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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 8 : The Mission
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I own Harry Potter! Yay! Whoo! I am a millionaire!
Yeah, right. In my dreams huh? :sighs: Can't I pretend? Just a little? No? Fine. Ahem:
Diclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. :(
Oh, and I also don't own Pop Rocks or Eggnog. Lets just say I don't own anything that is in here. And yes, that has something to do with the story.

Albus woke to a cold, dark morning. He looked outside and saw that the November frost had arrived, coating the window sill with it and making the room dark and cold. He shivered and quickly got dressed. He sighed and checked Mike's watch. It read 6:30 am. Since it was a Sunday, he knew all of his friends would get mad at him for waking them up. He decided to eat breakfast without them and left the dorm.

When he got into the great hall, it was almost empty. The Ravenclaw table had about 5 students, and the Hufflepuff 3. The Slytherin Table was empty. Albus looked at the Gryffindor table and was surprised to see Rose, who always slept to at least 8:00 on Sundays.

He made his way over and piled bacon and eggs on his plate. He turned to Rose.

“Why are you up so early, Rose?” Albus asked. Rose jumped and looked at him, startled.

“Al, don't do that to me!” Rose yelped. She glared at him for a few seconds and continued. “I just felt like waking up, that's all,” She replied, not quite catching his eye.

“Uh-huh. Yeah right Rosie, I know that you never wake up this early. How can you? You always wake up at 6 and study yourself out on the week days. Even on Saturday. I know that you only use Sunday to sleep late and take a break. What’s up?”

Rose winced when Albus called her 'Rosie' because only her dad called her that. She looked him in the eye, and Albus saw something in those big brown eyes. Fear?

“Rose... what wrong?”

“Well, um I had a nightmare,” She looked.... Embarrassed??? Since when did the strong, fearless, and unnaturally smart Rose Weasley get embarrassed about having nightmares?

“Rose. Why are you embarrassed of a nightmare? I had one a few weeks ago about being pushed into the lake by the squid and then getting sorted into Slytherin! It is nothing to be ashamed of! You probably stressed yourself out too much.... Rose, you know we are only first years? And it is not even exams yet! You shouldn't be stressed out until you're in your fifth year! And....” Albus rambled on. He could talk a lot in the early morning. It was one of those things Albus did that annoyed Rose very much.

“Ok! I get it Al! I had a silly nightmare and shouldn't be afraid because it is not real. Please just stop rambling!!” Rose said to Albus quickly before he exploded.

“What was it?” Albus asked.

“Al!” Rose said, but Albus ignored her and kept on pestering her till she told him. She looked around to make sure no one was listening, (which was strange because they were pretty much the only ones sitting at the Gryffindor table), and whispered, “I had failed my O.W.Ls.”

Just before Albus had the chance to reply and ramble again about the fact that she was only in her first year, Mike and Luke tumbled in. Mike ran to them, tripped twice, and grabbed at plate full of bacon and toast before turning to Albus and demanding why he left without them. Luke on the other hand, walked carefully to them and grabbed at apple. Albus immediately knew why Luke was skinnier than Mike. Mike can eat like a pig when he wanted to.

Rose just rolled her eyes at them and tried to leave but Luke grabbed her scarf and yanked her back down. “Oh no you don't Rose! We hardly ever get the chance to hang out with you because you keep on going back to the library! If I didn't know better, I would of thought books where better friends than us.”

Mike acted shocked and pretended to faint while Albus fake choked on his eggs and cried “Rose likes books better than people!”

Rose turned red, (which clashed horribly with her hair) and shot, “Well maybe because you guys are soo annoying!” But sat down anyways.

For the first time in a week or two they actually had a normal breakfast; Or as normal as one could get at Hogwarts with the four of them.


“Ahh!” Rose cried as a pile of frost soared toward her. She quickly casted the counter curse that made the ice fly back toward Mike, who ducked just before it hit his head. Albus and Mike were having a mini duel with the charms and transfiguration they had learned so far. Surprisingly, it was Rose who had suggested it. The main reason was for Al and Mike to practice the stuff they learned in class (which they were starting to fail) while still having fun. It seemed to work most of the time, though Rose still had to keep an eye on them before Luke and herself got banged up with the random stuff that flew around. Luke just sat under the tree and was reading about potions, which was his favorite and best subject.

Albus had just transfigured a twig under the tree into a needle, something they had been working on since October, and used the levitation charm to send it to Mike. It took too long though, and Mike had already used the dodge charm they learned last week. He wasn't that good yet, but he managed to avoid the sharp needle point, so that was something.

But after a few more minuets Albus managed to send a frost ball with a random wave of his wand and it knocked Mike's wand out of his hand. Which ended the duel. Luke had looked up right when it happened and Rose and Luke were clapping for Al while Mike just shrugged and chucked Albus's frost ball at Al's head. Albus turned around and was about to pretend to hex Mike before Albus and Rose's cousin, Fred, stopped by.

