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Accepting Secrets by swatton42
Chapter 1 : Uncomfortable New Beginnings
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Ok here goes! First chapter of my first story. It's been in my head for a while I've just never got round to writing it. Hope you enjoy.


I never thought I'd end up back here. The war had ended. Potter had won and the Dark Lord was gone forever this time. So I had ended up back here. Hogwarts. All students that were due their final year in the time of the war had been given another chance to finish their education. For some unknown reason I had agreed to return with most of the war survivors of our year group. Ok. So it wasn't a completely unknown reason. I wanted life to be normal again for her.

She was sat directly opposite me at our house table gazing around the Great Hall. The look in her eyes and the repetitive way she was rubbing her hands made it clear to me that she was uncomfortable. Not surprising. The school was considerably more crowded this year as there was essentially eight years instead of the usual seven. Well, more like seven and a half. Like I said, I'd returned with the war survivors.

She had always been a little unusual; luckily people rarely seemed to notice her, as after all I was the louder more in your face type out of the two of us. But this year was different. The war had affected her more than I would like to admit, I guess now you couldn't use the adjective little when calling her unusual. It makes it sound like I'm insulting her by calling her that, although that couldn't be any farther from the truth. I accepted her abnormalities in the exact same way that she accepted mine and I would always love her for that. She was the only one that ever understood me completely, and quite frankly the only one that ever wanted too. Somehow I had to make life better for her.

I always found it slightly strange how everyone just accepted things on face value. She definitely had the features of a Malfoy, apart from the hair. Her hair was a dark brown, almost black, everyone just assumed that came from Mother's side of the family. She had the attitude and character traits of a Malfoy, again not surprising considering the way she was raised. She had been sorted into Slytherin just like every other Malfoy on the family tree. If anything the giveaway would be her clumsiness I thought, as I instinctively reached for the goblet she was about to knock over with her elbow. Malfoy's were supposed to be in control at all times. There's the rub. Seeing my reaction she flashed me the typical Malfoy perfected smirk. Everyone just accepted she was indeed a Malfoy, even I always had and always will consider her my sister. The only people that never fully accepted her as part of the Malfoy family were, naturally, my parents being the charming folk that they are. Although neither of us have been close with my parents we still acted out our little perfect 'what is expected of a Malfoy' play to keep them happy.

It was easy enough for my parents all those years ago. A small, oh so accidental fire that destroyed some family history and birth records, an odd little memory charm here and there and jobs done, the world thinks I have a twin sister. Sometimes I really wished that she could have been my real twin sister, hopefully that way life would have turned out differently for her. Maybe slightly better, it's not like mine was perfect either, but ultimately better than hers. No, this year I would make it my entire goal to make her life almost normal. God only knows how much more bearable she had made my life by being around when I needed proper family support.

As the feast that opened the new school year had just about reached an end, our new headteacher, McGonagall stood up to make yet another speech.

'Following the events of the summer, we at Hogwarts feel it is our duty to explore the future of peace that is before us...' Yea, yea, whatever please just get on with it. My bed is definitely calling my name. '...To start this new path we will be promoting a year of inter-house unity...' Seriously, what a yawn.

'...The eldest students, those that are returning to complete their education fully will be paired up with another student for the duration of the year, to complete a series of tasks and events together. The pairs will be mixed sex and mixed house.' Well, there's an exciting prospect. Who wants to bet that I'll be paired up with Granger, just because it's such an obviously difficult pairing?

The list seemed to take forever, although that may be because it was ridiculously boring to sit through.

'Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy!' Oh would you look at that I was right, so what's my prize? My mental praise soon stopped, Harry Potter was next to be called. He was bound to be placed with a Slytherin. Pansy Parkinson perhaps?

No. Not Parkinson. The hall must have felt the sparks fly out my eyes as the next two words fell out of the old witches mouth.

'Lexis Malfoy'.

That was not in my plans for making my sister's life better. Shit.


Intentionally a short first chapter! Please read and review! xxx

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