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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 27 : Leaving Hogwarts
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 Chapter Twenty-Seven

I was cautious around Lily after we agreed to be on at least speaking terms again, for all I knew she might’ve been up to one of her tricks but she did seem genuine and had been lovely to both Abi and I over the next couple of weeks towards Christmas. I decided this was a case of keeping your friends close but enemies closer however when I thought about it Lily wasn’t my enemy at all, in fact she was in a very similar situation to the one I found myself in. If anyone knew the pain of what it was like to be in love with someone and not be able to be with them, it was me. But I loved Abi, I wanted to be with Abi and I was happy with Abi. Lily seemed almost resigned to this fact and though she was being nice there was still a little twinge of suspicion in the back of my mind; I knew Lily, I knew her better than James and Albus did and I could always tell when she was keeping secrets.

Alice was shocked when I told her that Lily & I were friends again, but I promised her that there’d be nothing else going on between us now. I wasn’t sure if I was even in love with Lily anymore, I hadn’t thought about her in anything but a negative way for months now and my heart no longer fluttered whenever she was about. From what I could tell she had ended things with Malfoy as well, he snarled at us a lot which may have just been usual for him but it was more directed at Lily than anyone. Some damage limitation with Al and Hugo soon convinced it would be best if they never found out about Lily & Malfoy. It was now the last week before the Christmas holidays where Jack & I would be spending with Hugo’s family at their house with, from what I gather, pretty much daily visits to The Burrow and The Potters homes

Jack had been upset we wouldn’t be spending Christmas with mum but I soon turned him on the idea and now he seemed pretty excited, I reckoned it was because he fancied Lucy deep down and just hadn’t realized it yet. Hugo just reckoned it was because he liked Molly Weasley’s chocolate cake which, I admit, was one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted. The most exciting part of the holidays was the New Year’s party that Lily, Dom, Roxy and Rose had talked Harry & Ginny into hosting at their house (mansion) on New Year’s Eve. Abi was going away to Switzerland with her parents for the holidays but we’d promised to keep in touch via letter and she told me she’d do her best to get to the New Year’s Party. Rose assured Abi she’d keep an eye on me whilst she was away, I was a bit confused about that but put it to the back of my mind.

“Dude, this is going to be the best Christmas ever” said Hugo as helped Jack and I finish off Jack’s packing forty minutes before the train was due to leave “My whole family go nuts around this time of year, at least if you’re there I can get away for a bit of peace”

“That would work” I replied with a grin “If Jack and I don’t go completely Christmas bonkers as well, there is no escape from it Hugo”

“Barr humbug” exclaimed Hugo as we zipped up Jack’s bags and headed out of the first year boys dorm and made our way down the stairs to the common room

“How come you don’t like Christmas Hugo?” asked Jack as we reached the bottom and exited the common room “Don’t you like opening your presents and stuff like that”

“Oh it isn’t the whole material side I hate” replied Hugo casting an arm around Jack’s shoulder “I like that, it’s just the whole over the top festivities that I can’t stand. Way too much joy and happiness for my liking”

“You see Jack” I interjected “I know you think Hugo is a lot cooler than me, and that he’s your hero or whatever but underneath it all he’s really a bitter old man who can’t stand others being happy”

“You wouldn’t have me anyway” said Hugo simply as we reached the entrance corridor where all the Potter/Weasley’s still attending Hogwarts were waiting for us. Lily, Dom, Roxy and Rose all cooed over Jack as he arrived; they found him very cute and constantly smothered him with hugs and kisses on the cheeks. A few weeks ago Ryan had asked Jack whether he minded this but Jack just said it made him look like a player which therefore made him more popular. I beamed with pride; my little brother was such a LAD and already had more action than I did at his age. He was turning into a bit of a lady killer; word on the street is some second years are even interested. I wouldn’t have stood a chance with second years at his age. Lucy looked disgusted and told her older cousins to stop embarrassing Jack as he wouldn’t like it

“So how are things between you and your love” I whispered to Louis as he, Dom and I climbed into the back of a carriage which would take us to Hogsmeade train station. Louis had asked Dom and I to sit with him as he wanted to talk about Ben and we were the only ones who knew

“Never been better” beamed Louis showing us a note that Ben had left him on his pillow it read “Love and miss you already xx”. Holding back the automatic gag reflex that came to me when mushy bullshit was presented to me, I told Louis I was happy for him and handed him the card back

“Do you think it’ll be long until Ben comes clean” said Dom “I mean I love him for making you so happy, but It can’t be easy for you pretending there’s nothing between you in public”

“It’s all right” shrugged Louis “It gives me a chance to openly stare at other boys; I swear one of the requirements for Hogwarts is a good genetic gene pool. Have you ever noticed how gorgeous everyone is?”

“Not really Lou, there are some right munters” said Dom as she and I laughed. Louis lived in a much more romanticized world where everyone was gorgeous and the world was filled with never ending meadows. We reached Hogsmeade station about ten minutes later just as the train was about to leave but just about everyone managed to jump on, Al and Freddie had to leap on as the train began moving, but it did mean we were all stuck together in one very cramped carriage at the back which involved the girls having to sit on the boys knees

“You’re sitting on my leg you ape”

“Damn Rox, you’ve piled on the pounds this year”

“I’m carbing for Quidditch arsehole”

“Hugo, please tell me that’s your knee and not what I think it is”

“Guys, Freddie’s let one off”

We were all soon in fits of laughter and I looked across at Lily, who was crushing Louis, and smiled. She smiled back

“To the best Christmas ever” said Hugo pushing Dom to the floor

“Best Christmas ever” was the unanimous reply 

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