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Peanut Butter Geli Time by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 5 : I Did Not Hit A Tree, OKAY?!
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When I woke up this morning, I opened my eyes to a load of red hair.

Rose. Duh.

“Flipping hell, get off.” I moaned.

“Aah, we have Charms, I sit next to Scorpius. Let’s gooooo!”

I glanced at my clock on the bedside table and groaned. “Rosie, it’s not even half six yet. If you want to go see Scorpius that badly, go down to the Slytherin Common Room and get in his bed. Simple as. Now leave me alone!”

“Well, I would, but I don’t know their password.” Rose said, sounding super-serious.

“Get lost!” I yelled at her as I pulled my duvet over my head.


“Can she do that?” I asked Alice, who was sitting up sleepily.

“My mum works in Magical Law. I’ll find a way.” Rose said smugly. I pushed off my duvet. Alice was getting up. She sat on the edge of her bed and shook her black hair out of her face.

“Well, you wanted me up. I’m up.” She stood up and glared at Rose with her intense eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever.” Rose snapped. She turned back to me. “Come on, you’re supposed to be my best friend!”

“Alright!” I grumbled. I stood up and made my way towards the bathroom. When I came back out (what, do you really want to know what I was doing on the toilet? I thought not), Rose had everyone up. Dom was already fussing over her makeup and Molly was checking her hair.

“Right, you,” Rose said, pointing a threatening finger at me, “you are going to make sure I look absolutely perfect for Scorpius this first period after breakfast!”

Dom snorted. “You really think Geli’s the right person to ask?”

Rose glared. “Geli’s very good at hair and makeup.”

“She can’t be better than me. I’m part-Veela, no one’s better than me.”

“Your great-grandmother, perhaps?” Alice said, ruffling her hair to make it the “shabby chic” look she always went for.

“Well … yeah … but … oh, shut up!” Dom snarled, and went back to applying her lip gloss.

“Ohh, you got owned, Dom,” Alice laughed before she shuffled into the bathroom. Dom gave a weird scream and threw an empty lipstick tube at the closed door.

“Look, Rose, if you wanted me to do you up nice, you could have just asked last night, not scream at me and threaten to sue.” I told her. She sat down at the end of my bed and I knelt behind her.

I combed her hair, which was knotted and tangled. During this time, there was a lot of swearing, Dom having a tantrum and several broken teeth. On the comb. Not one of us. Though I can think of a few people who deserve their teeth knocked out. Not pointing any fingers or naming any names. (Nadine and Dom. It’s you two).

After I threw away that rubbish old plastic comb and used my wand to smooth down her hair, I “borrowed” Dom’s hairspray. What’s that you ask? Why is the word borrowed in quotation marks? Oohh … Shizz. Um. That was a typo. Yeah. I didn’t steal it. I asked nicely and she gave it to me. So yeah. Now we have that out of the way …

I used the hairspray to make it shiny and brushed back her fringe and held it in place with one of my sparkly silver hair accessories. Yeah … the one Al gave me for Christmas in fourth year. (Smile).

“Yeah, it’s done.” I announced. “I’m not even dressed yet! Damn you, Rosie.”

As I scrambled into my uniform, I saw Dom scrutinizing Rose’s hair. As I did up my tie, she said,

“Bloody hell, this is awful!”

“I’d like to see you do a better job,” I snapped. She didn’t reply.

“I think she did a really good job,” said Nadine. She had her uniform on and her dark hair scraped back into a ponytail.

“Um, yeah, whatever,” I said, picking up my bag. I glanced at my watch. “Half seven, let’s go down for breakfast.”


“Hey, guys,” Rose said as she swung her leg over the bench. “Man, I’m starved.”

“Uh. You look … nice?” James said. Rose glared at him. “What am I supposed to say?” he hissed to Hugo. “I’m scared!”

I laughed at him. “James, you’re not supposed to say anything. It’s Rose for God’s sake.”

He looked at me. “Oh, right. Ha-ha, you’re always right, Geli. I swear you’re like the brainbox of the millennium. You’re such a role model to me. I wish I was more like you.”

“Uh … thanks?” I said. Al was sitting across from James. He raised his eyebrows mockingly and glanced over at me. I looked down and became very interested in my toast.

