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Pink Elephants by Zyii
Chapter 1 : Pink Elephants
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Pink Elephants



‘What the hell is that Granger’ demanded George as he spotted Hermione entering his shop.



‘It’s a scarf George’ she replied, ‘And since when have I been Granger?’ she asked.



‘Since you started wearing Elephants’ he responded.



She glared at him, ‘I happen to like this scarf’ she said.



He glared back, ‘Fine’.



She chuckled at George’s behaviour; she loved to see him smiling. The war had been won five years previously but unfortunately among the victims that had died had been Fred Weasley. George had suffered greatly in the years that followed and it had been touch and go for a while when George had become so withdrawn and depressed that friends and family didn’t know what he would do or how he would pull through. Things were better now, while the pain of Fred’s passing still weighed on George’s shoulders, he was much happier than he had been, exclaiming that Fred wouldn’t want him to mope around and hide away. He started inventing again last year and the shop has become more successful than ever. He always joked that Fred was somewhere up above playing pranks on all the others who had sacrificed themselves in the war; Remus, Tonks, Moody, Dumbledore, Sirius etc.



George had become one of Hermione’s favourite people. The kiss she shared with Ron during the height of the war had led to a disastrous relationship that had lasted for an excruciatingly painful two years. It had ended badly, Ron had behaved not in a gentlemanly fashion and Hermione had been rid of him. Though she remained close to George, Bill and Charlie, she was no longer welcomed by the remaining Weasley’s - something about her not conforming to the ‘pureblood’ view of a wife.



Anyhow, Hermione didn’t really care. If someone can through away friendship or family as quick as that then they really weren’t great to begin with. Hermione assumed that Molly Weasley was the driving force behind the remaining Weasley’s dismissal of her. The older woman had never been fond of Hermione – a fact Hermione had become well aware of during the Easter of fourth year.



The relationship between Harry and Ginny had not survived the war, Harry had thought about getting back together with the red head after the war had ended, however be became irritated with her smothering and obsession with the limelight. It also didn’t help that she was incredibly jealous of Hermione and dissed her at every turn.



Hermione lived with Harry in Grimmauld Place along with George and Charlie Weasley. George couldn’t bare living in the flat he shared with Fred after Fred’s passing and Harry was only too eager to offer him a place to stay. Charlie had moved in after he’d been injured past recovery at work and could no longer safety work with dragons. Fed up with his Mother’s behaviour of Hermione and consequently Harry, he’d moved from the burrow to Grimmauld Place.



He had taken over the Quiddich shop in Diagon Alley and though it was not as tantalisingly addictive as working with dragons he was starting to enjoy himself. Harry didn’t work outright, he was a silent partner in George’s shop and sometimes helped out in the Quiddich shop. He’d been working on an idea for a new broom, something Hermione had been helping him with and was close to starting his own line.



Hermione totally out of character owned a small fashion shop in-between George’s shop and Charlie’s. Hermione was far from being a great beauty and she definitely didn’t dress to impress but she had decided some three years ago that it was high time there was a shop that incorporated both muggle and magical clothing combined.



What had started as a small shop had expanded quickly and there was now a shop in Hogsmead as well. There were clearly others like her that wished for muggle clothing with magical attributes and since the opening of the shop she had collected a fortune of money. She had hired an assistant a year ago to help her with orders, while they stocked both magical and muggle clothes, Hermione also made clothes that combined aspects of both styles. Clara, her assistant had been hired to help assist in the making of the clothes and the range entitled: ‘Label Love’ had been an instant and demanding success.



Clara was a treat to have around, she had the brains and the beauty and Hermione suspected that a certain raven haired friend of hers had a crush on the blonde haired assistant.



‘Hermione, Hermione, yoo-hoo?!’ cried George.



‘Sorry George was miles away’ she replied.



‘I know I’ve been calling you for ages’ he said, ‘Where were you?’ he asked.



‘In some memories’ she replied, then upon seeing the look on his face added ‘Good ones’.



‘All about me I hope’ he flirted.



She rolled her eyes, ‘In your dreams George’.



‘Oh they are my dreams Granger…every night!’ he said huskily.



She blushed at his remark and her heart rate sped up.



‘So why have you graced me with your presence this afternoon’ he enquired.



‘Clara’s closing up today so I came to see if you were busy’ she said.



‘Well it is sort of quiet here’ he narrowed his eyes, ‘what do you want’.



