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From Nightmares To Sweet Dreams by CadenceWeasley
Chapter 36 : The Other Question
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“Mione, love, you’re awake.” George sighed and hugged her tightly.

“What happened?” Hermione muttered into George’s shoulder. George pulled away from her and sat back in his chair next to her bed.

“I think I should be asking you that.” George accused. Hermione squirmed under his protective eyes.

“I had a nightmare.” She whispered. George’s face became twisted with concern and hatred for what these nightmares did to her, for what they threatened to do to their lives. But he waited for her to continue, afraid that he would say something that would frighten her. And that was the last thing he wanted to do. Besides, this was about her, not him.

“Bellatrix was there. Almost in a room like this, so white and clean, very much like a hospital. And she told me how she was going to rid the world of “the pest”, of our baby. And I screamed. But I couldn’t fight, I was tied down. All I remember is a blade cutting into my stomach and then waking up with blood on my hands.” Hermione said, so quietly as if it were a secret. And maybe it was. If anyone else heard what Hermione was explaining, they would think she had fallen of the rocker, that she was barking mad. But she wasn’t, these nightmares of hers were very real and they threatened her very life and now threatened her child’s. And that was something she couldn’t stand for.

“I will never let her hurt you or our children.” George spoke through barred teeth, his hate for Bellatrix rising in his chest.

“She’s dead.” Hermione stated. George looked at her as if that was the least of their problems.

“But she still affects you. Some part of her lingers in our world and for whatever reason; she’s hell-bent on coming after you. But I won’t let her hurt you anymore.  I’m so sorry.” George squeezed her hand, showing her that he meant what he said with every bit of himself. Hermione nodded. She never blamed George; none of this was his fault. Bellatrix was her problem, and she would fix it on her own.

“Is the baby alright?” Hermione asked quickly and anxiously, she had been so wrapped up in explaining her dream to George that she forgot about the most important thing in her life now.

“The babies are alright.” George smiled.

“Excuse me?” Hermione was lost.

“They are alright.” George was grinning from ear to ear now.

“They? As in plural? As in more than one?” Hermione stammered over her words. Two babies?

“Yes, Mione. You have made me the very proud father of twins.” George’s excitement was all over his face now. He was practically flooding the room with it.

“Twins?” Hermione was completely taken aback by this news. But the shock was quickly replaced by sheer happiness.

“Twins!” She squealed.

“Twins!” George repeated. Hermione was squeezing at his hand now in excitement. She couldn’t be happier.

“Is it a boy or girl?” Hermione asked in eagerness.

“A girl.” Both of them were smiling like fools now. Both of them were overtaken by delight.

“A girl. Oh, George, I’m so excited. About the twins and their health, about me and you, about the life we’re going to share together. Not even Bellatrix can take that from us.” Hermione spoke confidently.

“I’m excited too, love. So very excited. I love you.”

“I love you so much.” Hermione leaned over and kissed him sweetly. They sat there and talked back and forth for hours about the twins and what they might be like and what they should name them. Soon, the conversation dwindled and Hermione was slowly falling to sleep. George sat and watched her. Just when he thought sleep had taken her, she spoke.

“George?” she sighed.


“Will you lay with me?” He didn’t answer her; instead he crawled into the hospital bed with her and wrapped his arms around her. She sighed again, contently. George’s eyes closed in gratefulness, he had Hermione, and he had a beautiful family on the way. And they were safe, they were healthy. He was grateful. He was almost asleep when she spoke again.


“Yes, love?”

“What were going to ask me earlier?” Hermione questioned.

“What do you mean?”

“Just before I had woken up. I heard you say that you were wondering about something. Maybe I was just dreaming again. Nevermind. Goodnight, George.” She said, snuggling into his chest. George’s eyes were wide awake in the darkness. Hermione fell asleep quickly, but George never did. The question he was going to ask Hermione, plaguing his mind.

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