“Hey, Al,” Nadine said, sitting down next to him and shoving her poor brother off the bench.

“Hi. Nadine, wasn’t it?” Al said.

Hmph. As if he could forget.

“Yeah,” said Nadine dreamily. She latched onto his arm. “So I was thinking today you could show me around after lessons?”

“If you want,” said Al. “I mean, we could go during break or something as well?”

“Ohh, you’re so nice, Al,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him. Dom, who was on the other side of Rose, smiled approvingly.

“You go, girl.” Damn you Dom.

Rose patted my arm sympathetically under the table. Boy, does she think I’m a kid or something?

“The Quidditch trials are this Saturday,” James said as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. “Al, Rose … Hey, Geli, why don’t you try out?”

This question surprised me. James knew very well what happened when I got within a fifty mile radius of a broom. He was there when it happened.

“No, thanks. Have you forgotten the incident with me, the broom, Scorpius and Crookshanks?” I said.

James smiled at me and put his hand on my arm. “No. But you have ridden a broom after that, haven’t you?”

“Nope. Nada. No way Jose.” I said quickly.

“You can’t lie to me, Geli. I’ve seen you. When you came to stay at ours a few summers ago. You stole Al’s broom at midnight and you rode off into the sky.” James said.

“Nup. That was Lily.” I said. “When she first started Hogwarts.”

“When did you stay at Al’s place?” Nadine demanded.

“I go there every other summer. Sometimes there, sometimes at Rose’s. The Potters are like my second family.” I told her.

Rose cleared her throat pointedly.

“Oh, and the Weasleys too.” I said, gesturing towards Rose and Hugo. “Oh, hey, Rose, there’s Scorpius Hyperion.”

“Hey, don’t call him that!” Rose said indignantly, hitting me with her bag as she stood up.

“What, it’s his name!” I replied. Rose sighed and rolled her eyes.

“See you in Charms, guys!” She waved and departed for the Slytherin table.

“Bye, Rosie!” I called after her. “Leave us then, for your boyfriend. He is clearly more or less than otherwise important than we ourselves are to you.” I stood up, continuing my senseless rage. “And I’d like you to know, Scorpius Hyperion’s grades are far less worthy of importance than mine are! And my grades are worse than his! Charms will not imprint a single thing in that simpleton mind of his once he was reached the age of ‘hormonal teenager’! Which he already has! And as for his hair, my God, has he ever heard of a shower? His hair is so greasy, Severus Snape would be proud!”

“Um, Geli,” Al said, reaching across the table, “sit down now. Please.”

I glared after Rose one last time and plonked myself back on the bench. “Sorry about that, everyone.”

“Geli goes loopy sometimes,” Hugo said. “Don’t mind her.”

“Thanks, Hugo. It’s nice to be appreciated,” I snapped at him jokingly.

“Ah, no prob, Geli. You’re like my sister.” Hugo said, standing up. “Actually, I wish you were my sister. You’d make a much better one than Rose does.” He quickly glanced around to make sure Rose wasn’t lurking around anywhere like she does sometimes. He patted my arm and smiled. “I’m off. See you guys.”

“Is he really only fourteen?” Molly said incredulously as he walked off.

“Hey, I’m fourteen,” Lily said from a few seats down.

“You and Hugo are both the same,” Al said, “you both act like you’re about ten years older than what you are.”

“And you and James act like you’re ten years younger than what you are,” Lily said as she got up with her friends. “See you later.”

“Everyone’s leaving us,” I said. “It’s so sad.”

“Uh oh,” Alice muttered, “is she going to go weird again?”

“Bye, guys!” I said cheerily, standing up to leave, but not before casting Nadine, who was snuggling up to Al, an evil glare.

“Geli! Geli!” someone yelled at me as I got into the Entrance Hall. I turned. It was Brandon White, Nadine’s brother.

“Oh, hey,” I said. “What’s up?”

“Um, I just wanted to ask you something.” He looked nervous: he kept scratching his elbow like he had fleas or something.

“Fire away,” I said. We went up the Grand Staircase together. I chanced a glance backwards to see Al and Nadine coming out of the Hall holding hands.

“Well … I know I only just met you, and this is quite personal, but –”

Shizz. There it comes. Another guy who likes me. Another problem.

