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Differences Aside by RowlingsGirls_22
Chapter 2 : The Form (Harry)
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Harry as usual was having a really terrible time living at the Dursleys’ but was excited to see marked on the calendar in his room that his second semester at Hogwarts would start in less than two weeks.


Before he went to bed that night he let out his owl Hedwig to stretch her wings and she probably would not be back for a day or two. Just as he was watching her sail out into the horizon from the discomfort of number 4 Privet Drive, he saw another owl coming towards him. As he stepped out of the way to let the other owl through it dropped a letter on his bed, clearly showing the Hogwarts Crest on it.



Harry calmly picked up the letter thinking it would be the one to tell him what sort of books he’d need for the year. Reading the letter he’d begun to realize with creases forming on his forehead that he was wrong.



“Dear; Mr. Potter,




It has come to the attentions of the board of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that since you’re attendance there have been numerous threats thrust upon the school.




There fore as an extra precaution he have decided that you and a few other students will be taking you lessons at a different time in the year.




Also Mr. Potter we presume that you may want to consider staying somewhere other than your present host family and have made arrangements if you choose to leave.




Yours truly, Headmaster D.




P.S. your arrangement’s plan is enclosed.



Harry grinned thinking Dumbledore had known about his present situation but his smile had faltered when he realized that many of the teachers didn’t trust him to be a normal student.

“I don’t ask for these things to happen, they just sort of do.” He whispered to the Hogwarts owl.








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“Uncle Vernon? I need you and Aunt Petunia to sign a form for me.” Harry informed the Dursleys then next morning at breakfast.



“Why would we do that?!” Uncle Vernon sneered.


“Because if you do you can count on almost never seeing me again. He replied simply.

“Hmm... let me think about it…” his uncle pondered “Never having to see you agin?” Harry nodded slowly.

“No more owl?”







“No more abnormal beings in the house?”


“Yes.” Harry answered expectantly.




 “Bring the form here boy.” He demanded as harry instantly produced it from his back pocket.




 “Where do we have to sign?” he asked excitedly as Harry pointed to various places and he and his aunt took turns signing it.


“How long until your out?” Aunt Petunia asked finally speaking up.




“Ill be gone on February first.” He replied.




 “Do we have to wait that long?!” Dudley asked making the three jump forgetting that he was in the room.




 “Yes but after that I’m gone for good.”




“Where will you be staying?” uncle Vernon asked with a snide tone.




 “At a friend’s house where you’ll never find me.” Harry said triumphantly.

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