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Untennable by harrysmyhero
Chapter 19 : Coming Forward
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Harry recuperation in Grimmauld Place continued, and he made progress every day. By the fifth day he could do the steps himself, but he had Ginny by his side in case his legs or back faltered. Over and over he complemented each of them involved in renovating the house, continuing to ask if this really was #12.

Finally the day of Ginny's Birthday came. It was also to be the day he would be publically 'unveiled' and he wanted to do it with style. Arrangements were made with Lee Jordan, who thanks to 'Harry' and the scoop now had a regular noontime show. He broadcast from the top floor of the Leaky and teased his listeners to listen in that day.

"Harry are you sure you are up to this?" a worried Ginny asked him as they got dressed. She was going to wear at his suggestion the dress from the Wedding, which not only was one of his best memories (at least before the Death Eaters arrived) but was what he caught her in when she came to bring him back. She took his breath away both days, and today was no different.

"Absolutely" he replied as he straightened his collar. He was wearing a bright red shirt to stand out when the announcement would come. And he wanted to put Rita Skeeter in her place once and for all. Every day she maintained these sightings were lies or people who had taken polyjuice. She staked her 'reputation' on her sources, which caused people all over the Wizarding World to laugh.

Even though Ginny was worried she still smiled at him. The way he was looking at her reminded her of the Wedding. After seeing the memories he gave her she knew she had nothing to fear from any other woman. She had caught him staring at Hannah ( sorry Neville ) but at night he was 100% hers. One night to test his legs they transfigured themselves and went into a fancy club in London with 'Scott and Brenda', and Neville and Hannah. They had a wonderful time. Harry did not trust himself to try and fast dance, but he held her tight and did not look at another woman the entire time they were there.

Just before 12 they used the floo to enter the Leaky. Kreacher had 'modified' the walls to allow them to go directly to the top floor where Lee was waiting.

"Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Lee show. I am your host Lee Jordan and it gives me great pleasure to introduce my special guests today. Please welcome Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Ginny Weasley to our show today."

"Thank you Lee for inviting us" Hermione replied.

"Hermione first we want to thank all of you for the fine work you did against Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort."

"Lee you're welcome" she replied.

"As Harry would say it was a team effort" Ginny stated, feeling Harry's comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Speaking of Harry I was appalled to see the story about him being gone. How did you react when you saw it?"

"Actually we laughed reading it. We always do with whatever Rite Skeeter writes about any of us" Ron responded.

"And what about Harry? How did he feel?"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Ginny said as Harry pulled his cloak off.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WHAT A SURPRISE !!!" Lee shouted. "Standing next to me is Harry Potter in the flesh. Harry how are you? You look great for someone who is dead."

"Thank you Lee I feel pretty good. Not perfect by any means but I soon will be" he replied as he fingered the small box in his pocket.

"Fantastic. Shall we ask a few questions?"

"Certainly. But first I want to address the lies saying I am dead. While you can see me, I'm sure you know how the Prophet works. 'Publish first and prove later' I believe is their motto."

"Good one Harry. How do we prove you are you?"

Ginny laughed at the phrase, especially in light of the last two weeks to discredit Rita. "I have a suggestion Lee." Ginny went to the window and saw a crowd forming. "Look I see the Minister going to lunch. Are you coming here to the Leaky?"

"Don't I always?" he responded in his booming voice.

"Folks soon the Minister of Magic will be joining us."

"Sweetheart I have another idea" Harry said as he walked alongside Ginny. He waved out it with her at the growing crowd which now clogged the street. "Lee if you don't mind I am going to make your view better." Harry waved his wand and the walls turned from solid to crystal clear glass, now allowing everyone within view to see them.

"Lee I am going to tell you what I am seeing. This way if anyone tries to say later we taped this months ago they will be wrong. Anyone who can see Ginny and I wave their hands."

Every building now was listening in, so hundreds of hands were waving at them.

"Harry will you marry me??? " someone yelled.

"No thank you Mrs. Fortescue" he replied to laughter, especially from Ginny. She knew that as of today they could go to the Ministry to fill out the paperwork showing their marriage, so she was not worried at any proposals. "Hello Mr. Olivander!! Are you feeling better?"

The old wand maker waved, his voice drowned out by the crowd.

"Lee I brought someone else with me who knows Harry as well as I do" Ginny told him and his listeners.