“Do you like Albus?”

Shoot. I was not expecting that.

“Well, that depends on the concept. I – I mean, you –” I stuttered.

Luckily, I was saved by none other than Al himself. And Nadine.

“Hey, are you going to Charms right now?” Al asked us.

“No, Albus, we’re heading off to a secret broom closet to do some snogging.” I said.

“Oh. Sorry. We’ll just –”

“Gee, ever heard of sarcasm?” I said. I glanced over at Brandon. He was staring at his toes and his cheeks were red.

Al laughed. “Oh, right. Ha, you’re funny, Geli.”

I forced myself not to blush. “Right,” I said, “thanks.”

“Hey, Brandon, let me show you something,” Al said. He grabbed Brandon’s arm and they quickened their pace.

I was left alone with Nadine as the boys disappeared around the corner. Typical. Just frickin’ typical.

“So, it’s Geli, right?” she said.

“Yup. Not Quina. That’s just some stupid joke of Al’s.” I told her, checking my watch. Ten minutes to get to Charms.

“Is anything going on between you and my brother?” said Nadine, losing her sweetness and going all fierce-like.

“What?” I said, taken aback. That’s three surprising questions asked today and it isn’t even break time yet. “No! No way!”

“Good,” she growled, “because if there is, I swear I will break you into dust. Oh, and also, Al is mine. I don’t care if you’ve known him ages. What Nadine wants, Nadine gets.” As the boys came back round, she smiled and laughed. It was so realistic I was very confused for a second. “Ha-ha-ha, you’re really funny!”

“She is, isn’t she?” Al said. “Come on, we’ll be late.”

I walked next to Nadine. She was keeping herself firmly in between me, Al and Brandon, who kept trying to skirt round her to get to me.

When we arrived at Charms, nearly everyone was there. Rose, Scorpius (Hyperion), Alice, Dom, Molly, all the other Gryffindor boys and some of the Slytherins.

We lined up outside, but I didn’t have time to tell Rose or any of the others about what Nadine had said, because Professor Flitwick called us in. We took our usual seats. I was wedged in between Rose and Alice and Al, Brandon and Nadine sat in the row below us. The Slytherins sat on the other side. There were two rows of seats: ten on each side and five on each row, so usually one house sat one side of the classroom and the other house on the other side.

Rose was gazing towards Scorpius, but his evil twin sister, Luciana, was glaring at her like she was a piece of garbage.

“Hey, Rose,” I said. “Rose. Rose. Rose. Rose. Rose. Rose. ROSE!”

“Whaaaat?” she moaned.

“Stop looking at Hyperion.” I told her. “Lucian’s looking at you like she wants to eat you alive.”

“Ew,” said Rose, “so what happened to you? You were with Nadine and Brandon and … Al?”

“Long story,” I said. “I’ll fill you in during break.”

“Shhh!” hissed Lucy. “Flitwick’s looking at you both!”

Me and Rose looked up immediately. Professor Flitwick was looking at us sternly. “Thank you very much, Miss Weasley and Miss Blue, for finally joining in. Might I ask what you were talking about?”

“Well,” Rose said, “we were –”

Fortunately, I knew Rose well enough. Most likely she’d blurt out our whole conversation and all my secrets and hers and Molly’s and Lucy’s and her whole family’s when she got going. “We were just wondering if we’d be doing anything new today. I mean, Rose here thinks we’ve learnt everything there is to know about Charms but, boy, Rose is a smartass, so I was telling her that there’s no way we’ve covered everything and Professor Flitwick, even though he’s a brilliant teacher, couldn’t have possibly taught us every single charm they let you teach us, and –”

“Thank you, Miss Blue!” said Professor Flitwick loudly. “As you both seem so interested, we will be learning a new spell today. As it’s the first day of term, we’ll be looking at something fun.”

“I like fun,” said some Slytherin boy from the other side of the room.

“Quite,” said Flitwick. He took out his wand. “Now, here we have the wrist movements for this enchantment –” He moved his wrist in a circular motion, then cried out: “Educ bullae!”

Multicoloured bubbles poured out of his wand: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet ones formed on the ground to make a little rainbow. After settling for a few seconds, they burst with a faint pop!

