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Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 1 : Prolouge
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J.K. + Ubisoft = Harry Potter and the Assassin’s Creed (SHUT UP I KNOW IT”S CHEESEY! > <) Quote from Assasins creed wiki

"Be at peace now.

Their words can no longer do harm."

―Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad- Assassin’s Creed .[src]



*Hermione’s point of view*

“Harry Potter is dead!”

“No!” I screamed in my head since I was in shock to utter it out. Ginny showed it though.

Steams of tears ran down her face as she tried to run to Harry.

Mr. Weasley had to pull her back as Voldemort whipped a spell in her direction.

“Stupid girl, Harry Potter is dead.” Voldemort repeated with glee in his twisted face.

I so badly wanted to go up there and finish him off, but I knew this wasn’t my fight, it was Harry’s and now he was gone.

I saw Ron, Ginny, Neville and everyone really standing in silence and sadness.

I felt my tears pour down too as I remembering the prophecy Harry told to Ron and I.

Only one shall live as the other shall die…

Please oh Merlin was it really Harry who was to die?

I hear a man’s voice on the other side calling for someone.

“Draco, Draco come here!” Lucius Malfoy says harshly.

I turn behind to see Malfoy covered in dust, looking torn to stay or leave.

“Draco darling come here.” A much softer, loving voice says. Nacrissa I presume it was.

Draco actually glanced at me for some time, before slowly making his way over.

“Traitor, since the beginning.” Ron says under his breath. I would have agreed but I don’t.  As Drco passes me I whisper “Why?” in disbelief. He slows down, indicating he heard me but keepts walking. I observe how Voldemorts hugs him, but Draco is still looking at his mom, and not responding back to Voldemort.

Finally, Draco reaches his mother ignoring his father even flinching away from him.

Draco stares at me for some time holding his mom’s hand, like if he’s trying to tell me he only did this for the safety of his mom and him.

I understood, unlike Ron. If I was in Draco’s case I would have done the same. I nod at his direction and he looks away. At this time I wondered why he specifically looked at me, later would I find out.

Neville then wobbles up with the sword of Gryffindor.

  Neville speaks up, “Harry may have died but he died a hero.” Professor Lupin, Dumbledore, Tonks, Fred, they didn't die in vain!” his voice growing stronger as he turned to Voldemort. “But you will! Cos you're wrong!” Neville shot as Voldemort as he laughed foolishly. “Harry's heart did beat for us - for all of us!” he last cries, wielding the sword in front of him. “It's not over!”


Suddenly I hear a thud in the other side. I, along with the others see Harry’s body on the ground beside Hagrid’s feet.

Then before my eyes he gets up.

All of us are in shock even the death eaters as we whisper and gasp at the presences of Harry.

Voldemort not so pleased, cries in agony shooting spells at Harry who I last see escapes.


“Oh Merlin this is it I’m going to die… goodbye Mum, Harry, Ron, Ginny and everyone I know.” I say to myself as Nagini slithers toward me. I crawl toward the broken chunks of stone walls of the safe heaven Hogwarts once was.

I try looking for something to defend myself with anything.

None, not even a single tool or item around to use as a weapon like mum, and my teachers had taught me.

I wait for the snake to sink its bear-filled venom teeth in me but nothing.

I look to see Neville come crashing down with the sword silting through the snake’s neck, as Vodemort’s final hocrux has been destroyed.

Neville and I share a look of relief know it’s over…it’s finally over

We head to the Great Hall, as many students help the other with injuries or comfort. I spot Ginny and Mrs. Weasley grieving from the loss of Fred Weasley, brother, friend, and hero for his service in the war.

I see Malfoy’s family at the end of the Slytherin’s table away from the others.  His mother holding him while he looks down at the table, at least until I approach.

Again Malfoy looks up upon sensing my presence, and stares at me, in silence.

A much as I want to turn away I can’t I stare back hypnotized upon his glaze, almost like he is wanting to tell me something but is preventing himself to do so. Finally he looks away breaking the spell.

I finally see Harry and run to him flinging my arms around his neck holding him tightly.

“Shh Hermione it’s over… it’s finally over.”

I just nod, still clutching him, knowing my task to assist Harry in facing Voldemort is over, but now the tables turn.

May have fallen, but in the end we have risen to bestow what we believe is our freedom.

Many have taken it the wrong way here but alas we will pick up the pieces and find out way back. My journey here has come to an end, but in my own world it has begun.

 Harry may have been the chosen one in the wizarding world, but I have been chosen in my era to do most unthinkable task that my ancestors have received themselves from the Apple of Eden of the First Civilization.

Currently I and my half-cousin Desmond Miles are in possession of it, away from our enemies the Templars…

My name is Hermione Jean Granger, and I am an Assassin.  I am the key in order to prevent the end of our world and Humanity.



Kay I know what your think what the hell?! Assassin’s Creed and Harry Potter?!  Just let me give this a try. Ever since the release of the third game I have been obsessed yes OBSESSED about it for the first time! I heard it before so chill. Tell me what you think! Any ideas for next chap?!?!?!? R AND R!!!

Xoxo Emma_Felton4ever

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