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Starcrossed Lovers by emelyelouise
Chapter 4 : Flaming Lips and Postbox Shoes.
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Work the next morning was the same as any other, until 11:11 exactly when Draco walked into Hermione's office with a huge bouquet of flowers. Before Hermione can say anything Draco begins talking.

"It's 11:11 and I made my wish it's written in this card." he says as he hands her the card.

She opens it and reads out " My 11:11 wish is for the most beautiful girl in the world to go to dinner with me Friday."

With a twinkle in her eyes she replied,

"Well who's the lucky lady?"

"The one and only Miss Hermione Granger"

"In that case I'm sure she's be delighted to attend dinner with you Mr. Malfoy."

Draco with a satisfied gleam in his eye nodded and left the the room.

For the rest of the day Hermione's face shone of happiness, she couldn't help but smile. Everyone at work seemed pleased that she seemed happy again, even though they didn't know the reason, because if they did they most likely would not be so pleased. Naturally after work Hermione arranged to meet up with Ginny and tell her the news. Whilst they were at dinner, Ginny was wondering why she was in a particularly good mood. Not that she wasn't glad she was happy just curious as to what or who had made her particularly happy this evening.

"What's got you so giddy?" asks Ginny interested.

"Oh nothing just in a good mood" Hermione replies with a huge smile across her face, that she is trying hard to conceal but is failing miserably.

"Mione' I know you better than anyone, you're not just in a good mood you're in a GREAT mood. What's got you so happy?" she asks curiously "Is Dean dead?" Ginny adds with a wink and a twinkle in her smile.

"Well" Hermione begins reluctantly "Draco asked me to dinner."

Ginny spits out her drink all over the table "What?! When ?!"

Already regretting telling Ginny this information she replies with "Earlier today." She think how she'd of been much better off if she hadn't mentioned his name and have just gone with 'some guy at work'.

"Like a date? Are you dating Draco Malfoy?"

Hermione sees the shock on Ginny's face beginning to change to anger she begins to think of an excuse.

"Oh god no! Just as friends you know. He did really help me through everything. I feel like he's changed from the little ferret we knew in school, so i am going to get to know him better. I am only so happy because i really hope he has changed, into a great gentleman." Hermione rambles barely taking a breathe.

Ginny seemed satisfied with that story for now.

After the dinner Hermione went home, thinking about how she was going to be able to hide this from Ginny.

'But what if for Draco this is just friends meeting. Maybe he is just meeting me to make sure I'm okay? Of course this is just friends meeting, I mean i don't like him and he certainly doesn't like me. this is just two people meeting for dinner after one friend was very hurt and the other looked after that friend that got extremely drunk'

She couldn't think straight, Hermione had no idea how she felt about Malfoy. He's meant to be her enemy, like he was in school. But now she sees him being nice to her and she just doesn't know what he feels either.

'What if he's pretending to like me? Like a school prank.'

Hermione goes to bed with endless scenarios running through her head, but in the end she always comes back to the first scene, Draco Malfoy loves her, and she too loves Draco Malfoy.

Hermione wakes up from her slumber unusually early. She did her usual routine, get up have breakfast and watch the news, then shower get dress and go to work. However this morning, after getting dressed she still had an hour until she would have to leave. So she began to put some make up on.

" A bit of make up isn't a big deal for work. I will still look like myself, just with a more even skin tone, and longer eyelashes."

By the time she had finished she had a full face of make up. Her skin look flawless, her eyelashes, we luscious and long, her cheeks were full of color, but best of all, Hermione's lips were a flaming red. Too finish off the look she added a thick line of black eyeliner on her upper eye lid. She looked like a traditional 1950's sex idol. However her hair was a plain curly mess. Instead she lifted it up into a full bun, leaving a few curly pieces to fall down. Now that her hair and make up were so bold, her plain grey suit just didn't match. Hermione rumaged threw her wardrobe for a suitable outfit. But none would surfise.

"For goodness sake i am a witch i can conjure up and outfits i want why am i looking threw my wardroabe."

Hermione pulled out her wand and thought of the perfect outfit, and just then it appeared on her body. A simple black body con dress that hugged her figure perfectly, finished 4 inches above her knee. The shoulders and neck line really flattered her breast and collar bones. Only then did she realize she looked exactly like the model in her favorite office clothing store. She was always too scared to wear something so bold, but this morning something had changed in her. To complete her look she couldn't wear any old shoes. She had to wear killer heels, she put on a pair of postbox red killer heels, that Ginny had given her for her birthday and had never wanted to wear. She took a good long look at herself in the mirror, just soaking in how amazing she looked.

Arriving at the coffee shop just across from the Ministry of Magic, she picked up a coffee and gained multiple people checking her out. Over night Hermione Granger went from the little nervous nerd, to the most confident and sexiest women around. She began strutting towards the Ministry when Draco Malfoy stopped her.

"Granger? is that you?"

Hermione wasn't sure what to say.

"Yes Malfoy it is me." she decided to slightly alter her personality to go with her new look.

" Well damn Granger. What happened? New look. If you don't mind me saying you look ravishing!"

Malfoy was still taking in her inch.

They walked in together, Malfoy almost trailing after her like a little house elf following their master. Hermione slid an envelope onto the receptionist desk, without even looking back said "send that up to room 203"

As she walked through the ministry, all eyes were on her. Everyone taking in the changed Hermione, she had all of a sudden gained so much confidence, respect, and attitude. Malfoy followed her into her office, she took her seat and Draco rested against her desk. She was almost ignoring him and getting on with her work.

" So 'Mione want to join me for lunch tomorrow?" Draco asked almost in a trance from Hermione's new allure.

She looked up at him, and all she noticed was how sexy he really was, his defined jaw line, his sparkling eyes, even his slightly fitted suit was extremely attractive to her now.

"Lunch? Sure why not." She replied with a mysterious tone, and a flicker of her tongue.

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