“Omigosh bubbles!” squealed Alice. Flitwick smiled.

“Now it’s your turn. When creating colours, you must think of the colour while speaking the spell. For example, I simply thought of ‘rainbow’ when I said it. Your aim is to create enough bubbles at one time to fill up the containers in front of you.” With a flick of his wand, see-through plastic boxes appeared on our desks. “Off you go!”

Of course, making bubbles was much harder than they make it out to be. Rose, being the smartass she is (as I mentioned previously), managed to fill up her container in no time and also was able to make a bubble with her’s and Scorpius Hyperion’s (sorry, I just love saying the word “Hyperion”. *giggle giggle*) faces on it and the words “True Love” written underneath it.

She flicked her wand and made it drift over to him. With all the random bubbles flying everywhere, it went unnoticed. I watched him catch it with the tip of his wand and his eyes flickered over it. He looked up at her and smiled handsomely. He waved his wand over the bubble and sent it back over. When Rose caught it, I read what he wrote over her shoulder.

‘See you later’?” I said. “What does that mean?” When Rose blushed bright red, I realised. “Ooooh.” I made kissy noises and Alice joined in.

“Stop it,” Rose muttered, filling her container once again with pink bubbles. When we didn’t she twitched her wand from side to side and me and Alice both got a face-full of bubbles.

Believe me, whatever people have been telling you, DO NOT EAT BUBBLES.

After Charms had finished, it was break. I had only managed to half-fill my container, at which point the big purple bubbles had stopped flowing and I threw my wand at Hyperion in frustration.

Sorry. I mean Scorpius. Of course I do. *snigger*

So anyway, after Charms, Rose, Alice, Molly and I headed down to the grounds near Hagrid’s hut. There was this big patch of green grass that we liked to lie on and no one ever bothered us. Until today.

I quickly told the girls what Nadine had said to me.

Molly stared with her mouth open, looking like a frog. “I thought she was nice. She was plenty fine last night.”

“Yeah. She was really friendly.” Alice added, nodding slowly. “Look, here she comes.” She sat up quickly and waved. “Hey, Nadine.” I kept myself down, my eyes closed. “Hey, Al. Brandon, right?”

“Yeah,” he said. My eyes snapped open. Damn.

“Um, hi,” I said awkwardly to him. “I just remembered I have to go to the library.” I jumped to my feet. “Bye.”

I left them staring after me. I knew why. There was an equation that the Weasleys and the Potters were taught when they first met me: Geli + library = BAD NEWS.

I hurried back inside and made my way over to the library. Then I stopped. What was I doing? Why had I just rushed off like that? Because I didn’t like seeing Nadine and Al together? Or maybe because I was embarrassed to be near Brandon because of that comment I made earlier on our way to Charms?

Feeling completely confused and exhausted, I sank down to the floor next to a suit of armour.

“What am I going to do?” I asked it. Of course it didn’t reply. What a bloody fool I am. Thinking I could turn this suit of armour into some kind of Agony Aunt.

Ooooh! Major idea much! What if they started Hogwarts Weekly, a Hogwarts magazine and there was an Agony Aunt column! And I wrote it!

Ugh. I make myself sick. All these problems, it’s only the second day of school and I’m thinking about some crap called Hogwarts Weekly? What kind of sicko am I? Don’t answer, because here comes someone. I stood up quickly and pretended to be fiddling with something on my bag.

Shizz. It’s Brandon.

“Geli,” he said.

“Um. Hi. Sorry about –” I started.

“It’s okay. Look, I just wanted to talk to you about something …” he said quietly.

Damn. I can’t do this right now.

“Brandon, I’m really sorry, I have to be somewhere right now,” I lied, thinking wildly. “Um, my mum’s ill and I have to send my dad some letters and he reads them to her and –”

“Al and Nadine are together.”


“WHAT?!” the word shot out of my mouth before I had time to think. “Since when? It’s only been a week –”

That’s when I realised Brandon was staring at me strangely. “What?” I said.

“So you do like Al?” he said.

“NO!” I half-yelled. “I mean, I’ve known him for years and I just don’t want to see him get hurt.”

Brandon snorted. “There’s no chance of protecting him, especially from my sister. Bloody hell, if you knew how many boys she broke back in Australia.”