“Hey Al, and Thorn,” He said to Albus and Rose. (Thorn was Rose's nickname some of her cousins called her.) “Roxy and I are going to Hogsmeade, want anything?”

“Um, no thanks Fred-” Rose started before Albus cut her off.

“Four Butterbeers for us, and a few of Honeydukes finest or weirdest candy for Mike,” Albus told Fred, then handed him a small pouch of coins. Mike mumbled something about not needing to get him that stuff, but Albus just waved randomly at him and told him that if he wanted to be a true wizard, he needed to try the weirdest wizard candy.

Mike nodded, looking happier, then turned to Rose and smirked. “Thorn?” He asked.

“Shut it Mike,” Rose shot back, even redder than she was at breakfast.


Later that day, the four of them were back in the common room at their favorite seats, looking at their pile of sweets. Fred had really outdone himself, Albus thought as he looked at all the candy. He did see a few heath bars that he knew Roxanne had snuck in there.

Mike looked shocked. Albus wasn't surprised though. Wizarding candy was awesomer than Muggle candy. The most interesting Muggle candy he had ever eaten was something called 'Pop Rocks', some kind of candy that Aunt Hermione had gave them once. Albus didn't really like it much though. It made his mouth seem all funny and he nearly spit the candy out when it popped (or bubbled) in his mouth.

Yes, wizard candy was way better.

Mike tried a big jaw breaker first. While he was sucking on it, he started to float. He yelped and almost spit out the candy. He watched in amazement as he floated a few more inches higher. Mike grinned at the three of them and gave a thumbs up. The message was clear: Mike thought the wizard candy was awesome.

When Mike came back down again he tried the chocolate Butterbeer, which he loved instantly. Albus knew the feeling. Butterbeer was way better than eggnog, no matter what Grandpa Granger (Aunt Hermione's Dad) thought. Albus didn't even know why they would call a drink 'eggnog' in the first place. It sounded disgusting. Rose also complained on Christmas that eggnog was also too fatty and she also preferred Butterbeer. I guess that settles it, Albus said to himself.

Sooner than expected, they had finished the candy and Mike and Albus where playing wizard chess while Luke was watching them and Rose started to read. They were having a great Sunday and for once since the 'Professor Jackson' situation a few weeks ago, Albus felt relaxed and at ease as he watched Mike's pawn tear down his knight.

Everything felt normal, the way it should've be.

“C'mon Ron! Hermione, what are you doing!?” Harry asked his two best friends.

Ron opened the door and Hermione told Harry that she was just making sure Ginny was alright watching Lily and Hugo for a while. Harry rolled his eyes. He already made sure Ginny was okay babysitting them. Besides, she had raised his three crazy kids. Nothing was gonna happen to them. He was more worried about what they where going to do.

“Hermione, we are late. We won't make it to Hogsmeade till 8:00 now.”

It was about 7:30 pm, and the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) was going to Hogwarts to 'talk' with the DADA teacher.

They would apparate straight there, but Harry and Ginny casted wards around their house so no one was able to apparate in or out. It did get annoying sometimes, but Harry was still a little paranoid and it helped to keep the fans and un-wanted people away.

So now they had to walk at least half an hour before they could apparate without getting seen.

When they finally reached Hogsmeade, Hermione suggested to go to the Three Broomsticks and review  their plan over dinner. Harry and Ron both agreed.

“Blimey, it feels like we are in 5th year again, sitting here and talking about things going on at Hogwarts,” Ron told them after taking a sip of Butterbeer.

“Are you sure it  is the Jade from Hogwarts?” Hermione asked the millionth time.

“I am pretty sure. Jade isn't a very common name is it?” Harry replied, though a little doubtful.

“Well, we won't know anything till we find out! Besides, it would be nice to check out Hogwarts again,” Ron added.

Hermione nodded. “I do want to see how Rose is doing. You never know what she is hiding in the letters”

“Then it is decided. We will go up to Hogwarts tomorrow morning. It is too late now anyways. We should get a room and stay the night here,” Harry finished.

While in bed, Harry thought over the plan one more time: They go up to Hogwarts to Speak with Dumbledore and Professor Henderson. Then they take a stroll around the grounds and maybe talk with Neville and maybe a few of the other teachers before confronting Jade. Harry also wanted to talk to James about the trouble he had been making. If Harry had a dime for every owl he had gotten about James in the past few years he could fill several penny banks with them. And that is not good.

Harry was also a little worried about Al. He assured him that he was doing alright in his letters, but somehow, he seemed a little... distant. It almost reminded him of himself. It also made him wonder if Albus and his friends were nosing in stuff they shouldn't be nosing in. After all, he was Harry Potter's son. Harry didn't know whether to be angry, anxious, or... proud.

Those were his last thoughts before sleep over took him.


“Hey Hagrid! Long time no see huh?” Harry called over to the massive man at the edge of the forbidden forest.

“Harry! What are yeh do'in 'ere?” Hagrid came toward them, gave them a bone-breaking hug, then patting them on the head like a puppy.

