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Life of the Pure by Breanna_La_Sorciere
Chapter 2 : Histories Horrifying Truth
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 Please excuse any mistakes, I just finished this chapter at 11:45pm on a school night, and I've been working non-stop for the past week so I'm exhausted.
As always, please review and thank you to those who have no given up on me yet. I promise to write more! Also, a special shout out to Brittany (HPFF username: BrittJade) for being such a great friend, I cherish you!

- Breanna xo.


Hermione rushed through the library doors. She excused herself as she barged through a class of first years. She hurried towards the restricted section, taking fourteen books on family blood lines and levitating them towards the back corner and began her research. Hermione didn’t know what triggered her obsession with wanting to know. It must be in her head. She didn’t know if it was real or not, but on Tuesday in the Hospital Wing, she head Malfoy say –no, it wasn’t, it couldn’t have been… It wouldn’t have, she must have misheard him. She didn’t possibly hear him say it. But she couldn’t get that unnerving feeling out of her stomach.  She heard him say it; at least she thinks she did.

“You don’t know who she is or who she will be, you know nothing. None of you do. You’ve got no idea how badly I’ve treated her though it’s not true, none of it, her name is nothing, her blood isn’t what everything thinks it is, she isn’t what everyone expects, you’ll see...”

Hermione didn’t know how to deal with that - his words - it made her unsettled and alienated. She flipped to the index page; there was an entire three pages on the Malfoy family tree, she went to it. It had who they are and what they have become, it constantly updates itself, the joys of magic. Hermione read the text carefully:

 The Malfoy bloodline, one that has been in the Wizarding World for centuries, is one of the most known in the world. The Malfoy’s – an entire line of pure-blooded wizards – continue their family traditions to this day. Though the Malfoy family has fame and fortune, it is not the most interesting thing about them, it’s more thought of as a legend or bedtime story, but back to Brutus Malfoy began a family ‘curse’. The curse is one unknown as the Malfoy family have never notified anyone of the curse, not even Brutus himself. It is apparently one so dark, so cold and terrifying. Whether the curse is real or not is unknown. The Malfoy’s have been asked on various occasions, the question was always avoided. When Abraxas Malfoy was mysteriously killed, Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black had vanished for many years, only returning to Malfoy manor with the arrival of the young Draco Malfoy. Despite constant rumours of reasons for the disappearing of the Malfoy family, the Wizarding world have always welcomed them by their pure blood; il più puro ha la più grande potenza.

The Purest Has The Greatest Power. This sentenced confused Hermione, of course they have the greatest power, and they are the longest pureblood line of wizards the world has ever known. Hermione lifted her head from her book and frowned in thought. The Malfoy family has a curse? That seems highly doubtful… She moved on, not finding any more interest in the Malfoy’s. The Zabini family showed on the next page.

The Zabini family, also a commonly known pureblood family has been going for generations. It is unknown of the original founder, as the Zabini family have a very strict list of the original family tree, but have never shown it to anyone but the family themselves. One of the most known witches of the family is Aida Zabini, mother of Blaise Zabini, wife to the deceased Elias Zabini. Aida is one of the world’s most famous witches for her beauty and outrageous talent in magical skills. There is only one other witch who could ever meet her kinds of talent, her daughter, Hermione-Alaire. Hermione-Alaire – twin of Blaise - was taken as a child and has never been seen again. Her disappearance set Aida on edge, her husband too. She had taken it into her own hands to put up various protection spells over the Zabini manor, many spells from dark magic. Aida has not spoken of her daughter since the disappearance and refuses to leave the manor as someone out there has her child. She has been in many sessions with a mental health’s doctor in St. Mungos, but none have been successful in helping Aida out of her depressed state. Elias died when Blaise and Hermione would have turned 3 other than Hermione-Alaire was taken just months before the birthday.

Hermione choked slightly, coughing out to release the air caught in her throat.

It couldn’t possibly be. She wasn’t taken as a child as far as she knows. Her mother and father, Janice and Peter Granger were her only parents. She has always been with them.

But Hermione didn’t know this for a fact. She couldn’t confidently say she had been with Janice and Peter her whole life, she wasn’t sure. Hermione snapped the book shut, took it with her as she stormed from the library and to Professor McGonagall.

She reached her destination and faced the stairs that lead her to the truth. “Password, god Hermione, how could you even forget! Oh wait! Victory.” Hermione whispered; she waited for the stairs to untangle themselves before stepping in and walking towards the information she had been waiting forever for.

Professor McGonagall sat behind her desk. Her facial expression being confusion, her eyebrows burrowed and wrinkles between them. She smiled and readjusted her glasses as Hermione walked in. “Hermione, what a lovely surprise.” She said, gesturing for Hermione to take a seat. Hermione placed the book on the desk before sitting. “I’ve come to question you, if you don’t mind of course.” Minerva didn’t look anxious, or worried in the slightest. She merely smiled and waited for Hermione to continue. “It’s about the Zabini family.” These few words brought Minerva to straighten and Hermione sighed.