Right, that’s it. I will not let some Australian cow waltz in and steal Al. Even if she is indescribably beautiful. But whatever. A little minor (okay, possibly major) detail I can overcome (probably).

“How many?” I asked.

“More than I can count,” Brandon told me, running a hand through his brown hair. “What’s your next lesson?”

I dug my timetable out of my bag and peered at it. “Shizz. Care of Magical Creatures.”

“Hey, me too.” Brandon said, smiling at me.

“Come with?” I said, gesturing.

“Hmm, alright then. I’m guessing you weren’t planning on going to the library?” he said as we made our way back into the grounds.


“Oh, Geli. There you are,” Al said, hurrying up to me and Brandon.

“Where’s Nadine?” I said coldly. He didn’t seem to notice my tone as he replied.

“Oh, she’s doing Transfiguration right now. Some of our classes are separate.” Al told me. “But you’re doing Magical Creatures now?”

“Yup. Me and Brandon were walking down together.” I said, touching Brandon’s elbow for a split second. He flinched really bad and ran off down the slope. “Brandon?” I called after him. He didn’t look back.

“What happened to him?” Al asked, looking after him with a concerned expression on his majorly handsome face.

I shrugged. “Come on, then.”

I nearly fainted on my way down because he was talking and laughing with me. “Don’t forget about James,” I warned him.

“Ah, James isn’t here. Anyway, we’re friends. He can’t force us to stop being friends, right?”

“Right.” Just friends? C’mon, Ally-baby, you know I’m perfect for you! I was just about to say something else when –

“Geli, watch out for that –”


“– tree. Are you okay?” Al hurried up to me. I was sprawled on the ground in a very unattractive way. I could already feel my eye swelling up and my right hip really hurt. So did my leg.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine.” I got up, ignoring the searing pains all over.

“You don’t look fine. You have a black eye. I should take you to the Hospital Wing.” Al said, holding my arms to help me keep my balance.

“No, no, I’m fine. Let’s get down there or Hagrid will have a go at us for being late.” I let him keep hold of my arms, but he snatched them away once he saw I could walk properly. I was really disappointed. That was exactly what had happened at the Potters’ during the summer. Except it was Louis who ruined it all. Damn you, Louis.

I limped down the slope where the class was gathering.

“Al, Geli,” Hagrid said, “you’re late. Where were – Geli, what’s wrong with your eye? And why are you limping?”

“Hmm? Oh … I slammed into a tree,” I muttered, shuffling my feet.

“Do you want to go to the Hospital Wing for some potion?” Hagrid suggested.

“Alright,” I said.

“Molly, go with her, please.” Hagrid said.

Molly emerged from the crowd and we climbed back up the slope together.

“You walked into a tree?” she said. I nodded. “Ha-ha, that’s quite a funny image.” I rewarded her with a slap on the back of her head. “Ow. So you were with Al?”

Again, I nodded again. “I can’t believe he’s with Nadine,” I grumbled.

“What? Who told you?” Molly demanded.

“Nadine’s brother,” I said, “Brandon.”

“He told you that?” Molly asked, looking at me sideways.

“Yeah. Why?” I queried, pretending not to notice.

“No reason. Al and Nadine have been spending a lot of time together, you know,” Molly said, apparently oblivious to my feelings. I stumbled over a cluster of rocks and fell hard onto my injured leg. She sighed impatiently and forced me to my feet.

“Apparently she gets so lost that she feels she needs Al’s hands as a map,” I said angrily, kicking at a stick with my non-hurting foot. “She makes me so mad! I hate her!”

“She’s clever, too, and really pretty.”

“I can’t believe you’re siding with her!” I cried, throwing my hands up and wincing as my shoulder jarred painfully.

“I’m not!” Molly protested. “But you are being a bit unfair. You’ve only just met her and you’re already making judgements against her.”

“I don’t need this right now. I’ve got all these problems with homework and Al and Nadine and James and Brandon and –”

“James and Brandon? What have they got to do with anything?” Molly said, stopping me just as we got to the Grand Staircase.

“Nothing!” I said. When Molly glared, I added, “Absolutely nothing!”

“If you insist,” she said as we continued up the staircases.

