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Fall Creek by lyndsaylovve
Chapter 3 : Unusual Feelings
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The next morning as Red and I sat in the now sunny outside courtyard I thought about the night before and frowned.

“You should smile more” red mused, popping a bit of candy in his mouth and then leaning back on his elbows.

“I smile all the time” I said defensively “besides you’ve known me not even a full day, how do YOU know that I don’t smile?”

He stared at me for a moment then a light hearted grin spread across his face.

“I suppose you’re right.” He paused and let the sun rays warm his face

I watched him carefully. Studied the way he sat, the way he fidgeted every so often. The sun was shining making his red hair gleam in a fascinating way. His cheekbones and jaw structure were very masculine and defined, even with the slight bruising. Probably from whatever he was doing when he passed. His body was lean and his legs seemed to go on for miles.

“You’re staring at me” he said without opening his eyes

I blushed fiercely and looked at the grass

“No I’m not”

His blue eyes were amused as he took in the last bit of the red in my cheeks.

“Your face tells a different story.” He rolled onto his side and propped his head up on one arm.

“So I figured we should start with the guiding.” I said quickly, changing the subject

He grinned but said no more.

“So uh...I figured we could try and start with uh...memories.” I had no clue where to even begin.

I had never had a re-lifer to myself. Of course I’ve seen guiders work before and I knew the proper ways, but I was never taught. And another problem was what Amelia had said about no guidelines. How would I even know what sort of question to ask or more important, what not to ask to soon?

His good humored face darkened a bit as he stared at the ground. His shining eyebrows pulled together as he concentrated and then finally he blew a large breath out and frowned. When he looked up at me he smiled softly but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“That’s very tough,” his voice was strained “I know they’re there, I can feel them. It’s like there is a part of my head that has been closed to me. A wall that I’m hitting”

“That’s alright,” I said excited “at least we know there’s something there right?”

Again his smile didn’t reach his eyes “I suppose”

Again I watched his struggle and frowned.

“Is this a part of your guidelines” he asked me suddenly

“Uh…no” I said and glared at the sky


“She didn’t give me any”

“Is that normal?” he said amused

“Uh…no, not really.”

He laughed and I turned my glare on him

“im sorry, you just seem like the type of girl who needs something to follow.” He flopped onto his back and put his hands behind his head “I can tell you one thing I remember”

“How to be annoying?” I muttered

“Close,” he said with a flirty wink “but more that I never followed rules, if anything I feel like I would have been…more of a prankster, if you will.”

A warm smile lit his face. I found myself smiling with him. And then I stopped and realized how absurd I was being.

I sat up straighter and cleared my throat. I needed to be professional.

“Is this a feeling?” I started “something your inner self just knows?”

He snorted and looked over at me “inner self eh?”

I waited patiently, fighting the need to smack him.

“I guess you could say that,” he finally mused; his face serious as he turned his eyes toward the sky “I wouldn’t know how to fully describe it. The first thing I remember was sitting in this very grass,” his fingers absentmindedly stroked the soft green under him. “I opened my eyes and stared through the rain to the building in front of me. I didn’t know where I was and what frightened me most was that I didn’t know who I was.”

His fingers clenched into a tight fist. The skin of his hand turning even whiter as it stretched over his knuckles.  He closed his eyes and clamped his mouth shut into a thin line. I watched his struggle silently. What could I say to even be remotely comforting to this stranger? What would he want to hear from a strange girl he met only hours before, in a strange place, with no memory of whom he was or why here was here? His posture didn’t change but he opened his eyes again and sighed.

“can I ask you something?” his voice was thick with and emotion I couldn’t figure out

“Sure” I said slowly

“Claire…it is Claire right?” I nodded and he continued “What is this place? Why am I here? What happened to me?”

His large bright blue eyes stared so intensely into mine that I lost my breath and couldn’t find my words momentarily.

“Th-this place, it’s called Misty Hill,” I began “it’s on the outskirts of a small town called Fall Creek. What we do here is help people like you to…remember who they used to be, so that they can return to themselves.” I stumbled trying to accurately describe what the function of Misty Hill was; most people didn’t usually react well to hearing they died. “As to what happened to you, well Red, that’s what we are going to find out. Only you know.”

His eyes didn’t leave mine and he spoke in such an even voice it unnerved me. “It was bad.”

I didn’t know what to say, my mouth opened but I closed it again

“What happened to me was bad, wasn’t it?” his voice was almost a whisper now and I could clearly hear the sound of anguish “don’t tell me, I’ll figure it out.”

He closed his eyes and heaved a massive breath. I swallowed down the need to reach out and touch him. That shocked me, for I had never been the type of girl who needed nor gave affection in any form. When helping a re-lifer I was usually very professional and uninvolved emotionally. Hell they were all going to leave eventually so why bother getting attached? So I was very taken aback by my sudden swell of emotion for this strange and frustrating young man.

I watched him a while more. He sat there and was so still and so silent I thought he had fallen asleep under the warmth of the sun. I nearly jumped out of my skin when his voice broke the silence.

“Claire?” he spoke so softly I had to lean down to hear him. I met his eyes again and my breath caught “I’m glad I was assigned to you.”

My heart thundered. It pounded as though it might burst from my very chest. His eyes held mine and then when he finally closed them again I found myself staring at his face.

What was he doing to me?


Authors Note:

i realize it feels rushed but i want it to be that way(: let me know what y'all think!

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