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Draco or Harry? by Draco_or_Harry_102597
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: A night in the Library
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I sat around and thought about the nights endeavors. I knew that it would be a long time before I could get to the common room and I really wanted to talk to someone. My first thought was tosend Luna an owl. She had no one to tell about this so she would be great. I pulled out a piece of parchment and decided to start writing. I really hope Draco won’t find it though.

Dear Luna,

I won’t be getting to the common room anytime tonight so i want to tell you where I am. This way you don’t have to worry. And I just really need someone to tell this all too. Draco has written me a letter asking to meet him in the library so he can get to know me. It really is stressful not knowing what he is like so I have come to the conclusion that I am going to meet him. Then after that both my mother and Harry are coming to the Library so that I can make my mom understand I am my own person. And part of my plan is kissing Harry. Is that pushing any boundaries? Well I guess I won’t know until I try. Oh well I just needed to tell someone about this. I am hoping you are well…


The point behind me writing this story was very questionable but that was okay. I said what I needed to say and if the letter didn’t make sense I didn’t mind. I looked at my watch and it said 7:48 so I had about ten minutes. I summoned my owl who appeared at my window so I tied it to her leg and sent her off. By the time I sat back down it was 8 o’clock and my nerves started to kick in. Then I heard the door of the library start to open and I knew that it would have to be him. Who else would want to come to the library anyways?

And of course I was right because in walked in Draco. His hair was perfect as normal and he was wearing his normal black attire. The only difference was his face. PInstead of being hard and emotionless like normal it was soft and welcoming. Then my eyes landed on his and it was like he was looking into me. His gray eyes were just piercing deeper and deeper into my mind. I didn’t know how it was humanly possible for eyes to be so intense. Then I saw a hint of amusement in his eyes and I knew he could tell I was lost in thought. So I snapped out of my trance and smiled. I hoped my eyes portrayed softness and welcoming but you know with everything that is going on I was worried.

“Hello, I see you took me up on my offer.” Draco said smugly. I could tell that I showing up was a small victory for him. Oh well if the rest of the evening was going to be like this, that it would be an awesome one.

“Yes I did. I actually have a lot to talk about as well for I have plans for later tonight as well but I will get to those later. Enough about me how are you?”

“I am okay, though I have been very stressed lately. With the Dark Lord back and all I am being pressured by my father to join them. I however do not want to. Who would?” I did not expect Draco to be that personal already but I soon realized that it felt good that he trusted me already. It was only the 2nd day of school for merlins sake!

“Um I don’t know who would but I know how you feel. My mother is always expecting me to be like her and help her out with the ministry. Well they don’t believe anything is wrong but I can feel it. I know there is. And now she wants me to spy on Harry and I really don’t want to. So I have a plan to mess with her mind. But at least it is with Harry. He is quite nice though I think he has an eye out for a different Ravenclaw girl named Cho. I know that she likes him. She never shuts up!!” I just started to talk and talk. I didn’t stop either. By the time I finished the story of my life (excluding the plan for the time being) Draco was smiling at me with eyes that showed me he was listening. It was good to know that someone was listening. Then he started to talk.

He told me that he had had a very rough childhood. His father was very rude and strict which forced Draco to do things he didn’t like. One of them being that he never wanted to be rude to people but he didn’t have a choice. How he described the last 5 years at school made me feel really bad. He didn’t have any true friends and the only one who was, was a girl named Pansy who his parents are forcing him to ‘date’. He said that it didn’t matter though because they barely talked. The only thing she was to him was stress release. It sounds bad I know but if you heard the full story you would have a different point of view.

“And now one last thing Zandra, What is your plan tonight?” He questioned me with such delicacy that it made me think he thought I was made of glass. But I did appreciate it. His eyes looked so curious that I had to let out a giggle.

“Well my mom wanted me to spy on Harry so that I can get him into trouble. And the last thing she would want is me to have relations with Harry. Well to get her off my case I am going to try and convince Harry to… well it is sorta stupid….But to kiss me in front of her so that she will just leave me alone about it. I think Cho will eat me and my mom will kill me but I don’t even want to be with him anymore. So it is like a onetime thing.” I made sure to get that point across so that he knew I didn’t want Harry. “The only issue with that is that I have never been kissed and I am kinda scared. I don’t want someone I don’t like to be my first and well at this moment he will be. So I have a full 2 hours to try and change my mind.” And with that I burst out laughing. I knew I must sound crazy talking about this to him. Especially with the thought of his face. It must be twisted into a weird frown or something.

But when I looked up I realized that I was very wrong. He had a very adorable smile on his face and his eyes looked very soft. At that moment I realized how close we had gotten. Originally we were sitting on separate couches in the library and now we are sitting on the same couch and were mere inches from each other. Then I felt his arm slither around my waste and close the gap that was between us.

“Well it is okay to be nervous. But just try and calm down and think about the positive. It will make your mom mad and Harry will probably be happy with it so you will have a new friend. Plus if it goes badly you can come talk to me.” He chuckled once he realized how cheesy that sounded. But I didn’t mind I knew what he meant. And to be honest I was kind of hoping that he could have been my first kiss based off of tonight. But we did have another hour and a half to go.

“That would be nice because I really do enjoy your company… But I hope that I don’t mess up or something. I am sure that Harry has experience in this area and what if I just… miss or bonk noses… I don’t know.” And with that I think I started crying. I don’t know why but I did.

