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Harry Potter's 25 Days of Christmas by OwlAboutPotter
Chapter 1 : December 1st: I Finally Get It (Teddy Lupin One Shot)
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Christmas One Shot #1
Couple: Teddy Lupin centric with mentions of Harry/Ginny, Teddy/Victoire
Song: Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth by Bing Crosby and David Bowie
Summary: When Remus Lupin died he wanted to ensure that his son knew what he died for, so that he would have a chance at a better, happier life. Will Remus get his wish? Will Teddy ever understand the meaning behind his father’s reasoning?


“I pray my wish will come true, for my child and your child too. He’ll see day of glory; see the day when man of goodwill live in peace, live in peace again. Peace on earth, can it be?”

First Christmas After the Battle

“Harry?” My girlfriend called from my left. I turned to look toward the way doorway from my place on the couch; she was looking at me with curiosity. “What are you doing?”

“Wrapping Teddy’s presents.” I told her with a simple shrug of my shoulders as I looked back at the presents that were magically wrapping themselves before adding: “Just like you asked me too.”

“I thought you’d wrap them by hand. You don’t have to use magic for everything, you know.” She said moving and sitting down beside me, instantly snuggling into my side as my arm wound around her shoulder.

“I like wrapping the muggle way.” She continued after a moment of silence. Her declaration caused me  to snort out a laugh; she instantly turned and stared at me incredulously. “Harry James Potter are you laughing at me?”

“Yes!” I laughed out, not even denying it but then quickly apologizing and began explaining myself. “It’s just that when you grow up without magic some people end up loathing wrapping gifts by hands. Many muggles often pay other people to do it for them.”

“May be you just hate it because you were forced to wrap all your cousin’s presents and he received a small mountain for all holidays.” She made a valid point, so I nodded my head agreeing with her. “You looked deep in thought when I came in,” She said changing the subject. “Is everything okay?”

“Just thinking back to what Remus said before I dropped the stone in the forest.” I said slowly. “I just can’t help but wonder if he’d be happy with the world we’ve helped create since the war.”

“Of course he would be.” Ginny assured me with a bright smile and a kiss to my cheek. “You helped shape the world into the one Remus and Tonks wanted Teddy to grow up in. We’re on our way to completely eliminating the pureblood and mudblood nonsense we grew up in. Teddy will grow in a world where those words will rarely be used. It’s Remus and Tonk’s dream come true. Be proud of yourself Harry, you gave that dream a chance.”

“You’re right.” I sighed out turning to smile at her. She grinned back before placing a quick kiss to my lips.

“I know I am. Now speed the wrapping up. He’ll be here soon so we can open presents and go to the Burrow.” She stood to go finish breakfast while I looked over at the presents, willing them to speed up which they did, before my mind slipped back to the earlier conversation. Ginny was right, Teddy will never live in fear; at least not the way we did.

First Christmas at Hogwarts
Teddy’s POV from now on.

“Mr. Lupin!” My charms professor, whom is also my head of house, called out to me as I made my way toward the common room with some of my friends.

My friends and I exchanged worried glances when we realized she was waving me over. With a quick wave goodbye to my friends I made my way over to the older witch and smiled politely. “Yes, Professor?”

“You are going home for Christmas, Mr. Lupin!” She told me with a warm smile and continued speaking the moment a confused frown made its way across my face. “The Headmistress just got word from your Uncle Harry. He wants you to spend Christmas with him and his family seeing as your Grandmother is ill and in St. Mungo’s. I say you best be packing, Mr. Lupin.”

A huge smile stretched across my face at the thought of going home. I’ve always said that I have two homes, one with Grandma and the other with my godfather. I’ve known for quite some time that my Grandma is ill but she took a horrible turn earlier this month and has been in St. Mungos since. I decided to stay at school and not bother my godfather and his family but apparently he found out on his own.

“Thank you, Professor! Have a good holiday!” I called happily before darting away from her so that I could get my trunk packed in time to leave on the Hogwarts Express tonight.

First Christmas After the Death of his Grandmother (1 Year later)

“Hello, Teddy.” A voice spoke causing me to turn; my eyes landed on Victoire Weasley who was staring at me with a smile.

“Hi, Vicky,” I smile back at the younger girl. “Merry  Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you too!” She said still grinning happily before she stepped forward and hugged me tightly. “Uncle Harry told me to come get you, dinner will be soon!” She explained as she stepped away but held her hand out to me.

I nodded before taking the 10 year old’s hand in my own and allowing her to lead me downstairs.  Instantly little Lily Potter latched herself onto my legs and began chanting my name in her two year old voice, not fully pronouncing it correctly. Laughing I bent down and picked her up into my arms, concentrating real hard. I watched as her eyes widened in amazement as Vicky giggle beside me.