“Yes, I insist,” I growled, “now just drop it. My eye is swelling up and I can hardly see. Help me!” My bottom lip quivered, but I was not going to cry. Not, not, not, not, not, not, NOT going to cry. GOT THAT?


“Miss Blue,” Madam Primrose Pomfrey said, “Miss Weasley, come in. What happened?” she gasped. I sat down on one of the beds and made myself comfortable against the pillows.

“I tripped over some stupid people and fell down the slope going down to Care of Magical Creatures and then some idiot shot a hex at me.” I told her. Molly started to open her mouth, but I elbowed her in the stomach when Madam Pomfrey wasn’t looking.

“Oh, dear,” Madam Pomfrey said. “How unfortunate.” It was terribly obvious she didn’t believe me, but what the heck, let’s keep this up. (It’s funny *giggle giggle*)

“Now, that eye’s swelled shut,” Madam Pomfrey said, her finger prodding the skin just under the bruise.

Yeah, the sky is blue, Captain Obvious.

Ha-ha, I love Captain Obvious. He’s so cool.

“I’ve got an ointment for your eye. There aren’t any other obvious signs, apart from that your shoulder’s swollen. What else hurts?”

“Everything. That fall really took it out of me like shizz.”

Now, see, that’s my profanity ban. I probably should have explained all the shizz earlier, but, yanno, with all the problems and such, I didn’t have time. James was banned from swearing after Teddy and Victoire’s little daughter, Monique, repeated a bad word (shit) from James (who else?) and she kept repeating it. Ginny insisted that we all stop swearing so we weren’t a “bad influence” on him. It really digs. But whatever.

Madam Pomfrey told me to change into the Hospital Wing clothes so she could have a look at any other possible injuries. Now, from my previous life as a Muggle before I got my Hogwarts letter, I had made several visits to the hospital. And, from my experience, can I just say that those hospital gowns are seriously unflattering. They’re like aprons with sleeves that show your bum if you don’t wear any pants.

So make sure you’re wearing pants if you go to a Muggle hospital. Please.

Luckily, Hogwarts seems to appreciate people’s modesty, so the Hospital Wing clothes are just a white cotton tee with white trousers. Thank Merlin.

With a little help from Molly, I got into the clothes and my uniform was just a heap on the floor. Madam Pomfrey came bustling back in with a bottle of squirming blue liquid and an armful of other bottles.

She lifted the legs of my trousers up to my thighs and poked around with her wand. When she reached the area on my right leg near my knee that felt like it was about to fall off, I wriggled a bit and said “Ow”.

She dabbed a bit of clear liquid on a bandage and wrapped it around my leg. After putting several bandages on me and tapping me with her wand and sticking it places I would not like to have a wand ever again, she moved onto my eye.

She took a circle of cotton wool and poured the blue stuff on it. It was thick and gloopy and it actually moved. One word: troll poop. Oh. That’s two. Oh well. Nobody cares. And not that I know what troll poop looks like. I mean, jeez, I don’t go spying on trolls when they’re on the toilet! Honestly. I swear on Rose’s life. And Scorpius Hyperion’s. Yah, him too.

Can I just say that whatever happens next is completely natural and is what any sane person would do when confronted with a blob of blue troll poop.

I screamed.

Really loudly. I backed up on the pillows and tried to climb up onto the windowsill. What? And then, when I managed to stand on the sill, I banged on the window screaming “Help! Help me!”

Madam Pomfrey sighed. “Come down now, Geli, dear. It’s not going to bite. I’m just going to put a bit on your eye and it should open up.”

“Are you crazy?” I shrieked at her. “That stuff will kill me!”

Eventually, when Molly was able to coax me down by saying she’d go and call McGonagall (and also with some death threats and blackmail, but that’s not really important), she ordered me to lie still. Just for effect, she raised her wand and glared down at me. Boy, she really looked like her Nana Molly. I let Madam Pomfrey put the blue poop on my eye. It really stung, but I didn’t say anything. Partly because I was too numb to move after my (almost) Great Escape, and also because there was a Weasley Woman standing right there with her wand pointed at my head.

Oh, the Weasley Women. A colony of the most fearsome creatures ever to walk this earth. Here we have a Weasley Woman in her natural habitat with her wand pointed at her best friend.

