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Misplaced Dreams by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Prologue: The Ship of Dreams
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April 10th, 1912.

The ship of dreams. That's what they all called it, including Jared and myself. Even in all the pictures, it was huge. The most luxurious ocean liner to sail the waters and it would take people to a whole new world. Out of England and right to America. And Jared and I were two of those people.

When his parents came home a few months ago, Mr. Nott waving two tickets in his hand, the excitement coming from Jared was enough for me to know exactly what it would be long before he showed me; he'd been talking about this trip for months, was sure his parents would say no. They're protective of their two boys, Jared and Anthony.

I'm not a Nott, not officially. My mother was Jared's nanny, she died when I was seven and the family took me in. Or, I should say, they didn't send me away; Mother had been a live-in nanny, Nott Manor has always been my home. Jared and I grew up together, did everything together, and one look between he and I told me that second ticket belonged to me.

"Can you imagine it, Nate?" he asked, still awed by the papers in his hand. "To take a once in a lifetime trip and see a whole new world?"

I agreed with him completely, why wouldn't I? This was the most talked about piece of news since - I couldn't remember. "It's an adventure."

Jared held up the tickets for me to read, his eyes bright and his grin smug. "It's a first-class adventure. Ant is jealous."

Of course he was; he was seven years old, he couldn't have adventures yet. We, however, were eighteen and not long out of Hogwarts, just last summer, to be exact. We were adults now, men, and this was our time. The world was waiting for us, quite literally, and the tickets in my best friend and brother's hands would takes us to it. We'd be alone, no parents, no guidance, if we were wrong or made a mistake, the mistake would be ours alone to make right and learn from, as Mr. Nott had taught us. We could do this; we couldn't wait to do this.

If only we had known, I tell myself now. Maybe things would be different.

"The Titanic," Jared murmured, placing the tickets carefully onto his desk. Our packed cases were stood side-by-side next to the door. We were all ready to go. "Tomorrow, Brother. Our adventure starts tomorrow; first the Titanic, then America. No one can stop us."

"No one," I echoed. "Then we should sleep, we'll be busy tomorrow with getting ready and leaving. The ship leaves at noon and we both know what you are like in the mornings," I joked, expecting the pillow that was thrown at my face.

Jared finally moved from his desk to lie beside me on the make-shift bed we'd made on the floor earlier. My room was next door to his, but rarely used. We've slept on his floor since we were young boys; camping indoors, we called it. Tonight it was so we could talk about our trip until we fell asleep.

"I wonder what the girls will be like," Jared muttered, his eyes closing as sleep kicked in.

I stifled a laugh due to the late hour and followed suit. We were exhausted after all of our packing and preparing for the next morning. "What does it matter? They'll all love you anyway."

Jared didn't answer me, he'd already fallen asleep. I listened to his soft breathing, waiting for sleep to take me as well, and my dreams were all of our adventures on Titanic.

The ship of dreams. That's what they all called it. We couldn't wait then. But now? I'd give anything to reverse the clock.

It wasn't meant to be the start of our worst nightmare.

A/N: Since I've almost completed Enchanted and the deadline is close, it's about time I posted this. I hope you enjoy this new story of mine. It's a short story, not as long as the movie ;), so I hope to have it updated fairly quickly. Don't take my word for it, though.

Please let me know what you think. :)


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Misplaced Dreams: Prologue: The Ship of Dreams


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