"Fantastic Ginny" he replied looking to see who else might pop out. He saw Ginny reach into her purse and pull something out and set it on his desk. "Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Albus Dumbledore. Or at least his portrait at any rate."

"Thank you Mr. Jordan. I trust you are keeping yourself out of trouble? I seem to recall many visits to my office by you and the Weasley twins."

"Sir trouble seems to find me" Lee replied sheepishly.

"To all of you out there who know my voice, which given my advanced age when I died is everyone, I can unequivocally say that Harry Potter is indeed standing here."

"Thank you Headmaster for that. Yes Harry did you wish to say something?"

"Yes I did Lee. One final thing since there are some who insist, or maybe wish I had died, to prove it is me and not an impostor. I am going to write something down that only you and I and two others know."

"Ladies and gentlemen Harry is writing down something on a piece of parchment. He has now handed it to the Minister who has just arrived. Minister did you buy for everyone?"

"Complements of Tom and the Leaky" Kingsley replied.

"Thanks. OK folks Harry has just handed The Minister the note. What did you want to know Harry?"

"On the day we rode home from Hogwarts after the Tri Wizard Tournament I was in a compartment with you, Fred, and George Weasley. Do you remember what I said?"

"Yes I do Harry. And it was a wonderful thing you did. Folks Harry told Fred and George he wanted them to have the winnings from the tournament. 35,000 galleons right? To make people laugh which we all know from their time at Hogwarts and their joke shop they are extremely good at."

"And what else did I say?"

"Two things. That you would flush the winnings if they didn't want them, and to buy a new set of dress robes for Ron."

"Excellent. Kingsley can you read what I handed you?" asked Harry.

"It says: 'I'll flush the money. And buy my best mate something decent to wear'."

"Folks here we are again. This should disprove everything you may have read. I say may have because of the rumors I have heard about all the people who have cancelled their subscriptions to the Prophet."

"Thank you Lee. I see all the owls arriving, which I congratulate you on the brilliant idea of doing. Having your listeners sending owls to ask questions is pure genius. But before you go to them I have a request. I would like a moment of silence for all those who we lost in the Battle of Hogwarts."

"Harry Potter has bowed his head and begun to recite the people who died." Lee told people.

" Colin Creevy, Cedric Diggory, ... "

"Listeners you can hear a pin drop in Diagon Alley as Harry recites from memory all the people who died on May first and May second, 1998" Lee whispered.

"And lastly my Brother Fred Weasley. He and George helped me with my trunk on my first train ride to Hogwarts."

"Thank you Harry. I know this was as difficult for you to say as it was for our listeners to hear but it is important for us to both know and remember them.

"Lee my Godfather once told me that 'Those who love us never truly leave us. You can always find them here'."

"Harry placed his hand over his heart when he said that. We are going to take a moment to catch our breath. We will be back momentarily." The show switched to pre recorded commercials promoting his future show.

Ginny was holding Harry tightly, crying on his shoulder. Now she understood the reason for the extra set of memories he made that night, to keep them in his heart no matter what happened to him. She looked out to Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and saw her parents at the window, and waved to them causing them to cry even more. She kissed her husband again and nodded to Lee.

"Folks we are back on the air. I must say Harry that was a very difficult thing you just did."

"It was Lee but not as difficult as what we all went through. But that is now over. Voldemort, whose real name was Tom Riddle, is dead. It is time for all of us to move forward in our lives, and look to the future. It does not do well to dwell on the past."

"Excellent quote Harry. May I use it sometime?" the portrait asked.

"I believe I borrowed it from you Albus" Harry said as he smiled.

"Let me through! I said let me through!!" A voice was faintly heard to say.

"What the Hell are you doing here? I'm sorry folks but I have the distinct displeasure of informing you that Rita Skeeter has come unannounced onto our show!!"

"Thank you Lee it's good to see you too" she replied in her usual haughty manner. "Harry darling! So glad to see you. I'm very happy to see my sources were wrong about your tragic death."

"Folks Rita is trying to get to Harry. I think she wants to hug him but Ginny is in the way. Good one Ginny!!"

"Ginny there is no reason to be like that. Harry and I have a long standing relationship that quite frankly you are too young to understand."

"Uh oh that does it" Ron was heard to say as his sisters nostril's flared. Then she smiled, which meant she was thinking which meant even more trouble.

"Rita I believe everyone listening knows of your 'relationships' not only with my ... Harry, but Headmaster Dumbledore and the rest of the Wizarding World" she coldly replied.