“Festive hair you have there, Mr. Lupin.” Aunt Ginny said smiling fondly before placing a kiss on my cheek and taking her daughter.

“Really it is a lovely color choice. I like the red specks within the green.” Uncle Harry agreed with a smile as well. “Can I talk to you for a moment, Ted?”

Nodding my head I followed him as we weaved through the sea of Weasley’s that had filled most of the sitting room at my new home. When we reached the kitchen I noticed Molly Weasley as well as Fleur Weasley bustling around the kitchen as they prepared dinner. I looked up at Uncle Harry, wondering why he hadn’t spoken yet, only to see him staring at me with worry.

“Are you okay Teddy? Don’t lie to me.” He added as soon as I began to nod my head. “Your Grandma passed away less than six months ago and I know that Christmas was her favorite holiday. I want you to remember you can talk to me so tell me the truth.”

“I miss her.” I admitted softly. “And it only makes me miss Mum and Dad more. Is that weird?”

“Absolutely not. And I know it’s hard Teddy and I wish I could say that it does get easier but it doesn’t really.” He began softly, placing a hand on my shoulder in a comforting fashion. “But just remember this…the ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them, right here.” He said pointing to his heart and I smiled at his comforting statement. “Sirius Black told me that in my third year and it has always stayed with me. It helps me handle things just a little better.”

“Who’s Sirius Black?” I questioned frowning slightly, it sounded familiar but I couldn’t place exactly where I had heard it.

“He was my godfather.” Uncle Harry began with a smile. “He was best friends with my Dad and your Dad too.”

“Did he die?” I questioned frowning slightly as Harry slowly nodded his head.

“But he died for the same reason our father’s did so that we could have a better life. And you know what I think?” I slowly shook my head. “I know that your Mom and Dad would be so proud of you.”

“Really?” I questioned hopefully. “Do you really think so?”

Uncle Harry nodded his head, the smile never leaving his face. “I know so. Never forget this, Teddy: your parents loved you so much. Aunt Ginny and I love you so much; your Grandma loved you so much. You are surrounded by people who love you and will do everything in their power to make sure you have the chance to live a safe and happy life. We will never let anything hurt you.”

I hugged my godfather tightly. He hugged me back, just as tightly, and also told me that he loves me.

“I love you, too, Uncle Harry.” I told him honestly as we separated. “And thank you.”

First Christmas Dating Victoire (He’s 19)

“Merry Christmas, sweetie!” Molly Weasley said with a bright smile as she placed a kiss on my cheek and embraced me tightly.

“Merry Christmas,” I answered her with a grin all my own before moving around and greeting the other family members that were littered around the Burrow this Christmas. Finally I made my way into the living room where I found my girlfriend of seven months talking with her cousin’s James and Albus.

“Merry Christmas, Teddy.” A French accent spoke and I turned to my left, smiling at my girlfriend’s mother.

“Merry Christmas, Fleur.” I grinned hugging her tightly and pressing a kiss to her cheek before turning and shaking her husband’s hand. “Come dear; let’s go see your Mother.”

I watched as the couple moved toward the kitchen before finally making my way to the couch. “Hey, love.’ I smiled leaning down and pressing a kiss to her cheek as she smiled up at me.

“Merry Christmas!” She smiled as I sat down beside her, instantly her fingers interlaced with my own as she leaned against me.

“You two make me sick,” Twelve year old James Potter said with an over dramatic gag causing Vicky  and I to laugh.

“Don’t worry, mate, there will be a time when you’re like this with a girl all your own.” I told the boy who’s always been like my little brother. He just rolled his eyes and stood up, walking away from us.

“So, Albus,” I said turning to the younger of the Potter boys who just started Hogwarts a few months ago. “How’s the Slytherin house?”

Almost everyone was shocked when they received word that the youngest Potter boy was a Slytherin but in all honesty, his father wasn’t at all surprised.

Albus simply shrugged his shoulders in response to my question.

“Aw, come on,” I said teasing the young boy. “You can’t not tell me! Come on Al, give us all the juicy secrets.” I exclaimed resting my chin in my hand and grinning madly at him, completely mocking the way my girlfriend and her friends acted.

“Be nice!” She exclaimed as she gently hit me across the shoulder, I just turned and grinned at her before looking back at the younger boy who was laughing at us.

“So, back to the subject, are you going to tell us how the Slytherin house is or not?” I questioned him.

“You went there, shouldn’t you know?” He questioned back in a sassy, yes I said sassy, tone. In moments like this it is quite obvious he is mother’s child.