It wasn’t true, it isn’t true. I am not Hermione-Alaire Zabini. I am Hermione Jean Granger. My parents are Janice and Peter Granger, married 27 years. I was born to these two amazing people on the 19th of September 1980. I modified their memories out of protection and changed their names to Wendell and Monica Wilkins, I then reversed the memory charm after the defeat of Voldemort. I’m proud of who they are and what they’ve helped me be. I am not anyone else’s daughter. I know who I am. I am Hermione. That’s it. No hyphenated name or anything…

Hermione opened to the page she was reading moments before, page 36. “Well before I ask you the question I want you to see something, here it is: A girl named Hermione-Alaire was taken when she was 5! Her dad died –” Professor McGonagall cut Hermione off before she finished her sentence. “I know the story Miss Granger. I know who this girl is, I know her family and I know where she is right now. But I’m not the right person to talk to. You’re asking all the wrong questions to the wrong person…” Hermione thanked the Professor, walked out and made her way to the Room of celebre veneficas diuinos et incantatores – the Room of Famous Witches and Wizards – to ask someone who would know.

When Hermione finally reached the room she so desired, she made her way to Albus Dumbledore’s painting. Still perfectly intact with the brave man she had known for so long, and when she reached him, he was having a chat to the painting beside him, Severus Snape. “As far as I know she’s already found out, but he doesn’t know yet…” They were gossiping, Hermione guessed about her. But she wasn’t sure and didn’t want to jump to conclusions. “Miss Granger! How lovely of you to come visit. What can I help you with?” Dumbledore’s voice was the same; he was still that humble, brave man who died on the Astronomy tower three years ago. Hermione smiled gratefully as Dumbledore excused himself from his chat. “Well sir, I was wondering what you can tell me about the Zabini family. I was reading this book here, Histories Horrifying Truth, and I wanted to know what you can tell me about Aida’s daughter, Hermione-Alaire.” Dumbledore smiled slightly, “I think you already know about this girl Miss Granger.”  Hermione frowned slightly, “Of course Professor, I mean – it’s just that – we have the same name, the Hermione part I mean and I was just wondering if maybe – no it’s not possible, is it? I’m not Hermione-Alaire am I?” Hermione sat on the leather seat behind her, her head leaning to the side rested on the palm on her left hand. Dumbledore didn’t answer for a moment, he looked deep in thought. “I think you already know the answer to that too Miss Granger. Perhaps taking this to Mr Zabini may cure your confusion.” He whispered, winking at her before vanishing from her sight. “Thank you.” Hermione said, hoping wherever he had gone he heard it as she left the room and made her way to the dungeons.

Blaise Zabini sat quietly with his best mate Draco Malfoy. They were relaxing in Slytherin common room by the fire playing a competitive game of Wizards Chess. “Ugh! Screw you Zabini, you cheating git!” Draco yelled, laughing as Blaise effortlessly moved into checkmate. Blaise laughed along before rubbing his thumb and pointer finger at Draco, indicating the bet they had made just before the game. “Alright, just wait. Don’t get your robes in a twist.” Draco said, pulling out three galleons and placing them into Blaise’s impatient hand. “I want a rematch. But not now, there’s something I need to deal with…” Draco said, shaking hands with his mate before leaving the common room.

As he walked along the creepy, cold corridor from the dungeons, he turned a sharp corner and collided with something hard. He stumbled backwards as the other figure fell to the ground. “Oh shit, sorry. I had no idea you were there…” The figure said, removing the mass of hair from around her face. Draco looked down at her, and she scowled aloud at him. “Forget it.” She said, picking herself back up from the ground and walking away. She stopped suddenly and turned around, Draco still standing there staring at her. “What? Cat got your tongue Malfoy?” She stated, giving him a questioning look. He stepped towards her, and cupped her face in his hands. “What are you doing Malfoy? You freak! Let me go.” She shrieked, trying to push him away. He stood still, watching her, examining her, as if she was completely alienated towards him. “You look so… Different. You look exactly like-” He cut himself off quite quickly, which didn’t go unnoticed by Hermione. “Like who Malfoy? Like Hermione-Alaire?” She whispered, watching as his eyes lit up. He paused for a moment and he almost smiled – almost. He caught himself quickly and let her go. His face stone-like once again as he walked off, taking once last glance at her as he made a sharp turn. She watched him go, what was that she was feeling? Was she actually sad that he just walked away? No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous… She thought as she mentally slapped herself. She ought to keep herself inline, and not let Malfoy and his stupidness get in the way of her, and her bigger picture.

She continued her path, coming to a stop just outside the Slytherin common room. Bullocks! I don’t even know the stupid password! Merlin, what was the point of even coming here in the first place, Hermione wondered, turning away from the door and beginning to head back to the library. But as she took a few steps away, the door creaked open quickly, a first year Slytherin exiting with a group of her friends. “Excuse me, uh, Marietta is it? Yeah go back in there and get me Blaise Zabini please.” Hermione said to the black haired first year. The girl nodded and entered once again, returning with Blaise. “Granger, is that you?” Blaise asked, confusion sprawled across his face. “Uh obviously, can’t you tell?” She said, feeling self-conscious, this was the second time they haven’t noticed her, what is going on here? “What’d you mean Zabini? I look the same as always, you know, that’s the second time someone has done that. What is wrong with me?” She asked, his expression left her irritated, she couldn’t tell if this was good or bad. “You just look, so different. I-it-uh, I don’t even know how to explain it, but you look so different.” He stated, stumbling to form words to describe her change. “Alright well it doesn’t matter, I’m here to discuss something extremely import with you, ok? So focus if you please.” She said, grabbing Histories Horrifying Truth from her robe and placing it in Blaise’s hand. “And what – may I ask – are you here to discuss about?” He said, opening the book to see the first page. “I want to know what you know of Hermione-Alaire, your sister.” 

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