"My point exactly. So tell me Harry when can we get together to start on that book we discussed? I'm sure we can both profit by it" Rita suggested.

Harry snorted thinking of her using the word 'profit'. "Rita I am considering writing something. I want the World to know about Tom Riddle's rise to power so we can ensure it does not happen again."

"Fantastic my Dear!! When can we start?" Rita asked as she tried to slide around Ginny.

"Folks this is fascinating to hear their negotiations on our show today. Rita is attempting to move closer to Harry but Hermione is now standing next to Ginny and is smiling just as much. I am wondering why as I'm sure many of you are."

"Rita I'm sure you are aware of all the lies and half truths published about me since I have been born. You work for the chief culprit of them" Harry stated to her.

"Then let us set the record straight shall we? I'm sure Lee's listeners would love to hear that you and I will sit down and collaborate" she smoothly said.

"Not bloody likely" Ron shouted from behind her.

"Miss Skeeter there are very few people in the press who I trust. Specifically two. The first one is Lee here, who maintained Potterwatch during the War, and for that I will be eternally grateful. That is why we are here today to publically thank him and all the others who participated."

"Harry thank you. As you are so fond of saying it was a team effort. And who if you don't mind my asking is the other? Certainly not ... "

"One other journalist stood behind me, and was taken and tortured because of me. Or should I say us. His name is Xenophilius Lovegood. He consistently printed the truth, and his support was a great help. I know you and Luna are listening right now. When you have recovered I want us to get together. I wish you, and only you, to publish a series of articles we will write together. What do you say?"

"HARRY POTTER YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!" screamed Rita. "You and I have talked about this many times?"

"Oh really? When I was dead, as you kept telling people?" Harry coldly told her.

"Folks it has become cold in here. I mean really cold on this hot July day. It has to be over 90 outside, but it is barely above freezing in here. They have redefined the words 'cold stare' as Harry and Rita face each other."

"No matter Harry. If you wish to work with that crackpot of a journalist" Rita started to say.

"Don't you dare talk about one of my best friend's Father like that!!" Hannah yelled.

"Well folks I wish all of you could see this! Rita is speechless. Boils are covering her entire face, which I must say is quite an improvement!!"

"Hannah Abbott you will pay for that!! When I finish my story about Harry your Family and the Longbottom's are next!!"

"Do you think so?" Hermione asked as her smile got bigger. "Minister. Lee. I have a few things to say. Firstly Rita Skeeter is an animagus. Unregistered if I'm not mistaken."

"Miss Granger we have no record of her. This is very serious Miss Skeeter. You will need to come with me" Kingsley said as the room grew even colder.

"I wish to make a statement also Minister. Rita may I?" Harry asked.

"Listeners Harry has asked Rita for permission to use her famous 'quick quotes quill'. He has jotted something down with it and placed it back on my desk. Now he has handed the parchment to the Minister, who folded it and placed it inside his breast pocket."

"And what do we have here?" Lee said as he got excited again. "Folks it is a patronus, which if I am not mistaken belongs to Luna Lovegood. It's a silvery white hare, and you should see it bouncing all over the studio. That's right Luna mess up Rita's hair, just don't pick up anything. She has now settled next to me."

"Harry thank you!! Daddy is so happy right now. It is the first time he has smiled since we were captured! He will contact you as soon as he gets better. We might go on a short trip first. There are more sightings of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in Poland, so we might go there first if that's OK. Thank you again, and Rita Daddy has a message for you. No you can't have a job."

"Can you believe that folks! A talking patronus!! Very few people can produce one. Extremely powerful memories are needed. I wonder which she chose to do this? Anyway we are here with a stammering Rita Skeeter who has just been told off."

"I WOULD RATHER LIVE IN THE STREETS THAN WORK FOR THE QUIBBLER!!! Who needs them anyway? Crumple-Horned Snorkack of all the nonsense ... "

"I do. We have all promised to get a subscription when they start again." Harry walked to the window. "How many of you feel the same?" he called out.

"Listeners I see many hands raised. But Rita brings up a good point. These creatures they claim to see. Has anyone else seen them?"

"Lee just because we haven't doesn't mean they don't exist" Ginny replied. "What is love? Can you see it?"

"I can right now" Harry replied as he kissed her.

"Thank you sweetheart, and for all you listening that was the sound of my boyfriend Harry Potter kissing me" she laughed as the crowd roared. "I for one believe Luna. She is the most perceptive person I know."