“It’s alright. You will do fine.” He brought his cold hand up to my face and wiped away the tears. Then he started to turn my head and I knew exactly what was coming. I slowly let my eyes flutter shut and it was like a movie.

I felt his cold lips press up against mine and I guess it just came naturally. He slowly started to use his lips to caress mine and his hand found the back of my neck. He slowly started to play with my hair and it felt amazing. I finally decided it was my turn to use my hands so i wrapped them around his neck and just enjoyed it.

He started to lick my lower lip and it took me a moment to realize that was his que to ask me to deepen the kiss. I was very hesitant but I aloud him to. After a little while I let myself pull away. I didn't want to but I knew that I must. We sat there for a few more moments with our face just inches from each other breathing deeply. He rested his forehead against mine and we just sat there.

Then he gave me a short and passionate kiss before pulling away completely. I opened my eyes and saw that he was looking at me. He looked at me as if questioning over my reaction. I starred into his eyes and then I rested my head on his shoulder. Then he started to speak.

"I'm sorry for that. You were nervous about kissing Harry and then I just took over. I shouldn't have done that it was out of line." He looked at me apologetically and tightened his grip around my waste. I looked up at the clock and realized that there was only 10 minutes left until midnight so I had to speak quickly.

"No it wasn't uncalled for, I loved it and I am very happy you did. It was amazing and I am sorry that I have to say this however I only have 10 more minutes until Harry gets here so please you must go. No one can know we are doing this. For your sake and mine." I looked at him sadly because I really didn't want him to leave. But I knew he had to. His eyes spoke the same sentence but he knew what I meant.

"Okay I agree we shouldn't make this public. I am supposed to be with Pansy. Along with that Harry and I don't get along. Now please don't get into to much trouble and I hope I am more enjoyable then Harry." He gave a chuckle and a smirk before standing up and leaving. I frowned a bit while he walked away but it must be done. I didn't know whether this would be a one time thing or if it would happen again but I sure wanted it too.

I was really happy that I told Draco to go though once I saw Harry walk in literally 2 minutes later. He looked extremely tired so I decided to start the conversation.

"So I am going to talk quickly before my mom gets here. Cho Chang really likes you so whatever happens is meaningless however you are going to need to look like you do. I am not going to tell you what I am going to do once my mother gets here but that is ok. Just go along with it."

"Oh ok?? I am warning you though if you hurt me I will hurt you." I kinda laughed at the thought of hurting him because he seemed so harmless but I quickly stopped when I heard people move. I looked towards the door and saw my mom starting to head inside and before she could turn around to see us I threw myself at him.

I pressed my lips up against his warm ones and just enjoyed it. I could tell at first he got surprised but then realized what was going on and started to participate. I heard my mother gasp but I didn't care. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waste and pulled it closer. This time I deepened the kiss and for that brief moment everything felt right. Then I remembered it was Harry not Draco and my mood changed. I pulled back slowly and rested my forehead against his shoulder. Then that's when Professor Umbridge finally chimed in.

"Zandra!! How could you do such a thing!" She seemed so surprised and angered that I kinda got scared. I seperated myself from Harry and looked at her.

"And that's for wanting me to do things against my will. Ya I kissed Harry just to piss you off but I still enjoyed it!" I quickly glanced over at Harry who had a big smile on his face so I think he enjoyed it. "And I will take my punishment with pride."

I glared at her with all my hatred and stood tall. I could tell things were not going to end well once she reached for her wand.

"Get out... HARRY GET OUT!!!!" She screamed at Harry for him to leave which he did with some speed. "As for you. I have never been so disappointed in you. You will regret you ever did this." She pulled out her wand and put a silencing charm around us. She approached me and took my wand but I didn't care. But then she pushed a boundary I didn't think she would do.

"Crucio". I barely heard her utter the words before I fell to the ground screaming in pain. It felt like someone was burning me alive. No like I was getting stabbed. No no no nothing could ever describe the pain. I could feel my lungs starting to give out and slowly my scream vanished. After a few more seconds the pain stopped and I could breathe.

I realized then that I was crying profusely and that Umbridge was standing very close. Then this time without warning I felt another wave of torture radiating its way threw me. I was in so much pain and I wanted to scream out but my voice evaded me. Why would a Mother do this to her daughter?!?!

Well I can tell you one thing. I am no daughter of hers... And with that the pain left me and luckily it was for the last time. After a few minutes and I managed to sit up I looked up at the clock. It felt like I had been tortured for hours but it had only been half an hour.

"Now that you have learned your lesson I want you to go to bed. If you disobey me again the consequences shall be longer and less forgiving. Good night, mother loves you." And with that last sentence my blood started to BOIL!! If she loved me she would have not have done half of that. Once I heard the door shut I stood up. It took me a about 15 minutes to find my way back to the common room but once I got there I collapsed.

I didn't realize how much the torture took out of me but everything started to go black. Thankfully I saw That Luna knew I was here before I blacked out...


A/N: Now guys I am sorry I can't change word size or bold or anything but I am writing this all in my notes on my iPod. This way I can write anywhere at anytime. For example the first half of this chapter was written in my CALM class and starting at the kiss scene was art. Talk about AWKWARD!!!! But that's enough about me I want to know what you guys think!!!! I worked really hard on it and I absolutely love it... Isn't Umbridge soooo evil!!! Bu whatever don't forget to REVIEW AND RATE!!!!!

Thanks for reading: Heather Malfoy :D

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