“Yes, but my dear Al, I was in Hufflepuff. How would I know how Slytherin is?” I questioned him smirking at my own somewhat sassy comeback.

“Al, your Mum wants to talk to you.” Harry called from the kitchen causing Albus to look over his shoulder before looking back at me.

“Fine, I’ll tell you.” He said as he stood up a smirk stretching across his face. “It’s very green.” And with that he turned and walked away. Vicky and I just started laughing at his explanation.

Once he was out of the room she turned and faced me with a smile on her face. “He’s doing really well, everyone loves him. He’s friends with a bunch of different people in each house. However, he has befriended Scorpius Malfoy rather quickly, they seem really close. Quite a flirt, young Mr. Malfoy.”

My eyes narrowed in mock jealousy as I stared her down. “Oh so now I have competition, do I?”

“Never,” She grinned back leaning forward to kiss me softly. Smiling I kissed her back. “You’re the only one I want, Teddy Lupin.”

“And you’re the only one I want, Miss Weasley.” I answered truthfully twirling a strand of her strawberry blonde hair around my finger and wondering how I got so lucky.

Teddy Lupin’s First Christmas as a Father

“Teddy, are you okay?” Victoire asked me as she walked into the living room, balancing our ten month old daughter, Cossette, on her hip.

I turned from where I was standing, staring out the window as the snow fell and faced my wife. A small smile settled on my face as I looked at the two girls that mean more to me then I could ever put into words. “I’m fine,” I answered her. “Just thinking.”

“Do you want to share what it is that has your mind so occupied this Christmas Eve, love?” She  questioned me, the smile never leaving her flawless face.

My eyes drifted over to my daughter who was snuggled into my wife’s shoulder, staring up at me with wide eyes. She was the most precious thing I had ever laid eyes on. My eyes then moved over to the love of my life, who I honestly could not live without because she’s always been that special to me.

“Teddy…” Victoire whispered staring at me with fearful eyes; she could tell that whatever it is occupying my mind, it’s serious.

“I wish they could have met you two.” I whispered out, turning to look back out the window and watching as the snow fell. “I wish they could have known me.”

“Love,” She was suddenly right beside me, placing a comforting hand on my back. I turned and looked down at her, waiting to hear what she has to say. “I wish  I knew them too and I wish Cossette had a chance to know her grandparents. But they are watching over us at all times and if I had the chance to speak to them I’d tell them how amazing you are Teddy and how proud of you they would be because you are a great man.

I know it’s hard but they died fighting to give you a chance to have a safe and happy life but it wasn’t just for you, they did for your children too. They made it possible for our daughter to be brought into a safe world and to have the chance for her to look forward to a life that our parents only dreamed of ever having. I’m eternally grateful to them for that. They loved you, Teddy, they loved you so much and they never wanted to leave you but they did it for you.”

“I know,” I whispered softly turning and gently cupping her cheek with my hand. “But I still wish I had the chance to know them. I miss them still, even after twenty-four years.”

“That’s okay, Teddy, you’ll always miss them. You have every right to miss them but they’re still with you. No need to be embarrassed about this, ever.”

I nodded slowly before she started giggling. I looked at her confused but then realized what she said No need to be embarrassed about this. “My hair’s pink, isn’t it?” She didn’t answer; she just nodded and bit her lip to keep some of her laughter in.

Just as I was about to say something a small childish giggle captured my attention and my gaze drifted down to my daughter who was staring at my hair with wide eyes as she clapped and giggled.

“Oh she thinks this is funny, does she?” I questioned my daughter and willed my hair back to its normal turquoise color, which only made her laugh more. I took my daughter in my arms and began to lightly tickle hear causing her to squirm in my arms. Victoire stood by smiling and laughing lightly. I turned back to her bent down pressing a sweet kiss to her lips. “Merry Christmas love.”

She smiled back at me, her arms winding around my neck. “Merry Christmas.”

Ever since I was little I’ve been proud to be the son of Remus and Nymphadora Lupin but I never really understood why they were okay dying for what they did knowing it would mean leaving me behind. I didn’t understand it until I was a father myself. The moment I held my daughter for the first time it all made sense. I knew that if the time came I would risk my life in a million wars if it meant that I had even a shred of hope that it would allow my daughter to have a better life. There’s no love exactly like that of a parents for their children. My parents always understood that and now I do too.

No matter how much I miss them and no matter how much I wish they could be here today I know that they are with me forever, watching me have the better life they died for and I know that I will never do anything but make them proud because I finally get it.

I really, really like this one shot. I’m really anxious to see what you guys have to say. :) Next one will be up tomorrow!

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