"Well I don't! And I don't need you Harry Potter. My book is almost complete" scornfully laughed Rita

"Is it now?" Hermione asked. She pointed her wand at Rita's quill and said "Revelio"

"WOW EVERYONE!! The quill is going crazy! I have never seen one move so fast! Here is the first page, and it is titled 'My Story, by Harry Potter and Rita Skeeter."

"GIVE ME THAT!!!" screamed Rita Skeeter.

"Rita I'm sure our listeners would like a preview. It begins:

It was a cold and rainy night when Harry Potter and I met again. He chose to do this covertly, not wanting us to be seen together. He knew people would not understand the nature of our relationship. Harry has always confided in me, and trusts me to help write his story ... "

"Rita what are you implying? And since when have we been having these 'covert meetings' as you call them?" Harry demanded.

"Harry sweetheart you know how much my readers like me to, well, embellish things don't you?" Rita tried to ask as warmly as possible.

"The only person who can use the word 'sweetheart' to Harry is me" Ginny ominously said as she drew her wand.

"Minister!! I demand you arrest her for attempting to hex me !!!" Rita yelled.

"Rita you are so pathetic! You aren't worth hexing, unless you are asking me to, in which case I would be more than happy to." Ginny flicked her wand and her doe patronus appeared. It leaped out and raced from rooftop to rooftop and vanished into the sky. Moments later a cat patronus arrived. "Mission accomplished" it said in the voice of Minerva.

"Ladies and Gentlemen our tense situation continues. Instead of hexing Rita Ginny called for her patronus, which has changed from a horse into a doe to match Harry's stag I'm sure. The tabby cat patronus of Headmistress Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts returned, replying 'Mission accomplished'. I wonder what that meant? Maybe soon we can find out."

"Excellent" Ginny replied as she kissed Harry again, waving to the onlookers as she did.

"Folks while this was happening the quill has been going nonstop. Over a hundred pages have to have been done of what looks like Harry's life story. Harry are you telling our listeners you did not meet with Rita to write this?"

"Rita when do you say we met?" Harry asked as he scanned another page. "I see here you say it was on April 25th of this year. When and where did this happen?"

"Harry Sweet ... you don't want people knowing where our meetings take place do you? How can we keep having them if that happens?" she sweetly told him.

"You can tell me Rita because you know we didn't meet. So who then is feeding you this? Now who might know some of the things mentioned on page 249? She writes : 'We have escaped but I don't know what to do!! I am finding comfort in my muggle girlfriend's arms, hoping Ron does not discover our love!' Funny I don't remember Ginny being there. Seven of us were rescued from Malfoy Manor that day. Ron's words 'Take me instead' were said in front of four other people, and one of them was unconscious."

"Folks I see Luna's patronus is here again. Let's hear what she has to say .. "

"Harry I know who it has to be !! The person who swore to get back at you and Ginny. It's ... "

"Dean. Dean Thomas" Ginny said as she surveyed the crowd. She pointed down, seeing the train conductors hat disappear into Madam Malkin's. The crowd surged forward, returning with him moments later.

"Hestia please take him to my Office" Kingsley instructed.

"Folks Auror Hestia Jones has taken Dean Thomas into custody. And I love the outfit you wear to work! All that purple, plus the colors of the four houses of Hogwarts. I am sure the Ministry will issue a statement at a later date. To update you this 'book' if I can call it that must be hundreds of pages long by now. Those must have been some exhausting memories Harry."

"Apparently. Now I know why I have been so tired. Fortunately this book, which I had nothing to do with, will never be published."

"And what are you going to do about it Harry Potter!! When I get through with this it will be the bestselling book I have ever written, with or without your help!!"

"Don't be so sure of that Rita. I don't plan on publishing it" Hermione announced.

"YOU??? What does a know nothing mudblood like you have to do with this?"

"Listeners you should see Rita's face now. The pustules are starting to burst she is so wound up" whispered Lee.

"The book company your deal is with is called Baskerville's. I purchased them yesterday. I will take possession of the manuscript plus the quill" Hermione firmly stated.

"Go ahead. Keep them. I can write more" Rita acidly told Hermione.

"Good. Your contract calls for the exclusive rights to all published works. For the next 50 years. Your agent got you a great deal. I will honor it, paying a percentage of all money made for each one I publish."

"Then I will go somewhere else" she said her voice sounding more haughty.

