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Of Angels and Demons by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Thanks to all those that have reviewed/favorite this story! Glad you guys are liking it so far! Sorry it’s been so long since the last update. I started uni this fall and it decided to kick my tush.

Riley Davis -- Hayden Christensen
Caitlyn Davis -- Megan Fox
Abigail ‘Abby’ Davis -- Ellen Page

Alexander Chase -- Gerard Butler
Nicole Myers -- Maggie Q

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural.

Chapter 3

“Okay, what the hell is this idea of yours?” Riley asked as soon as he had appeared on the front porch of their home in Texas.

Caitlyn looked back from where she was unlocking the door to see both him and Abby staring at her. “I’ll tell you inside,” she said as the door unlocked and she pushed it open, stepping into the house.

She went about turning lights back on as her siblings followed her in. There was no need for them to be quiet since their father had returned to his ship a few days prior. He had come home for a few days to celebrate her twenty-ninth birthday.

Once the living room was lit up, she turned around to see her siblings standing before the front door, watching her. Abby put a hand on her hip. “Okay, spill.”

“Okay, so they said they are running low on allies,” she began. The idea had formed in her head after Dean had told her about the visit from God and the wheels had quickly begun turning. She was sure that this could work. It was why God appeared as her, she just knew it. “We’re going to raise an army of witches and wizards to help them fight the devil.”

They just stared at her with raised eyebrows. She groaned and leaned her head back in frustration. Her gut told her that this could work. “Oh come on,” she said as she looked back toward her siblings. “This could work. We have some of the brightest minds in the world only a phone call away, so let’s take advantage of that.”

Abby looked at her as if she had grown a second head while Riley looked thoughtful. Abby apparently caught the look on their brother’s face and gaped at him. “You can’t be considering this! You want to fight the devil?”

“They already are,” he responded, looking over at Abby. She did a good impression of a fish as Riley looked toward Caitlyn. “If we pull Bobby in on this, since he seems to be the go to guy in the Hunter world, I think it could work.”

Abby looked between them. “This is insane!”

“It could work! I know it,” Caitlyn said. “It’s why God appeared to Dean as me, because he knew that I would think of this.”

Abby blinked at her sister as Riley smiled at Caitlyn. “You seem really sure about this.”

Caitlyn smiled. “It’s the surest I’ve been about anything in a long time.”

“Well, I’m in,” Riley said, causing her smile to widen.

Abby looked between them before heaving a heavy sigh. “I think you’re both nuts, but I’m in too. Like hell I’m gonna let you do something this insane alone.”

Caitlyn laughed and Riley chuckled. “Well, we can start this recruiting thing later, after we’ve gotten a few more hours sleep.”


Later that day, after having a few hours sleep, the three sibling’s floo’d to the Texas Authority of Magic. Caitlyn was the first out of the fireplace and stepped aside as she waited for her brother and sister. Her stomach was in knots due to anticipation. She knew her idea could work. They just had to run it by Alex first before going about contacting other Authorities and Ministries of Magic around the world. Unlike when Riley and Abby had helped the Winchesters when she had been possessed, they were going the official route. Besides, some of the bright minds she was thinking of contacting for help were higher ups in the Wizarding World.

Once her siblings were with her, Caitlyn led the way across the lobby. They passed the Welcome Desk, behind with Brooke stood and waved to them as they passed. She led the way down the hallway that was lined with administrative offices, with the door to the governor’s office at the end. Two bodyguards stood before the doors, which the three Davis siblings stopped before.

“Riley, Caitlyn, and Abby Davis here to request a meeting with the Governor this morning,” Riley said, stepping forward from his place on Caitlyn’s right.

The guard on the left pulled out his wand and waved it over them for a few seconds. He then nodded and pocketed his wand. With one hand, he pushed open the door. “You’re clear.”

“Thank you,” Riley responded before leading the way into the room, Caitlyn and Abby a few steps behind him.

Nicole Myers looked up from her work as they entered and smiled at them. “Good morning, Davis’s. What can I do for you?”

“We need to see Alex,” Caitlyn said as she stopped beside her brother, the door closing behind them.

Nicole looked down at her desk and pulled a planner from the side. Her glasses began to slid down her nose, but she pushed them put after a few seconds. “Hmm. He has a meeting in half an hour,” she said as she looked up from her planner, the corners of her mouth turned upward. “But I should be able to squeeze you in right now.”

Caitlyn smiled at the secretary. “That would be great. We just need to talk to him real quick.”

With a nod, Nicole pushed her chair away from the desk and stood. She walked to the doors behind the desk and knocked on them before pushing the door open and peaking inside. “Sir, the Davis’s are here to see you. Seems urgent.”

“Right. Send them in,” they heard Alex reply.

Caitlyn’s smile widened as Nicole pulled her head back out and opened the door fully as she turned to the siblings. “Go on in.”

“Thanks, Nicole,” she said as she passed the woman and walked into the office. The room had not changed much since the last time she had entered it two years prior, after she had been freed from possession. That day had also been the last time they had seen or heard from the Winchesters until that morning.

As the three crossed the room, Alex sat behind his desk watching their approach. He stood as the three of them stopped before the desk. “Riley, Caitlyn, Abby. What can I do for you?’

“Thank you for seeing us, sir,” Riley responded. “We got a call from the Winchesters early this morning.”

Alex blinked before tilting his head to the side slightly, his expression curious. “What about?” he asked as he gestured to the chairs before the desk. He then sit back down in his own.

“Well, they need help and are running short on allies,” Caitlyn replied as she took a seat in one of the chairs.

“What exactly are they facing?” the governor asked, steepling his fingers before him on the desk.

Beside her, Riley sighed. “They’re up against the devil.”

He sat there for a moment, blinking as he processed this. “Okay,” he said slowly. “I can see why they would need allies.”

“And I have an idea that I think can give them that,” Caitlyn said.

Alex smiled as he looked at Caitlyn. “I’m listening.”


“So she got an idea and they just left?”

“Pretty much,” Dean replied as he leaned against the doorway to Bobby’s kitchen.

Sam sat on the couch, extremely tired but no longer hallucinating due to the demon blood. It had taken three days for all the blood to leave his system. He sat forward on the couch, leaning on his knees as Bobby and Dean had filled him in on the Davis’s visit and the apparent appearance of God masquerading as Caitlyn. The younger Winchester had been shocked to hear that bit of information.

Cass had left the day before, though he said nothing about where he had been going. They would probably head back on the road within a day or so, once the bags and dark circles disappeared from under Sam’s eyes.

“And she said nothing about what this idea was?” Sam asked.

“No, she told us this brilliant idea and we’re just not telling you,” Bobby said sarcastically. His chair was wheeled up to the desk. “Idjit.”

Sam smiled at Bobby before looking over at his brother. “Any idea what the idea might be?”

Dean took a drink of the beer in his hand before shaking his head. “Not a clue.”

Sam nodded and looked away from his brother. “Maybe this idea of hers is why God showed up as her.”

“Maybe,” Dean said before taking another swig of beer.

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