“Just Hogwarts bussiness,” Harry said in a way that made he and Hagrid laugh. Hermione and Ron looked at each other with confused looks. Harry was reliving the beginning of his first year when Hagrid said the exact same thing when he was taking the Sorcerer's Stone back to Hogwarts for safe keeping....

“...And you little Albus and his friends visit me almost as often as you did Harry,” Hagrid was still talking. Harry shook himself out of his trance and grinned at Hagrid.

“That was good times, Hagrid. But we have to get on up to the castle now. Say hi to Fang for us!” Hermione said to Hagrid before the three of them went up to the castle.

It was Monday so all the students were in class. Harry was grateful. He didn't have time for mini fans right now. And you would think people would of laid off after 19 years. Well, it could of been worse.

They had talked to a couple of teachers already. They pretty much all said the same thing: They didn't know much about Jade and that she kept to herself most of the time.

They still had a few more to go though. They were particularly excited to see Neville and Patil. Though Harry was a little reluctant to go see Slughorn. He still didn't like him as much as some of the other teachers. And it was just plain weird to see your old teachers when you are all grown up. Escpecially teaching your own kids.

Harry didn't even want to think about it.

After a few hours they had learned a little bit about Jade: No one really knew where she was from or where she lived, and that her classes were not really good when you wanted to fight the dark arts. That made the three of them extremely nervous because there was almost nothing worse than a DADA teacher who wanted to teach the Dark Arts.

After a long talk with the headmaster and Dumbledore, it was lunch time, but Harry wasn't very hungry. He was still processing everything. He had showed Dumbledore the piece of parchment and Dumbledore also thought that something was fishy. But he didn't give out more details and said that knowing them, they would be able to figure things out. He also reminded them not to suddenly accuse a Hogwarts teacher, because sometimes everything is not what it seems. Harry knew Dumbledore was referring to when Harry always accused Snape when he was in Hogwarts, and admittedly Harry still felt guilty.

“Dad?” Harry heard Rose and Albus call him and Ron.

“And mum?” Rose added.

The trio turned to them. Harry winked at Albus. Albus just looked plain confused.

Hermione, of course was fussing over Rose and Ron was meeting Al's friends. Muke and Like. No, it was Mike and Luke. Harry's thoughts were too jumbled to think straight.


Albus didn't think his day could get weirder. In the morning, they had Herbology and Charms. The plant they were studying almost bit off Albus's arm and he did not like it. Then in Charms, his partner messed up and now Albus had elf ears. Luckily almost no one had noticed and Albus was able to get his ears back to normal before lunch.

Then he saw his dad. Albus thought he was hallucinating. How could his dad be here at Hogwarts? But after Rose called to Uncle Ron, he knew that it was real and was afraid. What did I do? Albus tried to remember if he did any thing wrong. The first thing that came to mind was when he accidentally flooded the bathrooms. He thought he went uncaught. Apparently not then. He hoped that he wouldn't have to scrub all the mildew that grew in them.

Grobie Mildew (a type of magic mildew) grows super fast when there was a bunch of water and was almost impossible to get off.

Albus had a quick day nightmare thinking about it.

Harry beckoned him over. His legs trembled.

“I didn't mean to!” Albus cried when he was next to him.

Harry looked down at him with amusement. “I thought only James got into trouble. May I ask what you did? I promise I wouldn't get mad at you if I think you didn't do it.”

For some reason that statement didn't seem right to Albus.

“Um, dad? Why exactly are you here?” Albus asked, unsure now.

“Well, I,” He replied.

“Oh, so you aren't here because I accidentally flooded all the bathrooms of the 5th floor and now most of them are filled with Grobie Mildew?”

“You what? Well, at least you didn't mean to....” Harry started before he saw just the person he was looking for, lurking in shadows of the small corridor to the right of them. “Um, Al, it was really nice talking to you and it feels great to be at Hogwarts again.... but I need to go with Ron to finish up something. But don't worry, I will be staying overnight,” Harry said distractedly.

Albus looked over to where Rose was and saw that uncle Ron really was lecturing Rose about the Quididitch thing James had fussed about while aunt Hermione just pursed her lips and shook her head at them, forcibly reminding him of great-aunt Petunia.

It wasn't a happy thought. He remembered last time he saw aunt Petunia. It wasn't a happy encounter.

Albus watched as his dad went over to Ron and pointed down the right corridor. Albus turned and saw very little movement. He went over to Luke and Mike who were standing awkwardly to the side and asked Luke if he saw anything.

“It is Professor Yoki,” Luke said after a moment.

Albus's brain clicked. He was suspecting that Professor Yoki was up to something for a while now, with all the sneaking around she had been doing. If she really was up to something, and his dad had somehow found out a clue, he might be able to tell him some info.

And maybe Harry might even let the four of them help be spies at school or something. Albus could only hope.

Oooh, I wonder what is going to happen! It is a bit of a cliff hanger there, huh? I always wanted to do one, but I didn't want to be mean to my reader since it takes me forever to write a chapter. But no one was giving me much reviews.... so yeah. Suspense. My favorite to write, but not to read.

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