"Try. Please do. I am informing the publishing world if anything is printed without my permission I will sue them for one billion galleons, which is also in your contract. As I said your agent did an excellent job."

"But Miss Granger if you don't publish this ... "

"The you will receive nothing, which is what they are worth in my opinion."

"Folks this is fascinating!! Rita has been boxed into a corner. She can't print anything without permission, and unless they are printed she will not be paid ! A brilliant piece of strategy!!" Lee whispered again.

"You really are the brightest witch of your age" Albus complemented.

"Actually it was my boyfriend" she gratefully replied as she embraced Ron, to the cheers of the crowd.

"It's like chess. We knew you could not resist coming here today out from whatever rock you live under. It's like drawing bees with honey, or in your case flies to a pile a ... "

"RON" Ginny scolded.

"Sorry. Don't want to get you kicked off the air" Ron laughed.

"Lee what time is it?" wondered Harry suddenly.

"Harry my friend it's 2:45. Did you need to be somewhere else?" questioned Lee.

"No, I didn't want you to get in trouble for broadcasting too long."

"Harry I can't think of anything people would rather be listening to right now. Do all you folks agree?" he asked, standing himself to approach the window.

"NO!!!" screamed the crowd, which had overflowed the narrow streets surrounding them.

"Fantastic!! And now everyone we have another guest! Will the surprises never end? Headmistress Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts is here. She is being embraced by everyone, well except Rita Skeeter who for once in her life appears to have nothing to say. Headmistress how are you? What brings you here today, except to see me of course?" Lee joked.

"Mr. Jordan it is a pleasure to see you too! I must say you are always surprising people on your show aren't you" Minerva replied. She was looking at Lee, and at Harry who was standing with Ginny directly behind him. Her smile broadened to match his, knowing what Harry had in store for later. "Miss Granger operation 'checkmate' is successful."

"Operation checkmate? Is this some kind of secret mission to eliminate Death Eaters?" wondered Lee.

"No. But it is one to eliminate lies and falsehoods. At my request Baskerville's has recalled every copy of 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore' pending investigation of the accuracy of it. The DA, in conjunction with the Ministry, has traveled the globe to pack up every copy in every Bookstore. Headmistress I am donating them to Hogwarts once our investigation is complete" Hermione said to Lee.

"How wonderful" Rita said clapping her hands. "Every student can have a copy of their own to read there. Miss Granger I misunderstood you. Please accept my apology."

"And Minister the other 5000 copies, to go with the 4735 unsold will be donated to the Ministry."

"Miss Granger I'm sure the owls will appreciate them" Kingsley replied.

"The owls Minister? Is this some king of secret project underway?" Rita asked, her eyes bugging out just like when she thought she had a story, or something to exploit.

"Not at all. My owls will be using them too" Minerva replied.

"Folks is am beginning to hear laughter from the street. It's getting louder and ... no ... that can't be the reason can it? Minister if there any extra copies are they destined for Eeylops Owl Emporium?"

"Lee that is an excellent idea! Minister if you don't mind I will be sending you 1000 fewer copies after inspection" Hermione laughed again.

"I still don't see why this is happening. Why send them to the owls?" Rita asked again.

"Folks the laughter is getting louder every time Rita talks. Maybe that can be her future occupation as a joke teller? Should we tell her? For all of you who have not figured this out yet, the reason why these are going to the owls is not for them to read. It is instead for when they ... Folks Rita has just gotten it, and fainted. She is sitting in a chair beside me ... not too close please ... and the flapping from the owls who have started to be brought in is beginning to relive her. Any further comments Rita? What? My such colorful language!! It's a good thing my producers have charmed my microphone as I have been known for such outbursts myself, especially during the Quidditch Matches at Hogwarts. But tell me, what about all the ones already purchased? Some unscrupulous people may duplicate and sell them!!"

"Lee another part of the contract was an anti-copying charm. Rita was worried about the same thing, since her lively hood was based on her writing" Hermione confided.

"Listeners Harry Potter has now moved to confer with Hermione Granger. Hannah Abbott, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley have joined in. Can they have another surprise for us?"

"Luna if you are still listening I have a proposal for you and your Father. We want every copy of that book removed. Anyone who has read it knows all about the lies contained in it. For everyone who has bought one, and we believe there are 8726 copies, we are going to give you something to replace it. If you will owl your copy to the publisher by noon tomorrow you will receive a certificate good for the very limited first edition of the Quibbler. Not only will it contain a synopsis of what happened in the rise and fall of Tom Riddle, it will include stories by all six of us, telling from their point of view. Seven Luna, because yours should be there to. What do you say?"