She sighed, he always saw right through her, ‘the help of a strong man’ she replied smirking.



He looked at her with his eyebrow raised, ‘What did you buy?’ he asked.



‘A new wardrobe’ she responded, ‘but its flat packed. I can’t do it alone’ she moaned, biting her bottom lip in a ways that made George respond in ways he shouldn’t.



‘What do I get out of it?’ he asked.



She pretended to think for a minute, ‘I’ll make a chocolate brownie cheesecake tonight’ she replied.



‘Deal’ he said, ‘Let me just get my coat and tell Verity to lock up’.



Hermione waited till George was ready, then they both flooed back to Grimmauld place, George leaving to build Hermione’s wardrobe and Hermione leaving to start making that cheesecake.




By the time seven pm rolled around, George had emerged from Hermione’s room, slightly sweaty but happy at the fact that he’d successfully put together Hermione’s wardrobe without the use of magic. He sauntered into the kitchen, pride rolling off his shoulders as he watched Hermione work her magic on the food.



True to her word Hermione had made the famous chocolate brownie cheesecake along with a chicken casserole. It was the smell of perfectly cooked food that had the mouths of Harry and Charlie watering as they returned home from their days at work.



‘Smells delicious Mione’ said Harry – the only one allowed to call her that.



‘Yeah, thanks for making dinner’ added Charlie.



‘She made chocolate brownie cheesecake’ said George.



‘What’s the occasion?’ asked Harry.



‘No occasion, I bribed George into putting together my wardrobe with the promise of said cheesecake’ said Hermione.



‘You are wicked’ said Harry.



She laughed, ‘how else am I supposed to get you all to do what I want?’ she smirked at their mock scandalised faces.



‘You could just ask’ said Charlie.



‘Yeah, and you wouldn’t listen’ she replied.



‘Always have to be right don’t you’ said Harry.



‘Yeh, I’m just a know-it-all’ she said.



‘But you’re our know-it-all’ said George while the others nodded their heads in agreement.



Hermione blushed at George’s comment but it was true, they were like a little family.



After dinner George kissed Hermione on the cheek thanking her for dinner then rushed upstairs to take a shower, leaving a flustered Hermione behind. Charlie went off to watch the television that Harry had had installed, while Hermione remained to wash up with the help of Harry.



‘So, George was looking pretty sweaty there, are you sure all he did was put together your wardrobe’ said Harry.



Hermione slapped his arm, ‘Please we’re just friends’ she said.



‘So you say but friends don’t behave the way you two do’ he replied.



‘What do you mean?’ she asked.



He sighed, ‘Well for starters you flirt all the time. Oi don’t give me that look, you don’t behave the way you do with him with any other guy. You two are really close, I think he depends on you much more than he lets on. You’ve been the one to cheer him up during his gloom days and you stood by him all the time when others were thinking of more drastic measures to take. You never gave up on him and he’s always there to protect you’ said Harry.



‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ mumbled Hermione, her cheeks flushed.



‘I think you do but you just don’t want to admit it’ said Harry.



Hermione sighed, Harry never missed a thing. ‘Regardless, we’ll remain friends’.



‘Why?’ he asked.



‘George wouldn’t see me that way. I’m like a sister to him’ she said.



‘I wouldn’t assume how George sees you, you might be surprised’ said Harry.



‘Do you know something that I don’t?’ she asked.



‘No, but I’ve learnt not to judge people on what I think they might think’ he said.



‘I’m not judging him’ she said childishly.



‘No but you aren’t taking a chance either’ said Harry.



‘If I want to make a move, I’ll do it in my own time’ she responded.



‘Time won’t wait forever Hermione’ said Harry. He dropped the dish towel and walked from the kitchen leaving Hermione to her thoughts.



She had never really thought much of her feelings towards George; she’d pushed them to the back of her mind and left them there. She didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship by talking about her feelings. In the matter concerning George, Hermione’s insecurities shone through, she couldn’t see how George would want to go for someone like her when he could quite easily have any girl he wanted.



Hermione sighed as her thoughts and feelings overtook her mind, thanks to Harry she probably wouldn’t sleep well tonight. She left the kitchen and made her way up to her room oblivious to the pair of eyes that followed her, having just heard the entire conversation…

This is my first George/Hermione fic - be nice. Will also have another Dramione coming out shortly ~Zyii

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Pink Elephants: Pink Elephants


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