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Harry Potter's 25 Days of Christmas by OwlAboutPotter
Chapter 2 : December 2nd: Like Father, Like Son (James/Lily and Harry/Ginny)
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Christmas One Shot #2
Couple: James and Lily Potter; as well as Harry and Ginny.
Song: Mistletoe by Colbie Calliet 

Summary: James is out on an Order mission on Christmas eve; leaving Lily and his son behind. More than anything she wants him home. Years later their son Harry has a similar Christmas Eve.

Really sucky summary; really sweet story.


“And I’ve been waiting for you to come and it’s hard cause I feel so alone and I just want you to come home.”


I stared out the window as the snow continued to fall heavily on the world outside. Bouncing my tiny son softly on my hip, I wanted nothing more than my husband to appear before my eyes and make his way into the house where I could hug him tightly. The baby made a small whine, clearly wanting my attention; I turned and looked down at him as I softly began to hush him and placed a soft kiss to the top of his head.

“Sh, Harry, Daddy will be home soon.” I cooed trying to reassure myself by sounding confident; more than anything I craved that my statement would come true but I’m not so sure.

I should have never let him go. We’re in hiding for a goddamn reason but he decides to go out and fight the people that put us here? Voldemort wants our son dead and James decides he simply has to go on this Order mission? Listen to me, talking as though I could have actually made him stay. James is stubborn, he does what he wants and I fear that our son will grow to be the same way.

Glancing at the clock that was hanging on the wall I realized that he should have been home hours ago which only made my worry grow at a more rapid pace than before.

“He’ll be back soon, Lily.” A quiet voice reassured me causing me to turn. My eyes landed on my friend Alice Longbottom, who was holding her small son in her arms. Her husband, Frank, was on the mission as well and had brought her here for safe keeping. The prophecy that Voldemort fears could involve either one of our children and we know that, so keeping them safe is our number one priority.

“I know,” I tell her softly offering a small smile; I know she’s just as worried about Frank as I am about James. “I just wish they’d get home, it’s nearly Christmas.”

“I know, Lily, but they’ll be home soon. Just have faith and in no time at all they’ll be back, safe and sound.”

I slowly nodded my head before excusing myself and moving into Harry’s nursery to put him to sleep. I sat down in the rocking chair, shifting to get comfortable before pulling my son close, beginning to slowly rock the both of us to sleep.


“Lily, love, wake up.” A quiet voice whispered in my ear as they gently shook my shoulder. I jolted awake, startled by the sudden movement. I blinked several times before my eyes finally focused on my surroundings, I realized I was in my son’s room but he was no longer in my arms.

I turned to face the person who had woke me up and instantly let out a sigh of relief as I saw my husband kneeling beside the chair. I wrapped my arms his neck, tightly as I pulled him into an extremely tight hug. Then I remembered that Harry was no longer in my arms.

“James, where’s Harry?” I questioned frantically but was instantly soothed by my husband who placed a kiss on the top of my head.

“He’s fast asleep in his crib,” I let out a breath of relief before once again focusing on the man before me, checking over him for any visible signs of injury or pain. He must have noticed what I was doing because the next words that left his mouth were: “I’m fine, love, let’s get you to bed.”

A yawn escaped my lips so I naturally didn’t argue with him as he stood before taking my hand and pulling me up. Once were both steadily on our feet I pulled him in for another tight hug; his arms wound around me as he pulled me as close to him as possible and placed a loving kiss on my forehead.

“I love you, James,” I whispered placing a kiss on his lips before stepping away, still holding his hand.

“I love you, too, Lils.” He smiled back at me. “I married you for a reason, didn’t I?”

“Hush!” I chastised with a giggle as he gently kissed my forehead once more. I turned to the crib and leaned down pressing a sweet kiss to my sons head. “We love you, sweetheart, Merry Christmas.”

James pressed a kiss to the infants head before leading me out of the nursery and toward our own bedroom so that we could get a quiet night’s sleep.


24 Years Later

“Merry Christmas, mate.” Harry Potter’s best friend Ronald Weasley sighed out as he stepped up beside his friend.

The other man turned and looked at his friend, smiling briefly as they were both exhausted and would rather be at home with their families then here. “Merry Christmas, Ron.”

“Harry, Ron…” A voiced called out to the two men who turned to see the minister of magic coming toward them.

“Minister,” The greeted Kingsley Shacklebolt with polite nods and smiles.

“Just wanted to say good work tonight, boys. We’re lucky to have Aurors likes like you.” He said seriously as he looked over his shoulder where their latest arrests were being taken away before turning back to the young men. “Now go home to your families and have a wonderful Christmas.”

Both Harry and nodded before bidding goodbye to the Minister and each other. As soon as the goodbyes were made went toward the floo network and headed home. Harry stepped out into his dimly lit living room and looked around. A smile graced his face as he saw his wife and son asleep on the couch.

The young father made his way toward them and gently lifted his son into his arms. He placed a kiss on the sleeping babies head before placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder, shaking gently.

“Ginny, love, wake up.” He whispered to the redheaded girl. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and a smile spread across her lips, his smile mirrored hers. “Merry Christmas, love.”

“Merry Christmas, Harry,” She said sleepily as she slowly sat up. “Everything go okay with the mission? Ron’s alright?”

He nodded his head softly. “Everything went fine, Ron’s at home.” He said in a reassuring tone. He held out his hand and she took it gently in her own, allowing him to pull her up. “Come on, let’s get to bed.”

Together the small family moved toward the stairs, all very sleepy and looking forward to the holiday that awaits them later on in the morning. With one glance around his living room Harry flicked his wand and the lights went out before he turned back to the stairs and followed his wife.

Merry Christmas from the Potter Family; Both of them.


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