"Harry that is incredible!! What a wonderful gift to receive or to give to someone, especially if it was their Birthday. By the way Ginny Happy 17th Birthday I almost forgot. I see Harry hasn't because he is snogging you right there in front of the window. Actually this is all window isn't it? For those of you just tuning in Harry charmed the walls to be transparent. Oh and Rita Skeeter is out of a job. I think that sums it up quite nicely. Rita do you have something to add before the Minister takes you away?"

"Yes I do !!! The Prophet is still my employer, and if they want me to work for them I gladly will."

"Miss Skeeter I suggest you come to the window. You may wish to see this" Kingsley informed her.

"My loyal listeners I am joining Rita and the Minister as they look outside. Directly across from me is the main Office of the Daily Prophet. I see lots of people in the windows waving at the crowd below. Mixed in I see people carrying boxes being patted on the back. More are coming out. Isn't that the Editor Malcolm Greengrass, and the publisher Victoria Applebee? Have they all been sacked?"

"Yes Lee. Baskervilles is also the majority shareholder of the Daily Prophet which means I own this too. The Headmistress has been kind enough to provide us with back copies of them, and research to date shows me who should be removed. Miss Skeeter I'm afraid your services are no longer required" Hermione ended with.

"But ... but ... " she stammered.

"I know where to find you. Perhaps I can offer you a job. You will be my reporter in Azkaban. You can tell us what it is like in there, from an inmate's point of view. You will be paid of course, the money put into your account at Gringotts for when you are released. If you refuse your contract states you have resigned, and will not seek another job in this field for 50 years."

"Miss Granger I ... "

"Rita no need to thank me. I expect your first story by noon Friday. If I find it satisfactory it will be in Sunday's edition. But before you go I am sure and Lee's listeners will be also to learn that I am offering every member of the DA a job. Please come by and see me about it. As Lee pointed out I have many vacancies to fill."

"Like I said the smartest Witch I have ever known" Albus repeated again.

"Thank you Headmaster. I want to offer you a job also. I'm sure you could provide us with valuable insights on the history of the school, or amusing anecdotes of past students" Hermione wondered.

"Miss Granger I am flattered. Perhaps I might throw in the memories from the other Headmasters?"

"Brilliant. They say that not All Memories are Good ones. In your case I trust your judgment and will publish them as written, no questions asked."

"Did you hear that? The Headmaster Albus Dumbledore will be writing 'from the great beyond' as Professor Trewany used to teach us. This just keeps getting better and better folks! I see Rita Skeeter being taken away by Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. Goodbye Rita!! Looking forward to your stories! And who knows folks maybe people can learn something from her. All you kids out there always tell the truth. If you don't you will learn about life in Azkaban. Harry I see Luna's patronus has returned. Luna stop bouncing around please and come over here. Did you talk to your Father?"

"Harry that is a fantastic idea!! I would love to be a part of it. Daddy says yes, and I do have one suggestion. The photo we took of the DA? That should be in there, and every member who wants to tell their side can too. Plan on us being gone for several months, so maybe the first edition on January first? Oh and Daddy suggested each special one be autographed by us."

"Lee do you see what I meant earlier about Luna being perceptive?" asked Ginny. "The DA was founded for us to work as a team, not as individuals. I would be honored to be a part of it, and I hope every member will contribute."

"Yes I can Ginny, and I'm sure you will get almost every copy of the Headmasters book back. Rita does have some actual fans. Maybe in Azkaban? She can autograph their copies while in there. Do you have a few more minutes? Great. My loyal listeners know they can owl us during the show, and there has to be hundreds of them out there. Look at all the colors they come in. I can see a brown one with the head all covered in black feathers. Very unusual. My assistants have let the first group in and we can start. The first one does not want me to read her name, and it is a proposal of marriage. What should I do with this Harry?"

"Lee that's up to you. I don't know if you are available" Harry answered with a straight face, to the laughter of his friends and the crowd below.

"Great one Harry. The next one says she sees you and Ginny together. I guess she must be in a building nearby. Do you want to meet her later anyway?"

"Lee I have the most wonderful woman in the world right her. I have no interest in any other" he replied.

"As you may guess out there Ginny is snogging Harry senseless right now. Let's take a break and let them catch their breath before we continue."


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