Sorry. That was my “naturist” voice. Like that Michael Masco dude, that wizard guy who likes looking at plants and animals and whatnot. 

When Madam Pomfrey had finished putting the poopy on my eye and let it set, it was nearly time for fourth period: Potions. Molly looked really mad, seeing as she had missed two whole lessons, but she was more concerned for my health and wellbeing.

Well, I should hope so!

Finally, the nurse let me change back into my uniform. Just before I left, she put on another layer of blue poop and then told me to come back on Sunday for a check-up. Then she let me go.

It was only after I got a few comments about looking like a weirdo and caught sight of myself in a mirror that I realised something: the stuff hadn’t set and I had troll poop on my face.

I screamed as I ran towards the nearest girls’ bathroom. The blue poop was slowly fading and my eye looked almost normal.


Right. No. Sorry.


During Potions, I told Rose and Alice about what had happened in the Hospital Wing. I added lots of details about how Molly tortured me into letting Madam Pomfrey put the poop on my face, though I didn’t tell them it looked like poop or they’d never let me live it down.

We were brewing the Draught of Living Death. Rose was very good at it, naturally. Her potion was always the right shade of colour as described in the book. However, at the step when it was supposed to be navy blue (which Rose’s was) and a quite thick consistency, mine was pale blue and could have been passed off for water, if not for the unnatural colour. Mine was hardly worse than Alice’s, whose potion was basically like orange juice.

Ah, me and Alice are the rubbish ones with bad grades while Rose and Molly are the nerds thanks to their parents. Well, in Rose’s case, only her mother, because I have heard tales of Ron being as bad as me and Alice.

When Professor Slimeynall came round to test our potions at the end of the lesson, he dropped a couple of bright green leaves into Rose’s potion. They both shrivelled up and went black as they sank to the dark depths of the concoction. He smiled at her.

“Well done, Rose. I daresay that would earn you an ‘O’ in your N.E.W.Ts. Now, let’s have a look at Geli’s.”

He bent over my potion, which, by now had curdled and was a bright pink colour. Nevertheless, he put the leaves in. Instead of dying like they did with Rose’s, they floated on the surface and slowly turned the same shade as the potion.

Professor Slimeynall snorted. “That wouldn’t even give you a ‘T’,” he remarked as he scribbled furiously on his clipboard.

Stupid Slimeynall and his stupid Potions and his stupid clipboard.

After Potions was – hooray! – lunchtime. I was starving after my “fall down the slope while some git hexed me”. I ended up wedged next to Al and Dom. Great. I ate at super-fast speed and everyone stared at me with amazement. Al, whose plate was nearly piled as high as mine, said,

“Whoa! I never knew you could eat that fast!”

“Ah, well, you see,” I sat, patting his shoulder as I stood up, “it takes years of practice and dedication.” We both laughed and Nadine started giving me the evils. I pulled a face at her and, before she could do anything, turned on my heel and ran out of the Great Hall.

I was planning on spending the rest of my lunchtime on that patch of grass where no one ever bothers me. But, as usual, my day is going RUBBISH so obviously Brandon White had to come and spoil everything.

“Hey, Geli.”

“Are you stalking me?” I demanded, sitting up and glaring at him.

He seemed kind of startled. “No. Sorry, I’ll just go if you –”

“No, Brandon, sorry. I’m just a bit moody, because of, you know, when I fell over. And when that guy hexed me.” I said.

“I thought you hit a tree?”

“Um. Nah, who told you?”


“Damn. Right. Okay, I hit a tree, but so what?” I said. We both laughed. Then suddenly I did something I never thought I do in a million billion trillion zillion jabillion years –

I kissed him.


Hey guys. Sorry for the wait but I had another story to write and some school stuff too. So, this chapter's pretty long. I hope you don't get too bored of it!! How d'ya like the ending? Hmm?? Tell meeee!! By the way, Madam Pomfrey in this story is Poppy Pomfrey's daughter/granddaughter. Whichever you feel is appropriate. Also, Michael Masco is not real or made up by JK Rowling. I imagined him up for the entertainment purposes of you people out there. Anyway, please review and the next chapter should be up soon xx

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