“Wait what? Gross, no.” 
The expression on my face resembled that of someone who had just swilled curdled milk. Upon seeing this I couldn’t help but notice the brief, entirely too-happy smirk Potter sent in Derek’s direction.
“Well, what’s your problem then? I was helping you.”
“Exactly. I don’t need your protection Potter.” I spat his last name, waving a finger in his face for effect. 
He raised an eyebrow, expression masked coolly, “We’re back to last names then are we Hardwick.”
“Damn right we are, tosspot.”
“You know, a simple ‘thank you’ would suffice.”
“I’m not a child I can protect myself! I’m not your little bloody toy like Meaghan!”
“Who the bloody hell is Meaghan?”
“Oh, you know Beatrice or whatever…”
I trailed off into an awkward silence, waving my hands distractedly.
“You mean my Jacqueline.” 
“Yes. That one! I knew it started with a ‘J’ or something.”
“Y-you don’t know my name?”
The voice came out of nowhere, small and fragile and, dare I admit it, slightly heartbreaking. Jacqueline had appeared from the classroom Potter had previously inhabited. She looked as if she was about to cry.
“Well…um. It’s got so many letters, I’m an idiot I can’t remember things that long.”
I attempted to explain myself unsuccessfully.
“I just wanted to be your friend and you think I’m just some toy.” 
She fled from the hall making me feel like officially the worst person in the history of ever. 



I groaned and half-heartedly picked up the chase. 
“Do not follow me.” I demanded of Derek as I began to run after her, gesticulating wildly in a similar manner to what Derek had done before.
“Julia- I mean Jacqueline, wait!”
It was all to no avail, I could not find her and the heavy breathing and hurried footsteps behind me alerted me to the fact that Derek had not listened to my command. 
“For Merlin’s sake! I told you not to follow me.” I half-screamed, almost tearing my hair out in frustration as I swivelled to face… Potter. Damn it. 
“Look what you’ve done. I mean, honestly, what is your problem? She’s a nice young girl who just happens to be my friend. Am I not allowed any of them anymore.”
“Jesus! I forgot her name, give me a break.” 
We stood for what seemed like an eternity in silence, bodies so close we almost touched. He loomed over me and I could feel his breath fanning over my face. It had been a long time since we had fought so intensely but in my current state (aka. crushing on Potter) the proximity made me feel anything but angry. In the time it took for me to get myself together my mind came to an impossibly horrible realisation.
“Wait, why were you two alone in an empty classroom? Together. At this time of night.”
He was silent and I stepped back, aghast.
“Oh my God! You’ve been snogging her.” I felt like crying.      
 I ran a hand through my hair and stared at the ground, shaking my head. I removed my other hand from my shocked mouth in order to point accusingly at him. 
“You said you were ‘just friends’ you complete and utter prat! You stupid liar. You’re supposed to be my friend; you’re supposed to tell me these things. Christ, we’ve barely even talked these past few weeks.”
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him.
“Stop being an idiot Hardwick. I’m tutoring her, not snogging her.” He was glaring down at me, an intense surging anger in his eyes. I hit weakly at his chest. 
“Bull. Don’t touch me you stupid liar.”
“Why do you care so much anyway?” 
He threw his hands up in a frenzied anger but as the silence drew out it was slowly replaced by genuine confusion. I opened and closed my mouth attempting to find the right words and staring at anything but him.
“I-I don’t.” I finally stated pitifully. 
“Ivy?” he stared at me searchingly. 
I finally met his eyes, my own wide and frightened. He couldn’t know. 
“I said: I don’t.” I spoke more firmly this time, “Not anymore. Prat.”
I turned to leave but his shout reached me halfway across the corridor. “Stop running away.”
I kept walking. 
“I’m not Derek; I’m not going to chase you.”




Heaving a heavy sigh I turned back to face him. His quick succession of steps meant he reached me in what seemed like a split second. Without thought he placed his hand on the back of my neck and gripped my hair drawing me closer to him. The kiss was furious and fast, insanely and intensely passionate. Hazily I remembered ending up pressed against a wall with Potter running his hands along my body. He trailed kisses along my jawline and bit lightly into my neck causing me to moan, somewhat embarrassingly, into his own neck. I ran my hands through his thick mop of dark hair and revelled in the taste of his mouth as I drew it back to my own. He ground his hips into my own, and I pulled him closer, anything to get closer, I needed to breathe but I couldn’t stop I needed more of him. He was the one who stopped it. He pushed me off him and I sighed breathily. He was in a state of complete disarray hair and clothing mussed and lips swollen. I assumed I was in a similar state and the sight of what I had just done to him was really making me want to do it again. We were both breathing heavily and his forehead drooped down to rest against mine. I leaned up to plant a chaste kiss on his swollen lips which he promptly deepened.
“We need to stop,” he finally stated, pushing a strand of hair out of my face, “We can’t do this.”
I glanced sullenly back up at him, “Why not?”
“Because Meaghan-I mean Jacqueline- asked me to go on a Hogsmeade date with her.”
“And you said yes.”
“And I said yes.”     

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