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Reflective Lies by xhardcoreatheartx
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Malfoy: the single word that has made my life a living hell. Why must I be cursed with such a filthy name? Why must anyone? Nobody deserves such a life as the life that is lived by a Malfoy. The name carries with it a sense of perfection. I've come to a point where I don't know who to blame anymore. My parents are always pushing me to do well, and to keep up our reputation.

"Come on Draco, why can't you do better? You're such a disgrace. Your not a true Malfoy."

Those words constantly run through my head, and nag at me; I will never be good enough for anyone, especially my father. I'll never forget my first day at Hogwarts. My father pushed me weeks before school started, telling me how I must do well in all of my classes, and he wanted me to become friends with Harry. I knew of Potter way before I even set my eyes upon him. Oh, how my parents would ramble on about the great Harry Potter and how he must be destroyed so we could keep our high rankings Everyone knew him, and he was the greatest wizard the world had known, before he could even stand on his own two feet. But my father has been a follower of the Dark Lord for years; he wanted an inside on Harry's life, so he may serve his role as a footman, a spy, giving away the actions and plans of the Chosen One. They wanted a perfect wizarding world, to put death to anyone who didn't fit their cruel standards. When I first met Harry, and tried to acquaint myself, his eyes pierced me as he glared at my hand, which was held out for him. I was rejected and refused, and I knew that things would not go well, once my father discovered this. But, despite how it appears to everyone, I do not hate that bloody Potter; I envy him. He does not have to put on a disguise and be perfect; he just already is, to everyone, no matter how his past lays. Alas, not everyone's current fate can be as appealing as his. All week after he had cast me aside, my stomach churned, and my heart raced, just waiting for what was coming. The day came when I got to visit my parents, and of course, they knew what had occurred. I will never be able to shut out the look of pure rage that flashed in my father's eyes. His pale skin darkened, and his jaw clenched. Then it happened…he hit me. He hit me with a force I had never felt before. Being so young, I was perplexed with what had just happened, so I lay there on the floor, and cried. He told me I had deserved the discipline, because now he would be punished too. That day is what started this wretched nightmare.

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